OSHO: Man Ke Sakshi Bano

Whatever was being said in the context of a poet’s question that has started to create concern in my mind too. I am a humorous poet. What are your views in this matter? Krishnaraj, Its good to laugh and make people laugh. Its good for health. Its good for the well-being. To laugh and to make others laugh. Its a pure exercise, its breath exercise. Laugh, make others laugh, there is no harm in that. But just remember this that even in laughter, there are two techniques. Firstly a person laughs so that he can hide his tears. That is a wrong method. That is a wrong way. Or either man laughs because fountains of laughter are bursting from inside him. Bliss has arisen within him. He is sharing that blissfulness Then there is spirituality in that laughter. Then in that laughter there is salvation. Then laughter is liberating. To forget sorrow people laugh. So laughter is a medicine for sleep. It is a remedy to reduce sorrow. By laughing for a while, you dragged yourself into forgetfulness, One deceived himself. Thats why there is a flood of humorous poets. Because people are so sad, people want to laugh through some excuse, through some means So that at least for some time they can forget.. the problems of life, the troubles of life, the oppression of life, the anguish of life, at least for sometime it won’t be in memory Friedrich Nietzsche has said that I laugh so that I don’t start to cry. Are your humorous poems a way to to hide your tears, Krishnaraj! If so I would say, crying is better, because the tears will be authentic, they will be true, and they will make you lighter and they will wash away the dust from your eyes. False laughter♫ compared to true tears cannot be more valuable. Falsehood can never be more valuable. Even genuine crying is valuable; False laughter, after all, is false only. Don’t put a mask. Yes, if inside you juice has ever flown songs have arisen, If inside you the festival of life, has manifested, if you are experiencing the nectar of life — then laugh, then play the flute. Then whatever you do will be a poem. In the way of your life, in your behaviour flowers will shed. Mulla Nassrudin too writes poems of humor. Just yesterday for a job in an office he appeared. After returning back, he began to tell me– Yesterday when I had my interview the question came– have you read geography? I said, yes, I have read a lot Then tell us where there is heavy rainfall what is the thing that is found most there? The answer was– umbrella. Question two– You have read literature, haven’t you? Yes, absolutely. Tell us, what kinds of speech do you like ? And how many juicy ways of expression are there ? The answer was– Sir, I like only two ways of speech Uprooting and knocking out And as far as the juicy ways of expression are concerned in the field of literature only one is left sugarcane juice Rest all of the world Gentleman, seems juice less to me. Question three– Do you have any general knowledge also? Yes, yes then answer, who has got the Padmashri this year? The answer was — Sir, only I received You have? Yes sir, This year itself Gentleman! I got married The wife I have , Her name itself is Padmashri. The officer shouted in anger And he asked the last question– Qualification? In response, a card was given In which was written Lord Girgitanand, M.A.B.F.,I.C.S. The office said– This degree cannot be understood What is the meaning of this? With a lot of humility the answer was — Sir, I was landlord initially but since this god forsaken law has come into effect the land of landlord has all become government’s land since then only Lord is left M.A.B.F. The meaning of M.A.B.F is– Matric (high school) appeared but failed I.C.S means only this– Ice cream Seller, Sir. The officer roared–you are a big donkey. I said–no, no, Mister! You are my elder I am small, you are the big. Krishnaraj, go ahead with an open heart. if you want to do humorous poetry do humorous poetry. Laugh and make others laugh. Remember this with such poets people are very much fed up much scared of. In the village where poets’ gathering takes place, in that village all rotten bananas, rotten eggs, are sold out. Tomatoes. All people are headed there. Now even the humorous poets have become cautious. They go and buy out everything in the beginning itself- All rotten eggs, rotten bananas, rotten tomatoes– they buy those out at first from the entire village. otherwise the public throws these things. And if one humorous poet gets the mike then he refuses to leave it Even if the public shouts or dashes their legs, makes a hue and cry there is no concern about it People stay firm. They will recite at any cost, whether there is a listener or not. People hunt around for listeners somewhere, if someone can be found. Don’t become such a humorous poet. People are already bothered, don’t bother them anymore. In one village, a poets’ gathering took place, all people got up and left, but the first poet who was firmly rooted, kept his ground, three other people were sitting, waiting. When that poet finished his poems, he asked those three that you people seem to be great it seems you are poetry admirers. They replied, poetry admirers? we also want to recite our poems. Now you sit! Till now you killed us, now we will kill you. We will make you remember the milk of the sixth day (idiom). This night is there, and we are there and so are you. And the greater