Nailing Jesus — The Man Who Never Was

There is a big difference between a history embroidered with propaganda, such as we find for example in Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and a fantasy placed into a historical setting; such an example there would be Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’. The Jesus tale is very much in the latter category: a fictional drama in which a stereotypic hero has been intruded into a more or less realistic historical landscape. As we would expect from a fictional creation, there exists not a single contemporary reference to such a character: not a single genuine artifact, nothing to substantiate that he ever walked the earth. The traditional authorized version of Christian origins is a big bang theory. It suggests that one fine day the only begotten son of God materialized in a virgin’s womb. He grew to manhood, assembled his disciples, imparted his wisdom, died, and rose again. From this a religion was born. How far should the rational thinker buy into this story? The idea of Jesus convinces many that someone must lie beneath the encrusted legends. Many of course reduce the Christian superstar to a dimly perceived good man, who perhaps said some wise words, fell foul of Roman and Jewish authorities, and managed to get himself crucified. The Big Bang Theory now boils down to little more than: Christianity exists, it must have begun somewhere, it began with a single character, here’s my version of who he really was. And favorites include an itinerant philosopher, or a religious reformer, a pacifist like Gandhi, or a militant like Che Guevara. In fact, Jesus has been reformed a hundred times. One thing of which historians and New Testament scholars are well aware is the trajectory by which the Jesus tale developed from an original text. Matthew, Luke, and even the fourth gospel build on a brief original tale without miracles and post-death appearances, written at an uncertain date, by an anonymous author. Church tradition alone identifies this is Mark. Matthew took the story off in one direction, and he packed the text with prophecy. Luke in contrast, trawled through the works of Josephus for tidbits of historical accuracy. Whatever else, eyewitness testimonies they are not, and the story was all but unknown until the second half of the 2nd century. Aware of these difficulties, New Testament scholars suggest a number of traditions preceded the gospel tales. And what do these earlier traditions tell us of Jesus? The Essenes anticipated Christianity in a number of respects, as did the Therapeuts of Egypt, held by the church historian Eusebius as early Christian monks. Yet they were established well before the Christian era. What then are we to make of the thinly drawn life of Jesus? It certainly appears to owe an extraordinary amount to Jewish Scripture, whether drawn from Adam, Moses, Enoch, Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, etc. And it’s a vast anticipation of the words and deeds of Jesus. Christian apologetics uses the words “fulfillment” but a simple word “copying” explains the same. What are we to make of the multitude of parallels to Jesus lore to be found in ancient world mythology? Even the embarrassed church fathers spoke of diabolical mimicry: It seems that Satan himself clearly understood the true message of the Jewish prophets, and was thus able to preempt Christianity centuries before the arrival of Jesus by copycat gods! In fact we have absolutely no trace or mention of Jesus’ exploits anywhere until the gospels were written decades after the purported events. Desperate to penetrate this fog, some scholars strive to identify an early layer of teaching, said to derive from an historical Jesus. But does a sayings tradition really point to a single author of wise words? The Bible itself provides an answer. We have a sayings collection in the book of Proverbs, which is attributed to Solomon. But it was standard practice in the ancient world to lend authority and prestige to new material, by falsely accrediting a prestigious figure from the past. But even more fatal to the claim of a sayings tradition is the patent failure of anyone to record any of the supposed astounding new teachings at the time. If a great multitude throughout Syria, Galilee and Judea heard and believed, how odd that no one recorded those sparkling gems of wisdom. The truth is that Christianity grew from neither a god nor a man, but out of what had gone before. A human Jesus was no more necessary than there was a human Horus, Dionysus, Mithras, etc. Can we explain the emergence of Christianity without its superstar? Of course we can. For two centuries the Christian movement languished, and thanks to civil war, it got its big chance. It was the ultimate product of ancient religious syncretism. But it isn’t history, it isn’t truth, it’s more astounding rubbish from the New Testament.

