(Parody) Everything Wrong With Leap of Faith in 4 Minutes or Less

it can make you shorter taller or even grow old lens flare Applebloom wears swim floaties which don’t float splash specifically targets granny from afar also the splash increases the number of apples for some reason old timey Ponyville buildings are more modern than modern Ponyville back in the olden days we even fell slower so soar took years before I could even look at the water again Granny Smith isn’t old she’s just dehydrated because of the hydrophobia that explains why she’s better after a drink these charlatans wings half of Ponyville is visibly injured in some way because it’s convenient for the plot the apples don’t notice granny’s father walking by not only that but he has an age today I don’t know why don’t you ask somepony now we’re in Ponyville do you two think you’re going we’re going down the same path we’ve been walking true to reality the season 4 finale related merchandise appeared long before the finale itself cartoon cartoon ponies one would be hard-pressed to devise a less practical use of crutches no Pony questions why shields eyesight isn’t also restored copying background ponies works a lot better when one of them doesn’t have a head full of parasprites Pony knees only seem to bend this way when the brothers are around if these are photographs and these are illustrations what are these Adobe Pony shop confirmed make you sorta taller or even grow with claims like this you’d think Apple Bloom would at least inquire about it giving her a cutie mark phishing exists in Equestria for some reason Apple Bloom murders a helpless Boulder Applejack murders a helpless Blumberg granny uses magic sensory powers to avoid collision she also ages backwards here she is in season two here she is in season four and here she is in season nine this is the only time it’s referred to as an elixir meanwhile tonic is mentioned almost 40 times those aware of source materials probably know why the show would want to avoid the word elixir which suggests this one was left in by mistake one Apple and a couple leaves should not produce this much juice clearly Fleming flam are secretly adding another ingredient which makes up the other 85% this is not an appropriate question to blurt out right in front of flim and flam these knots should be under the seat in the water is one thing but a competition is a pony of a different color that’s racist grannies rarity inspired beatbox this movement shouldn’t be possible but it is because cartoon granny loses a hair which remains quantum lock to her head these judges are extremely biased if the trophy they are handing out is granny’s likeness cloud kicker is about to fall through this cartoon hold thanks to you I realize that sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy Sheils obviously a fan of the last roundup convenient Bungie disguised as a normal rope is convenient Applejack’s honesty realization effect occurs a minute and a half after her honesty realization because had it occurred then she wouldn’t have enough time to save granny lens flares have been a recurring sin for a while now because of how little sense they make in a cartoon but this one makes so little sense no flair can ever top it phlegm and phlegm didn’t have she’ll sign a nondisclosure agreement because they can’t even be good at being bad apple bloom’s laugh sounds a lot like Sweetie Belle oddly enough [Music] now you owe your horsefeathers No

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  • Luna Cappell says:

    Can someone explain the whole tonic/elixir thing?

  • maxdax55 says:

    Damn! These everything wrong are taken to the last lvl! O_O "hand claping"

  • Candy Cane says:

    I flipping love your videos

  • Alexander Trisler says:

    And here she is in season 7678564685264758824573754377454575857375

  • Martin Drkoš says:

    I doubt a NDA meant to cover up crime would be enforceable.

  • Dania Illyana says:

    I know it

  • Gracekim1 says:

    Wait Granny’s dad is ALIVE?! Is he a immortal?

  • Anikat says:

    There should be more comments

  • Aly Cat Plays says:

    0:28 Granny Smith's wrinkles pop out of her face or something

  • NWAL Django says:

    noooooooooooooo im late

  • _ HwanyPlayz says:

    The average sins for the one episode is about 40 sins

  • Guy Who exist says:

    How about look at the rip offs of the show?

  • TheScoobMaster says:

    I always love the edits at the end.

  • Elizabeth Cortes says:


  • FakkaJohan says:

    I just calculated that if you make 1 EWW per month there would be 12 per year. there are 26 episodes made every year. So you are never going to catch up :'(
    also fun fact, if you would make 27 EWW videos per year it would take about 84 years to catch up………

    assuming the show would go on for so long XD

  • sashi vlogs says:

    200th Comment!!!!!

