Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

the British scientists discover that we have a second brain human is a very important bio battery that can be charged in store and get energy or some people depending on coffee depending on a smoke to stimulate the body we food the body to give us anything people are successful because they they know how to focus and concentrate the energy when people are not success the micro one way the I go one way the Hat for one way so energy very scared and you lose energy you’re 73 years old you don’t get sec to you know a long time she is an energy in Chinese we caught Chi in individual prana in many system they have different name for them what are the west collar what are the americans by requirements of energy or electro magnetic power and we are electrical man we have electricity in science we need that it is t to run our life we have bio electromagnetic energy but we never focus it the first step you focus and now even focus to her energy immediately so so the dow discovered that four thousand years at least written down and tap on the war two thousand five years that a terminal area where you can store in abdominal area yes okay now you cannot store it in the brain you know store energy in half human is a very important bio battery that can be charged can charge in store and get energy and that is a domino so the Westerner discovered that intestinal intestine doesn’t know here the structure of intestinal is like a battery negative positive negative positive it can charge anything they discover that but they never go on what to do it scientists they discover the second brain there hundred years ago and you know they still don’t know what to do but now this just after 100 years they have a breakthrough now they discover that we have another Hawkins in the abdominal they called a man in mustn’t hurry this organ actually control all the digestion exception and elimination so they have one like conductor it’s a big August cover the the spleen the stomach the pancreas the liver the small intestine the last interesting the tower and they dialect now so now I understand all this what the Dow will talk about this the center of this new organs is in the center of the nether right here right in here okay actually about this big of big organ but they are on the back however all the digestion because you see digestion you have liver gallbladder stomach thank you spleen also hard up now we leave that and this big and including the stomach they are doing so many job in digestion and everybody doing different job if you don’t have a director control them like the brain so the the British scientists discovered that we have a second brain and this second brain amazing they’re conducting everything and the DAO discovered that if you keep this second brain here warm and this also a battery can store energy people are draining that so all what we do now the other people now is exhausted because the battery the bio battery ran out now your mobile telephone when your battery don’t charge yes okay so we’re not charging up our abdomen which is where our growl is right and we’re using our stomach really to just consume things right but but now we know that this is more than just digestion they can remember they can stall so now that I’ve talked about this one stall emotional negative and positive stores emotions yes now the rest know that love in half right right and what happened the other organ yes so I love joy happy in the heart but also hatred impatient hastiness is in the heart so the negative positive now you have to fire balance some of them is too extreme when to extremely hate people hate people and cue people so now love and hate have to be fire balance so no negative in no sin and no evil or goodness because you had to fire balance everything in the world have to fire balance okay so the heart has those emotions yeah and the liver have are angry jealousy envy frustration it’s a lot of emotions how do we know that’s in the liver I don’t know cause the Dow or we talked this four thousand years which we know yeah the hot star look and why not the other I don’t know we always say heart I don’t know I don’t know how we know just like you say trust your gut yes I don’t know where that came from I guess because we but this is important yeah when people shouted you boom you feel like something hitting in your stomach because the liver actually take the angry and store in here okay so that’s why the dow say hey if you don’t clean out this one you only you cannot clean up from the brain right okay the brain people think that everything emotional is the brain no negative emotional library card record out in the office organ by organ like kidney now the West discovered that also the fear in the kidney alright so we have to start paying more attention to our bodies yes you’re not just our biceps and our other things like the ins the internal parts internal my master told me say if you take care of your five major organs the five minutes all major organs strong you can take out million problem all right so that’s the first step recognizing these organs are important what’s the next step in the master chia process for me you know it’s good to be just do some simple exercise okay I’m a sitting position because we have the fluid inside and everything is a free-floating