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  • Adrian Constantin says:

    search the #bereshit word in hebrew thats prof that jesus exited and will came again.

  • Eddie Boggs says:

    If Jesus isn't real why do you atheist keep talking about Him?

  • Jerry Collins says:

    The problem is that you do not present the real reason for which the Judean Jesus came! He came to die to gain the right to remarry his divorced wife and then he became the price demanded by the one who possessed the wife and her children, The Judean Jesus did not come to convert those of the seed of Satan they had been assigned to hell before the world was formed. It was the Jewish Jesus who was known as Jesus Christ that formed a new religion in which he was the lord and god and he had the power to make sons of God of all who believed-it was all a lie but the story was believed and then rose the evil and wicked Christian religion based on believe and faith in Jesus Christ it was all a myth.

  • David Morrison says:

    Luke starts his Gospel with a long sentence in high classical Greek, stating that he has consulted eye-witnesses and has studied the stories of Jesus' life over a fair period of time. We may say that the story is largely fiction if we like, but that flies in the face od all common sense.

  • Cleaver Beaver says:

    "I have come in the name of my Father and you have rejected me. Another will come in his own name and him you shall receive."
    The only name to be "changed in translation" in the history of this manmade world is that of our Savior Yahshuah. This simple, very ignored fact, coupled with the undeniable truth that every current "christian" celebration is in fact pagan/babylonian tells us that JESUS is the name of the antichrist spirit. The flesh and blood man of perdition that will sit atop the new/old world order is the pope.
    All of this world has become babylon. Get thee out.

  • Abe Kelly says:

    The dumbest things sound so incredibly believable when spoken with a British accent.
    Check your calendar sir. What year is it ?

  • Rob Mitchell says:

    The people who worship the bible don't bother to read it or challenge it's premise.

  • Daniel Robitaille says:

    Flavius Joseph you idiot do your homework before saying absurdity

  • Eugene Fynn says:

    stop misleading people about the gospel of Jesus. If you feel it's lies then keep it to yourself but remember you'll be judged as Christ said in his teachings.Jesus Christ is Lord and the son of God. Only those who believe in the gospel will understand this scripture. We are his sheep and only his sheep know his voice.

  • Truth Seaker says:

    Not a single contemporary reference to such a character OK what about
    Titus Flavius Josephus, born Yosef ben Matityahu, 37 AD to 100 AD he was a first-century Romano-Jewish scholar, historian and hagiographer, who was born in Jerusalem—then part of Roman Judea—to a father of priestly descent and a mother who claimed royal ancestry. He mentions Jesus and Christians.

    What about Judaisms most revered holy book the "Talmud" It records Jesus and even acknowledges that he preformed miracles, though it claims he used sorcery to do it and is now in Hell being boiled in excrement. It seems Jesus and the Pharisees did not like each other at all.

  • JOHN PEARCE says:


  • Larmont Little says:

    Let me address this issue Serapis Christus history and statue was created way before the Jesus Christ propaganda started. Do your research. The letter J was introduce to the 25 letter alphabet in the 1500's and became the 26th letter of the American Alphabet. This Jesus Christ name never existed as well as no statue of his image as well as no drawing's and painting's of the old ages. Wake up people the New Testament of the Bible is a Bold Face LIE as well as the name Jesus Christ. Christianity and the Council of Nicaea created this Jesus Christ with no proof and no statue was made of him. No letter in the alphabet can be used as a substitute for the letter J. The letter J is not a vowel. The letter J is a consonant letter. You can not substitute a consonant letter with a vowel letter nor can you substitute a consonant letter with another consonant letter to name a person, place or thing and it will mean the same in pronunciation and in definition meaning. A, E, I, O, U and the substitute Y is VOWEL'S. The Bible was translated 3 times Greek, Latin which is Old Spanish and last too English. The Greek Alphabet has 24 letters with no letter J as a letter. The Latin Alphabet has 23 letters with no letters J, U, and W as a letter. All 23 letters of the Latin Alphabet we use everyday of our lives to communicate too one another in the English language. In other words it is 100% plus infinity wrong translation of a name and person that never existed. Trying to convince a person that this Jesus/Yeshua was a Jew is another LIE! Jew or Jewish is a religion belief not a race of human beings. Hebrew is a race of human beings male & female that spoken and written their language in tongues a legacy of human life in the beginning. During that period of Biblical history and scriptures the chosen people was and still is Hebrew. This Jesus/Yeshua a false deity of MAN that was a Hebrew according to this mythology. The word JEW and a race of Jewish people never existed during that period in time.

