Paddling of Prayer 🙏 // There is More (Part 1)

I want to tell you something right now is that today we're starting a series called there is more I want to tell you that God has more for the church and has more specifically for our local church in tri-cities if you agree say Amen God has more than what we see today and a picture behind me you see a moped and a Mercedes both are modes of transportation one can go as fast as files per hour and the other one can go as fast as 160 miles per hour the maker of the Mercedes has put inside of this vehicle to be able to go that fast and the maker of Yamaha put into the moped to go as fast as they've designed it for that now when they're both in the garage they don't go faster all they don't go anywhere all you have to understand that God in heaven has deposited it inside of the church the gifts the promises the anointing healings of incurable diseases casting out of demons breaking of generational curses impact series impact regions and the church can be parked in the garage of theological correctness fight for the political correctness or the church can launch into its fullest destiny by pressing pedal to the metal and putting the devil to run in Jesus mighty name can somebody say Amen to refresh our mind right now before we go into the Word of God I want to show you just one testimony first one testimony of the healing that happened in Africa and this I think is a testimony from Maria had banquise testimony says if you can fix your eyes on the screen and let's watch the testimony of a blind lady who received her sight one day the teacher noticed that my daughter was rubbing her eyes all the time and after not very long she was not writing anything in school because she could not see Regina adda knows what it's like to have a child go blind and then another of her children loses their sight and then finally to have a third child and explicably plunged into darkness the second was same thing happened with all three of my children they slowly lost their eyesight yeah girl I would have to bring them their food and what they wanted to drink I could not allow them to leave our yard they had to stay near the house to play Regina heard the news that our Reinhard Bonnke campaign was coming to her town in Nigeria she had been told that healings and miracles happened at these meetings Regina and her three children were at the campaign the first night and were in the audience when the prayer for healing went out Regina explains what happened the next morning my oldest daughter went outside and came in the door without any help then at the fire conference I asked the other two if they could breathe the scriptures and they could last night something fantastic happened what Anna brought her three children all three children were totally black and all three children received their sightless [Applause] and you see me [Applause] [Applause] blind eyes can see when Jesus touches them those of you who believe that miracles died with the Apostles you're too late if you one of those people who believe that maybe God stopped speaking the Bible says that men shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds not proceeded but proceeds God still speaks God is the same yesterday today and forever that's why we fast that's why we pray not just to see miracles happen in Africa even though we rejoice of them but to see the same Bible that Rehan bonky has the same Bible the Smith Wigglesworth had the same Bible that John G Lake had the same Bible that chibi Joshua has the same Bible that every other man of God has is you and I have and the same spirit that the same power the race rights of the Dead we proclaim in this place that we will see incurable diseases that metal rods will turn into bones in people's bodies the things that will defy science and for those of you who maybe say well glad this is all bla bla bla bla bla your Bible says that the first people to bow their knee to baby Jesus were scientists not preachers I believe the science will bow at the name of Jesus Christ I believe the even medical personnel who here even some in our church was simple it will be amazed also at what God is able to do because we are that church can somebody say Amen somebody say there is more there is more I watched this testimony that honestly probably one of the most shocking testimonies it the History Channel has done a documentation about it it's one of the most mind-blowing testimonies that has happened that has ever happened in America some of you have probably have seen it I'm just gonna give you a short snippet there's a whole 30 minute of it I'm just gonna give you a short snippet of what happened to one guy who was trying to fix a semi-truck I take weird day I was working underneath a large Peterbilt logging truck as big as any semi truck has ever find the other mechanic I was working with who worked this logging company had removed the one of the front wheels and he had jacked it up but unfortunately he not use any equipment Oh jack stands are blocking I knew it and that was my own fault I still want underneath anyway I was underneath the truck I was laying underneath the front axle that's the lowest part of the truck on these big trucks ten to twelve thousand pounds of weight just on that front axle in that jack that's over here as I'm laying underneath it I said to him go good get inside the trunk and shut the engine off when he did the truck shifted just enough the jack slipped out and that axle this ten to twelve thousand possibly came down with a blunt guillotine and crushed my body in half on impact blood came out as it fell through me and I just called outside Lord Jesus help and they're asking me questions I'm talking just a little bit I was mumbling and it was at that point my heart stopped and I remember literally I heard my heart stop it was because I bled out when it happened one of my heart quit beating my spirit left my body I went up in the roof the garage and then I watched from above the whole entire thing playing out and let me say this when I was in the roof I felt amazing there was absolutely no fear no pain I felt them the most incredible piece I've ever experienced in my entire life I just watched from above and on each side of my body were two humongous angels about eight feet tall so then she begins to Pat me in the face and say Bruce wouldn't open your eyes come on open your eyes key and she gets louder and I watched as everybody in the place turned and looked at her and gave her the crazy lady look like what are you doing right there's no CPR there's no defibrillator she just slapped me in the face and open your eyes and as she did my spirit came back out of sitting into my body the first thing that happened why came back in my heart started but this incredible pain thing like I felt like a truck had fallen on me right and I'm crushed in half and I was like no I don't I don't want this as soon as I made that decision my heart stopped again my spirit left my body a tunnel opened up going