One Surefire Way to Lose in Spiritual Warfare

hi it’s Jennifer you probably know me
from books like the heart of the prophetic or the making of a prophet or
how about the spiritual warriors guide to defeating Jezebel that’s been a
pretty popular topic lately on my Facebook page you can check me out there
at facebook.com slash prophetic books but I wanted to talk to you today about
one surefire way to lose in spiritual warfare this is a mistake you do not
want to make one surefire way to lose spiritual warfare and I wrote an article
about this that’s on my website at Jennifer LeClaire.org so on charisma
mag com my column there called the plum line where I put out these articles
every week just for you and I want to talk to you about it today because it’s
you know it’s really serious we are living in an age of grace but there are
some things that can still lead to defeat maybe not death but defeat I’m
gonna getting a little bit ahead of myself but let me dive right in here you
know I’ve been reading in numbers Deuteronomy have been reading and I
started the beginning of the year in the Bible and really studying out through
through this year so far and you know God made a promise to the Israelites
right when he brought them out of Egypt he made a promise to them to give them
the land of the K Knights the high tides the amorite the the Jebusites the
heights you know all the i’ts you know as they say he promised to give them
this land flowing with milk and honey according to Exodus 13 and 5 but
fulfilling this prophetic promise meant engaging in battle with the enemy
engaging in battle with these i’ts engaging in battle with the current
occupants of the land dispossessing the former occupants dispossessing of the
enemy from the land that God had promised them they’d been dwelling on
this land for for a long long long time and here come the Israelites through the
wilderness into the Promised Land to take this land that was the picture and
not everybody was so confident in the Word of God even though they’ve been
delivered miraculously from Egypt even though manna manna and quail had fallen
down from heaven water came out of Iraq even though they’ve seen God’s provision
his miracles throughout all their time and
wilderness they still didn’t really believe but again I’m getting ahead of
myself so here’s the deal the bottom line is that Israel has moved in
presumption against the amur rights and it led to disaster and that that’s what
I’m aging toward and you probably know the story but the deal is is that you
know they moved in presumption and and I was studying this and I stayed this a
long time ago and I remembered it as I was writing this article but in the King
James version of the Bible the words presume presumed presumptuous and
presumptuously appear only eleven times but each time almost every time 10 out
of the 11 times it leads to death I mean it’s a bad thing to presume okay and you
know if you presume to enter spiritual warfare you know out of God’s perfect
timing or without the leading of the Holy Spirit you’re not gonna probably
die but you couldn’t get smacked around by your enemies a little bit you could
lose the battle so what is this one thing you don’t want to do what is this
one surefire way to lose in spiritual warfare
it’s presumption and I want to show you that in the scripture I’ve written a lot
about this actually I wrote another couple of articles about not presuming
and about being led by the Holy Spirit but as I was reading in numbers I
thought well here’s one more example of why we shouldn’t just rush out thinking
we’re you know running to the battle line in God’s will you know it’s God’s
will for us to feed our enemies but he has a plan he has a timing he has a way
and we need to follow him so here’s the deal the battle losing the battle losing
the battle begins with unbelief it begins with unbelief here’s how we see
in numbers 13 1 & 2 the seeds of defeat took place after Moses sent men into the
land of Canaan to spy out the land he sent them in there to see you know
what’s this what’s really going on here and when they returned they saw that the
Lord the prophecy was – was true it really was a land flowing with milk and
honey I mean they brought back grapes and pomegranates and figs and you know I
mean it was just like a feast I love the abundance that was in that land just
like God said you know probably a really welcome sight after
all that MANET quail in water I mean puts yourself on a diet of that
for 40 years and see if you’re not ready for some things some pomegranates and
some grapes okay right but but even still even in the face of this
prophesied provision Israel’s leaders ten of them ten of the twelve spies ten
of the leaders that Moses sent they brought back a bad report a report of
unbelief they had an evil heart of unbelief and it all started with one
word nevertheless yeah I know God said this nevertheless or but you know
nevertheless I know God said this but this is what I see with my eyes I know
God said this nevertheless this is what’s the reality before me no no no no
reality in this temporal world is one thing but truth is everything can
remember that reality in this temporal world is one thing but truth is
everything and the truth is all that matters we have to believe God defeat
starts with unbelief you can write that down to defeat starts with unbelief
let’s look here in numbers 13 28 and 29 nevertheless the people who dwell on the
land are strong so they yeah it’s a land flowing with milk and honey but
nevertheless the people who dwell in the land are strong the cities are fortified
and very large moreover we saw the descendants of anak there the Amalekites
dwell in the land of the south the high tides the Jebusites the Amorite Stowell
on the mountains and the Canaanites dwell by the sea along the banks of the
Jordan I mean they’re like yet nevertheless I know you said that God I
know you said this was gonna be ours but there’s Giants over there and we’re
like grasshoppers in their sight so yeah I think we’ll just stay right here and
we’ll just hold off on that whole promised land thing a little while
longer you know but it doesn’t work that way
see dole a delayed obedience and lord help me I’m just all getting ahead of
myself today but delayed obedience is disobedience we have to move in God’s
timing Syria as the story goes you know Caleb and Joshua there were the two that
had the good report they heard this evil report and they said in numbers 30
and 30 let us go up at once and take possession for we are well able to
overcome it and at that point that’s what they should have done they should
have obeyed God now the Israelites that the masses the millions overarching Lee