so the first step in a dowser hey there’s first step we have the particle free-floating in the spine and when we sit we sit on the panel so that we have the second pump and cranium okay so that is the major part so a very simple exercise we say moving the spark of fluid and the brain fluid okay so what we do with inhale we call like this we inhale you expand your chest you expand your stomach and your neck go and now when you exhale you cup down so you’ve curved everything now inhale exhale cook enough that you feel because we have a to tendon that when you curve them we activate the pump also inhale exhale you know my breathing in golden light into your spy and your brain and exhale cloudy and created an owl sometimes we just let go all the emotion or everything doubted about when you do for a while you rub your hand on and you cover the sacrum and you cranium so now when you when you rest for a while you can really feel like you feel that warm your second warm and your cranial this is the cranial pump so we have a hump because we stand up so the doll step when we stand up we last 24 story when you move them something move and now when you can feel them okay conscious feel about some something moving and is he moving we call the beginning practicing the Chi okay the energy the chief of the Jersey Boys so Chi flow so when you feel that warm night and your host and your rec woman when you smile and you feel your whole spine nice and warm and you inhale that’s how the fruit go up when you inhale dr. co-op when you excel the three core now inhale so you’re just your circum and lumbar have to move because the doubt say we have seven pounds way important because we are pumped if we sit too long we sit on a pumpkin okay and humble look okay we don’t work what we do with height exhausted okay and we depending on coffee or some people depending on a smoke to stimulate the body to keep up with food the body to give us anything okay okay there’s no key okay and now this is the frog now we have 2/3 of the fluid in here 2/3 of foods we started with the spine of the work of reading that breathing technique was to get the spinal fluid going okay and you would do that longer normally we nominate breasts feel the energy flow and not a99 if you do nine nine eighteen or twenty or thirty six that’s a good number of you so you would do that and you wrap your further flow that’s that is how we call energy okay you feel chief oh okay and then you warm your heads and you put it here afterwards I’ll just record a little poop I’m a big place to warm them up okay to warm them up and you feel there’s something moving okay and you do this sitting down or you can do that standing up to standing up is the best is the best for that exercise okay okay the same exact but the next one we divide here because this is the fluid right this is the most important part more important part because two-third of the fluid come in here okay because we have all the organ you have the leeward text so must walk a blood kidney take so much blood that makes more interesting when we eat so much blood coming to take nutrition everything it’s a so much blood right and the whole key is the sickness it comes from the signals come from that when the fruit don’t flow okay okay and this TechNet now every sickness come okay we take so many million and million a method try to fix this or can problem when you walk through like a Western hospital and you see all these sick people do you just think man why don’t they just get breathing get the motor moving and then what half of them would be are the hospital they see all of them would be I have so many student that come to me they so sick like in France this time they said I’m came here two days only they say I feel so much better just by this breathing by the fluid flow aware of the free flow and aware the Tanjung can starchy and not have because they drain themselves and they don’t do you keep on using your mobile telephone and you don’t you don’t track them it’s gonna go okay okay so now it’s racing and all happen in here we said we we have lower abdominal yeah meat dough okay Apple okay so lower part we have sexual organ okay and we have elimination that is the last intestine in here we have small intestine the exception and kidney and here we have all the digestion people don’t care about it okay and people so stressful stress we come not the Western day the definition is that stress is when you in stress we call fight and fire Expo you are photo wall or your running ok fight-or-flight response with stress okay and now when you are in when you in the resting mode you are in rest and digestion but when you stress digestion nearly slowdown or non digestion okay now no no food supply we’re gonna we’re gonna lose the wall so you’re very simple except you except for $10 stomach in how you put your finger [Music] and some people in a warmer place they can use the mouth and when you nighttime your ass you see and you feel the Chico is this after you exercise your right to feel the energy and you learn how to control and you learn how to guide the energy and the fruit flow and it is flow wind when wind blow the wave code when no wind no wave when no we’re all like on you in the seaside say oh my god so hot and the fish and everything cannot cross okay no wind no cheese no nothing flow [Music] you [Music]