out of roof that garage up about a 45 degree angle and I could tell there's a bright light on the end of it and I just got in the tunnel and I started going towards light and I knew that it was heaven on the end of the tunnel I felt amazing as I'm going I could hear her calling my name come back come back stopped in the tunnel got sucked backwards a few months old believer we don't know the power that we God has entrusted to us his body was complete all of his intestines were crushed this guy had no chance to live and God give him a chance he says if you want to go back and live you're gonna have to fight and so he decided to because of his family comeback they put him in a hospital and so they there was no not enough surgeries there's not enough experience that the medical personnel had to be able to repair everything what happened one time is the angel of God told another pastor to come into that room and as he came into the room they prayed for him and God supper naturally recreated his stomach there is a study that's been done on him there's been in his history there a whole History Channel did a whole episode because it's verified by a medical personnel how supernatural he felt actually fire going through his intestines and all of his stomach is recreated supernaturally nothing is impossible to God if somebody say Amen we are a church we want to inject the atmosphere in this room you are coming into this room anything is possible anything is possible today even if you are maybe coming in right now you're having your own struggles or whatever you're coming with the troubles the things that are on your mind maybe you can't focus I want to tell you something you came to the one of the most exciting places in Troy cities today because this is where God lives where two or three are gathered in my name says God I am there among them and when he is there he can just sometimes without your permission sometimes even without you realizing he can touch you bless you drop something your way and in your situation and in your life can somebody say Amen if you believe in this give God the biggest shout of praise you know when Israel came out of Egypt they had desperation that made them cry out in Egypt for their deliverance see when you are in slavery and you don't get paid for doing the slavery and every day you get beaten mercilessly and you see injustice and you see that bondage after a while you begin to rebel you begin to cry out it wasn't necessarily because God promised them better life why they cried out they cried out because their situation forced them to cry out and God heard their cry see when you find yourself in the most difficult situation in life I want to tell you something sometimes the devil doesn't realize but he can actually God can actually use the devil if that situation that you are in if it's impossible but it makes you get on your knees and it makes you see God like never before and it makes you turn off the TV put the plate aside and say God I'm gonna humble myself before you whatever this situation if if if it made you get alone with God I want to tell you something devil already lost if the devil cannot use this situation to make you go to the club or to pick up some crack or weed or drugs or some vodka tequila or whatever it is if he cannot get you into that place but can get you on getting on your knees I'm gonna tell you something you already winning and God is gonna hear your prayer and God's gonna give you breakthrough and God will pull you out maybe not right away but he will pull you out and years down the road you will see a look back and saying you know what yes I'm not what I supposed to be but I've been humble I cried out to God and God heard my cry yes my marriage didn't make it here yes my kids maybe didn't make it here my business didn't make it here but I made it here and to God be all the glory hallelujah but when you go from the bondage and slavery you arrive at the season of your life called wilderness or as you can see behind us there's these three stages from slavery to survival survival the problem with survival is survival typically makes us passive survival makes us lethargic complacent survival helps us to plateau because in survival is when you are on God's welfare program you have just enough survival is you doing better than the those around you survival is you're doing better than you used to survival is that sickness is no longer terminal survival is you have the medicine survival is you can pay the bills survival is you're not addicted no more survival is you no longer spending your weekends in the places used to be status that's survival and the problem is survival is the survival many times confuses people who knew what it's like to be desperate who no longer have that desperation because they don't have the reason to be so desperate as they used to be because their life is not as bad and survival usually can throw you into they plateau and that's what happened to Israel as they learn how to survive they also became very complacent they no longer had Farrah breathing down their neck they did not need to cry out like they did in Egypt they did not need to fast like they did in Egypt their kids are not being eaten by crocodiles they're not working without pay they're not even working at all and they're getting fed life is okay and God comes into Iran Ameche chapter 1 and I want you to see this verse well the Lord says to them he says the Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb saying you have dwelt long enough at this mountain so I have said a land before you go in and possess the land which the Lord have sworn to your father's turn T neighbor say you have dwelled at this mountain too long God comes to Israel and he says you've been on this mountain too long I didn't get you out of Egypt so you can sing kumbaya my lord around this mountain I didn't get you out of this Egypt so that you can only enjoy my presence see the lightening and so you can only see the Ark of the Covenant I got you out of Egypt and not only because your life was tough I swore to your father Abraham to your father Isaac to your father Jacob a beautiful land and he says you have plateaued here because you don't have a desire to go further before you had desperation to get out now you're doing okay your desperation is gone and I am here to remind you that I gave you a promise so that this promise will inject inside of you a fresh desire this desire will not be like desperation because it will come from my word and God's Word doesn't make people desperate but it does not make people passive God's Word gives you this flame inside that says yes I'm not being beaten yeah I am NOT standing by Walmart with a sign yes I don't have six months to live yes I don't spend my weekends at the club none of this stuff is happening I've been free from there but I also have promises from God well he will make me the head and not the tail I also have the promises from God that me and my family will serve God I also