More to dying than meets the eye: Martha Atkins at TEDxSanAntonio 2013

Translator: Nadine Hennig
Reviewer: Fatima Zahra El Hafa I’d like for you all
to transport in time with me. We’re going to go back to 1932. So my mother went
with her family to a house in 1932, and she told me about going up the stairs. I’m taking a little break to the right
and there was a room there. There were flowers.
There were people talking. She was little,
so she’s looking up at everybody. And the dearly departed was there,
laid out on a chair between two boards between, well, he wasn’t that big,
one board, two chairs. How many of you have seen
something like that? Yes, if you’re of a certain age, perhaps. We did have a few hands raised. Fabulous. We’ve taken death out of the home,
and when we took death out of the home, we stopped learning about dying
and what to do about it. And we stopped learning
how to do something or what to do [when] we get scared. And when we get scared of something,
very often we stop talking about it. So we have in this country… We don’t talk about death
and dying very often. I’m a death educator
and a death researcher, and that makes me a little crazy. So we’re going to talk
about death and dying today. I want to start by telling you
about my mother. My mother opted to go on hospice in 2005 and she and I had
a lot of frank conversations. I said to her one afternoon, “Mom, you may have some visitors
when it’s your time to go. You may have angels or family members. I don’t know who’s going to show up
but somebody may show up. Will you tell me if somebody comes?” And she’s walking down the hall
and she looks over shoulder and she said, “It depends on who it is.” (Laughter) OK, I have no idea what that means. Four months later,
she was in the hospital bed, in the living room at her house,
and her eyes were closed and I was watching her track something,
something underneath her eyelids. I said, “Mom, what do you see?” She said, “Daddy Charlie, grandmother, mother and daddy,
uncle Claude, aunt Nala.” She has a beautiful smile in her face. I said, “Where are they?” “Walking up the road from the farmhouse.” My brother Jim
had been gone about 13 years. He had died some 13 years beforehand
and I expected him to be there. I had had a dream that he was sitting in a chair,
his legs crossed, reading a book. So I said, “Mom, where’s Jim?” “Oh, he’s been right here.” The night she died, my mom was reaching up
towards something I couldn’t see, and I didn’t know then that
that was part of deathbed phenomenon until I began my research. And here’s some other things I learned. For six centuries, anecdotal accounts and a little bit of research
have detailed the auditory visual and tactile experiences
of those nearing death. Most often people are met
by friends or family members. Their purpose seems to be
to help the dying person with the death experience. And most often
these visions are comforting. People see angels. People see religious entities
that are important to them culturally. So you may see the Buddha,
or the Virgin Mary, or Yama, the Hindu god of death. People see landscapes. People hear music. Kids have kid-friendly visions. There’s a story about a hospice… There was a pediatric hospital
here in San Antonio in the 80s. And the story went that there was
a boy there that was dying. He was complaining to the nurse
about the noise in the corner, the noisy boys in the corner. The nurse looked over,
and there wasn’t anybody. She said, “Who’s there?” And he named off three names of three kids who had been
at that hospital before he got there. These experiences happen
all over the world, all religion, all cultures, all ages. They happen to people who are blind,
they happen to people who are deaf. Some researchers say, this is
the limbic system going crazy. These are purely hallucinations. These are embedded memories
of a lifetime that are coming out. Others say, this is proof
of the souls’ existence after death. Neither side can prove their hypothesis,
and my conjecture is this: it doesn’t matter – sorry
for all the scientists in the room – it doesn’t matter why they happen,
it matters that they do. In my research, I talked with people who are at the bedside
when somebody’s dying. One wife said to me, she was talking
to her husband one afternoon and said, “Do you ever see anybody or hear anybody?” She said in her estimation,
he was completely lucid. He had had a little bit
of pain medication. He was doing a sudoku puzzle, and he said, “Yeah, there is a soldier that comes and stands by my bed
at night and keeps me company. Can’t you just see him
standing there at attention? And there’s a dog that comes in
and lays by my feet in the afternoon.” And he went on to describe
the beloved family pet that had been their’s
early in their marriage. Witnesses in my research talked about
how they saw something happening and they knew they didn’t need
to do anything about it. So when Mrs Harrison walked in
and saw Mr Harrison talking to somebody, she was a little perplexed,
but she asked him about it. He was terrified to die. He had been horribly abused as a child, terrified to die, afraid his family
was going to come. Instead, on the scene came