  • John Powers says:

    you are no more than a ideologist, and that will not work

  • TR5T says:

    Stop your concern about Jesus, worry about Allah!!!

  • Andreas Herejk says:

    Even atheists like Richard Dawkins do not deny that Jesus existet. You just see what you want to see, but not the truth.

  • chales dor says:

    The Christian god Jesus is satan the devil and he is not coming back… Christian's worship satan with a human sacrifice of Jesus to satan… you've been deceived… repent accept Jahovah an do good works

  • Ernest Imken says:

    2000 years of criticism has not eliminated this story and never will because truth has Divine protection.

  • Albert Luna says:

    Jesus is real. More real than you 'll ever be. World wide famous and never needed youtube or the internet to be known. Your just a turd on the bottom of his sandle compared to him Mr. Smarty pants.

  • Ida Quesada says:

    If you keep repeating a lie people will start believing it. I have a feeling that this is the motive of this video.

  • Lesly Coco says:

    Just only white people believed that Jesus didnt exist 😂

  • Alan Wright says:

    Pick the bones out of that!

  • Klaus Sperger says:

    'syncretism' or the truth expressed in many forms? Holy carpenter?No.Jesus was a stone mason with his father,they built buildings.
    Not many could read or write,especially the poor.How would they write his sayings down?and for what purpose?Only the highly educated could read or write.
    There is no proof of anyone but the powerful,kingly and top echelons of society existing until very very recently.Not unusual,doesnt mean jesus did not exist or all the others like zoroaster,lau trzu,buddha,moses,etc.etc.

  • David Whiting says:

    Jesus is the Lord. The king of kings.

  • chris 1 says:

    Religion ! Pray for common sense.

  • Steve Maggs says:

    Just because there is no evidence he existed, doesn’t actually mean he didn’t. Or the stories may be a combination of different men told as one story. I think it’s clear that the nativity is made up, and maybe the idea of Jesus being literally the son of god. But there’s a lot of amazing stuff that he does (not the miracles, what he says and the parables). I mean, he who has not sinned is pretty inspired. So if came from somewhere. At the end of the day, the morality is sound. My personal belief is that the story of the crucifixion is probably a metaphor for ego death – and that’s all I need to be a Christian. I don’t need to believe every word of the story, I just need to understand the morality

  • Curtis Jones says:

    Jesus SAVED me, that's how I know He's real.

  • Gary Morris says:

    every knee WILL bow EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord even you

  • Blue KY Wildcat says:

    You do know that Alexander the Great has no contemporary scribes either. I suppose he didn't exist either.
    I do have a question though, why is Christianity the largest religion in the world? I mean for Christianity to grow to the power it is without Christ actually living, dying and being resurrected even for one week or one month would be too long for me. I mean if I saw Christ die and not resurrected I would be out of there and telling everyone it was a sham, instead the apostles all met horrific endings for preaching the gospel. Even Mohammed believed in Jesus but hated the submissive teachings of Jesus and thus wrote an antithesis to the Bible, the Koran, starting his own satanic religion.
    Lastly, as far as whether Jesus will return or not, well good luck with that.
    You see, the difference between being an atheist or a Christian(sorry, but I don't mean Catholics), is this.
    When I lay on my death bed I know I've lived for Christ as he commanded. Atheists on the other hand will, at the end, die in fear, for it is only on death's door that reality really kicks in, because when God created us he put a belief gene in your DNA, that you can run from and hide from while you live but it will always catch you in the end.
    I know, because my great grandfather told my grandmother that before he died. He just told my grandmother that he'd wanted to live as long as possible because he knew in his heart it was better here than where he was going, and still would not accept Christ. You will do the same.