have the promises of God that I will soar with wings not live with chickens I will be like an eagle I have promises and therefore now while my life is okay I'm leaving this behind and I'm pressing on further Church the Old Testament Christians mainly fasted because they had problems most of the fastings in the Old Testament happened because people were facing crisis in the New Testament almost all the fasting in the New Testament happened because people were facing their calling Jesus did not have a problem in his family that pushed him to 40 day fast Cornelia's did not fast because there was a crisis in his house people in the New Testament fasted because they had a calling to fulfill not because they had a crisis to solve in the Old Testament most of the time Israel repented because they had problems my Bible makes me to understand that in the New Testament it is the goodness of God that will lead men to repentance don't wait for your life to fall apart to you for you to realize you got a move out of this season don't let the devil corner you in the corner squeeze everything out of you that then you begin to tap out and say well you know what I guess I got a fast with the church now I guess I got a pray why because I got this problem some of you that is the only time you pray the only time to you you fast and honestly you need to just grow up you need to mature you're telling God if if the only time I see you at morning prayer it's because you can't pay your bills if the only time I'm seeing you fasting is because somebody in your family has a sickness you're telling God if you want to keep me close keep sending problems I believe it's time to grow up and simply say God keep away the problems I'll be staying close god I'm gonna be fasting I'm gonna be praying I'm gonna be burning not just because things are doing bad but because you have a potential and I have to reach that potential come on somebody are you with me see desperation gets you out of Egypt but it's the desire that will get you out of survival I used to feel guilty for not being desperate at certain places or certain seasons in my life and then I realized that what pushed my desperation was usually not the Word of God what pushed my desperation is the embarrassment in front of people is the fact that compared to others I didn't measure up and I was embarrassed I was ashamed and so I was fuelled too fast and see God more but it wasn't really because of God's promise it was because I was sick and tired and when that was cured my sick and tired feeling was gone and now I look good in front of other people now my life is okay in front of other people but the fact that God's Word says there is more it didn't bother me and so what God started to use this verse as saying listen it's not just about how you look in front of other people how you look in front of me you got a 160 you got a get a Mercedes living inside of you okay better than Mercedes the Holy Spirit's like a jet instead you got this you got this potential living inside of you and you satisfied with the fact that you're just not doing this and this and this and that I want to push your potential further Church God has done great things in our church already what we've seen happen in the last few years has been incredible to see different races to see different ages coming to our church those of you who are sitting here today it's a miracle that you are here to see what God has already done in our church a lot of churches look at us even as a man this is revival this is great how a church in this city and all around the world people hear about our ministry I just met a young man today who who drove from another state and and who says you know been watching the ministry we get a messages every single week of people who get touched healed and delivered from my ministry but see we are we are in the wilderness season right now this is now what God promised to us we got out of our shame complacency and difficult season because we cried out but I want to tell you something right now we owe to God to live with passion in every fiber of our being we owe to every drug addict who's gonna be a home group leader to not stop we owe to every cancer patient who is laying on a death row not to give in now just because cancer didn't hit my family this year it does not mean that the potential of healing of cancer I have to cry out for incurable diseases not when my momma gets sick but because the promise has already been given because the promise has already been given and that's why we fast every single month because we're driven now not by the problems were facing but by the promise we received come on somebody are you with me we'll come into a time right now I wanna I wanna tell you when you receive the potential it fuels your prayer life like nothing else one of the reasons many people don't pray today is because they're not aware of what's possible and of what's available when you live with the awareness of where you are and where you're supposed to be it makes you uncomfortable and gives you holy discontent and it breeds a flaming desire for more I'm not talking about a guy a stick more I'm not talking about ego-driven more I'm not talking about selfish driven more I'm talking about when the Holy Word of God begins to create a gap between the present and the potential and you begin to feel that and the only way to overcome this gap is to realize it's the same way you overcame the gap between your present and your past it's crying out to God prayer is the key we are a praying church we are a church to praise we are a church the fasts and we are the church that seeks God sooner or later if you don't like prayer prayer is contagious it will jump on you you will catch this flu that we are all diseased with in here we are a praying church even me as as your preacher in here I can tell you one thing that I'm like Daniel I break the rules to pray Daniel you know he wouldn't live without prayer even if it was against the law he still prayed and Daniel was not just a preacher he was a very very successful person in politics I remember when I was a lot younger and we rented this place on Thursday nights called desert streams Church the church doesn't exist no more it was over there in Richland we rented that church but we were not old enough to get our own keys to this church so only our pastor had the keys and me and Ilya you know we were not told that we need to pray on Friday night we only heard the young you show has the largest church in world and they have a Friday night prayer and we said if we want to have large church we got a pray we heard in Kiev there's this guy who was black in Ukraine and in Ukraine there's not a lot of other callers just Ukrainians and he built one of the largest churches in the whole Europe at the time he boy barely spoke Ukrainian and so he did that he prayed Friday night so we're like we need to be praying as well so but we didn't have the keys we needed a place to pray and I remember we would go there