My spiritual awakening saved my soul, saved my daughter, saved my life. WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!

good morning my name is Leah justice welcome you too much in here I have to inspire you it's become the best version of you Tuesday school holidays so my life's really crazy want to talk about um Oh your life is truly what you make it and it does come that comes there just blows it comes we used to look at people and say I wish I had that I wish I did that you know but then I had all these blocks and so really it think that all night I'm believing that I don't think it'll happen and so yeah you think one thing and go ah I was like these and then you get bar you know the bar is the blocks that's what's holding you back from everything when I got into a lot of attraction the laws of the universe I realized that everything that I ever had in my life was because of the way that I sought it which is why I got so deep into the law of attraction but then because I studied psychology all the subjects that I chose were like I felt universe driven as well it's like everything that's happened in the last four years because I started my spiritual awakening unintentionally I didn't go to search for a spiritual awakening some people do because they're at that point and so the reason why the searching for a spiritual awakened is because they're becoming awakened you know where I had a really traumatic experience which is a lot of people's why the spiritual awakening kick-starts whilst of a loved one and your death experience something that really makes you go oh I've got a second chance kind of think you know and so they look deeper into their soul and because it is technology because we do have the internet you get driven to look into a spiritual awakening as I don't like labels because of the perceptions that people pull with those labels because it all comes down to our experiences individually create the thoughts the ideas the meanings to the words that we put behind that so like even God what's God when people want to talk God say what's God and and what God deal listen to and you know his perception of that particular God are you preaching anyway are you is it your parents what they taught you their beliefs you know thermo just come up um my battery's going flat and so what I worked out is everything that I ever said everything that I ever wanted I've got my eye when I was young my parents were in a loveless relationship they slept in separate rooms just didn't think that was normal you know and I just thought I don't want to be like them so I'm gonna be single I didn't want to I saw so many relationships that will love this that people just got together because it's what their parents thought or they got pregnant and so the thought will get together like that's not a good reason to have to marry somebody is to get pregnant because those people those two adults a lot of the time hate each other and hate themselves and then really hate the child too you know like and hate the strong word but depends on the perception once again that you put with it you know so it's it's like they um they blame the child for being created because these people didn't take precautions when they had sex and now they're adults a it's it's their fault somebody else's fault that my life is the way it is well no it is your pop it is it is the word I'm going to use it's your fault that your life is away it is whether it's good or bad you made all those decisions yourself whether you followed somebody else's and you decided you decided to be with a particular person in a particular relationship you decided to do that you decided to take that job you decided to do anything that you wanted to in your life because at the end of the day it is your choice even if you're in a relationship like if you're if you're in an arranged marriage it's still your choice to say yes right because it's the new 2019 you don't have to stay in a situation but you're not comfortable with no matter what your religion is no matter what your parents beliefs are no matter what your society is you know what I always feel now is it comes down to the way that my soul sits with this because at the end of the day we are the we all it's not that we're part of the universe we are the universe you know so when I think the universe every day I thank me for being Who I am as well as all the energy as well as the plants as well as the ants as well as the dogs as well as the air the oxygen everything that the galaxy the Milky Way when I'm saying Thank You universe because something went right which I do every day constantly every day every time there's something little that happens constantly my daughter and I thank the universe is there a gap in the in the traffic Thank You universe you know so really we are who we choose to be that's what it comes down to no other processing of it no having to manifest anything because you manifest everyday the second that you have a thought you're manifesting something I want to be a millionaire that's it you're gonna be a millionaire it's your fault of your decisions that hold you back from you actually reaching that money oh and be a millionaire mm but I don't know how it's gonna happen oh I don't think I can really do it right so they're all blocks that's what the over-processing and everything is these people go put on a strip so why don't I get it because all those other things that you're stopping in your life or not getting it you know I just feel blessed I'll tell you what I love that word I used to think that faith and blessed were religions religious things because that's that perception thing again and I really find that um I've met too many extremists in my life of whatever they're into you know and so each to their own I always say these are my views and my life my channel is about my life's experience that somebody is going to click me at least one video out of the hundreds that I have and about the lifetime of videos and they have you're gonna see 30 years of growth until the day I die you know mm so it's all about our perceptions don't think that anyone else has created the lot that you have besides you because you can make the choice right if something bad happened to you as a child because that's art you're living under somebody else's roof and you sometimes brainwashed by stupid our fault adults that really should know better you know but yet what you need to do is learn to forgive that person for whatever it is to move on to live a really really really have and peaceful and loving lot for you you know if you're holding on to pain from from the past from just this life from the past you need to learn to get over that you know and I know it's sad I know I talk because I've been there done that and I also studied that to teach people to get over that you know because you're never gonna forget it it's always who you are it's a part of you you're praying but you need to forgive it so you can forgive yourself you know I'm going my name is Lady Justice I hope to inspire you to become the best version of you know I can make a smile the law of attraction calm daughter you live never mind might laugh every day love being with I bless you bye

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  • Leah Justyce says:

    Millions of people are waking up. Many people are struggling dealing with the cleansing of their souls. Look for the ones who resonate with you to guide you on your journey.

  • Kylie Adams says:

    I came across you in search for understanding what I am going through. I lost my father a few months ago and I feel what I am goinh through is more than what my counsellor understands. I feel your words connecting with me.

  • Chris Dirnell says:

    It's good to find your place isn't it?

  • Charlize Mackintosh says:

    I love your intro😍😍😍

  • JBIRD NELSON says:

    Another reason why I avoid negative people?
    People who always seem to have nothing good to say about others or their own lives….
    Before ya know it,they'll have you looking down as well….
    Life's not perfect but it can be more positive if you feel positive about it in any circumstance.

  • Crystal Jackson says:


  • Make dreams happen says:

    I needed this. Thank you you put a smile on my face everytime I watch you.

  • Timothy Simmons says:

    That intro is so catchy, love it.

  • Lillee Caulfield says:

    Hey I just received the prints I ordered. I am so in love with them, I got 3 nudes for my bathroom.

  • Bridgette McPherson says:

    BE GOOD TO YOURSELF love it 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

  • Luke Lewis says:

    Life really is how we see it through our own eyes isn't it? I live a busy life dedicated it to working, I haven't really lived though and am noticing this now, always in an office. That's how I came across you, as we do live the life we choose as you say.

  • Elijah Williams says:

    I really like the way you view things. You have connected the dots in your life to make sense of it all to understand who you are. Really impressive.

  • Jennifer Morton says:

    Good morning Leah it’s been a little while I have been wanting to follow you from your very start unfortunately so far only been able to watch a few videos my life is just limited to any time for myself right now I have three young boys I have special needs but anyways this notification of your video popped up right now on my phone and I think it’s exactly what I need to hear how I can’t force a spiritual awakening but I’ve been trying to do what I can to speed it up. So I am caked to view this video❤️ Have a Blessed day girl

  • Leah Justyce says:

    Life is purely our perception! I want people to know that if we think life is hard then we only look for the things that make it hard. I want people to know that we make the choices for the things that happen in our life.

  • Leah Justyce says:


  • Leah Justyce says:


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