NEW Horse Barn + Horses Sets ! Spirit Riding Free Playmobil Sets – Video

honey hartsey all right horse crazy minivans are you ready for a spirit riding free day check it out new spirit riding free places I'm so so so have been dying to review these so are we ready let's go so which sets are we gonna be looking at like all of the new ones so this is the second wave on the Playmobil spirit writing three sets and I have been waiting for more of these I'm so excited let's head to school first with lucky and miss Flores so here we are in the classroom oh and we've got miss Flores already here we're at the student side they're gonna be late for class oh here we've got our student it's lucky you guys and she's wearing that pink dress that makes her look like a marshmallow does anyone remember this dress from the very first episode of spirit riding free so here's my key dressed all fancy as she gets ready for her first day of school which we've got a lot of accessories with this set we've got some books on her desk I've got some pins a little paint set the chalkboard is really cool cuz it actually comes up with stickers so you can actually stick on whatever equation miss Flores is teaching them for math or maybe he's teaching a music or just talking about geography so a whole bunch of different equations you can just stick right on to at the chalkboard we've got miss Flores his desk here – a little bit messy she's got a stack of books so he can stack these books up together we go kind of clean it up she needs a clean workspace thank you lucky would you like to introduce yourself to the class um hi my name is lucky and I'm new here my father owns the railroad minute who is that is that Zeb Pruitt Abigail are they finally making it to class no it's maricella oh there she is all ready for class and ready to show off her brand-new bicycle do you like my new bike isn't it beautiful uh yeah it's pretty cool I mean it's not as cool as a horse but it's pretty nice ah riding a horse is so old school this is the newest way to get around alright maricella no riding your bike in class please miss Flores these are for you oh thank you now where's the rest of the class at oh I hope they're not gonna be late for school I think I saw everybody over at the barn ah miss Flores can I please be excused from class today Oh fine might as well since none of the rest of the students decide to show up yes ok lucky and maricella better run on over boom – yes they actually have a big and giant barn you guys what that actually comes with peru's dad we've got Prue lucky and Abigail let's get the barn all set up hmm all right let's gather up all the pieces and put this barn together first let's snap on some windows and doors now we need to add on the front barn doors here we go now we can close up and we actually even have a little lock on the barn – right at the very top we're gonna add this little hay cooler where you can actually pull the string and it actually it makes the little winch go up yes so realistic had some little details to the front now we'll work on the inside of the Bart little decal stickers look at the little horse print and arrows alright we've got most of the interior done now we're gonna start working on the top floor so we're gonna add in our second storey just snap it in snap on some roof pieces we even have like little hay hooked angles in here – and now the top piece but we need to add in a little light that way Prue and Abigail and everyone can see where they're going when they're up in the second stories there's our little light fixtures snap it on so now we can actually add in some hay right into the loft up here maybe we can add in a pitch for little water bucket little extra tack box or whatever like a little storage box anything that they want to put in here they can we've got a cute little stool to add in here and the best part is that these little hooks right here can actually be used to hold the hammock you guys so that way or it's not too full up here they can actually hang out and weigh in the hammock whoo and maybe read some horse stories Oh looks like there's a ribbon up here baby it's a ribbon that chica Linda maybe one or boomerang there's a cute little orange Kitty up here we can attach on a ladder oh now it's a totally cute hangout place for everybody to hang out so here's Peru and here comes Abigail and lucky hey pals it's a pretty great place to hang out isn't it sure is except for I miss boomerang I wish he could climb up the ladder but he doesn't have hands Pru I'm gonna need you down here I need help with sagebrush I gotta go help my dad come on let's go help her – it'll be fun oh I love adventures so now we need to build a little stall for sagebrush to go you girls wouldn't mind building that for me I can take care of some other things around here no problem mr. Granger yeah happy to help dad so let's gather up the pieces and start snapping together first we'll put our door on our stall you can close it and keep sagebrush in attached to the little back panel here but also make sure we have a gate put on add in some straw hay for some bedding attach a little topper piece now we can actually hang sagebrush his name right on here whoo and you can actually attach the stall right here on to the barn we've got these little hooks right here that we can easily hang up saddles and bridles now they can open up the stall door and have sagebrush walk in well girls it looks pretty good in here but we're gonna be making even more room in here oh you mean like more horses we gotta make room for snips and your carrots they do like side-characters this is so cute so we're gonna be building in a stall of course for send your carrots to be it all right start snapping it together now because as senior carats has so much energy we're gonna actually extend at the back of his stalls we'll just attach on this fence piece and now just attach it all together now of course we cannot forget to add in a little chain link on here we need to lock him in because this donkey will escape now we got it locked up right here alright so looks like his stall is all set up Oh No send your carrots that means snips is around here somewhere Oh various urea so we got snips I'm writing of course signore carrots he's actually holding a carrot in his hand that's right I am snips what are you doing here what I wanted to be part of the video too there's plenty of room for everybody around here including a brand-new foal what a brand new foal oh that's right Pru better get ready because we also have this mare in foal set how cute is this look at this set you guys this is so cute this actually even comes up with a very special Pru who is all dressed up in this dress and look at how cute look at governor like the most adorable foal from spirit riding free how key you and this set actually is lucky enough to come with his mother as well so it comes with two horses and everything you need to spoil them rotten I mean we have a whole entire bin here that is just filled with apples we've got hey we've got a bunch of carrots down there at the bottom we have a very special bottle here to feed governor hey who's gonna pick this up oh well the good thing it comes with a pitchfork you can easily pick up after the horses yeah where's the wheel barrel at maybe we can have governor and his mother stay in sin your carrot stall hi no way we're not sharing with that baby not for nothing it's all right it looks like governor and his mother need to spend some time outside a little bit so we're gonna go ahead and set up a paddock out there see now I didn't have to share snips that's up very nice of you Senor carrots thanks I'm nice so snips totally doesn't have to share this time because we've got this set that actually comes with a really cool little outdoor pad oxide and look at what else that comes with it comes with javier and a lucky now we just have to get the paddock ready snap the fence pieces on and put a roof on top there we go now we have a nice quiet area for the mare and foal to hang out in oh there they are perfect we can hang out right underneath there and we can also give them some fresh water you got a juicy apple as if they haven't had enough treats and a little grooming box that you can fill with all of these little grooming tools keep them right inside we'll keep that in the barn we also have two little barrels here cuz now we can actually set up a little obstacle course just like that because we've got hog hair here Ola and of course it comes with his horse too I think that is so cool and we can also tack up his horse with this special trick riding saddle as well cos to Xavier is excellent at doing tricks he's just an amazing writer all-around javier is happy to teach lucky lucky you need your hair if you believe that you can do anything so he can actually hop up on his horse see him do sums whoa where is he that's amazing why why are you saying that because I just saw I think Abigail saw so Lana oh here she comes there she is alright this is so so cool so here is Solana I love her dress her little fairy wings and of course she's riding her horse Luna who looks amazing I love the elusive spots very alright you guys these sets are super duper cool I really hope Playmobil actually comes out with a circus set that would be so cool so lucky can run away to it I mean go to the circus and just visit it everybody should come to the circus it's so cute seeing this adorable little foal and then of course sniffs with Senor carrots too absolutely adorable I love this set I love seeing this whole entire collection grow do you want more spirit riding free adventures make sure you subscribe because you found my horse Channel and you have to be horse crazy to be here I'll see you in my next one bye many fans

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