on Thursday final room sneak into somebody's room leave the window open so that we can sneak in there on Friday at 11 o'clock because the pastor lived right across the street from the building so we had to sneak in when he goes to sleep we would pull to that church turn off Ilya would turn off the lights and he would turn off the ignition so the car will only go on the neutral pull in park right behind the garbage shut down the car go through the worship leaders office window sneaking through that lock the doors and go in and from 11 o'clock till two o'clock sometimes 1 o'clock to 3 hours going all Pentecostal God send revival God we don't speak English but you can send revival God we don't know what we're doing in cities but send revival nobody knows us God but we want to know you send revival I remember one particular time the pass through because the prayer got a little bit loud the pastor heard and he woke up and he came with the flashlight looking for the intruders in the church and so we were smart the spirit of sneakiness is part of our portion we would go in and lay right under the chairs right under the chairs so pastor walks by and I'm laying under one PU Ilias laying under the other pew and he wouldn't catch us because God would hide us in this process when we got this building you know I know this pastor and I'm not gonna talk trash or anything but that pastor and that church shut down that church doesn't exist no more I believe prayerless churches are powerless churches and powerless churches don't exist very long because as a church we're not fighting against politics we're not fighting against natural world were fighting against spiritual world and when we're not a praying church we're not gonna last period when we got our own building here and it's a miracle how God gave us this building for the building that we still don't pay government school the rents the facility would pay for this building up to this month and when we got into this building you know we got a little bit more comfortable as a church a little bit complacent we had two churches that would rent this facility at one time one church that was renting it they were very passionate for God they rented from us it was our building but they with their prayer and their passion they went way further than us one time I remember couldn't sleep at night so I decided to come to work at the church a lot earlier than usual it was before we had our morning prayers and as I came in I realized that the church is open and I heard these Hispanic older ladies crying in the sanctuary so I sneaked in I just wanted to sure that nobody's beating people up in here at 5:30 in the morning as I come in and I see you know with the head coverings they had a little bit more apostolic upbringing and they had a little stereo right here because we didn't allow them to use a sound booth and so they had a little stereo in here lilies CD playing walking wailing and crying and and I stood there and I was like man why would I want to be here 5:30 in the morning and as I went upstairs I felt this conviction from the Holy Spirit I felt that now someone is intruding in our building by prayer as I was in someone else's before I felt a strong conviction I'm not saying God slapped me but it felt like that he says if you don't change very soon your church will be the same as the other one it's just not gonna last your ingenuity you and you knew your smartness your cleverness your preaching your English the walls and the lights and the sound that is not gonna really what's gonna make the church great my presence is gonna make it great and these guys they rent your facility as you rent is someone else's but they're out there gonna pray you out of this and we slowly started to bring prayer back into the church first started with Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 before school and then after race to deliver three years ago we started to do it at five o'clock Monday to Friday and today I'm proud to say that our church is a praying church I am a praying pastor you are a pray people I cannot imagine life without prayer I know I'm not trying to glorify prayer because prayer is just a venue to God but I want to communicate this to you and I pray the Holy Spirit will impart something today that we become if you're anything you do that you pray our staff you know we have a requirement that it's it's not negotiable it's a command it's a rule it's a law Moses but we pray minimum of one hour a day why because what we are trying to achieve we're not praying so we can say hey we're prayer warriors we pray two hours a day we're praying because we feel the gap between what's happening now and what God has promised we feel the gap and I really believe if you're not playing either you forgot about your potential or you still think that what God has promised you you can achieve on your own but we believe that is gonna take God's presence to achieve God's promises that he has given to us can somebody say Amen I want to call you back to prayer for those of you who've been sleeping slay Saints I'm gonna ask you right now to wake up in Jesus name because while Peter and Johnny was sleeping over there Judas was working to kill to get Jesus out from them when you're sleeping when you're supposed to be praying the devil is working but when you go to work in prayer you put the devil to sleep because you bore devil to death and you establish the kingdom of God for those of you maybe for those of you who may be saying why do you understand I'm so busy if you're too busy to pray you're too busy too busy stop something caused something off because nothing will make prayer is not taking time prayer saves you time you will do a lot less other stupid stuff a lot of other nuts not essentials that you will do if you spend your time with God in Jesus name Martin Luther said today I have so much to do I gotta spend instead of two hours but three hours in prayer never push God out of your time never push God out a church when you can make you to morning prayer we got evening prayer in the afternoons arch our church gathers together for intercession the reason why you see different cultures in this church is not because I'm smart it's not because I'm clever it's not because I know Spanish it's not because I was born in this country because I know one thing that can touch people's lives it's not my ingenuity and my cleverness it is the Holy Spirit and when we humble ourselves before and he can use a guy like me not the best looking with the thick accent mispronounce is what screams we're crazy yet people will come because the Holy Spirit is gonna be in charge because somebody say Amen but this is completely off the topic I don't know how that how I got into this but but will you get the point amen my goal is my success of my sermon is gonna be determined by how many people show up the prayer tomorrow so I'm trying to work for that okay I'm not building so that everybody gets up over here and goes hallelujah Jesus if