Parallel Universes ‘IF’ We Live in a Multiverse?

questioning our own reality is something
that we have done a few times here on the channel from asking if our universe
is a matrix style simulation to questioning the existence of other
rounds ideas on what our universe is and what others are out there along with the
different dimensions that could be possible is a fascinating topic there is
science available to support these theories fields such as string theory
and mirror universes to name a couple but what if today we are living in one
of these parallel levels of existence what if CERN has created a new universe welcome to if videos on mystery and
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again the concept of parallel worlds is
nothing new for centuries authors have penned stories that propose different
realms and levels of existence or with different attributes and strange
properties television shows like the Outer Limits
and Twilight Zone to the modern classics like stranger things all use the same
idea a parallel world hidden behind our own even the media monster that is
Marvel is building a multiverse the idea that the worlds are hidden just out of
sync or behind our own sounds like something which could only exist in
science fiction but it is true the science of parallel worlds has just
moved forward with the idea we are living in a multiverse this new
discovery proposes that we are part of a larger multiverse this multiverse
comprised of a variety of physical phenomena featuring multiple Big Bang’s
space bubbles and maybe even an alternate version of you a study carried
out by British astronomers has been looking into the cold spot this is an
especially cold region of space observations made of microwave
background radiation dates this area of space to the earliest beginnings of the
universe some 13 billion years ago the area was first found by NASA in 2004 and
it’s an unusual place at 1.8 billion light-years across
it doesn’t comfortably gel with the existing cosmological models one
explanation is that it simply doesn’t exist being just an illusion created by
the expansion of the universe the other is that the data proves this cold spot
might be the first evidence for the multiverse with this new idea is there
any way we could or have accessed the different planes of this multiverse this
is where we introduced CERN and the Large Hadron Collider
CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research they study the
structure of our universe and matter they used the most cutting-edge
equipment including the Large Hadron Collider the world’s largest particle
accelerator in a recent article from disclosure TV a young boy of genius
intellect has made the claim that this facility has created a new universe in
this reality he says there is free energy a unified field of consciousness
and access to superhuman abilities and the alternate reality version of you
this 13 yote explains his ideas to all of those whom have the IQ to understand
max Laughlin isn’t your ordinary 13 year old he is said to be the smartest
teenager in the world having created a device which could provide energy for
free to the whole planet and he stumps many with his ideas on alternate
realities and the nature of the universe the boy’s theory of CERN having
destroyed the universe and that we now live in the parallel universe that was
closest to us he has explained his theory in a video and it’s mind-blowing and I am a physicist inventor
entrepreneur and well I guess change maker I’m 13 and I feel like I can
change the world and I’ve already started my positive impact on it
so aside from inventing a whole bunch of different stuff that probably won’t
matter now but my most recent thing she’s got me a little bit of attention
online is my energy device where I extract electromagnetic energy from
everything around us and convert it into electrical energy in other words a
stream of unlimited energy so you know dimensional realities I’m not sure if we
can prove that yet but we do know that there other that there are other
dimensions ok how do you know that well there’s we can calculate if there’s
an infinite number of frequencies and we can calculate that means there’s an
infinite number of frequencies that Matt’s been takin if Matt’s been taken
in number frequencies there must be
dimensions or beer for one of those three guys there’s part of your dates a
lot in dimensions but as of right now I’m beginning to question string theory
and M theory for the fact that I believe that there are more I mean mathematical
dimensions yes I am actually quite aware of that but then again if imagine we
were looking at this from a fourth-dimensional perspective we can
always go up one dimension from there we can’t say that there’s a limitation in
other words we know that there’s dimensions below us but we’ve never even
gone into negative the dimensions even it’s even contemplate the fact that if
we were at the top of the dimensional scale it will have to be something above
us in other words if you’re at the top of the dimensional scale we have to have
some sort of limitations right everything does and if that has
limitations and then opens up an entire new set of dimensions and then you know
what happens when they’re at the top and then they’re chopping continuing on and
on forever I guess yes every time an electron moves an atom eater or less
than out of here a millionth of 100 million
infinite Googleplex of an animator around a nucleus a nucleus or maybe just
floating around the interest anytime anything moves any bit you’re shot into
an infinite number of parallel universes and which could happen until them or
infinity down the line right now for the original universe constantly shifting
closer and farther away from it so yes dimensional theory and eventually we
have you know the singularity at the beginning of the weird
energy and then you know eventually that begins to slow down in vibration due to
entropy or some other law of that sort and then you know first you get photon
of light and then that slows down and then we get matter in the net slows down
and then who else knows what comes next we have gravity and then we have time
you know all coming in at one sense I mean does that sound like origin story
to you it kind of knows a little bit to me but you know maybe that’s just a
coincidence maybe these philosophers are unreliable
monks we call them that lived up in the mountains and wrote this weird book that
doesn’t have any factual evidence behind it maybe they were quantum physicists
ahead of their time and maybe they’re just trying to tell people you know who
lived crazy long time ago that there is an entire new quantum world out there
but you know education wasn’t too good back then so I guess they had to
simplify intense quantum physics just something that a five-year-old can
understand in certain parts of the Bible you can get literally
if you convert the letters to not speak a little louder the Fibonacci sequence
if you invert of course but in certain important parts of the book you’ll take
certain parts out and you’ll get numbers which seem random but they’re actually
frequencies of resonance that line up with what you called the Fibonacci
spiral and the fibonacci spiral is kind of weird for the fact that it’s called
literally gods thumbprint which is a little bit weird considering that we
have spiral galaxies’ spells that our thumb spirals and our ears literally
almost every organism on the planet or object we have found which had some sort
of reminisce Fibonacci and I don’t know it’s called God’s trademark or gods
dumpling but a lot of people think God is quite in the biblical sense a guy
sitting up on a cloud who controls the universe frankly and his constrainted
own life but my definition of God is not like that I don’t believe God his person
or entity God is just another form of energy well actually is energy himself
will not even himself it’s
for the fact that you look at the Bible and other really you know awesome but
extremely vague and unreliable sources in religion you know hold these sources
that we find and facts that we find her so-called facts that we find and really
a lot of people think it’s just about faith but if you’re really the Bible to
quantum physics and apply most of the laws actually in a less inferior cent
figurative sense but more of a literal sense and replace it with things like
the universe you’ll eventually find out that it explains in depth quantum
physics quantum physics and astrophysics experiments and theories well maybe not
theories because maybe now they’re proven who knows maybe the Bible isn’t a
story of something that happened on earth but maybe a story of how our
universe began the fact that honestly I don’t really buy into the little bubbles
biblical sense like you know God is literally a guy who looks like us who
sits up in an alternate realm that’s in our clouds and you know watches over all
of us but I guess he could say that he’s an energy form that created all is all
and he’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time God or energy lives within us
through us so if this theory is correct we know that we are part of an infinite
parallel of universes this universe is in a constant state of creation and
destruction overseeing or at least existing in these realms is God he then
goes on to say that if there is an infinite number of parallel universes
there may be a universe in which God doesn’t exist or one in which God is
even more powerful the boring gives us an example saying God is capable of
creating a stone that cannot be lifted if this is true then God himself
wouldn’t be able to lift that stone but on the other hand if God is all-powerful
then perhaps he could lift it as he could do anything this is where we
hit the paradox of the unlivable stone this paradox reflects the universe if
the universe or multiverse exists and they were created by an all-powerful
being who could have created that being do you think that we are part of a
multiverse do you think that we have shifted our dimension is this an
explanation for the creation of our cosmos
what other theories could explain the evidence of parallel dimensions let me
know your thoughts in the comments below if you enjoy what we do here on the
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  • Nick 101 Space says:

    Very interesting video Sir. Keep up the good work.

  • We are IF says:

    Are we living in an alternate dimension?

  • Linda Steel says:

    Until recent years, we could not see galaxies. They were just lights in the sky of varying brightness. Perhaps, until we could see them through telescopes, that's all they were, lights in the sky. Only when we could see them did they turn into galaxies.

  • Ian Macfarlane says:

    I'm quite open to the idea of multiple dimensions, but the notion that CERN has 'created' another Universe is ludicrous.
    This kid is clearly incredibly intelligent, but all he has done is put forward until untested (and probably untestable) hypothesis.
    If there are multiple dimensions then they are beyond current human understanding, although we may have been party to unintended glimpses throughout our history.
    I hope this boy is allowed to grow and develop naturally – some of these precocious child prodigies become pretty messed up adults, because those around them are too preoccupied with their intelligence to remember that they are still a child, not only physically, but emotionally too.


    what an amazing young man. a little warrior. Thanks for sharing If. (^^)/

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    I'll be honest with you..
    But I gave you my first dislike..
    Not because of the video..
    You already knows why..
    Peace out..✌👋

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    Your Channel is fucking Awesome for real !! Thank god or thank engery that our dimension shift still had you're youtube channel in it as well.. If it didn't then id be on a quest to find an dimension that did 😂

  • James Mandolare says:

    Consciousness or "inner awareness" is God energy. It is the most refined consciousness energy-selfless and still, needing only to love and be loved: creative and totally accepting: The Living Loving Light. We are all God at the still center of our consciousness, but we exist in different states and levels of consciousness refined through a spiral of cyclic "physical" incarnations and Dream Time experiences as pure energy. As the burning bush told Moses: "I am that I am." That must have been some good burning bush!

  • Sam Martin says:

    Wow! What an amazing kid!!!

  • Flo Higgins says:

    Be careful with your electric magnetic energy device. Many people have been murdered or lives threatened because dark forces don't want this technology getting out.

    Amazing young man. Interesting video.

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    LHC is able to produce its own controlled black hole, by using this, teleportation and time travel could be possible

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    He WILL be our next everything!
    Smart genius kid!

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    God can do everything within His nature.

    God cannot do anything outside of His nature.

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