this seven-year-old boy named Jimmy. Mrs Harrison said, she went with it. She said, “I really didn’t know
what else to do. I just went with it.” And Jimmy stayed with. Mr Harrison
the last two weeks of his life and kept him company and helped his transition
being an easier one as he left this world. Witnesses talked about how
they recognize that the phenomena that were happening were signs
that death was near, even when experts said
that wasn’t the case. They saw the signs,
and they knew the difference between hallucinations and visions. So hallucinations, for them,
didn’t have any kind of context, and were frightening,
anxiety-provoking, versus the visions, which did have a context,
and brought great comfort. When I work with families
now, I tell them, “Your person may see things you can’t see, they may hear things you can’t [hear], they may reach up to the sky,
they may look through you, they may talk in metaphors
about moving or leaving or going, even though they’re bed bound,
they need their shoes, or they need their map,
or they need their purse, or they need to get to the stadium. They’ve got to get somewhere. When Mom said – just before
her three-year-old died, he said, “Daddy, the train’s here.
I’ve got to go now.” For that mom and for
other folks in my research, these visions, these deathbed phenomena,
were of great comfort to them. When we educate families
about these experiences, and we educate the patient about
these experiences, there’s less fear. And, my goodness, we need
less fear around death and dying. I had the opportunity to work
with a patient named Butch. Butch which was 94,
he had congestive heart failure, and he decided he needed to go in hospice. He was ready. I got a text one afternoon
from his daughter that the visions had started
and everything was okay. His daughter talked about
how Butch was often in the other room. And this is the language she used for him
being there, talking with the unseens, versus over here, talking to the daughter
and the other people who are in the room. And he was often in the other room. So one afternoon – I forgot to say: Butch was a pretty famous rugby player,
in South Africa in his day. So one afternoon, in the other room,
the rugby team came to visit Butch. Now his family had also come. His parents had come,
his brothers and sisters. But there was the rugby team. The rugby team had come in
on really long ladders. Came down, stayed with him,
and they had a really big party. And then the rugby team left.
They left shorter ladders. And Butch was ticked because
the ladders were too short and he couldn’t get up to where they were. Another day he was ticked off
because his suitcase was packed and he was ready to go,
and they left without him. Another day, he held out his hand,
and he said his daughter, “I’ve got these machine parts.
I don’t want to lose them.” This is a very common
metaphor for the dying. There is some bigger whole picture,
and their piece is missing, and they’ve got to make sure it’s whole. He’s got these parts in his hand. She went and got a Ziploc. Let me tell you why I love that –
because more often than not, people reach for medication
to quell something they don’t understand. And they miss an opportunity
to connect with the person. They miss an opportunity to meet
the dying person where they are. She didn’t miss it. Is any of this real? I say “Yes.” Yes, it’s real, because it’s real
to the people that it happens to. I don’t know how to measure those things that are beyond our ordinary
human capacity for understanding. I’m a researcher. I don’t know
how to measure wonder. I know what it feels like.
I do know what it feels like. And I know I feel great
comfort myself when I think, that my mom didn’t leave
this world by herself,– and the boy got to go on that train and Butch had his buddies
around before he left. When I meet people at parties
for the first time, think how much fun that is.
“What do you do for a living?” Me, and the sex girl, and the bacteria guy can all go together to the party. (Laughter) So we I meet them, and this happens. It is, “That’s really nice.
I’m going to go get a drink.” And I never see them again. (Laughter) Or something happens
like [what] happened at lunch today. “Let me tell you a story. I’ve been scared to tell anybody because I didn’t want anybody
to think I was crazy. And I say, “My goodness.
I want to hear your story. Please tell me your story.” It’s these stories, yours and mine,
that are going to bring comfort and hope and calm as we help
the ones we love leave this world, and as it is our own time to go. So if you have had
a deathbed vision experience, a witness experience
with somebody you love, would you raise your hand? Ok, I would like for you,
in the next 48 hours, to tell somebody about that. The more we tell our stories, the more
we’re going to eradicate this fear. And it’s really important. Steve Jobs said six words before he died. October 5th, 2011, he died. “I want to invite you to engage in
your own sense of wonder as I leave you today,
minds wide open,” were Steve Jobs’ last words, “Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow!” Thank you. (Applause)