tomorrow o'clock at 6 o'clock nobody shows up sermons was this sermon was this ok so my goal is to stir you up and help you to rise up and become an intercessor in prayer we're in Jesus name let's bring let's bring this message a closer to its purpose and this the nation one of the reasons I believe that people don't pray is they don't know how to pray sometimes people don't pray is because they don't experience anything beautiful and nice in prayer that doesn't draw them back to prayer I want to give you just the practical steps I call them my my five piece of prayer the five piece of prayer sometimes people ask me you know how can you pray two hours straight or how can you even last one hour they're like I'm praying for five minutes and I'm falling asleep and singing dreams and visions of hot dogs and hamburgers and how could you last I mean why do you guys walk back and forth you know why we walk in prayer so we don't fall asleep plus the Bible says that Enoch walked with God so what did he do walked so we're trying to do exactly what yo dick and I think he went so far with God that God looked at in life is like you know what we're closer to your house than mine let's go to mine they went to God's house and never returned back to enix God wants you to walk with him God wants you to live with him but I just look at the process of prayer now remember this is num prayer is not mechanical it's a relationship it's an intimacy with God I don't want to turn prayer into some kind of a points that you go through but it does help us to see a rhythm through which we can go in prayer so that our prayer is focused and so that our prayer is beneficial to us prayer is not a chore list where you come give God what you don't like about your life and give him a timeline to fix it prayer is a relationship and this relationships supposed to give you something back that brings you back to that prayer I've never done drugs but I've been hooked on prayer and it keeps bringing me back I'm a backslider when I stopped praying I slide back to prayer that's the only place I slide back to and that is prayer because when you taste the goodness of God in prayer it keeps drawing you back I don't have to be told by my pastor to pray I don't have a job description to pray see there was the time I knew I was nothing and I was nobody and I've tasted God and I found him to be faithful I found him to be good I found him that he can raise people from nobody and make him somebody he can take a zero turn him into a hero he can take a dead Lazarus and make him a life man and when I tasted that listen I have not found anything else close I heard your testimony I saw how heroin destroys people's lives so I don't have to taste something you've tasted but I can tell you when you taste what I've tasted your life will never hallelujah hallelujah amen we like to start our prayer always with praise somebody say praise praise it draws the presence of God praise what praise is we start praise with thanking God we say Lord we thank you how I like to do it is this as I come to to prayer nicer lord I thank you that I came here on both of my legs I thank you that I have a car that has four wheels that brought me here lord I thank you Moses didn't have that even Jesus didn't have that but I have the car thank you lord I thank you that I have a home that I live and I thank you for generational blessings on my mom and dad lord I thank you that my blood is clean my bones are straight I thank you that I have a clear mind lord I thank you the both of my hands lift and I thank you that you've protected me from diabetes Alzheimer's you protected me from HIV SCD you protected me from high blood pressure I thank you God for your mercy and grace after that I go in and saying lord I thank you for your promises I thank you for your word I thank you for your spirit I thank you for my righteousness as a game as a gift what I thank you that you have given me the Holy Spirit lord I thank you that my name might not be in the white house I don't care about that but my name is known by the white throne in the book of life thank you for that God come on just about anybody thankful to God for that after that I take a moment and I begin to say Lord I thank you all so not only for what you've done not only for all of that but God I thank you and I worship for who you are you gotta take time and you gotta milk this time because the more you praise God something happens the more your faith grows when you start prayer was saying how bad things were listen it messes you up but when you go from what God has done and forget about what he hasn't done just thank you what he's done even if it's little because that will multiply and then you shift begin to worship who here say God you are faithful God you're a Rock of Ages you'll be all for the Omega God you at the beginning and the end god you are everything in between you're the Rose of Sharon you're the Rock of Ages you're the lily in the valleys God you are my pillow when I am tired when I am exhausted you are my staff of life and you begin to just assault who he is sometimes that could last five minutes it could last five seconds I hope it lasts more than five seconds it could last an hour and what happens is the presence of God begins to come let's just do that right now let's try snow feet and just begin to just say Lord I thank you I worship let's just lift those hands are nuts lord I thank you it finest presence by worshipping Lord we worship you right now or everything let my enemies soil for me you see me through that they can minimize when I walked in the dark alone you were there with me sickness was the bus Oh [Applause] you boys open up your mouth we worship You Jesus we exalt you Jesus we thank you God see when you worship God his presence begins to command his presence begins to come and take a second to take a seat for just a second after you praise God I'm just gonna show you how to pray for those of you who may be coming to the church for the first time for those of you who are prayer warriors intercessors just keep doing what you're doing the second thing after you praise God when you kind of went through that time of praising the time of worship take time to repent penance penance take time to repent of your sins and if you don't know your sins ask your wife ask your parents say mom last few weeks I felt like I'm perfect any sense that you might see in my life because I am so perfect and your mom will give you a list that will take you 3 hours to read and stuff so if you are not sure of what your sins are don't go looking for them but just ask the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit in the last 24 hours in the last 42 hours in the last 72 hours what have I done that offended you what if I done didn't reflect your goodness where's my motives good how did I speak to that person that I did not need that person that I show off the right what did I post on social media retweet it on Twitter or or what did I do whose whose profiles do