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hello I'm Joe Nickell oh it's an honor to meet you you want to see if you sure I'll sit here I like that we've invited renowned skeptic Joe Nickell to meet Cory Lorenzo to help us understand how mysterious oils are inexplicably appearing on her walls and the religious statues in her home the question arises how does oil get on figurines all I know I have a statue and I look so any using and that's all I know and all I can say is thank God because I only believe in God that's all I came thank because I didn't do anything and nobody's around me and I see it who I was who did it I don't know but I'm sure since I'm a believer that somebody's about me your supreme from anybody I said who else have you ever been looking say at the statue of Fatima when there was nothing on it you've seen it begin to say well in the eyes or whatever it's not just me people have been here 31 getting my attention you put there and just turn your back and then just stop anybody comes like like I'm talking to you later on whatever is in there he's already losing do you have to turn your back I'm not question sitting on that first when I encountered it was from this one it's kind of grew gradually with I'm the one also surprised to this time I have a really hard time believing that Cora Lorenzo put it there she seems so genuine and she seems so honest to me that I have a really hard time believing that she there's any nefarious or malicious deception going on I'm so honored to meet you well thank you for me there's no challenge when you meet someone's really believer I said I don't have to work anything else God wants whoever it was lost like you don't understand me let me introduce you you see it's possible to love a skeptic we know their instances of people using trickery to produce miraculous excavations of Tears oil blood whatever do you think it would be okay if we picked maybe two or three of the statues two that have oil on them now and we wiped the oil clean we can give you the cotton and and we can do it together and so that the oil is not lost but so that we can observe then maybe by setting up a camera here and there to see whether maybe by the grace of God the oil will appear on our watch and we'll be able to convince cesium or anything I don't want to even getting water close by there you can do wiping it yourself keep it yourself and if you want I'll cross this part so I won't even behave a chance to come over this way but I said everything is at your disposal thank you everything that you want to do I'm open Joe and Endre and I did come to agreement on one thing and it's that this is the case either of a miracle or of some sort of pious fraud it's very difficult based on the time I've spent with court who imagined that she would do anything dishonest or fraudulent you

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  • zweck4629 says:

    Lol, why would people believe this is some kind of miracle when the simple explanation would be that someone just sprays the oil around? This is her house and she can pretty much do anything there. If I claim I have a piggy bank that mysteriously fills itself in my house would you believe it is a miracle?

  • veggie 4me says:

    I came to this house twice after it was air on the news. While praying the rosary, the crucifix that I had on around my neck started to drip lot of oil and smell like roses. This fragrance is just so special. It smell like standing in front of roses garden. FYI, I don't wear perfume because I don't like the smell of it.

  • Ike Does Stuff says:

    2.2 million subscribers, only 5k views in 8 years? That's a miracle! Or someone is buying subs.

  • Shade says:


  • Mdriver1981 says:

    the results? I want evidence, not testimony!

  • BigRiverMike says:

    I have been to this home four times in the last four years, and have seen pictures of Mary cry tears of oil on each occasion!  I have been there when eight people have been in the room to witness  it.  I have turned the 8×12 pictures over, and there was no sign of oil on the back, yet fragrant oil was weeping from the eyes of the pictures.  On one occasion, I had my baseball cap on her couch and it wept oil from the headband!  My wife took photos of two weeping pictures and printed them on one 8 x 12 and we took that print with us the next time we visited Cora and Tito in May 2013.  While that picture was on the coffee table,  both pictures of Mary on that print wept anew!!  I can't explain it, yet I have seen it four times.  Another phenomenon occurred when Tito blessed my gold chain and crucifix.  After he blessed it, it instantly smelled like roses!  22K gold chain and crucifix took on a rose fragrance, which lasted about an hour.  I have seen it repeatedly, and attest to these statements as I would during a deposition under oath!  I believe it is a miracle. 

  • sum1pnay says:

    I've been to this house myself & brought my own statues. I carried them through her doorway and almost instantly my own statues began to weep rose oil. It was CRAZYY!! I didn't believe until I went myself. Bring your own statues, see for yourself. She opens her home (in Union City, CA) to anyone.

  • 7mandoblu says:

    Randall Sullivan is a joke.

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