Nujabes – Spiritual State ft. Uyama Hiroto (2011)

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  • Paul Cassidy says:

    Holy shit this song takes me back.

  • damian vlaicu says:

    I feel at peace everytime I listen to this song

  • Ick Call says:

    Sounds like those songs you hear playing 24/7 at Small Chinese restaurants, but with more of a seaside vibe instead of country

  • Nicolas Derksen says:

    I was inspired to instead of sing this song I made just do a hip hop thing using this beat so please please please do me a favor and check it out. It's more fun when I get feedback from peeps. Thats all thanks!

  • Marco Clayton Jade Smith says:

    Always touches the heart ….

  • Maulana Musa says:

    Don't mind me slapping myself bcs i just heard this masterpiece like 3 days ago

  • Des amoureux De patates says:

    Et la visite se poursuit avec un récent coup de coeur calendaire

  • GreaterGood510 says:

    Heaven's Theme Song when you arrive.

  • Giantdad Lives says:

    The clapping and percussive sound brings out a lot of different feelings and thoughts from me. On one hand it's communal, there's multiple people clapping, which makes me think that it could be representative of a group of people close to Nujabes, clapping in a manner that says "You can do it! You can win!" and I can't help but imagine them smiling warmly as friends do.

    On the other hand it could be seen as celebratory of what Nujabes had done to that point from friends, family and fans alike, as if thanking him for lighting up our lives. It also evokes a ritualistic, meditative vibe, like some Shintoist or Buddhist ceremony to coax the spirit from the body and direct it onward to the heavens. This to me, as the titular track of his final album, is the sendoff that Nujabes didn't intend but had made to perfection. I can't be sure it wouldn't sound that way if it were some other song; just goes to show how much he cared about making music and how much of his soul shines through his work. One of a kind.

  • Vic. Stunna says:

    still here.

  • Dirceu Cardoso says:

    Na moral, Minecraft feelings

  • xXSounD_oF_ChiLLenceXx says:

    Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto are always good together… Just Close your eyes, lay back on the Couch and enjoy the Music… It's priceless !!!

  • Diego Rodriguez says:

    Barcade vg

  • Seashepherd97 says:

    The piano music combined with that droning, rhythmic beat–this song has always me envision a beautiful, well-kept greenhouse hidden away under a set of train tracks in a run-down part of town. A tiny little corner of paradise right in the middle of all the concrete and bustle of society. Maybe that's just me, though.

  • David Potter says:

    34 thumbs down. gotta laugh

  • BMOK GO says:

    This song remind me to my sons, They pass away from me . When I listen this song I imaginary they play together and we have dinner in the garden . Sorry , I'm cry.

  • Kaneda Mikami says:

    I gotta be real now, I never cried because of a musician but as soon as the saxophone starts I cry I miss nujabes and it's sad, I hope he had the best rebirth possible may his soul be blessed in all his rebirths.
    This connection is eternal.

  • MassiveGat says:

    When you realize everyone in the comment section is just vibing our spreadin' the love. Such a nice change of pace, take care y'all. One love

  • nukem23 says:

    This is a masterpiece. Reading Philippe Delerm speaking about simple things but yet important and wonderful things in life while listening to this. This is very subjective but I feel this music was made to read this.

  • Paul Cassidy says:

    Mon Dieu

  • Paul Cassidy says:

    Putannnn bien musique

  • EskrimaKali says:

    The Pharoah Sanders vibe is strong on this one. Love it.

  • pablovirus says:

    such a beautiful track…

  • Brie Summers says:

    Just…what word can describe his perfect music? Not even perfect, legendary, or ecstatic can satisfy. His music is true, raw talent and love. And it runs deeper than any nostalgia or emotion ever could. Our souls truly absorb this to hold forever.

  • Marcos MuretinhaDdt says:

    Brasil hexa pohaaa eu to prevendo o futuro dia 06/07/18 vai ganhar amanhã da bélgica

  • thief cat says:


  • KingRagink says:

    I want this to be the last thing I hear in my life

  • Khải Phung says:

    Love it.

  • Wesley Kloulubak says:

    Very soothing ❤️

  • Rachel Forrest says:

    this makes me think of wolf children.

  • Brett Melton says:

    This makes me feel like im in The Shire lol

  • Dissociation Association says:

    I remember being able to meditate through heroin withdrawls listening to this mostly, but other nujabes as well. 4 days no sleep, but I found inner peace again and I look back at the memory fondly. Specificly, it was an early morning around 7am and i was sitting at the piano with this on. My buddy derek came over and i offered a cup of coffee. I hadnt slept in days but something was so perfect about life. I had never been so lost but at the same time was so sure of where i was going. Music is POWERFUL

  • malkavian says:

    thank you nujabes, your music always makes me feel at ease

  • Nataly C. A. says:

    Todo va a bien ❤

  • ken says:

    26 2 10 rest in peace

  • tusk con mate says:


  • Mothushi Molatelo says:


  • Kozmikōcēlōtl says:

    Nujabes 😿 miss you

  • Valentín Rodríguez says:

    this song is like a caress for the soul and heart

  • Yiyi Viu says:

    Cierro mis ojos, y puedo recordarme de niña “libre” de todo, corriendo en la arena, mojándome con mi ropa en el mar… riendo, siempre riendo… esta pieza siempre me regresa a ese lugar… que hermosa composición, capaz de sacar lo más puro de nosotros … 😌aunque en el fondo, sienta tristeza por no tomar esa felicidad entre mis manos … 😔

  • Kaiser says:

    Such a magical song. Does anybody know of other songs (by him or others) that are similar style?

  • Tha Infamous says:

    By far the best opener to an album, PERIOD.

  • Dee Thomas says:

    Him and Buckethead would make the perfect duo

  • Gustavo González says:

    Peace <3

  • PXILO says:

    I think he go away dancing with this song

  • Owen Glover says:

    I'm proud to have made up at least 1k of these views

  • Eracreator says:

    "When you sleep, your soul leaves your body and travels the quiet world without thought or limitation…."

  • Beat Junkie2016 says:

    Nujabes, was an anagram of his name, being the reverse spelling of Seba Jun. Rest in Peace you are so missed by all of us, thank u for forever bringing peace to our lives

  • EazZiB says:

    Tears every time.

  • GrimmWygl says:

    Merci Sakor<3

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