My Morning Routine! (for Spiritual Living)

welcome to Kois corner a channel for personal and spiritual growth if you enjoyed this video please feel free to like subscribe and leave me a comment letting me know why oh hello there good morning I didn't just wake up yet I was pretending but today we're going to talk about my morning routine because since I filmed my last one it has changed and this one to me personally has been much more effective for my practice that being said let's begin well first things first like you might have just seen I wake up I usually wake up anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30 a.m. depending on you know how late I got to sleep in that before going forward in my life I want to actually start waking up even earlier around 4:30 and after I wake up the first thing I do is I hydrate myself before I do anything else I get some fluids in my body to help its or to start to wake up and get ready I do that with orange juice or I do it with water that has some lemon and CBD in it then once my fluids are all my body flowing through me I get in what's commonly known as a shower now I used to really dislike showering every single day gross maybe to some of you but I have always only showered every few days if that because I never really felt too dirty but more recently over the past few weeks almost about a month I've been showering every single morning because it is a kind of mental practice to not just cleaning the body but washing away any of the potential impurities that you feel have kind of stuck with you over the night throughout the night or from the day before somehow and then I come over to one of my favorite corners phony up to but I come over here and I get ready to stretch for about 20 minutes contrary to popular belief stretching does not have to be extremely complicated or painful either we really just need to do a few poor exercises they just stretch the body limber it out get some blood flowing and can get you ready for the rest of your day so I don't do much yoga on the physical side of asanas but I do very simple Sun Salutations and a few other stretches that can really help me start to feel more stretches and feel more prepared for the day on a physical level one side stretch for about 20 minutes my blood has started flowing I have the fluids in me my body is clean I do two other things that I've I didn't used to do but they've helped me a lot there are mainly things that help us deal with impure thoughts and impure urges now this can be sexual this can be drug related this can be really anything that you don't want to feel through these urges you don't want to experience these urges you want to transcend these urges and grow from them whether it be addiction or some practice that you no longer want to be part of our or thought process you don't want to be part of and some to practices that are amazing for that have helped me tremendously are something known as a root lock and inversions inversions are the harder one and I would definitely suggest if you're beginning to to research them to read up on them to ask yourself if you're ready to try a root lock and to make sure you always stretch your neck very well because they can potentially hurt you if your prepared for them now you can do a root lock like this or you can fully straighten out like this or you can even put your legs out like this either way this is what an inversion is and it really helps Center the blood flow into the head helps us process these desires helps us remove the unnecessary energy from the other areas of the body and return it to the krautrock for the third eye or the powerhouse of the mind I try to hold this for as long as I can which is usually only about two or three minutes yeah so that's an inversion and then I do something known as a root lock our block is a Kundalini exercise basically we are taking the Kundalini energy that sits dormant in the root chakra area of the body kind of the sphincter areas as close to the ground as it can be imagine it right down in there in the middle and we are allowing it to rise up out of the root area out of these very very instinctual ways of thinking right lust anger greed so forth we are bringing those up to the higher centers of the body the higher areas of the body at least on a mental level you if you don't believe in chakras you don't have to you can think of it as a mental rising of lifting your energy to a higher vibrational space a higher plane of thought and action and all this is is have a form of pranayama where we are you can get inflamed your belly and then we breathe out very quickly and kind of suck in or push in the diaphragm so it's kind of opposite to normal breathing breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out and then we do this for a couple of rounds I usually do about 15 in really quickly and then on the 15th what you do is is you suck in your breath you hold it as tightly as you can and you squeeze the sphincter area of the body as tightly as possible imagine you are kind of squeezing the energy is pressing and going up into the higher centers of the body into a more consciously being hold that for a few seconds and then we release it it takes some time to get used to but with practice you can become a normality it doesn't feel as as volatile on on your diaphragm area and it's it's more enjoyable as time goes on you notice the effects of it and it helps kind of heighten our vibrational space our thought process the plane of being we want to be on in the morning before we do anything else so again I do those inversions for about three or four minutes if I can and then the root locks for about five ten minutes once that is done we move on to my favorite part of the morning which is sitting right there and meditating sitting down for some peaceful meditation time this one I'd like to do the longest amount about 40 minutes so I really try to wake up early to get it done because if I wake up late which I do sometimes it makes it hard for me to jump into my practice and my ego really has time wanting ticket maybe I should just skip meditation so waking up early helps us to have that extra free time so we can sit down and do those things