I follow on Instagram that honestly if my wife would see it I would be in trouble Lord what did I see that honestly that I was hiding and clearing my brows history is my motives right Lord cleanse my heart when you take a moment because prayer is supposed to be a place where you walk out a better husband a better wife a better child a better child to your parents a better man a better employer a better employee if after prayer you walk out cranky mad moody and all of that stuff listen you need to go back to because penance what it does is it crushes you it reminds you brings you back to say Lord I need you and Lord I still have so much to grow there were times after prayer I ran through Albertsons and bought roses because in prayer I got reminded that I haven't bought roses in two months and I lectured other guys make sure they get roses for the and myself for God sometimes after prayer I know I would send a text message to a person to one person or another person saying you know what I'm so sorry I was so rude to you yesterday I am so sorry forgive me I will never do that again prayer has to shift something inside of you and it happens when you repent if you learn to repent for your sins you will have no blaming of other people for their sins and always in every situation that you blame others find your piece of pie for you to repent of if your wife's fault is 99.9% make sure you repent for your 0.01% and when you repent for that percent you realize it's not that small it's actually a little bit bigger and your wife's is a lot smaller your marriage will be healed your relationships will be healed why because you will find repentance people don't fall out of love they only fall out repentance when you stop repenting you stop changing when you stop changing you stuck you're done you're finished you're useless to your work you're useless to your family you're useless to everybody because you are stubborn mule but when you're flexible when you're moldable when you're repentant you're easy to live with you're easy to work with you're easy to submit to you easy to lead you easy to send on the assignments you're easy to bless and you're easy to correct okay somebody say Amen after repentance we go to in my prayer I go to part three and this is called partnership with the Holy Spirit partnership with the Holy Spirit what partnership with Holy Spirit is is in prayer I take time my pastor does that our team does that is in prayer we separate time in prayer to talk to the Holy Spirit now sometimes when I speak I know that properly English says the Holy Spirit and in my book I unpurchased removed the before Holy Spirit and so I know it's not a proper English but it's a proper theology because Holy Spirit is a person and because he's a person I relate to him as a person and I relate to him as God this is a controversial topic in some circles and sometimes I get accusation against that saying you can't talk to the Holy Spirit and constantly get then sometimes people out of curiosity and others out of just their traditional thinking that Holy Spirit is someone who leads you fills you empowers you glorifies Jesus but you dare not talk to him you dare not he doesn't talk to you you don't talk to him he is a silent kind of a being but Holy Spirit is a person I have never met a person who doesn't want to talk never met a person who defines communication without talking and my Bible makes me to understand that God the Father has Grace has his love Jesus has Grace and Holy Spirit has fellowship have you ever seen fellowship where only one person is talking and I understand that probably is how your marriage looks like right now you go on a date and you had fellowship which simply means your wife talked and you ate and you only nodded your head yes honey but that is not fellowship okay that is that is not fellowship a real fellowship is when you talk she talks he talks she talks both people are talking it's a two-way street is the real fellowship fellowship of the Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit is talking you're listening you're talking Holy Spirit is listening there is a communion there is a fellowship people say do you pray to the Holy Spirit now answer is very simple it's Holy Spirit God do you pray to God but we're not instructed to pray to the Holy Spirit we are instructed to walk in the Holy Spirit be filled with Holy Spirit not to grieve the Holy Spirit not to quench the Holy Spirit and to be with him meaning God says the Father because Jesus teaches us we pray to the Father in Jesus name by the help of the Holy Spirit meaning the Holy Spirit is given to us as a partner as a friend as another like like Jesus he's walking beside us and God wants to spend time in prayer where we fellowship with Holy Spirit when you fellowship with Holy Spirit you acknowledge his presence you become aware of him you become aware of his presence and then this fellowship continues throughout the day sometimes in the minor things like yesterday my neighbors started the 4th of July a little bit earlier somebody didn't tell them there was first the first July yesterday or today and they started that early and I was always trying to fall asleep and my dog loved my wife's dog sleeps with us in the room and he's not used to 4th of July he's only one year old and so when he hears BAM bang he goes in like you do this in stores barking and so on this happened about three times and I'm like if they are gonna continue partying and he's gonna continue barking I'm not getting my sleep and so I told my wife my hey babe could you call police she's like no I'm not calling police so I closed my eyes and I said Holy Spirit I'm calling you serious not making this up and I said Lord either shut them up shut my dog off or somebody but I'm like I just need to get my sleep and honestly that's the last thing I remember and I woke up in the morning my father-in-law said that they continued to party I don't know what who did what I just know one thing that I slept when I went recording yesterday in the studio recording an audio book of that same thing before recording and take five six seconds I closed my eyes and I said Holy Spirit you know how difficult it is for me to read my own writing it's very difficult if you could just just just kind of help me out just a little bit it will go a long way close my eyes and right away something happens you feel support because when you acknowledge his presence you become aware of his presence when you become a word of a sir presence his help begins to come in take time during prayer where his presence is acknowledged your prayer will never be boring because you will feel him you will know him and he will be there let's do that right now I want to show you how to do that just close your eyes say this with me see all Holy Spirit give me more of you say the all Holy Spirit take more of me and just welcome you say Holy Spirit I need you relax you don't have to work anything up I say Holy Spirit I love you Holy Spirit walk with me