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    A few week's before his death, my father could see flowers from his hospital window. He told my mom they were such beautiful flowers. But it was February and we had almost two feet of snow on the ground. That was in 1985. He was only 31. I was 2. He had heart problems from the age of 23., Unfortunately back then we didnt have the medicine that we have today. Had he lived a few more years he could have possibly been saved.

  • macroevolve says:

    Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I haven't heard about anyone seeing Allah or Muhammad, but I have seen/read about multitudes seeing Jesus, even from non-Religious people and people of other faiths besides Christianity, and they either become Religious, or convert to Christianity. Judea Christianity is the true Religion – Jews and Christians believe in the same God, and both Religions outdate Islam.

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    I nursed my mum & sister, who passed away 6 mths the difference to each other, both from cancer. Among a fair few things my mum said in the last week of here time here on earth,1 she would look high in a corner & she said, No go away, im not ready for you yet. 2 she ask me, who was the little girl at my side, no one was there. The strangest thing of all, was she was talking sbout her childhood, & how her mum was there etc, but her whole voice changed to sound like a little girls, & she was saying, dont let that man have the chook he is hurting it. All so strange! I was sitting beside her bed holding her hand, she patted my hand, rolled over & pulled the doona up on herself she said about 10 mins later, Dawnie he told me to remember 26, so can you remember that for me, i said yes i would, she rolled onto her side & said ok im ready? 25mins later she took her last breath! It wasnt horrible it was peaceful. If everyone could leave this world like that no one would be scared of dying!

  • Angie Weightman says:

    I experienced this with my Dad. I also saw it with my father in law.

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  • L G says:

    I believe as my mom has had experiences herself and with no medication in her system.

  • philip gage says:

    I'm glad your Mam had a wonderful experience as she died. Shortly after our 40th wedding anniversary the most beautiful woman I ever met, who agreed to share my life died after fighting terminal cancer. Her last hours were horrendous for me and that is because they were horrendous for her. There was little dignity to her death. She gasped for breath for hours before she eventually passed. Despite this I do not fear death. Without her my life is no longer complete. Death would stop my grief forever.

  • Chris F says:

    So powerful and helpful to every single living being

  • DoowopLover 1946 says:

    It's common for people who are close to death to say so and so was here, and they are people who are physically deceased.

    Over 40 years ago, I had a NDE. I didn't see a light or go down a tunnel. But I came out of my body. I noticed right away that it was very calm and peaceful, and I had the sensation of floating on air. I felt completely free for the first time in my life. Then I saw my body, and I knew my body was dead. The first thing I thought of was I think I'm dead. But then I thought I sure don't feel.dead. I feel more alive now than I've ever felt. I wasn't even phased by seeing my dead body. It was like oh well, no big deal. Initially, I could see everything going on around me, but at this point, I could no longer see, and everything became extremely sensory. My senses were far beyond the human senses. Then I had the feeling of being loved, and this feeling became extremely intense. I knew I was accepted just as I am, and I was being treated with perfect unconditional love. This is a different kind of love than what we experience in our human lives. I had the sensation of floating in a sea of love, and it felt like I was being healed in some sort of way. The last thing I experienced was what I call the "Oneness". It's sort of like the oneness of the universe, or the oneness of everything. Somehow, someway everything is one. We are all one. I now realize that the acceptance and unconditional love I was sensing was coming from everyone who was at this place. It felt as if I was living in a perfect existence. I returned to my body right after this, and I'm here is relate my experience to you.

    Don't listen to the fear mongers who claim you are going to some hellish place. We are all imperfect human beings, and we aren't expected to be perfect. Just do the best you can in your lives and cease worrying. We are loved more than you can begin to imagine or understand.

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    The night my great-aunt died I believe she came to me. I hardly knew her, and had only met her a couple of times, but driving home from work that evening I got the sense that I was going to die. It was just a fact. I did not feel scared or sad or worried about anything. I just wanted to call my loved ones and tell them everything was going to be ok. I did not call anyone figuring I was just being super imaginative. It was she that died instead and I believe she choice me to relay her message to others that her death was warm and welcome.

  • Sue Kenworthy says:

    My mother-in-law couldn't speak as a result of Alzheimer's before she died, but I saw a line of shadowy people on the room with us. One of them was only half visible and I was given to understand when they were fully there, it would be her time. In contrast, my Grandad talked in his hospital bed about going on a trip in a ship and he described the beautiful scenery, as if he'd been on holiday. His pleasure in later life had been in watching travel documentaries on television.

  • Kate Burk says:

    I have felt like an angel of death a number of times over the years. My father-in-law, my father, my sister, aunt & year later her best friend. Then a friend's father-in-law. The most meaningful was my sister but most of what your research brought up never happened.

