Michio Kaku: What Is Déjà Vu?

Déjà vu is a phenomenon that all of us have
experienced, that eerie feeling when you walk into a room or enter a new situation and you
say to yourself, “I’ve been here before. I mean, everything here is familiar.” It turns out that we can actually induce forms
of déjà vu in subjects in experiments. So there is a theory that says that déjà vu
simply elicits fragments of memories that we have stored in our brain, memories that
can be elicited by moving into an environment that resembles something that we’ve already
experienced. So we don’t have to invoke parallel universes, we don’t have to invoke the multiverse
in order to explain most déjà vu. However, it does raise the other question:
is it ever possible on any scale to perhaps flip between different universes? And the
answer there is actually rather unclear. We physicists believe, for example, that there
is really a multiverse that exists even inside our living room. We are waves, vibrating waves
given by the **** function, and these waves vibrate and then split apart with time. Steve Weinberg, winner of the Nobel Prize,
compares it to the following. Think of radio. If you’re inside your living room listening
to BBC radio, that radio is tuned to one frequency. But in your living room there are all frequencies
– radio Cuba, radio Moscow, the Top 40 rock stations. All these radio frequencies are
vibrating inside your living room, but your radio is only tuned to one frequency. Now, in other words when two universes are
in phase, they are coherent and you can move back and forth. But as time starts to evolve,
these two universes decouple. They start to vibrate at different frequencies. They can
no longer interfere with each other. So why is it that your radio cannot listen to Radio
Moscow? Why isn’t it possible for your radio to listen to all frequencies? Because your
radio is decohered. It is no longer vibrating in unison with these other frequencies. And the same thing in quantum physics. We
consist of atoms. Our atoms vibrate, but they no longer vibrate in unison with these other
universes. We have decoupled from them, we have decohered from them. So in other words,
deja vu is probably simply a fragment of our brain eliciting memories and fragments of
previous situations. However, in quantum physics, there really are in some sense parallel universes
surrounding us, the problem is, we can’t enter them because we have decohered from them.
We’re no longer vibrating in unison with them. Sorry about that.

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  • A77 fih says:

    It's a glitch in this stimulation which is made by Johnny depp

  • Aadith Narayanan says:

    Eurobeat intensifies

  • Damali De Mills says:

    I love this prof, however, sometimes I believe his hubris has caused him to suffer from a cognitive bias called "confirmation bias". He clearly reveals this bias in his rush to dismiss Deja vu as some form of psychological anomaly while leaving the quantum mechanics theories of multi-verses as plausible. Some form of conscious energy must exist because the double slit experiment minimally proves the connection between our conscious and particles, which means "Time" as well.

  • NiellBlaze says:

    Ok wtf no views, wtf YouTube??!!

  • Nita Gregorio says:

    I experience many times… i dream a event day/days before it happened sometimes my dream i remembered full details

  • Uhgene Ignorian says:

    It's simple, we're all time travelers

  • Uhgene Ignorian says:

    Maybe it just us saving our data before we die.

  • Joey Feliciano says:

    The word PROBABLY is what atheist doesn't want to hear if science is concerned, so man don't use it again. Will you?😂😂😂😂👌

  • Noob Saibot says:

    Imagine for a moment that you sit down with Michio and have a deja vu lasting 3mins in which you say everything he was going to say in his explanation before he says it, then ask him to explain that…

  • Adam Spears says:

    We vibrate in the key of B flat.

  • asif3969 says:

    What the fuck did he just say?!

  • Mohamed Mohamed says:

    At the end of the day what he said might be wrong because there are some people who take everything scientists say for granted.

  • Robert Mcclintock says:

    You can see your brain evolving energy under your eyelids black and grey and sometimes color with practice. If it resolves into something more intelligent than you can imagine then it's god. God showed me light motor and dinosaur skin dark plant green.
    Natural selection is the character flaw in evil that is integrity is more important than life otherwise evolution is tragic circumstance with nothing intelligent happening.

  • Abraham Delgado says:

    Is this michios chanel????

  • Pogo boy says:

    oh my god finally i got what this phenomenon is called , ever since i was a child i have been experienced multiple deja vu and i'm not kidding , initially i thought this happens only to me and i thought that this phenomenon is precognition or prophecy but can never recall the date of dreaming of the upcoming event , really this life is a big mystery itself and thanks to science.