  • justin case says:

    when investigating a crime follow the money !

  • Crypto Hunt says:

    Bliley, here we go again. Jesus "is a myth."

  • William Kane says:

    Also how would jesus be white?

  • Jose Gutierrez says:

    I read some of these comments and unfortunately their correct, l'm an abbot reader of the bible and understand the mis information, people like yourselves do want straight answers and the lack of examples is the many reasons why many question those who claim to believe in the bible or any religion, like anything man builts becomes an institution and they'll proctected by their own personal interests, this is the reason why Christ question the character of thoae who claim to believe. To understand the bible we must recognize the Love of God but no matter what you think, The Love we recognize is not the same as the Love God describes in the bible there is what seperates believers, Do we believe God our way or do we believe God His WAY. God bless.

  • likklej8 says:

    All these religions have a male deity. Perpetuating the patriarchy where is there a female god?

  • Daryl Gardner says:

    Jesus should have waited until now…look at the advantages of coming in this day and time to save us instead of thousands of years ago…We could video him and his miracles. We could have asked him about the big bang and the quantum world. We could have asked him about the origins of the universe and beyond. His timing was bad the first time. I have no reason to think his timing will be any better when he returns…lol…those sheepherders missed a grand opportunity !

  • Bon Scott says:

    Christians believe because they are told to believe.

  • terry ferguson says:

    The disembodied spirits of the giants,inhabit the mindless masses/Freemasons/Satanists/Atheists.FACT.

  • Mark Hayes says:

    You are dim witted
    Full of conceit

  • livio caputo says:

    I think that you are spiritually dead , and you are surely not a candidate for heaven

  • USA VETERAN says:

    Christiamity was an evil and BARBARIC INVENTION..invented to rule , conquer and commit GENOCIDES and CRIMES against humanity..

  • mike ater says:

    I think you had better read the bible again. Other writings speak of him .

  • Charles Darwin says:


  • Dennis Pennington says:

    I studied early on the be a Pentecostal minister. Of course, i read the entire bible cover to cover in these studies. Today I am an avid anti-theist.

  • Sakina Tanimu says:

    Wow !! I am dumbfounded

  • r3d3y3si says:

    Of course jesus existed. What are you saying? Millions of people just made him up?
    If you look closely for evidence you will see the truth….
    He plays up front for Manchester City a day Brazil.

  • Stefano Portoghesi says:

    Religion has always been , and it will always be simply the opium of simple-minded and naive people , who would be better off by reading a proper science book once in a while rather than the silly old Bible , a book 2 thousands years out of date

  • Bill Johnson says:

    It's not true. Read Josephus the jewish historian. Also Jesus is mentioned in the talmud. They say he did miracles but it was black magic. And the writers were the Pharisees.
    The devil lies.

  • Steve Witt says:

    all fairytales.

  • Rev. J. Roger Allen says:

    Jesus rose from the dead and is alive today. If you pray and ask him to reveal Himself to you, He will!

  • Rev. J. Roger Allen says:

    There are at the least 8 ancient witnesses to the existence of Jesus the Christ. These historians were not Christians and some of them ridicule the Christian movement but they do attest to the existence of Jesus of Nazareth as a real historical figure.

  • Joseph Thibodeaux says:

    Jesus has always existed. You who made this video is the one who never existed because your name is not and will not be written in the Book of Life. You will exist in Hell.

  • MovieMan1953 says:

    Say that when you're burning in hell. Unbelief is an unpardonable sin, a sin unto death.