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  • Be Inspired says:

    The "TAO / DAO", not "DOW" . Sorry for the mistake, guys!

  • Christian Ramkhalawan says:

    It’s called chakras ❤️

  • Dobby Doo says:

    This shows how the western are 2000 years behind in everything

  • Christian Hammer says:

    Why is that word blurred?

  • Ricci Huslte says:


  • kenan mass says:

    Best interviewer I like, so respectful and smooth

  • CommonIQ says:

    73 years of age? Looks 50 in my option.

  • life _ a celebration says:

    I have been watching this man for a while now & I feel his interpretation is amazing

  • Slash Q says:

    The first step. You focus.

    And when you focus. You have alot of energy 😏



  • Freddie Whitehorn says:

    This video drained my bio battery.

  • bing chen says:

    why do you block thE "dao "

  • Buda Bunda says:

    He really understands the organs and their functions. Its interesting philosophy and approach to being healthy. The ancient people understood the organs, fluids and breathing and movement key to health and wellbeing. I can see the benefits of these exercises and developing that awareness of how to treat your internal parts properly, BUT I am not sold yet on the idea of a second brain. Perhaps its not really a brain but its part of a control system that specifically regulates the organs and their function. Almost like localized remote i/o subsystem that offloads those functions from the primary brain, and also does not rely on the spinal cord etc, uplink downlink to/from organs to brain. Similar patterns of design exist in automation engineering..

  • ニクラス says:

    I looked at this video with a bit of a smirk for the first couple minutes, but then I realised something:
    I have depression and I always thought of the empty feeling it gives as in the stomach because why not. I didnt even think about it twice – and then the point of the video was where feelings are. And would you know it? Sadness, Emptiness, etc. all things of Depression are deep in the gut area. Exactly where I always feel empty.
    I tested more things out as the video went on, like the Kidneys being attuned to fear. I went and downloaded a horrorgame, played it and the fear was actually in my kidney area.

  • Christian Binay-an says:

    Im high and I totally understand this concept

  • Jack Henry says:

    All new age anti christ nonsense

  • Antonio daisley says:

    Dr Dispenza talks about this in his book “Becoming Supernatural” in more detail.

  • fastcougar3200 says:

    Ah, the British scientists! Why didn't you say so…

  • TheVegan Maniac says:

    I am pretty sure, my second brain is stored in my dick

  • sohail islam says:

    I believe the rest but i kind of need more convincing about the emotion bit e.g anger jn the liver ect

  • UNIVERSE says:

    techniques to activate your second brain (the guts) and throw in trash the first one

  • learnstruck says:

    fantastic message. namaste.

  • white tiger says:

    70% of our immune system is also in our gut…

  • H C says:

    Christians call this the power of the Holy Spirit

  • Chris Oakes says:

    He's talking about the Soul, Subconscious, Heart! 3 words for the same thing. Thought is more in the brain. And Feeling in the gut. Thought is the focus an Feeling is the Energy!

  • Carl Hammill says:

    This was incredibly elementary. I was expecting much more.

  • Bart Fart says:

    This white dude is being hypnotized. Don't get taken by this charlatan people.

  • Crazy Rich Dolls says:

    so thats why i can't think when im hungry

  • Yesu Palan says:

    To believe kidney is fear, when we get feared kids urinate.

  • Poet Victoria Hunter says:

    Detox burn oils for the brain play music for the brain and do what he didand you will have supernatural intelligence. I am doing all that after a peaceful walk in the sun and then writing and reading and see the results 🤣

  • Poet Victoria Hunter says:

    My x did that several times a day and he was an amazing athletic and brilliant and a gifted artist.

  • Poet Victoria Hunter says:

    This is why Chinese people sleep on rolled towels…etc. it probably keeps the energy flowing to brain in sleep.

  • Harsh Vardhan says:

    No it is not,The Indian " Hindu shastra" is the key to know the second brain ………

  • XYZLeo says:

    Cool video! But all emotions are from the brain

  • King_ Ding-A-ling says:

    I got a second brain

    It's in my Dick head.

  • Fled From Nowhere says:

    I wonder how charlatans like this one are able to sleep at night.

  • Thomas Varner says:

    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8
    A warning of life without Christ a Testimony of who I was.
    Respectfully, hold your power in the cross and works of Jesus, and keep pursuing The Truth. Strength in Jesus, Saint Season.

    “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”

  • Lex Barringer says:

    Sin isn't bad or evil, people really need to understand what that word means. Souls / spirits were born of the original sin, it's a vibration of unconditional love. Enough with the negative connotations that sins and sinning are bad. Sure, you can have negative sins, or negative emotions but you can also have positive sins, too. Sins are nothing more than sine waves of energy at a specific frequency that acts as a carrier wave for the specific intention and thoughts we have. Negative energy attracts, negative entities/spirits, just be aware of this.