the more you make it a daily part of your life you'll do better you will enjoy you will be coming into a more centered peaceful state of being meditation helps you understand the nature of your being in this and oneness with reality here and now for any videos on meditation I've done a ton you can find them up above or down below it really is such a such a necessary and incredible tool that I have you know been trying to implement every single day so after this you might think the morning is done but alas there is a couple more things to do one of the great things that has helped me a lot those inspired beloved Krishna and Johnny is journal writing not even really about yourself just things to write in general fall asleep to let your kind of subconscious mind the internal self the repressed self get itself out there speak feel express in the way she likes to describe is means you pretty much just wake up in the morning no you can do this first thing or you can do it after the other few things which I usually do it works better for me and I enjoy it more you just get up you sit down without thinking without planning without an idea in mind and you write whatever comes to mind until you feel the entire page it is powerful it's a great exercise it's different when you start because you don't know what to think you don't know what to write you don't know what to do the more you practice the more you you start to allow your your thoughts and your emotions to flow you're watching these thoughts you're watching these ideas and reactions that you might not have even thought were inside the mind in which you are an a corporal part of and yet here it is flowing out onto this paper and so it helps you learn a lot about yourself that you might have trouble admitting within so I feel that whole page and then I get up to do something that finishes off my morning meditation and that is known as RT or puja RT or puja is something that is very common in Hinduism and is done differently depending on which sect of Hinduism you follow which philosophy as you follow there's really no right or wrong way especially for a beginning there are lots of different ways but they all are very powerful in their own right with that being said this is my altar table my puja table these are my teachers my inspirations incarnated beings that that show what practice does what devotion does what purity does these are my Easter Davos the archetypes of Hinduism Hanuman the monkey God Lord Rama an incarnation of Vishnu the epitome of virtue and ma Kali the the liberator of ego-self the transcendent form of time and corporate Brahman in the feminine sense these are all things that inspire me that help me learn to help me grow and here on my Buddha table is you know a couple other books Rome dust this book of course my salt lamp this is Ganga water which you sprinkle on your head and it's little blessing just a little uh metaphorical thing but the Gong is considered very pure and sacred and this is another journaling book which I have filled a lot of up with and what I do here is I sit down and you can do a few different ways of again practicing Pooja one of the main ways that I practice pooja is a tantric Kuja that works with my Vedanta philosophies and that is honoring the senses I did it to my last video too but it's mainly just again honoring all of the senses and thinking about how blessed it is to experience at all in this human form as we rediscover our true self so we light a candle we watch the flame for a bit we are thankful for the vision we have I like incense in this candle holder I think about how sacred it is to have the sense of smell at all I then chime away for quite a bit on my Tibetan singing bowl and we use that as a sake of remembrance of a blessing it is to hear how sacred it is just like vision and smell and of course I rub lotion on my hands and around my arms to think about how sacred it is the sense of touch the ability to feel on the physical level and then usually I have my orange juice with me or my water with me and I take a sip or two out of that and think about how sacred it is to have the ability to taste and to experience the fruits of this reality that energize us and this is just paying homage and sacredness to the divine vessel it is your self and that you are in this vessel and it's such a blessing that we are and I do all that here the table I then surrender our prime I best every morning to surrender to my teachers to the Apsaras to the representations of what I want to grow into as I continue to practice and then I read a page or two out of Ramakrishna's gospel because to me it is the most helpful book on the planet besides the Bhagavad Gita and maybe the Upanishads it's just such a transcendental collection of Brahma Krishna's teachings which is what I learned through I learned in the Vedanta lineage Ramakrishna and to me is just such a beautiful practice and such a beautiful way to come to know the oneness of reality that is taught through Vedanta which I did a video of up here and I finished up my practice after that surrender session with after puja and after surrendering with sitting with gratitude for about 30 odd seconds I try to say with gratitude no matter how I'm feeling just remain grateful as best I can and I'm good boom practice done and we are ready to start the day overall that might be about an hour to an hour and a half worth of time and you might think wow that's a lot but again not if you wake up early and not if you are dedicated to really helping yourself it's not a waste of time it's not a lot of time it's a beautiful amount of time and just the right amount the time to get all the things you need in to really not only make it the day but thrive in a day and that's the difference would you devote an hour of your time to thriving versus just surviving I do and it works so that's my practice that's my morning ritual and I hope that this practice can one day help you to well if you'd ever like to try it out so let me know what you think if you have any questions or comments please like subscribe and leave those below and as always I'll see you guys next time ROM ROM you

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