  • Bonnie Boo says:

    The Bible contridicts itself time after time. The old testiment says no one is at the side of the Most High and the NT states that "Jesus" is at the right hand of the Father. 1st commandment states place no other gods before me, then the NT has been changed into making ppl believe that Jesus is God. Paul did most of this confusion. Jesus Himself said He wasnt sent to change the law. Paul says were under a new law. I belie e Jesus is real because 2000 years later, ppl r still taking about him. I think ppl twisted His beliefs and teachings tho.

  • RF95 says:

    To all those who self-righteously claim that "religious people" are irrational, dim-witted, etc, please consider arguments from Christians who do not fall under the umbrella of "American Fundamentalism". Christian thought goes far deeper than flat-earth and young earth creationism. Some of the most intelligent men in history were religious. Some of the most intelligent men alive right now are religious.

    Seek out people like DBH. If truth is truly what you're after, then consider opposition that would actually challenge you. Don't always go for the low hanging fruit.


  • Eli Cohen says:

    Jesus Christ !
    A virgin having a bairn ?
    Would you Adam & Eve it ?

  • Janette Davis says:

    Amazing, they fundamentally translate parables. take Lazarus. It really means to take one out of the grave of ignorance. In the Middle East they explain parables differently. The word Christ is coming again No. Christ is not an actual person Jesus is supposed to be the Person

  • Janette Davis says:

    I agree with 381 Medallion Fear of dying fear of the next life Is there any next life, as for the judgements ,? what a busy Jesus . He died to save us yet most of us go to hell. Most Christians today have never read most of the Gospels. That is fact

  • beheaded christian says:

    How little you know and understand Ken. There were eye witnesses and the most credible is his mother Mary. In cave 7 at Qumran fragments were found of New Testament writings including Mark 6:52-53 dated to about the mid 50s. However in 1637 Mary appeared to an abbess in northern Spain at Agreda who is known as Mary de Jesus of Agreda. Mary revealed her life and the works of Jesus in a three volume work divided into 8 books called Mystical City of God (available on Amazon.com in book or Kindle). Mary explained the creation and the fall of Adam and Eve and how Jesus was the new Adam and Mary the new Eve. Mary recounts her own birth from parents Anne and Joachim, her betrothal to Joseph and the immaculate conception. She details her life with Jesus and that Jesus revealed the 4 gospels to her, word for word, before she had even met the Gospel writers. The gospels were revealed by the Holy Spirit who guided the hand of each writer. Moreover Mary states that each writer knew what the others had written. Also in 1 Corinthians 15 there is a ancient creed containing the Christian belief which Paul received when he visited Rome in 38AD to question Peter and James. In Luke 24 is the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus after the crucifixion where Jesus revealed all. One was named Cleopas but the other was Luke who wrote the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. Luke also walked and interviewed Mary and Mary related so much to Luke. This is first hand knowledge so I don't understand your claims Ken. Luke was so inspired by Mary he carved and painted a figurine of Mary with child which passed through many hands and was found near the Guadalupe river in Extremadura Spain in 1329. This influenced Christopher Columbus and after Spain invaded the Aztecs in 1521 Mary appeared to a local Indian man called Juan Diego as the Lady of Guadalupe, referencing the statue found in Spain next to the river. Check out the scientific analysis of the coat (Tilma) which is still on display today. The colours have not faded after 480 years and the star pattern on the coat matches exactly the skies at the winter solstice of 1531. (The apparition was on 12 December 1531 on the Julian calendar as the Gregorian calendar was not yet in existence. Mary has appeared to others around the world usually at times of strife.

  • Janette Davis says:

    When Missionaries made contact with Aboriginals in Australia the Aboriginals believed in a Spirit World after death. Most people did ! So religion is only giving people what they believe when they get to the age of understanding death. He is supposed to have reversed death no He didn't. He and the Apostles are Fictional Characters Crucification! Is Crucifixion It is a fixed fictional story. While Weapons are created behind their backs to Sacrifice them the lambs in wars. Germany had a Tank called Messiah. Christ is not a Person Christ is the name of a Weapon . Religion Masonic.

