Make God Your Best Friend (Amazing Advice on How to Connect)

Hey whats up guys! I have a new best friend
and his name is God. Now thats gonna sound kinda weird, but I do a lot of prayer, and
hour a day of personal secluded prayer, and then just all day Im always praying, my lips
moving, but I realized something about the prayer, I realized how it’s affecting me and
what It’s doing for me. What I realized is that what prayer does the most for me is not
the prayer itself, not knowing that i can pray to change things, that i can pray for
things to work out, but the prayer helped me build this bond of friendship with God.
And that’s what really keeps me going, is that friendship knowing that he’s always there
with me, that’s really what keeps me going, and the prayer is only a way for me to connect
to him as a friend, but what really keeps me going when times are rough, when times
are down, when everything’s wrong, what keeps me going is not the prayer – knowing that
I can pray my way out of this one, what keeps me going is the knowledge that God’s my best
friend, and that’s something I got out of prayer, and I think it’s something that everybody
who does enough prayer in the right way, in the honest, open way, of really just sharing
with God who you are, where you’re at, and what you need help with, and building that
friendship with him, you can get through anything, because you always have your best friend with
you. And this is something that anybody who does enough prayer in the right kind of way,
in the most simple honest way of just sharing with God where you’re at, what you’re going
through, what you need help with, how you feel, just opening up and having conversations
with him, talking to him under your breath as you’re walking down the street, and really
treating him like your best friend, and just talking to him about everything that your
going through in just such a simple way, is something that you can achieve that your gonna
become God’s friend, and you’re gonna feel like God is your friend. And this is something
that I really needed, because I know that God is the king of the universe, and he’s
the master of all worlds and all that, but I don’t know how to talk to a king, I can’t
relate to that, I’ve never met a king, I don’t understand what a king is. I cant connect
to God in that way as being the king, because I’ve never seen a king, but i now what friends
are about, and I know how to connect to friends, and I know how to ask friends for help. And
actually at a certain point I even said to God, I was like “look, I need you to be my
best friend, I understand that you’re the king and everything, and the ruler of the
world and the creator, but right now I really need a friend”.

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