Big hugs from Morelia, and #WEAREHUNTERS Hunters, welcome to San Felipe de Jesus flea market! we arrived very early, we’ve been here for an hour we’re killing some time; trying to have some breakfast you’ve suggested me this market, and I’m sure we’ll have a great time, so let’s go hunting! How much for this cool box? $35usd for you! nice, great vintage piece, when it was called Pepsi-Cola “Show people your friendship with Pepsi” what I like about these pieces is that they were store displays exclusively or they were demos of the actual fridge you could get for your store a true gem! this comes with all its accesories How much for this fridge? that’s $25usd! all of these is vintage! “Sello Loco” pasteurised milk we can clearly see they were made by the same company these are some sort of vintage promotional items from Carta Blanca How much for these trucks? the little one is $5usd and the other is $8usd $5 and $8usd? $10usd for both? alright! that’s brilliant! thank you very much! thanks to you! have a good one! good day! I hope you bring me luck! I think I’ve hit the jackpot today; it’s a great way to start! yep, I saw it, you’ve even got the box, haven’t you? they told me this is for a train diorama you should display it with its box ’cause it makes it more attractive! I’ve got it somewhere! yep, I saw it! Plastimarx! this logo on the right side tells us that this piece is at least from the 50’s! How much for this? $8usd for you to take it now! $8usd! I thought this flea market started earlier but I recommend you get here from 9am as you can see, people are just arriving and we’re getting great things! so far so good; let’s have some breakfast! look at this; thanks!! divorced or tricolour chilaquiles! to start full gas! with Bad Bunny! you’re mine! for all my hunters out of Mexico; this is a typical Mexican breakfast specially recommended for hangovers! these are fried tortillas bathed in sauce with shredded chicken, sour cream and cheese! How do you get Japanese records here? we’ve got a Japanese client who supplies these records these photo records are rarities, aren’t they? exactly, these are all vintage, they’re collection items they’re incredible, look at those by Kiss you’re only missing one to complete the collection! yes, that’s the tricky one! how much for the Ghostbusters one? that’s $40usd! how much for the Kiss collection? they’re $50usd each! we’ve had the store for 7 years now a true record library! a record oasis; what’s the name of the shop? Bet-Yad, La Catedral del Vinil we’re on the corner of Villa de Ayala, Durango and Sinaloa streets look at this by Rigo, mate! how much for that one? that’s $5usd! great Japanese records! how popular are records today? very popular! specially kids under 18 are buying records today Mexican Rock from 68, 69 and 70 are considered rarities today everything from Avandaro those are incredibly hard to find if you’ve got anything from Avandaro, please let me know What do you think? Which one would you take? How much for the Dangerous album? people have even offered me around $100usd for it how much for this one? $85usd! and these can actually be played! this is actually a 45rpm record that turns Are you ready? The Imperial March playing as background! the story of Star Wars you say you want $100usd for this? yep! here at San Felipe flea market, #WEAREHUNTERS! Do you buy second hand or was it yours? we buy second hand and some merchandise is from old stocks may I see that, please? is it complete? not me! it’s exactly the same as it came in the box it’s not played that much $14usd that’s what they said, you see! superb!, deal!! someone else was interested and he went to get the cash! I told him to leave something in guarantee and he refused! and well, he’ll be surprised when he comes back! let’s run away, then! Contra, SuperContra, Battletoads, Would you please show me the Battletoads one? look at all these games! I love the fact that there are plenty of vintage games here fantastic! How much for this? 20 bugs! great! first version! 3 buttons on each side! how much for this one? $21usd! this is number 3 this is the one in Manhattan brilliant! there’s guarantee that all of this games are original of course; that’s why I asked you if you wanted original versions only I’ve also got copy versions I love the art in the cartridges, look at this! are these ones here bootleg versions? yes, they’re copies! say this is the original Mexican version this has got the title in Spanish Super Cocinero look at this King Kong game! this is Donkey Kong of course! but this is a Mexican copy, isn’t it? yes, they’re vintage! what a lovely piece! How much for this? this one is $3usd this one is $6usd! this one is $25usd and this one is $20usd! why do cartridges have got different shapes? these are original as well but from a different manufacturer Brother-Parker alright! they had their own console How much for this? $2.5usd I love this bootleg trend! this is great!, I reckon these two, Donkey Kong and Star Wars, are treasures! Roberto tells me that there are people who buy for two main purposes you buy an original game in perfect conditions to keep in your collection and you can buy the copy to play with it! it’s nice to know a bit more of the world of game collecting! hey mate, how can people get to your stall? we’re on the corner of the main street which is Villa de Ayala and Anenecuilco street Anenecuilco it’s checked, it’s tested, I’m sure! if you have any problems I’ll change them! we got this cool space ship, look! made in Hong Kong; it seems to be a modern piece, pure plastic, with its original box! Space Saucer! How much is this? give me $300usd! $300usd! “There are people who can’t walk anymore, there are people who ask their feet for permission to move” I don’t restore bikes but I love collecting old pieces Do you like bikes? Edgar, here, has been into bikes for a long time now he’s got things we don’t see very often Do you collect as well? yeah, I’ve got some pieces at home as well I’ve got things you don’t see everyday in flea markets there are very rare pieces but I think “Vagabundo” bikes are still the favourite ones it’s an icon! what’s your favourite, now? that Western Flyer is the cool one! I love it the way it is! with its white face tires, tank and all! nice, how much is that one? $300usd! $300usd as well, as the tandem one! those bike hunters can find him… we are at… what’s this street? this is “Gran Canal” “My God, you’re so stressful” how much is this? that’s about $75usd, I guess; you better ask her! this is not a toy but I love pieces like these; look at the engraving! $60usd! get pretty for the camera, love! let me know in advance, please! cool, eh?? I had this record as a kid, I will never forget this caramel colour!! it’s spectacular! this isn’t rare at all but it’s pure nostalgia; these flashbacks make us start collecting! $1.5usd each, let’s see what we can find! look at this babe!, Dick Tracy! “The Wizard of Oz” with Cachirulo, look at this! Topo Gigio “He is my friend”, I haven’t got this! great! “The Best Christmas present” Jesus! The Original Soundtrack! Batman by Tim Burton!! well, I’m taking Dick Tracy, Batman, TMNT and a couple by Topo Gigio thanks! refreshing! look at the amount of people now!! every little street is crammed! take your precautions, get here early! but it’s totally worthy visiting everything! play something by Celso Piña, please! How much is this? $500usd! $500usd! it’s rather old but very loved! we’re making our Hot Wheels pick between Marco and I we’re taking some trucks this one is from 1990 this Speed Demon is from the late 80’s and these 3 are promotional pieces! I reckon, these are great pieces! and these two will be presents for you on our Thursday night live sessions! Marco wants this but I refused! this is for my hunters! How much is this? $5usd…$10usd each one or for both? for both! these pieces are from Dragon Quest, a very popular cartoon but its toys are not easy to find $10usd for both I guess it’s a very good price! here at San Felipe flea market #WEAREHUNTERS! this dinosaur lot by Imperial, goes home! $10usd how much for the bag? $80 cents! $80 cents! give me one of those and a bag of crisps, please! prepare them, please, I don’t want to make a mess! look at this, the classic Mexican snack, crisps with lemon and salt! well Hunters, this is the end! it’s about to rain, we’ve been hours here! it’s almost 4pm! this flea market is 100% recommended! I found great things, I ate delicious food; I leave very happy! and that snack was great as well! I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I did! don’t forget to subscribe ’cause we’re about to get to 2k hunters! so, thumbs up! please “LIKE” this video

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