  • Janette Davis says:

    He will die and Resurrect at a different time this year to last year. Satan unscramble you will find Santa. They used to have Christmas on 6 January but it is the so called Jewish day of Epiphany what does that mean an Idea a concept is born of course so the Messiah came to be. All made up Bright Spark. These Apostles? Another load of fiction. We all die so no one is saved. We return to Mother Ear_the.

  • Satyakumari Kumari says:

    With all your so called amazing evidences you cannot and will never demolish Jesus.
    From Genesis 3:15 the world was waiting for the Messiah and He was none other than Jesus of Nazereth.
    He has been the winner ever since and will be so.

  • l Hughes says:

    Praise be to
    – https://youtu.be/WTzF11lSCII

  • l Hughes says:

    Glad I am a sun worshipper the sun comes up the sun goes down the sun comes up the Sun comes back around 365 days a year surely you should have stayed in school Sun worship fool

  • l Hughes says:

    Jesus don't exist but the Sun in the sky do

  • l Hughes says:

    If they worship Satan and Jesus never existed then how could Jesus be Satan

  • l Hughes says:

    Wouldn't Satan be non existence along with Jesus Christ , you all are under mind control , now who is the dummy glad I'm a sun worshipper I worship the power in the sky

  • l Hughes says:

    Glad jesus never existed
    — https://youtu.be/TPO3xxHo0ao

  • l Hughes says:

    You actually sold your souls for not . And Satan is a demon created by Christians

  • Leon H says:

    I'm just glad that I have no threat

  • Leon H says:

    I'm just glad that I am not Jesus because Jesus never existed on Earth

  • Leon HugheSUN says:

    I'm just a sun worshipper an Egyptian sun worship we worship the Sun the power in the sky

  • Michael Price says:

    More like Big No-Bang Theory.

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Reality is a matter of perception

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Glad I am a sun worshipper

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Jesus never existed YouTube channel tap
    – https://youtu.be/TPO3xxHo0ao

  • Rod Seller says:

    Aliens are more real than Jesus.

  • Honest John says:

    How many nails do you need ? The Romans already did a good job.

  • Robin Unterweger says:

    Believe in Jesus.

  • deano dog says:

    Why would anyone write about an obscure wandering preacher they were dime a dozen back then ?!

  • JC E says:

    These people say fake news he didn't exist
    or doesn't, could they be wrong.
    could you be cheering on those who only need to deceive you.
    many years past I listened to older people tell me things that were right but listening and watching can you guess
    seems the right thing wasn't always right.
    lie to your children tell them how much you love them then talk shit in front of them be hateful lie cheat steal show them what you truly love. you are right he never existed, in you .
    where does stupid stop and life begin.
    the child wasn't born for you the man wasn't beaten or nailed to a tree until death
    He wasn't taken down and buried in a crypt he didn't live again three days later
    have you come down with the flu or your children what would you believe if you found you and they were infected on purpose to make money of course
    the real reason for anything they or you do
    no matter who it hurts or kills
    No christ you can have your little monkey world enjoy it as it is what you desire

  • Le H Is Good says:

    6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons guess I saved my whole life

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Praise be to Pharaoh Ramses he's in the British museum

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Praise be to the Jesus never existed YouTube channel

  • Le H Is Good says:

    Jesus never existed
    proof here
    Tap On
    — https://youtu.be/7_y_CGjQhyI

  • Le H Is Good says:

    6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons

  • Tony D'Arcy says:

    Now why am I reminded of H G Wells' Invisible Man ?

  • Romantis says:

    I agree that the Jesus story is rubbish but what bothers me is why have his story be inconvenient to the Old Testament prophecies That tales were made up to fulfil them. Like him being born in Bethlehem and falsely having to go to Nazareth to fulfil the Old Testament predictions of the saviour.