through life help me in the smallest things and the biggest things you with me until I go to heaven you're not gonna leave me you're not gonna abandon me I invite you right now I welcome you right now Holy Spirit in this place in this room in Jesus [Applause] you've been with Jesus – Jesus crushed the Egyptian Empire when they brought to justice this you split the let's see you heal the blind Bartimaeus you delivered a man of six thousand demons you stop the storms you convicted a godless city of the Holy Spirit you're here right now right now just tell him down right now we'll be watching us alive right there let's invite the Holy Spirit his Francis will become real when his presence becomes real intimacy comes [Applause] [Applause] somebody's here holy spirit is taken away your depression and there's another person you're struggling with smoking now felon my father God has just taken the craving you prayed against smoking my god is just taking the craving right now and giving you a new desire and you desire Holy Spirit is a person prayer is a time will you connect with him my favorite time is I always have songs like these from our own services and I play them on repeat until I feel that connection until sometimes tears roll down your eyes or my heart inside is melting like wax because if I go through the dry routine of prayer if you go through the dry routine of thread you'll never come back to prayer unless somebody reminds you or a problem pushes you there but when you touch his presence it becomes like a magnet it draws you in you become a backslider you constantly continue to slide back into them can somebody say Amen I'm gonna have a few more minutes if you can take take your seat if we can bring that kayak I want to share with you a next step which is I believe the most important step when it comes to prayer when you begin to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your prayer time there's one more step there's two more steps but this step that we're going to have right now is called pedaling in prayer or peddling prophetic words somebody say peddling prophetic words how many of you here received prophetic words concerning your life before okay how many of you hear you've never had somebody I put like a prophet speak to you okay all right and how many of you don't speak English you don't understand what I said because I saw some what you're speaking it were you like I'm gonna raise my hand for anything okay it's fine all right and so I heard that Jacob did not like to be being holy spirit last time you do look more like the other spirits today being darker so Jakub I'm sorry but you're gonna be the holy spirit with me alright alright let's bring the something to peddle with aggressive spirit so what happens is peddling prophetic words what I mean by that is this is when you'd fellowship with Holy Spirit when you spend time fellowshiping with the holy spirit what happens is God wants us to take a moment in our prayer and not just to pray for Masse's not just to pray for other people but you begin to pray prophetic words spoken over our life by God by prophets or maybe in the dream or in a vision or an insight that you received from God and to pray those words out what these words will do is they build your faith see when you step into the prophetic word this is like stepping into a kayak instead of swimming through the Columbia River with your bare hands and with your swimming abilities when you step into a kayak actually you're dry and everything around you is wet God gives you prophetic words not only to make them come true but to give you a dry place to stand in the process of the prophetic word coming true in the process of getting doctors reports that say things are getting worse but the prophetic word says you will live and not die so you step in the prophetic word around you everything is wet everything is unstable but you are standing on something solid and what is that it's God's words spoken either through a prophet or made alive in the scripture or given to you in the dream given to you in the vision or in prayer and it became real like the Bible says faith is the substance of things means its substance it's real inside of you you know that you know that you know job said I know my redeemer lives I don't know why this is happening everything around me is wet but I know I stand under knowledge problem happens in prayer is many people through out of desperation out of the problems and out of the sickness out of the defeat out of the demonic attacks God gave them a word but they said things like well I don't like this prophet I really don't like the color of this kind don't like if God would send me a blue one I might consider getting into it if the prophet that came in wouldn't be from Africa I would listen to him if that prophet would be it's just a little bit different clothing and had a little bit just just a different word I would accept it the word that God gave me honestly I didn't feel like angels were singing at the time that I got that word and so I'm not gonna receive this – what you're doing is you're swimming through the problems of life when God wanted you in prayer to go into the prophetic word go into his promise and pray out of that promise peddling prophetic words I do this almost daily I'm not sharing something that I don't do I'm not selling it what I'm not using I'm selling to you what I'm using and what works for me what this does to me is it makes me step out of the problems our church currently has now our church doesn't have problems I'm sorry but the problems the people in their church currently have it makes me step out of the sometimes one service or another service or things that are not going so well and my mind goes out of that and goes into what God has promised for a church not what I see with my eyes right now but what God has promised to our church and pray out of that when you take few minutes and you play out of there your spirit comes up and you actually get pulled out of your situation and you spin on something solid instead of sinking sand see when I was young or we used to take trips to Seattle to to learn how to preach so we preached on Sunday morning in here and then we went to preach outside of our church on Sunday night we were like 14 15 years of age a pastor with arranged trips to go all around Washington and Oregon to preach in these churches I was very very young and short like now but younger and so this particular time we went to preach in Russian traditional churches they have five preachers in one service and so I was supposed to be the fourth and my pastor was supposed to be after me the fifth preacher is supposed to be like the last poopoo like you know like real fire and the ones before him was just preparing the ground and so my sermon went a little bit too long so turns out that my sermon became final and so there was a powerful prayer afterwards which was like you know like a big deal for a 14 year old teenager and after the prayer service ended