  • Christian Stoleski says:

    i always get it dam

  • VENUS ASTRIA says:


  • Edward Diaz says:

    I absolutely Disagree with you! "You Need More Sleep" 😉

  • Ellise Holt says:

    I believe that deja vu is a memory from the future since when we are at the moment we realise that it already happend but acc u didn't it was just u dreaming in the future for a couple of seconds

  • wing of messiah says:

    funny how mine deja vu were memories from dream

  • radar0412 says:

    Wow! That's completely contrary to what Kaku Michio said on the TubeYou in the other Parallel Universe!

  • Bilal live says:

    Use DMT
    Enter the multiverse

  • Zack says:

    Deja Vu, I've been in this place before

  • Victor Gibson says:

    You physists believe? Where is your science? Michio i coukd teach you far beyond your beliefs. Wake up. There are humans far beyond you or quantum physics

  • Victor Gibson says:

    Dejavu is not fragments in your brain. Your wrong about everything Kaku

  • Have Fun says:

    Someone call Cisco 😂

  • Lazer Animations says:

    Wat is dat

  • Silly Goose says:

    didnt this guy write stairway to heaven?

  • mike adams says:

    If your interested in time travel then send me a text on the 15th of march 1872.

  • Bulgarian Gooner says:

    Was watching a film last night and I had a Deja Reve moment. During a scene in the film I remembered I dreamt about it, but I don't know when I had that dream. Feels like months ago. And there's no way I saw this film before, didn't even watch the trailer. Weird.

  • Miraj Magar says:

    I’ve seen this person before I guess he’s a jimmy page from Led Zeppelin

  • Jeremy Olson says:

    do we not have infinite vibrations in our universe? are they not all known to us? if so, then in order for parallel universes to be vibrating at "different" vibrations, it would stand to reason that they are vibrating at resonances unknown to us. Since this is a paradox; either parallel universes can not exist or this is an unacceptable explanation. I would proffer that instead of parallel universes vibrating at different frequencies, they rather exist at different densities. This would better explain their undetectability.

  • Mina says:

    A little simpler explanation: https://youtu.be/-Q9qBR97IgY

  • Aylon5D says:

    Time seems only linear in this dimension. And Deja Vu is consiousness/brain tuning in or getting a glimpse of this other dimension.

  • Nick Putkaradze says:

    Deja vu

    I've just been in this place before

    Higher on the street

    And I know it's my time to go

    Calling you and the search is mystery

    Standing on my feet

    It's so hard when I try to be me uoooh!

  • Jack Heltzel says:

    I think Deja Vu is REALLY becsuse of spying…lmao

  • landaftian says:

    What about déjà vus where u know exactly what's gonna happen next? does previous expériences explains it?

  • nelson carreiro says:

    could be a corporal body (physical flesh) potential that was experienced in a different state, for example, the aether/ether and now experiencing it in a corporal state. so you energetically experienced a potential that was going to happen to you in your life b4 you actually experienced it as a human. so in short a conscious experience remembered from the aethers while in the physical human state. just an idea

  • Roy says:

    It's from us in parallel universe

  • Carsten Tonnies says:

    My personal opinion is that we have dreamt the scenario before, I recently had such a strong feeling of "de ja vu", which I'm sure I'd dreamt previously. Dont get me wrong I'm no expert but it's just 1 opinion although it could tie in with Michio Kaku idea

  • Christian Merlin. says:

    Michio Kaku is so smart

  • Mike Flock says:

    I understand him a 100% even throgh he was not clear about the Quantum universe much I could still understand the point of it and that's the reason radio waves could be trapped to a single room right ! this mite seem weird but I witnessed it before and I believe the rotation of the earth and and that space is the paper that we leave our foot print of a single radio transmission. for 2 or 3 days I heard the same radio trans mission no 1 believe me a year later at the same week of the years some one else herd that very same radio transmission ,and following the next few day everyone visits that room and herd the transmission . The radio was also unplugged ! Tell me how that happens with out a electrical power that speaker/ radio could still play as if it were plugged in to the wall ?

  • BacDoc121 says:

    I can't even imagine having a degree that leads to just the possibilities of unlimited theories of everything….Most would call that person a chronic or habitual liar. Yet this putz calls it science even though next week everything he said this week might completely change.

  • Sir Matatyahu says:

    Is that a big pimple on the side of his head near his temple? I wonder at what wave length that thing vibrates at?