  • deet0109 says:

    I saw this video on January 27. I guess I was early.

  • Itsjustthatonegirl says:

    Your editing is awesome. It makes everything at least 20% more cool.

  • Special Agent Washing Tub says:

    2:15 Snake oil confirmed

  • Mystical Music says:

    Idk why I love these so much. Keep up the great work!

  • Krampy CatTails says:

    ._. Yeah Apple jack and rainbow dashes elements are supposed to be swapped Rainbow Dash is always honest and Applejack is loyalty

  • Damian Wells says:


  • Layla the couch potato Garcia says:

    Number 21 is sad r.i.p. rock

  • Layla the couch potato Garcia says:

    Also number 23 poor thing

  • 792939119Blue rf says:

    The hole was made by Raven

  • ul3sses says:

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  • rainbow dashie says:

    I love ur videos SOOOOOOO much post more often (especially cinemare sins) plz I can't wait for every month for an amazing videos

  • Tea time says:

    just gonna have a marathon on sins >.>

  • Alknix says:

    Wait, parasprites as headgear? But… how?.. why?..

  • SkyMoon Playz says:

    Lol it's funny when you say: back in the olden days we even fell slower

  • América María Ferraz Mesa says:

    minute 00:46 of the episode, background grades, Dr Whooves and Derpy confirmed for Time Travelers

  • The Fandoms Outcast says:

    Littleshyfim for next Cinemasins Writer

  • Dania Salman says:

    One of the apples didn't have a stem

  • Irza Liando says:

    Apple Family Assassin confirmed. So Twilight and Applejack are supposed to be enemy.

  • gcastudent says:

    "Leap of faith" reminds me of my favorite scene in Spirit

  • Stained Brain says:

    1:38 Two best sins.

  • Aqua Dusk says:

    There's only 8 seasons

  • computer head lbp says:

    grannys dad is alive yaay

  • MRS. CLACK says:

    season 9??????? they just came out with season 8! (not to be rude)

  • Jason Godwin says:

    I miss Faust.

  • MackimooAndFriends says:

    Yes, granny has a drinking problem

  • The Indiana Jones Show says:

    2:55 that’s a shadow but a lot darker.

  • Sumi Ahmed says:

    They are drunk

  • Pranav Tammineni says:

    The video front image looks like granny is about to dab

  • Cat Girl says:

    You forgot the bugs in 3:18 little up and you will find it

  • TodoBakuDeku for life says:

    Wow a person who adds a stupid sin about the the theme of the my Little pony song and wings

  • TodoBakuDeku for life says:


  • Julia Brooks says:

    I love how your like "applebloom murders a helpless Boulder" XD

  • Lucia Williamson-Waggoner says:

    7. She meant it was ages before she could look at "the water", which means water you swim in.
    20. It's a tonic that cures ILLNESSES AND INJURIES, it's not like it can do ANYTHING.
    26. "Magic elixir" was Granny Smith exaggerating to say how great the tonic was.
    28. Why not? It's not like they were sneaking around to secretly find out what was in the tonic, they just wanted to find out, and they were going to find out by asking Flim and Flam that very question, so Apple Bloom is just doing exactly what they were going to do.

  • ramen noodles says:

    Why is granny smith wearing a jumpsuit while swimming.. Wouldn't it make more sense to wear nothing considering the ponies don't normally wear clothes?

  • I am a Survivor... I think says:

    I thought that said "casual bongos."
    Also… I think I woke up the entire town because I laughed so hard.

  • That Girl says:

    How many times am I gonna here MLP be racist!?

  • Hanna Tsunari says:

    The oldest Sweet Apple's member coudn't recoganise THE APPLE JUICE

  • Jaclyn ble says:

    Apple Bloom murders a helpless Boulder, and Applejack murders a helpless Bloomberg
    What type of family is this?

  • Kari The Wannabe says:

    Ever just binge these?

  • Queen Njeri says:


  • Twilight reactions says:

    3:28 if you look carefully you'll notice that Applejack's cutie mark moves a little

    Hey! A sin is a sin right?

