Opening Your Spiritual Eye – Bound By Your Physical Senses!

if you can't go beyond your physical senses then you are limited to what you can know about reality perhaps you separate values your boy has pro-social from reprogram the matrix calm welcome back to the channel in this episode I'm going to be covering how we are bound by our physical senses and if we want to expand upon that we have to tap into our spiritual eyes we are told there are five main senses that humans have that is the sense of touch the sense of taste hearing you know sound and scene these are the five senses we are told that we are that we have and there are some other ones that have been explored dealing with like your balance dealing with being able to sense heat but I see those still as being contained within those five senses they're kind of like subcategories you know but those five senses we are bound by what information those senses provide us so for an example human hearing is limited to a range of 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz but a cat can hear all the way up to 64 thousand Hertz so that means there's all of these different frequencies and sounds that are being made in our reality that we can't even hear that aren't even possible to here using our physical functions of our art our ears so there's all this information in our reality that we are missing out on that's being created here and it would give us a higher understanding of things there's cats walking around that are hearing all sorts of stuff that we're not hearing so sometimes you might see your cat turn around and do something weird and they could be hearing something or they could be agitated because there's a frequency that's bothering them that we can't hear so we have to go beyond these limitations if we want to understand our reality more so in order for us to become more conscious and have a bigger understanding of things in this simulation that we are and we will have to expand our senses and go beyond the five senses that we are given this is where opening up your spiritual eye comes into play it can go beyond the physical senses it can even expand the physical senses that we already know which enables us a higher understanding higher knowledge and more awareness and consciousness once your spiritual eye opens this is where you'll start being able to see energy or start feeling energy or even detecting different energy fields in all of its different forms this is where the terms Chi kana lifeforce orgone energy where they all come from okay this enables one to view auras and see orbs and interact with fat forms and things of that nature this isn't what you know the average human is able to detect they're not able to go beyond those five senses and open up their spiritual eyes to be able to see all these different things so you might even start to see more you know spiritual type of phenomenon seeing spirit seeing ghosts even you know hearing different frequencies or tasting things you never seen before or even seeing different colors these are all signs that your spiritual eye is starting to open up you're having a spiritual awakening and there's different stages that you go through during this awakening stage but you will start being introduced to this different information that you may not have ever since before you might even start tapping into the different magnetic fields tapping into luna' into the moon and sensing when Luna is very strong you know and the tides and things are moving along with it you might start feeling how there's some people that magnetize things to them or some people even repel things away from them because you're basically sensing now beyond these five senses and you can sense things like electromagnetic fields so most people if if you start explaining this type of stuff to them the average person they're gonna think you're crazy and it's kind of understandable because they are bound by those five senses and they've never experienced anything beyond that so when you're talking about all these other things that go beyond the five senses that most humans are you know basically boxed in with they're going to think something's wrong with you but there's nothing wrong with any of you the fact of the matter is is you are just more aware and conscious and having more experiences that go beyond those five senses you're no longer contained within that box that they want to keep you in okay so it's up to you to understand that if you want a higher understanding of reality a higher understanding of yourself and where you take place in this whole simulation you have to go beyond these senses we experience things like deja vu synchronicities you know missing time time gaps in our in our timeline all of these different phenomenons but people don't want to really you know basically understand that our reality goes beyond what we're taught about in books and all this type of stuff you have to be able to really explore consciousness and explore the different energies and the different senses and things that were capable of you know I'm basically perceiving if we want to really know what's going on if we don't want to really know what's going on then we just stay at our five senses we don't go out beyond that we don't think outside of that but if you really want to higher understanding of things and to tap into what we call your spiritual enlightenment you're gonna have to tap into some of these things that go beyond the five senses and then this is going to enlighten you because you are going to fill in the gaps that the physical senses cannot fill in so if you want to break out of the box you have to go beyond the limitations of the box you have to expand your consciousness you have to expand your awareness and the only way to get on the outside of that box is to open up your spiritual eye because the physical senses are always going to be limited to a very small range of things when it goes way beyond like I said earlier in the example the can hear you know like 40,000 more Hertz in the frequency range than a human can and if we can't hear that we don't know what's going we can't even hear those sounds and stuff and there could be all these different sounds and things going on the cats could probably hear your Wi-Fi they can hear your Bluetooth you know what I mean so you have to go beyond these limitations of the box if you go beyond these human senses you will basically contain more knowledge more information more data about what's going on and it will fill in the gaps that the five senses could not feel so that's pretty much it for this video make sure to leave a like subscribe and click that little notification bell to get all future updates on the channel I want to thank you all for watching peace in and out with love my highest vibrations and always my gratitude

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    support high vibes all over the internet. it will help heal millions upon millions of beings on the internet of things while we still aren't being forced to speak a certain way

  • Milky Smoove says:

    love ur vibes bro. i have always felt a cautionary vibe towards your videos tho too, idk. i just do. dont make it right or wrong. but i remember seeing a video of you work on chi energy and u moved the water and wind to your will while proving you werent faking it. cuz most videos on online involve some type of manipulation to record a the desired visual result.

    i posted a new song recently in efforts to elevate in my own eccentric experimental way. https://soundcloud.com/themilkysmoove/solamyte-fly-auto-hoax-prod-dj-reddy-rell
    let me know what you think.

    other artists, send me your social links to your elevating (positive or negative good or bad) art.

  • KennyLoc's says:

    Geez dude you're like a spiritual scientist lol HI VIbes x3 x44

  • William C says:

    ReprogramTheMatrix gives me the vibes of AfterPrisonShow 😅

  • Saint Nicky JK says:

    Thank you for always being there MC x3 ☝🙏💓

  • john wall says:

    Peace and love thank you astro for this I can always detect when lower level agents are around I can sense the energy they are giving off its different from regular people.

  • Essence [VLOG] says:

    Truth! Great video MC!

  • MediSine Official - Brett Ziegler says:

    HiGh Vibes to that brother 🙏 we Got to tap in and tune up to get the most out of our experience x3 awesome video breaking out of that box! x44 🙌💓

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