  • ballnutz says:

    how come we only have situational deja vu and not emotional or mental deja vu? has anyone ever thought " i remember being taught this before?" or "i remember a time when i was exactly this happy"

  • ballnutz says:

    my hypothesis on deja vu is that deja vu is little bits of memory passed down through our DNA that contain situations our family members have been in. maybe linked to our natural instincts.

  • The LouvardiTestLab Productions says:

    The what function?

  • Jair Basurto says:

    It's a look into the upside down

  • Cyber Doomgirl says:

    One day I had a Déjà Vu so strong I could predict for a split second were my friend's object was, he was looking for it. He asked me then, "how could you know?" The only answer I had is, I remembered. "But it never happened before." But I even predicted he would say that. Whatever it was, the universe can be mysterious but to exist out here as a moving thought itself is really awkward.

  • Paul Piper says:

    Some Deja Vu is related to our telepathic abilities . Though we have telepathic ability its something that has to be used like talking, If your parents never spoke a word you would enter school not knowing how to say anything. In the same way if we hung out with extraterrestrials for even a few days we would begin communicating the easy way. So you have a dream about a person and you know from your dream several distinct things about that person that you have never met before in your life including where they live.All from the dream. So you drive to that city find the house and enquire about that person and find out that everything in your dream was real. I find that the only possible explanation for this one is that you have made a telepathic connection to this person .Some people wired the same just seem to know what the other person is up to without any words being spoken. Some Deja Vu may just have to do with the predestination of following a programmed path like a microorganism following the instructions of its genetic assignment.If you believe in that kind of stuff. And the final Deja Vu is people who go one step beyond time ,space and reality and make an essential connection on a pathway through an alternate dimension necessary for the survival of their species or themselves..

  • Ibrahim Shebl says:

    may be one eye is delayed for short time , time of deja vu , some crack does that ,except for longer period….ask for deja vu TM

  • Energy,Frequency,Vibrations says:

    I have been saying that all the time and was looked at like some crazy thinker, your frequency is being played with by the music industry.

  • jc weiland's says:

    well in my lifetime I guess and had trice dejavu which is i had really experienced in life. and I'm just curious how come it be..

  • Indian Entrepreneur says:

    He is Dumb..

  • stefan chardakliev says:

    I love to listen Michio Kaku

  • PegLegGreg says:

    heres the strange thing: during many de jas vus, ive been able to predict what happens next with frightening accuracy.
    like in a de ja vu, its ''hmm this feels familiar….wait this happened before. a silver car will pass me on the right'' and it happens

  • Crash Into Me Yearout says:

    He is wrong.

  • Chauhan Rajput says:

    I love you Michio Kaku

  • VW4597238 says:

    My theory: the brain memory is compartmentalized to finite possibilities. Beyond that the brain gets creative and comes up with likely scenarios that the subject believes is deja vu.

  • iiBaguera says:

    " Sorry about that " Got me laughing hard XD

  • Izam Arreis says:

    Often times, when a song, movie, feeling or person pops into my head, I know that i’m going to have some interaction with it in real life soon. And it never fails even if try to avoid it. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this. This deja vu video just made me think of those experiences.

  • Norm Johnson says:

    I once had a deja vu event where I recalled seeing it the night before in a dream.

  • Saran Wrap says:


  • sarcaasm typer says:

    At. 1:10



    Hello mr. ENGLISH Caption developer.

  • Curious SM says:

    We get a feeling of deja vu when we have time travelled into the past and we think we've already done this before. It's all parallel universe theory I guess.

  • xman577 says:

    Here’s one for you.You know a lady who works in a restaurant she has a old classic car that’s have some problems you tell her I’ll work on it for you later you talk to your friends about her.No one remembers her where she live or where she worked and these are the people who introduce you to her.

  • Shivam Reddy says:

    I believe that this deja vu is in fact our ablitily to calculate the possible future at any given time
    This usually happen when we are sleeping, only happen to a short period of time and I strongly disagree with Michio kaku that it happen to everyone but in fact it only happen to a number of people
    This about usually fades away with time
    Please let me know if u agree with me

  • Manuel Sandoval says:

    I love michio kaku

  • ShadowZZZ says:

    nice thoughts but in reality probably bs, so untrue

  • Appelsappie says:

    This could be an episode of Rick & Morty

  • Roy Rice says:

    Disagree. DeJa Vu is your brain reversing the present -memory process in a nano second.