  • Alex_UwU says:

    Mister flim flam flamingo

  • Cocoa And Lilac Playz says:

    I Hater

  • MINH NGUYEN says:

    This is the placebo effect

  • Buttercupkat Productions says:

    How did they not break their legs from bending so much, so quickly? 🍗

  • Fox Lover says:

    Oh that's racist
    XD I love this

  • The Markiplite says:

    And the secret ingredient is:
    Red bull

  • monsterjambrony says:

    Maybe Granny Smith’s Father Time traveled.

  • lemonfairyD says:

    2:11 the extra ingredient in the tonic is either water or alcohol if they wanted keep the the theme of old-timey medicine authentic.

  • qwerty Fish says:

    I‘m a Chinese translator…

  • BABBY BOBABS says:

    Wait why wouldn't they want to say "elixir"?

  • Jaspet Wilker says:

    Is the ingredient alcoholic?

  • KirbyFan 2.0 says:

    Who else realized that this episode and Testing Testing 1,2,3 episode BOTH had 41 sins? Just me? Ooooook.

  • UndefeatableTwilight says:

    1:35 Apple Bloom already learned her lesson about artificially-acquired cutie marks. Remember The Cutie Pox?


    It looks like Granny Smith is about to dab in the thumbnail, did anyone notice that?

  • Kapril4life says:

    Your description. It is too much!

  • Rae Ramirez says:

    Ha ha ha lol omg xD

  • StarAllison _wolf says:

    Theres no s:9

  • 73Broadcast By FiawsielMedia says:

    In MLP, Race Is Not Determined By Fur, It's Either Pegasi, Earth Ponies, Or Unicorns.

  • SilverSpoon01 says:

    Wait that last one, was that an innuendo? DING!

  • James Prestridge says:

    0:48 a blue big Mac

  • Kitty Meow Meow says:

    Wait if Apple Bloom has sweetie Belle’s Voice does that mean sweetie Belle’s voice actor is in the credits :3

  • The Indiana Jones Show says:

    1:36 ponies do eat fish sometimes, so yeah.

  • The Indiana Jones Show says:

    2:43 Not cartoon, real! It is possible for ponies!

  • The Indiana Jones Show says:

    3:16 the reason why there’s lens flares is because equestria is real and there are hidden cameras!

  • Sarah O'Malley says:

    Well actually, it's 42 sins 😛 the cup at the end had a handle 😮

  • 100 subs with no content? K Eevee-Luv Forever says:

    2:38 Lol

  • •Asaki• says:

    2:33 look at granny's eyes you'll find a sin 🙂

  • Ava Shimer says:

    Sinnnnnnnnnnnnnns 4677778

  • _tealeaves _ says:

    I love how at every video of the mlp series sins Littleshy says something about Twilight's wings

  • LemonMicrowave :3 says:

    Did anyone get the Betadine ad?

    If you did, this:
    Ad: Betadine. Helping to protect infections since YOU were a kid.
    Me: So… helping to protect infections since… now?

  • Cheetah Cat Girl says:

    How do the ponies even know which they are drinking? Also the flim flam brothers never say it could make you younger.

  • Ennardisthebest Yes says:

    To where and back again

  • Shifty says:

    There’s a person called night shade ppl he is mean and probably changed hopefully now cause this was a year ago

  • Chris Ohlsen says:

    Theses sin counting things are soooooooooooooooo funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃👌

  • Galaxy X3 says:

    2:42 why does applebloom wear her bowtie in the water?

  • NeonGirl 14 says:

    Granny was racist and lost a hair as carma

  • DreamLandBuds says:

    1:53 This did not age well.

  • infsai says:

    Granny doesn't look that way in S9 :<

  • Voltage says:

    Thats all it is apple bloom itz a lead a faith

  • Antonis Bouzinos says:


  • Alice Willoughby says:

    0:42 – Maybe that's Cousin Throwback who looks exactly like Granny's father?
    1:40 – Rocks don't need air. He's fine!
    2:31 – For a green pony to talk about "a pony of a different color" seems ironic!

  • The amd tech bear says:

    Granny is wierd

  • Meep; D says:

    1:06 Blue pupils???
    Light blue skinned pony*

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