PARABLE of the SOWER, SOILS & SEEDS – Object Lesson for teaching

Hi there. It’s Wright Ideas with Susan and I was out walking the other day in my neighborhood, and I saw these amazing Treasures and so I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve got the perfect idea to be able to use those for a bible lesson So I’ve come back And I wanted to show you the little treasures that I found and I’ve come to collect them… let me just show you Have a look here look at that And I thought, ‘oh, I know the perfect Bible story to use this for an object lesson’ so I want to collect a bunch And I can’t wait to show you how I’m going to use them for an object lesson Does anyone want to see when I brought today to class? Look in here somebody want to come up and have a look? And then I would get a child come up and pull one out and I’d say oh, what’s that? And then they would tell me it was a seed pod and what’s in it? some seeds Yes, did you know that all the trees in my neighborhood have Lots of these seed pods hanging all over it. Let me show you what’s inside? And then I would show Some of the seeds that are inside the seed Pod, and I’d say to them do you think all the seeds from the seed Pod are going to turn into trees? And they go, ‘no’ well why not? Then I would get the kids to tell me why not all the hundreds and thousands of seeds aren’t going to grow into big trees As I listen to their answers I can use my iPad and show them photos of the trees and how I found seeds on the road on Hard Rocky soil and even a seedling in the weeds, and then I found a little tree growing as well Then I’d say to the kids, “did you know that one day Jesus was teaching a lot of people and he told a story about some seeds kind of like these seed pods And We’re Gonna have a look at it So then I would put the passage up on the smartboard and do guided reading While perhaps if the kids have their own bibles let them look it up in their bibles or maybe on their own Device or give them a sheet with the passage on it or with younger children. I might use a Picture book or a child’s bible that actually has this story in it And then I would just do guided reading through the passage. after we’ve gone through the story I tell the kids, why did jesus tell a story like this? and you know what? his own disciples asked the same question, they said, ‘Jesus you’re telling us all these stories, but what do they mean? and Did you know Jesus told them what the meaning of the story was, so let’s have a look at what he told them. Then we’d go through the explanation of how he explained the meaning behind the story Then after we’ve gone through the meaning of the story I would say, now let’s pull this apart a little bit more and let’s draw it together and so I could draw it up on the board and they could Copy it and Draw it into their notebooks on a plain piece of paper, or I could give them a prepared sketch sheet and make it follow along with me and we could talk through the explanation and the meaning of the story together as a reinforcement and Another way you can follow it up after you do a little sketch together is You can just show a video clip and there are so many Really good children’s video clips on this story So how to look on my playlist that I put together of this story and you’ll probably be able to find one that suits the classes and the ages that you’re teaching As a Final follow-up activity, I’d let each one of my students Take one of these home and say you know what? I’d like you to put your seed Pod in a special place Maybe next to your bed or up on your dresser And I’d like to you to think about this story this week. And think about what type of person am I? Am I going to be someone that just listens to it and forgets about it? Or maybe I’m going to be one of those people that really accepts it and wants to grow and learn and Grow in my faith in Jesus, and you know what that’s going to require a little bit of looking after What would be some of the things that you have to do to look after a seed? For it to grow? and we talk about watering sunlight good soil that sort of thing So now if you wanted to grow in your faith in Jesus and be a person Whose Faith is going to be real in their life? What sort of things would you have to do? to help your faith to grow? And then we talk about the things like praying reading your bible going to church or youth group or maybe a youth camp or a youth club or something like that and just Say, Now I want this seed pod just to be reminder What type of person am I going to be? and then I let them take the home. if you like that little idea of using those seed pods Can you give it a thumbs up and share it on with a friend? I loved how Jesus just used things and nature to teach people about himself and about God and Why not use all the treasures and the things that he has put around us to teach the truth Of the kingdom, and I wanted to take a moment and also introduce you to one of my neighbors So here we go, isn’t she beautiful? This is one of my neighbors want to give us a moo? and thanks so much for coming out for a walk with me today and We’ll catch you in another one. Thanks. Bye!

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