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    John 11:25

    Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.

  • Rona Topaz says:

    When my heart stopped during kidney failure I was in a tunnel looking for the way out. These women (who I did not know) kept pulling me back. I said I can’t stay here for eternity! They said, no, it’s just for a few minutes. When I was resuscitated, they said “we’re clear. Send her back down!” Then I felt myself falling, from a great height, and then I emerged from my coma, regaining consciousness…

  • iamgreyhorse says:

    I woke up on my 18th birthday and for some reason I felt my grandfather calling to me. I went to go see him, he was just put into a nursing home just a few days before, he was happy to see me, he was laughing and smiling, I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me, as he was smiling and laughing and I was crying, I felt him pass on to the next life. I was given a great gift on my 18th birthday to be able to say goodbye to someone I loved so very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Sugrue says:

    My mother had a lot of visitors on her last days. I couldn't see them but she certainly could. I kept looking behind me like she said it was as if my mom was looking through me and smiling at whoever was behind me. It was amazing, she was at peace.

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  • Αthena A. says:

    Hello. I just want to attest and confirm that everything Martha said is right and accurate in the case of my beloved mother. For at least a year before her death she was "seeing" her parents, she often said "I want to go home" and acted just like Martha describes in her video. Everything she did and said was so spiritual, as she would see her dead parents etc., and I still think about each and every unusual experience she had… I witnessed the most AMAZING things happened to my Mother, and I believe that souls are immortal and we'll all meet our beloved ones when out time comes. Martha is accurate 1000% in her video, and I'd like to thank her for advising me before my Mom died …

  • jetta from texas says:

    The reason the universe keeps expanding… because as long as souls keep going to heaven it’s gonna keep expanding the galaxies and universe is full of billions of years of souls..so as long as humans remain to procreate and decease the universe will keep growing to make room for us … we all have a place in heaven.. each galaxy is a family generation or their tribe with whom they reunite

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    watched this several times… my best friend of over 40 years is going through these visions that death sometimes bring. I pray for her safe and gentle passing. My mother passed in November… she visited many people before she left. I never discouraged her – they did bring her joy. For my best friend, narcotics are preventing the process – but when she has "visitors" she is lucid and sometimes hysterically afraid. It is not what we had planned for our BFF retirement.

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    But you must live this life and experience it . So many people have so much health and money problems or mental issues like hatred. Our job should be to bring love here not hatred.

    Who is this seer in us, The seer that is unmodified in true state. The body got old, the mind got changed, but the seer stayed the same. Get in touch with the seer.

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    This happens a lot even here in Botswana, and to some of us when we visit a sick person who seems to get better all of a sudden then we understand that he or she is now dying, the dying see the dead, and no scientist can understand that, it is the secret of God, he opens the spiritual eyes of the dying, some of these people who see the dead relatives are not even religious, I believe this lady has done her reserch very well.

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    My Papa is in home hospice, we take care of all of our family. Papa is declining rapidly, today he knows me . When I saw him today he was handing me paper work that are all warranties for his power tools 🧰 and farm equipment . He told me I’d need them to get them replaced because they have a lifetime warranty, he laughed and said “ I don’t have one but don’t pray me out of Heaven,” I’m really gonna miss him but I know he’s in pain so in his case a peaceful death will be merciful.

  • martha monson says:

    My dad said to me, after he saw Program about dying and the white light, ‘Martha, I saw this and I was told go back”. My dad took this as rejection, funny even when one is on the steps to death, emotional angst of “you are not wanted, not good enough”, from pecking order, rejection, bullying langour in the recesses of the “I’d”, gets stuck in fear, but not “in fear of the God”, to find solace in forgiveness and love. What do you think.

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  • Heidi Leeshire says:

    In 2012, I had a 28 minute cardiac arrest. I don't remember the period of time b4 dying, or actually dying, but my guy told me I called him from the hospital and said, "Please come get me, I am dying & no one believes me." He said he told me to stop being melodramatic,😂😂😂 & that I was where I needed to be." I hung up. Then I proceeded to die. He kept calling back over & over, & finally, a nurse answered & said, "She had a cardiac arrest." He asked what that meant. She said it meant my 💖 had stopped. He asked what was being done, & she said they had stopped efforts 2 recusitate me. He wrecked on the way to the hospital. No one should be told their loved one died over the phone. Also, if a patient says that he/she is dying…the medical professionals should listen, & take the patient seriously. Anyway… I clinically died. But. After the team called my time of death, & began to prepare me for my husband to see, things got weird. I am told, as soon as my sweetheart entered the room, I rose up, said "I'm sorry," laid back down, then lapsed into a coma. I think I was trying to tell him I was so, so sorry for him going through such a traumatizing experience: it seeming like I had hung up on him, when in reality, I just died, & couldn't stay on the phone, (the dead tell no tales, I suppose I actually proved!!!😁). I can only imagine how he felt, when I didn't answer his calls…and I am STILL so sorry for scaring him, even though it was out of my control. Still, obviously, something deep inside, told me that if he got to the hospital soon, I would make it. My heart truly beats in time with 💓 his. 😘 Btw… the coma was dreamlike, and I could hear everyone who was around me the entire time…as 4 now, I am no longer on the transplant list for 💔, bcuz mine miraculously strengthened in time, & although I still have CHF, it's not bad enough 2 b on the list… (Everyone says it's a medical miracle, of unknown cause… if u ask me, the miracle is love.)

  • Julie Dodgshon says:

    I wish I had seen this video b4 I was alone in the room with my Mom, who had terminal pancreatic cancer, and she began to die and said she couldnt breath well and it was scary. Mom was Agnostic raised by Atheist parents who living in England and next to Ireland with all its bloody religious wars btwn the Catholics and the Protestants turned them Off religion in a big way! Infact there is a bigger stigma against religion. Even saying prayers at AA coz my lovely cousin Graeme’s Dad wouldnt take him to a meeting bcoz of the prayer and he died drunk in his sleep at 40. Anyhow Mom had looked for her bible coz she was allowed to go to Sunday school to get some morals as a child and I thought it was for sentimental reasons coz she won it and it was inscribed to her but after she died Imthought she prob wanted to read it! I wish I had spoken to her more about spiritual things but there was one moment and here is My Story: when I first got to her room/house and the nurse was there cause it was Hospice and he said it’s about Time to bring in a hospital bed which they did but I had no sheets didn’t come with sheets or anything and they crammed it in next to my mom’s bed which and it blocked her bathroom door and the other bathroom was further away!? They gave mom oxygen but just nostril tubes and Mom ended up needing a proper mask and the nurse left me alone for the night with her knowing that she had been throwing up blood. Hospice in this country esp when connected with Kaiser is a bad joke. There is no hospice and infact if your loved one wants or needs to go to the hospial for comfort in dying reasons, Kaiser wont let them coz they signed up for hospice in return for lowered premiums, so think carefully b4 doing that! You even have to tell 911 that you just need like a lift assist or something not hospital, so this corporate cost cutting has left me with trauma, guilt, daily flashbacks, 30 lb weight gain, Im a shut in, etc! So I feel I wasn’t as present to be of spiritual comfort to Mom and the fact that she couldnt breathe and told me It Was Scary, haunts me and is heartbreaking and the blood stuff I wont go in to detail but at one point I said this is just wrong! that she suffered like this! to see your little mommy throwing up! I am not alone people have told me similar stories about Hospice By The Bay and having seen my Grandmas hospice exp in England which by comparison must have seemed to my Mom to be Night and Day, Mom being stuck in the dark of night. The Spiritual Part: Mom was napping and I was lightly stroking her back and as she woke up she said Oh I thought that was Smokey, our cat that died 25 years ago and I said Smokey is here, she has come to guide you to see Grandma and Aunty Pam, her Mom and Sister who died! Im glad I said that also she sent me to get the wheel chair coz sge was sitting on the side of the bed and when I came back she had taken a dive face down off the bed, I think she saw the light or them and wanted me to go so she could follow them coz b4 I left she had been struggling to get away from my holding her up but she woukdnt let me lie her down. Anyway I would love to talk with this Speaker. Sorry for my dark story but I wanted to caution folks to read the fine print and ask questions b4 signing over to a ‘hospice’ program.

  • Dora Spooner says:

    Loved this talk so thought provoking Thankyou for reminding us that death really isn't something to be dreaded x

  • OMGreens Express says:

    people who have died and come back to life are not afraid to die anymore. they said the experience was beautiful and they felt no pain but great peace

  • Das ReBooT says:

    If Death impressed Steve Jobs like that, it's gotta be awesome!

  • blue says:


  • paola najera says:

    My beloved dog/ child/ soulmate/ best friend passed a few months ago. Ive been trying to find out where she went, where is she… I want to believe that she is with God at peace sibce she is the purest creation of love and God. Its been soooo tough I wish I really knew. And cant wait till we meet again in heaven.