they believed the the naysayers rather than this dynamic duo of the faith
called Jake Jake Joshua and Caleb so the Israelites they heard this bad report
what do they do they didn’t go back and remind themselves of the prophetic word
which I’ve got another article on that why you should remind yourself of God’s
prophetic promises of God’s prophetic word instead of going back and reminding
themselves of the prophecies of God’s word of the miracles
they wept they cried out they complained against Moses and Aaron they wished to
return to Egypt they even started listen they even started talking about electing
a leader to lead them back into bondage can you imagine and Moses and Aaron they
heard this and they’re like oh my and they went immediately into intercession
they fell on their faces before God but God was very angry because unbelief you
know it’s impossible to please God without faith okay and this was a
different time we’re in an age of grace and him ah you’re not gonna get struck
dead because you don’t believe God okay let’s not let’s not go there I mean
you’re not necessarily going to be struck dead I mean if you do something
really stupid you could end up you know being in a bad way but my point is is
that God’s not gonna pronounce a plague on you like he did here in Israel
because of their unbelief see the men that brought the evil report in the land
they died of this play God released the plague but some others that didn’t die
in the plague they would soon die in presumption here’s what happened after
mourning the loss of their tribal leaders the people decided that you know
what gosh wow yeah I think we better obey God after all I think we’d better
go up and take the land at once gosh you know I think maybe Jacob Joshua and
Caleb were right you know we kind of missed it and gosh we don’t want to die
of a plague and you know we don’t want the manna and the quail and the water we
don’t we want to make sure hey you know what let’s just go up and take the land
after all okay and the problem is is that God did not tell the
to go up against the enemies at that time they just come out of disobedience
and they presumed to go to war I mean come on I mean I didn’t even see any
deep repentance there I just saw sort of a recognition of a mistake and hey some
fear but I didn’t see any real repentance there and timing is
everything in the battle plan timing is everything in war and you know Moses
tried to warn them here in numbers 14 14 14 41 through 43 actually through 45 is
the long passion I’m gonna read it to you this is Moses is warning he he
warned them God sent the Prophet to warn them it wasn’t God’s will that they run
out and presumptuous battle and die that wasn’t God’s best you know who’s gonna
deal with it in his own way but Moses tried to warn them he says now why do
you transgress the command of the Lord for this will not succeed do not go up
lest you be defeated by your enemies for the Lord is not among you for the
Amalekites and the Canaanites are there before you and you shall fall by the
sword because you have turned away from the Lord and the Lord will not be with
you but nevertheless they presume to go up to the mountain top neither the onion
nevertheless neither the Ark of the Covenant or of the Lord nor Moses
departed from the camp so Moses is like okay guys you know what you’re on your
own if you you know hi no I’m not going the Ark of the Covenant is not going I’m
not sending a bunch of people to battle with you you like you that want to go go
so what happened here the Amalekites and the Canaanites who dwelt in the mountain
came down and attacked the Israelites and drove them back as far as hoorah you know and I’m sure there was a lot of
there was a lot of deaths there you know there was a lot of there was at least a
lot of embarrassment there I mean they got their tails whipped so here’s the
deal I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again there’s one question every
believer should ask before engaging in spiritual warfare and that question is a
three word question for word question shall I go up shall I go up God do you
want me to go into battle you are you calling me to war in other words we need
to be led by the holy spirit into battle if we
want God to lead us into triumph because you know if we lose a battle it could
very well be that the Holy Spirit didn’t lead us into the spiritual skirmish to
begin with you know yes we always have victory yes we war from a position of
victory but that doesn’t mean we go around picking fights okay we have to be
led by the Holy Spirit so before you run to the battle line remember this ask the
Holy Spirit shall I go up then obey what he tells you you know it could be that
he’s asking he’s assigned someone else to go fight that battle or it could be
that the battle is his it’s in his own hands and he doesn’t really need your
help in this one okay it could be that you’re just not skilled enough yet in
your spiritual warfare to to fight at that level and you know you’re gonna get
into something that you’re not quite ready for it could be that you need to
gather a group corporately to press in and to that darkness and push back that
darkness you know whatever it is you’ve got to be in the will of God you got to
be in the will of God so what’s the one surefire way losing spiritual warfare
presumption you gotta be led by God amen all right so I’m gonna pray for you
before I head out and I’m gonna believe that you’re gonna remember that shall I
go up forwards shall I go up when you’re faced with the opportunity to head into
battle so father I thank you right now for the anointing of your spirit I thank
you God that you give us a sensitivity to your spirit give us spiritual ears to
hear give us a sharpness god help us to be
led forth by your spirit and by peace not by presumption you just help us God
not to presume what you want but to know in our hearts what you want because
we’ve communed with you and we fellowship with you we’ve spent time
with you we’ve counseled with you I think that you’ve given us the Holy
Spirit the counselor to lead us and guide us into all truth and even to lead
us and guide us into war when that’s where you want us to go I thank you that
you have assured us of victory in Christ Jesus we don’t to be scared when we’re
in your will we know that there’s protection and provision in your will
and we thank you for it in Jesus name and I thank you guys for listening be
sure to subscribe to my youtube channel share this with your friends if it
blessed you maybe it’ll bless them too maybe you know somebody that’s going
through some warf right now and this would help them so
share it and I will talk to you next week
thank you

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