poetry admirer is that one there who is sitting at the door. A man was sitting at the door and was shaking his head eagerly He said, no, excuse me, I was nodding my head while I was asleep. And I have nothing to do with poetry. I am sitting here waiting that the poets’ gathering will end and I can close the door and go home. I am the servant here, and I have to close the door of this hall. And in case you people plan to stay here for the rest of the night then I will leave the key with you. Close the door in the morning and drop the key at my house. If happiness awakens inside you then its okay. Otherwise what? I have heard that, One humorous poet passed away. One of his friends, went to ask for donations. What ever was his experience, he has written it as a poem, He has written– One humorous poet died I went to collect donation for him People said–‘Strange joker he was If he did not have the money for a shroud, why did he die? I said–‘Why are you making fun about him?’ They said–‘And what did he do with us!’ He also used to fool us He used to recite poetry for one and half hour His prose was good But in poetry he was still a child Now you are also a humorous poet If you promise to die tommorrow Then donation is ready to be presented today Even if you die later, this servant is ready.’ I said–‘have you forgotten that day when you used to come in glittering cars and wearing colorful flashy clothes you used to decorate the chairs and that poor man used to make you laugh through his antics to give you entertainment he himself used to become a joker Today now that he has left you are stealing your eyes away you are hesitating to give even five rupees ?’ One person said — ‘What to say some or the other artist keeps dying all the time you bring a list of all the poets here and along with their names, give a total count!’ I said, ‘ten’. He said,’That’s all!’ Take this note of a hundred rupees and settle the score for everyone and then don’t come here again.’ People have got tired. Krishnaraj, don’t make such poetry. In my perspective, There is one kind of poetry which rises inside as fragrance rises from flowers. and then there is poetry of another kind, with a lot of effort and pushing and pulling, and forcefully get it done ready. Because if people can’t do anything else then they at least manage to do this. People don’t find any problem in forcefully given meaningless rhyming. And by uttering some double meaning confusing things even if they make some people laugh for a while there is no use of it. Rememeber this as much as man is in sorrow the need for that many means of entertainment begins to arise. The reason being only that a sad man searches for means to forget himself. We need people to be happy and in happiness if people celebrate, sing songs, dance, enjoy the nectar of poetry, enjoy the nectar of music, then its a different thing. But if people are unhappy and only if like some outer plastering and bandaging they use entertainment then its fatal. Its not right. Its like the intoxication of opium. Don’t give the intoxication of opium to people Give awakening to people, don’t put them to sleep. And most of our poems usually, are nothing else except lullabies. The way we sing lullabies to little children and put them to sleep similarly, to grown up children poems are being recited, stories are being told, legends are being narrated, scriptures are being recounted, all of them are lullabies, so that they are kept asleep somehow. and you are also in search of lullabies. you also want reassurance, you don’t want truth. A man is rarely found, who is in search of truth. People are searching for reassurance. People want that somehow they get relief whichever way that is, In life, for sometime there is freedom from problems. But problems will stand as they were. Such problems cannot be solved. Problems can be erased only through meditation To erase them, there was never any other solution earlier nor today, nor ever will there be. If you can free yourself from the mind, then you can free yourself from sorrow. If you can be rid of the mind then you will be rid from the problems. and I am teaching you the art of getting rid of the mind. My meaning of sannyas is this much only: be freed from the mind. Experience the no-mind state. Become witness of the mind–where there is sorrow, where there is happiness; where there is laughter also and tears also; where all kinds of duality exists Become witness to both. When laughter comes, then watch that also in awareness. If tears come then watch that also in awareness. And keep this much remembrance constantly that I am that which is watching in an awakened state– Nor am I tears, nor am I the smile, I am the witness of both. Be stilled in this witnessing mode, stabilise in this, Immerse yourself in this witnessing mode, Then there is great nectar in your life! Then in your life there is a perennial festival of lights, forever spring. Then your life is a month of monsoon Then tie the swings, then sing the songs. Then the color, the manner, the benediction and beauty of yours songs is something else But before that what songs can you sing? Where is the character that can sing the songs? Where are legs which can dance, where is the heart, where is the soul? You will merely be white washing on the surface, Krishnaraj No benefit is going to come out of it.

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