  • Carol Price says:

    There is one thing that can transcend through space and time and has no barriers and that is emotions emotions can go through time forward and backwards it doesn't really matter where you are in space.

  • Electric Spark says:

    Theory = cool idea

    Not facts people

  • 66Tickler says:

    I wonder what caused that cut on his head?

  • Robertson longjam says:

    Thanks for the apology.

  • HALO studioz says:

    But only gravitational waves can travel in between universes and dimensions

  • Truth Seeker says:

    I think, it must be a good idea to turn the frequency of the radio to a number which is as much as close to a prime freq. to isolate your athmosphere.

  • John Nowakowski says:

    The notion of the radio tuning into different frequencies has been a spiritual concept for a long time. Like many ideas physics is now catching up to it…

  • om Mundkar says:

    How can memory get stored if we weren't there before or like that environment

  • snsjshxshjan sjsfdjisjes says:

    For me I'll be doing something and I know I've seen something before or done before it happens a lot

  • Tyrion Lannister says:

    I had a day dream of my living room being unlimited. As in more then one. And in all of then but a tiny handful I'm missing. I've come to the conclusion im dead in 90% of those universes at least…. can you fathom thinking that right now your lucky and or then end will come. It's fun to think about. I'm not afraid of death and nor am I looking for it. But I am ready and curious as to what lie beyond. Nothing? Something?

  • rock 147 says:

    Professor Kaku has no idea what he is talking abt

  • Joseph Smith says:

    Absolutely incorrect Mr Miyagi. You see parrot, some other slave trained/indoctrinated you into believing your intellegent because you learned how to retain and then repeat something someone else told you to. Then as a reward polly they gave you a degree. A piece of paper that says this parrot is a great repeater of whatever we told it to say…good job. Unfortunately polly because you have been so deeply indoctrinated you are incapable of independent thought and or the ability to critically think for yourself. My point? Stop spreading your willful ignorance to the other slaves it isn't helping anyone whatsoever. Of course that's the point of you pollys even being around is to continually spread ignorance and lies keeping people slaves. Sad really. Déjà vu is when you overlap or do the same thing over that you've done before in a previous perceived life. See this reality as most precieve it? Isn't real at all just an augmented reality and or matrix. Your consciousness is loaded like a video game avatar (more complex duh lol) and off you go. Enegry cannot be created or destroyed only manipulated meaning you are entrrnal. :). This is matrix is meant to enslave your mind.

  • Edwino Em says:

    Quantum toilet..

  • Steve Waters says:

    Feels more like a "refresh". Like our consciousness is catching up to our free will. Like a choose your own adventure video game as you travel through the game it refreshes.

  • Nikeimizhong says:

    I love when people talk about something they have no actual idea about. Bro science.

  • Keith Harris says:

    Humans seem to think they know an awful lot all of a sudden….

  • Walter Harris says:

    Why didn't I have teachers like him when I was in school? Michio is awesome.

  • Isaiah Clark says:

    I liked the video, but string theory says there’s an infinite amount of universes. So if that’s the case then isn’t there an infinite amount of you making your every decision and lining up with your current life? So then wouldn’t we always be having a feeling of deja vu

  • Kenneth DiBenedetti says:

    Deja Vu is every US election. Same shit different puppet.

  • Kenneth DiBenedetti says:

    Same shit – different US presidential puppet robot liar.

  • Kenneth DiBenedetti says:

    Hate and racism will never win. We the People is all the People.

  • Phillip Honeysett says:

    French for wat comes round goes n known seen about round n deja vu view to mind see n brain calculate n evaluate see n parallel that's universes n space wave quote not earth n universe human being note

  • Sean Essary says:

    so if we can match the vibrations we can shift to another universe?

  • Abdirahman Mohamed says:

    I have weird dejavu that I think I was lived years ago as indain king and I respect their culture

  • danny johnson says:

    I used to experience that what I dreamt suddenly happened . When we dream -we enter other universes.

  • GodplaysDice says:

    There's no real deja Vu. It's our brain confusing similar incidents and environmental circumstances as same.

  • Mr Smith says:

    Hey I know you're smart but don't pretend you know what deja vu is 😂😂😂

  • b1ackh0rs3 says:

    „déjà vous“

  • Timm Brockmann says:

    Vibrating in Unison

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