  • NoF NoL Studio says:

    (DAO) Data Access Object. *coincidence

  • Tomasa Macapinlac says:

    The Dao Yin!!!!

  • Tomasa Macapinlac says:

    The Liver Flow in Chinese Medicine helps us to have smooth flow of emotions and chi

  • Tropical Huskies says:

    So if fear is stored in the kidneys and you remove one will you be less afraid? 🤔

  • TheGhettoRev says:

    I have been doin Chi Kung most my life. What he is saying is the secret to life. Build ur chi. Fill ur tantien daily.

  • Lee Smith says:

    Study Dr. Jerry Tennant for corroboration of this information. Dr. Tennant teaches that the muscles, fascia, and other tissues are batteries, capacitors, and current pathways. Deplete the battery and get sick. Once you hear Dr. Tennant, and this fine gentleman, you can never go back to any other theory. All else is BS, pure and simple. We ARE energy!

  • YT Info says:

    I just activated my second brain and now I know that I have 4 brains!!!!

  • ThePokemonCelebi says:

    sounds like the 7 chakra points in our body with the 3 strorage place's

  • Ace Zeta says:

    Now i can use my Hidden Chakra Power i can use now my Rasengan

  • Jessica Artau says:

    I’m ready to learn.

  • Taylor Nikolaidis says:

    Does anyone else do what I do when I'm in a hurry, and simply stuff their second brain under their left tit?

  • Mr. Nice Guy says:

    that last exercise is 🔥🔥😄😄

  • Vahan Good says:

    Interesting to note: chess players often suffer kidney disorders… And they have the fear of failure that chases them most of their lives…

  • pinknoisefloyder says:

    AM i the only one annoyed by that lil friky dicky "okay" the english guy says once in a while?


    Is he saying that we should breath in hold it for 9 seconds and then release for another 9 seconds? this is the part that I can't understand if somebody can please guide me? thank you.

  • anthony bronson says:

    Thank you so much very interesting even for humanoid alien like me but it's sad that we tend to forget that we are all created with this made up but yet we don't take time to train our selves…

  • the last of the lemmings says:

    That's why they say the appendix does nothing!

  • Boris Brian says:

    There is a way to activate your second d*ck
    Shut the f*ck

  • Enchantedlight 2013 says:

    I try to teach them all,,, again and again it is the hardest but most important job, to do this simple thing

    Be like water my friends

  • M Tango says:

    what a great man!

  • FunCircle TV says:

    Second brain, we already know. It's the one that gets us into trouble 😒

  • Takhe Rilung says:

    Chakra in India.. I guess so..

  • Crystal Yeow says:

    等! 时间,一个不可能让太多人折腾 !!!

    一个人,做好事,或做坏事,3 – 4 年就 看到效果了!


  • Crystal Yeow says:


  • jim casper says:

    Isn’t it the subconscious part of brain? That 2nd brain is active during REM period of sleep.

  • Barrion Henderson says:

    Background music is pure love to my ears ❤️

  • susan Frazer says:

    I call it, the Lower Mind and the Higher Mind…

  • hello itsme says:


  • Daljeet Rana says:

    Indirectly he told all of us to do Yoga and Pranayam (chi exercise)

  • marko kovac says:

    Our second brain is our dick!

  • J says:

    First Method: 7:16
    Second Method: 13:00

  • Vishnu Prasanth says:

    What is that censored word? Is it `Tao`?

  • Bhavesh Agrawal says:

    Whenever I want to meditate I focus on my stomach area nd breath and say two words in my mind " present moment "


    wow i inspired..
    please can u name the background music u used.. in this video.

  • deepak prakash says:

    In India these are known as Chakras
    There are strategies to activate these chakras

  • Telugu - Cover - Songs says:

    Very interesting video…..

  • Muhammad Faisal says:

    You know we can make fire by hands using our energy

  • Hally Yajlo says:

    Not seconde brains the soul Is wherry smart it conect with brain and hart go read the qoran.