this old lady she made her way to the front it was kind of a large church she made her way to the front she grabbed my hand pulled me aside from my cousins and and she looked kind of mean Russian prophets like Pentecost the prophets usually mean and stuff and she look if she would call me no lady and she looked at me and she said during the prayer she said I saw a vision and typically you know the places I grew up if an older person says they had a vision it's about 90% something bad so I learned i paralyzed then like this like Baltazar knees you know shaking and I'm like I just hope it was not something my secrets in that she saw and she said I saw a trumpet in your mouth and she says out of the trumpet came fire and she said praise God and I brighten up a little bit and then she said not only that but she looked at me she jerked me one more time by my hand and she said this she says don't be afraid I still see this lady's eyes right now as I'm speaking he says don't be afraid you will prophesy it's not my thing and so she just walked off when I pray after I finished fellowshipping with Holy Spirit I pray this prophecy out I said Lord you did not say I'll have a microphone you said I'll have a trumpet god you didn't say avala you will come out on my mouth you said fire will come out of my mouth god I pray for that you said the God is not something I said it's not something I wanted I want that but you said that and so when you begin to pray that when you begin to pray that's guess what happens that's what God that's what God gave me what if he gave you that he said that your children will serve God don't just pray that God you see my kid got in jail no no no no pull out your thing I begin to go like this and press say God you sent me and my family will serve God my kid is in jail he's working on this testimony God said your business will sponsor charities all around the world and you don't have money to pay for the bills right now you don't go and say God you see how much money I don't have enough money no no no don't pray out of the water pray out of the promise peril prophetic words you come in and you say Lord you promised I am a millionaire I know I got holes in my shoes I got all the letters before the new payments my god I'm gonna paddle I'm gonna paddle I'm gonna paddle prophetic words I'm gonna paddle prophetic words do you have it you can keep standing do you have a prophetic word right now that God has given you let me ask you a question why when you go to prayer you only bring your problems not prophetic words leave your problems outside of your prayer bring a prophetic word maybe you save of lad I never got a prophetic word from someone did God give it directly to you able to have never had a prophet that gave him a word God gave him directly never doubt the words God gives you you learn to have confidence in God that lives in you sometimes when God speaks to you and gives you a picture of your future and the devil will come and say what you think you hear God your deaf who you think you are listen to hell the devil – shut up and say simply I trust in God if you revealed that to me I get into this right now this kayak and I'm going to step by step here by year I've got like God says to able – to Israel he says I want you to go to the promised land I swore to your father he says I gave this to Abraham I gave this to Abraham get in it and I want you to paddle to your promised land you're not gonna get to the promised land because God's gonna drag you there you will get to the promised land because number one you're gonna get a prayer life number two you'll stop praying out of your problem you stop praying out of your promise you will stop praying out of your sickness you will pray out of your healing you will stop praying out of your defeat you will pray out of your victory you will stop praying out of your kids being on drugs you will stop praying out of your kid with the products of God what God says and you're gonna peddle you're gonna pass you get that's where you get a paddle that pathetic what you're gonna pan on the prophetic word hallelujah as the church we have words that were spoken over our church that we will have a new building and it will be paid for that we will have a wrench that will be donated that our churches will start like popcorn all around America now we are today in the middle of the ocean with this small little thing but I gotta tell you I stopped praying just for the problems I pray for the promises I pray out of the promises I own the prophetic words in my life when you pray like that your passion grows to dream bigger you come out of prayer excited you look at these problems like cockroaches you like a crush you crush you crush you crush you and I will get to my promised land but if you agree more if you even more prophecy if you ignore prophecy you ignore the Holy Spirit as a result this is I want you to look at the verse behind me what it says this charge I commit to you son Timothy according to the prophecies previously made concerning you that you buy them may wage good warfare means you paddle you don't go to prayer only to talk about your needs you go to prayer to peril prophetic words you steward the prophecy that's how you honor the Holy Spirit now by them you wage a good warfare having faith meaning when you live like that you will have faith and what else good consciousness meaning you will live a life without compromise you want to stop sinning live positive life you want to live positive life live a life of prayer way in prayer you bring prophecy promises and out of that you pray the result will be faith good conscience and this is what he says he says which some have rejected they didn't stop praying they just don't pray God's Word they don't live out of what God said they live out of depression they live out of struggles they live out of what the doctor said they live out of what somebody said and he says what they did they suffered shipwreck God doesn't want you to suffer shipwreck God wants you to reach your destination church as a church we have this when we pray we pray prophetic words I asked Alex the leader of the intercession team I said I want us also as church not just to pray God give us a building God give us this God give us this God you said God you said God you said and for that to happen we have to stop treating prophets like show men we have to respect the word of the Holy Spirit that is releasing through prophets because when we honor them we honor the Holy Spirit and somebody say I want you to lift your hands if you ever received a prophetic word I want you to write down take a moment and I want you to begin to say God I thank you for the word that you've given thank you for watching this content I hope this was a blessing to you if you're like me and you like to click on things click on this subscribe to our channel and the content will come to you every time we post it and remember the best is yet to come

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