  • JOE Bozza says:

    This is very interesting but I can’t watch it any longer..her intake of breath is so sharp that it’s hurting my ears 👂

  • Aiden Murphy says:

    A little bit of research HAVE DETAILED. 3:03

  • Aiden Murphy says:

    I also WANT to believe… hack

  • cactibacti says:

    0:22 cute

  • Jordan Barnes says:

    Since watching this video , I keep getting the same person in my dreams … Eddie Izzard. but I'm not sure why.

  • David Campbell says:

    I’ve been having an existential crisis for the past two weeks because of my fear of death. I’ve watched countless videos and read countless articles. Nothing helped me. But you did.

    I was reminded when my grandfather Died, he spent last days asking god “why, why now” followed by conversations to people who aren’t there, asking the doctors and nurses why his room was always so crowded, when there were only two people in the room.

    Death is a natural thing and I understand that now. It is a transition not an end. Thank you

  • C_ Farther says:

    Great presentation; kept me interested from beginning to end. I think ending with Steve Jobs saying, Oh Wow, was trite though.

  • lgb says:

    My mother came and spoke to me

  • TheRisskee says:

    I'm a bit of a polymath. I've worked for a while in the medical, I'm an avid wilderness survivalist, a musician, a youth leader, love everything to do with science. I just love learning everything within reason. Can't get enough of learning new things. I'm a Christian but my denomination doesn't believe we go to heaven when we die. (I also don't have anything against anyone that believes in the immediate afterlife so I don't want to sound insensitive) We believe in the resurrection at the second coming of Christ and that when someone dies, they are simply "asleep" awaiting Christ's return. They are just a body and their spirit has returned to God and lays dormant until God calls them forth again. I am also very interested in death and people's last days. I think, as sad as it is for the living, it is beautiful in a way. Life is beautiful in its own way and death is beautiful in its peace. I do believe people see and experience things before they die and I wonder if it's God's way of sweetly ushering them to peace.

    There is a chemical released in a baby's brain during birth. It's called DMT. It's a natural release and scientists say it's only naturally released 1 time in our lives. But I do wonder if a dying process that is somewhat peaceful releases DMT right before death.

    DMT can be synthesized and consumed by people and I'm told it's a very interesting and peaceful experience.

    Whatever the case may be, I love hearing these stories. The human experience is so fascinating and marvelous. 😊❤️

  • Olivene Bowery says:


  • Marcus Cassidy says:

    Nonsense its same as dreaming we do it when were not near death . Imagination sets us apart from the animals . Religion is man made as part of mans imagination for an innate need we have .

  • cj striker says:

    She educated people on death? She’s a…… Deaducator

  • Jr Reyes says:

    You're the man, miss!

  • Francine Jeddry says:

    My brother was diagnosed with cancer 2 months a go and we found out September 28,2019 that he only has 5 months to live i just dont want him to suffer 🙏 he is on lots of pain medication and cant keep food down awe and he is worried about us ❤

  • Patricia et Colin Clegg says:

    Right on Martha, fear of death, the only thing that prevents all of us embracing atheism.

  • Daniel Rosen says:

    Very soothing and helpful.

  • mickerdoodle51 says:

    Great! Thank you for your energy you put in this huge topic…

  • Jody Wolfe says:


  • Anonymous Peaceful person says:

    Absolutely agree with your research! Having worked with palliative patients for 4 years, I experienced patients seeing their relatives just before passing away! I was looking after a patient in room 30 who passed away. 10 minutes after their passing, The dementia patient room 31 sat up in bed and said I can see George behind you! That was the name of the patient in room 30! I was gobsmacked! Another example was a man called peter and I was looking after him and sat holding his hands! He looked behind me and saw his mum! It always seems to be a couple of days beforehand. I feel privileged to have helped these people pass away and know how important palliative care, Macmillan and their services mean to patients and their families by arranging pain relief, assistance with carers respite care and helping families come to terms with end of life and cancer care! Seeing patients in pain screaming and struggling with their pain management is a really difficult thing to deal with and any help we can give to these services and charities are so, so important! I always try to help cancer charities with cake sales! Every year I helped pink ribbon in Australia and in the uk I try to support palliative care such as Macmillan!

  • John Connor says:

    “It doesn’t matter if they can prove it”
    I jumped of the bandwagon after that.

  • jon fraer says:

    Loose the blubber ..whales.

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