  • TheOnecosmos says:

    The Christianity is the ultimate product of ancient religious SYNCRETISM.

  • Matt Laughlin says:

    It is too bad, Ken Humphreys, that you totally miss the point and continue your scoffing and snarking out of one historically dubious point after another. For every point you make, there can easily be found a refutation that it is inaccurate or false and misleading. Perhaps you should try and understand that the point for point bickering is pointless to those who are not spiritually blind. No proof or evidence you say? Here's a monkey wrench for your machine: Modern research on the Turin Shroud has recently uncovered unbiased, scientific, corroborated, conclusive forensic evidence that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus happened precisely as described in the Gospels. I look forward to you making a bigger fool of yourself trying to refute it with one of these snarky, deceptive videos. Go for the McCrone theory or erroneous 1988 Carbon 14 dating, if you dare. You are preaching to your choir who are laughing and scoffing now, but come judgement day your chorus will be weeping and, yes, gnashing of teeth. How arrogant your are to deny that the supernatural can not exist. The Turin Shroud may just be the proof that God intended to be revealed at this point in history.

    People : please don't fall for Ken Humphreys' denials. Read the Bible for yourself with an open mind. It does not need extra-Biblical corroboration, even though there is plenty of it. It fits together beautifully and remember that it is 66 separate books. Do you really think it would still be the most revered scripture in all of history after centuries of demonic attacks if it were not true? The "fact" that Ken Humphreys et al have worked so hard to disprove it and have not succeeded speaks volumes. Judging from the number of views on his recent videos, Ken's ship is sinking. Hallelujah! Go away, Ken. Or better yet, rebuke Satan and open your spiritual eyes to see that Jesus truly is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It's not too late for you!

  • slavko marusic says:

    To much speaking about somebody which never egzist. My cleaver People if you ignore someting that doesn't mining that imidietly dont egzist. You wizdom turn into stupidity.

  • The Storm says:

    The analogy of Sherlock Holmes is spot on! There were people then and people still, to this day, who think Holmes was real because he was written with an overlay of actual places.

  • ray work says:

    Either you believe or not its up to you JESUS CHRIST is real and am not looking for debut about it. God and Jesus CHRIST is real.

  • Nick Godsey says:

    Mark 8:29 Truth or not, you make the decision and live with the results.

  • cheff 007 inthekitchen says:

    Blind leading blind.

  • Thomas Donohue says:

    For some reason, I believe this man feels threatened by Jesus. It's astounding that he wastes his time making videos in an attempt to discredit someone who he says never existed. I find his videos entertaining.

  • Janette Davis says:

    The Carmelites founded by Elijah 1930 years before Jesus.

  • Bitrus Ibrahim Mingyi says:

    How can you convince those who know The Lord Jesus Christ personally that He does not exist! 😂!? Like seeing you and say you don't exist! Ridiculous!!Knowing Him is by Divine revelation only!

  • david boyd says:

    why make a big deal out of nothing ? Like why do Satanists tremble at the word Jesus ? And what about the Talmud .A Lot of references about Jesus were removed for fear of reprisal . And the bible ? is that all fiction to ? I believe we live in a concave earth and yea i'm a crackpot ! "Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.But without it we go no where ." Carl Sagan

  • Leon H says:

    I am so glad that white folks wrote this Bible

  • JC E says:

    You've looked into all the books and historical records and find no convenient answer.
    There is that one thing you probably overlooked doing.
    Until you've taken that first step, your only guessing.
    Would it be a great shame , if he truly did exist. Would you be glad or mad or just sad , could you then admit to yourself, there is more to this than is written in a book
    Repent or never be so sure that your opinion is correct.

  • Raffi Donerian says:

    Jewish rabbis agree that historical Jesus existed. But the question is if any form of God or angels and demons exist at all since they are all invisible and just described in words and in our minds throughout human history.

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