  • no name says:

    closed captioning needs repair — this is basic, fundamental of fundamentals. waiting for everybody to catch up. I'm at my 18th year of study. Good luck.

  • Alexander Adnan. B. says:

    damn it worked
    …this think is dangerous

  • lamagiduneinstant76 says:

    If it helps anyone, they have no “r” sound, so rice comes out as lice. It’s like the French have no “h” sound, etc. “War” thus becomes “wall”.

  • Anna Marie Record says:

    So is he talking about doing tia chi?

  • Rusty Asplico says:

    I can't even control my 1st brain when my anxiety attack..

  • Kalon Prensky says:

    I love these secrets of how the body works. Here is my favorite Acupuncture Pen Laser Protocol Guides with Over 500 Protocols Made Easy. Incredible depth of learning made easy and fast to learn body points for over 250 symptoms and over a dozen charts to explain the Micro-Systems: Ears, Hands and Feet. Finally, all the important information in one place. Acupoint 3.0 is a Free Bonus that offers an additional 250 picture based protocols: @t​

  • Abram Playz! says:

    7:25 !

  • Firas Francis says:

    I haven't seen a Doctor in 22 years ..

  • Agui007 says:

    The first basic principle we are never taught…we are energy in a dense form.

  • UglyDuckling says:

    I can makemyself Goosebumbs everytime and Second and can send Shiver in all Parts of my Body! Thats feels so great i cant explain …. if this is the thing called "Chi" or "Prana" then i can give u an Advice! Stop watching Television, Stop Social Media, get an Add Blocker and dont read the News …. and after 1 Year u see big Changes and they Grow every Day. Then comes the Part where u Question everyone and everything and u do researches … hours and hours and ur Brain Awake and want more and more like u where Caged in a Bubble since ever and now woke up and are hungry for Informations. Its Quit Sick what i all managed with this 😀
    Just wanna thank u for Uploading this Content! I am from Austria /Europe and my English is not the best but getting better and better !! Best Wishes

  • Barry Jeffers says:

    This is absolutely wonderful and is so educational -it should be required reading for all and particularly the medical profession because it explains the body as a bio cell and what makes us tick.

  • sharada bharaty says:

    Very practical and informative

  • Raven White says:

    I didn't understand this until after being involved in an explosion. Now, it's impossible not to understand it.

  • Julian No says:

    guy is making a ton of bizarre and unfounded generalizations based in Taoist lore, it would be nice if he could define them but when pressed, he cannot. He also looks fully 73 and not younger than his age as the narrator would suggest. Virtually all of these generalizations are discussed in Zen practice as well and there is foundation for them but this man fails to elaborate. Nonetheless if Western man spent more time in his belly breathing and less time in his head, much less time, he would be more centered and better off. SIMPLE.

  • StyleKrong says:

    There are two practical exercise techniques demonstrated in the video – these can be found at 7:17 and 13:00 for convenience.

  • we taking the youtube over join the max army says:

    My second mind is blown

  • M.S G says:

    This is the time where jesus come do all those things for us # one love christian

  • Rupal Pandey says:

    how to cure mental illness like schizophrenia

  • Aleksander Mohuczy-Dominiak says:

    So would doing aerobic sports achieve the same effect?

  • Mr. ible says:

    Is this what they called brain tumor ( two more) 😂😂

  • Abhishek shah says:

    Most people who disliked this video I assumed were too busy concentrating on the man's english rather than what he said. Golden words. Even kundalini yoga prescribes similar exercises as he demonstrated. I wish more people would make this a daily habit and live healthier lives.

  • jrae says:

    When I was bodybuilding I remember realizing there were two brains. The head brain and the body brain. I didn't know how else to explain it but I was able to track not just physical results but the consciousness of the body and "it's ability" to function on it's own and totally was in sink with my overall fitness routine and nutrition. I remember thinking if I cheated on my food and no one knew, my body knew… then I found myself responding to it. We have great conversations now.

  • John Girard says:

    Very insightful an interesting.

  • account says:

    Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok…………… Ok? ….. ok, ok, ok, ok.

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