OSHO: I Do Not Believe in Believing

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  • Minesh Manilal says:

    The shuffling in the background is quite annoying,😃

  • Piyush Jain says:

    Thank you.

  • Cosmic Stillness says:

    AWAKE and AWAKENing after that you'll be answered your own.

  • Светлана Ковалева says:

    Почему нет перевода на русский язык, очень люблю Ошо, но как понять, о чём речь? Но все равно благодарна за возможность услышать Учителя всей моей жизни.


    Definitely had a fashion sense!!!!

  • kiran manwar says:

    This man's thoughts and ideology inserted my brain and soul deep down….. Just Brilliant !!

  • Venkatesh R says:

    Osho did see the world as it is.

  • Love of music says:

    Such a sensible man 🙂 wow

  • Marco Dellorusso says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Profound, beautifully explained, and easily understood. I also love his sense of humour.

  • Summer Rain says:


  • MrKanan321 says:

    He just explained his view and approach to the existence and the reality. He also accepted that he doesn t know answers to that kind of questions and suggested to be beyond of some barriers and try new approaches like to experience, to taste, to think, to feel. Everything is clear and understandable in this video about his saying no need to find something complicated or not understandable. Very simple. i liked to know about his mentioned stories and his different approaches, and logic what he mentioned. It was interesting.
    But i don't think it is a good way to experience or try everything because some tries and experiences are factually can be harmful. Even in your tries and experiences you have to be selective.
    What i summarized in his approach – just be opened eyes and be far from fictions and don t be bounded by barriers. In order to do it only science and work can help you. In religions there are also many fictions and science too. So religions can also be useful and be foolish, so it is your mission to select and analyze valuable knowledge from there. The Power is in Science !

  • seetava02 seta says:

    miracle speech

  • Otto Ellison says:

    Blind faith is suicide of mind and intellect.

  • Rajesh Kumar says:

    If you think that god who is perfect almighty and omnipotent has created a mess of this world please be aware that once he had done a even bigger mess. Then using noah to save some creation the loving god flooded and drowned his creation. This proves at least that god is a man. No woman would be so fucked up in the mind.

  • Theklita Price says:

    Meaning is not needed

  • Master Yoda says:

    This is one area Osho doesn't treat much in his talks. Here he gives it time to explain his stand on the matter. His point is that we all, as individuals' inherently know God. But the trust on this connection is not something we learn/teach or form a system around it but rather an existential aspect of what we are as beings. He in, other words, by-passes the framework of past mass-teachings and makes the individual his/herself the focal point of the truth. One can say that he has also authentically lived it. So at the deeper level, he is teaching us about the need for 'absolute trust" in the simple and ever present love that animates the cosmic dance of the souls. He has no patience for the oxymoron of superficiality or unwillingness to be conscious. So he provocatively uses sharp tools to scrap off the sediments and directly challenges our unexamined or not-so-solid mob-beliefs we have leached on. He expounded on Nietzsche's misunderstood saying 'God is dead' by contrarily pointing out that it is not through conventions and methods but through our innate and existential qualities that we know the Divine. For him the very "word God is corrupted" and has lost its import through missus and abuse. Interestingly, his thoughts on this matter are becoming widely upheld and promoted by current thinkers and spiritual teachers, though non of them knowledge the torch bearer who brought the light. In the world of disciplined equerry and academia, plagiarism is the highest guilt. Unfortunately this will surely be a wild goose in the world of commerce.

  • SB BY says:

    That noise in background is so annoying…

  • Adithya Reddy Kariveda says:

    The power of this video can change lives. Thank You Osho

  • George Smith says:

    Thank you

  • Being Human First says:

    Ppl made God of the ppl who didn't believe in God… !!

  • Dilleswara rao kambala says:

    the best video in youtube which i ever seen….
    i am thankful that i saw it….

  • Espartaco Ramirez says:

    Uds son lo mejor, guardar ese tesoro, estos tesoros de ver a osho hablando no tiene precio, solo un gracias, solo gratitud 🙏

  • Speak Truth says:

    This man is something else

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