LOL Surprise Dolls Get Ponies Visits Spirit Riding Free Barn Ranch

hey we're finally here I can't believe like he invited us to the ranch I know I can't wait to go horseback riding me too come on girls hurry up I'm coming baby Bab I'm Kevin cocoa troublemaker man be safe they don't want to go horseback riding that's okay but horsies are harmless I know but they said they're scared that's okay there's plenty of things to do around the ranch I'm not gonna ride a horse are you nope I'm not writing ours either oh cool let's hang out together sure thing oh hey girls I'm so glad you guys finally made it oh thank you so much for inviting this lucky no problem so we're the awesome horsies that we get to write hmm I think I'll have a right spirit you seem like you have the most experience oh I can't wait I love spirit how about me huh mommy oh I have a special horsie for you ah really mm-hmm you get to ride boomerang ah oh he's so beautiful I know wow isn't boomerang awesome oh he's so sweet and he's super soft to where babies gonna hum right on my spirit well spirit you are so awesome no faddle no spirit doesn't like to be settled okay I'll give it a try okay spirit I'm ready he beats skinny with this's hmm I think it's a wheelbarrow a wheelbarrow yeah it does have a wheel what do you think would happen if I pushed you I don't know well what about me lucky don't worry I have the perfect pony for you let's head out that okay are you okay fine I'm fine I saw a letter there did you uh where over there oh I see it come on let's go oh oh okay you're so sweet hurry up beats there's kitties upstairs oh yeah these are so cute oh you guys are so cuddly now kitties I can pet and play with but horsies are way too big and scary for me meet you I'm so glad you Keane so I have someone to hang out with I thought come on Coco you can ride chickaletta oh she's so beautiful look at her color shivalinga is super soft too she feels super fuzzy and soft this was an awesome ride where'd you have fun I sure did may give him an apple you sure can but I have something to take care of right now I'll be right back okay Oh spirit you're the perfect horsey here's an apple Wow you ate that super fast Oh baby you guys are back – did you guys enjoy the ride well before you guys leave I have something for you guys to take home with you oh it's a spirit writing free line box yay I wonder which Pony we're going to get let's find out and the box is a barn and we got B which one we got we got this one right here number six and I think this one is flogged up let me know if you guys know the mean and three shirts Wacha soubrette Hasan look at him he's brown with white who's white to make stew super awesome and here is our second one we got the number eight ponies and look he has spots on his back so awesome and X him super unique looks like he's running super fast his mien and tail are flying in the air hey let's put him inside ah guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section have you ever been horseback riding and also which one of these three ponies is your fav CJ's in the comment section bye bye for now hey guys the situation here and today the lol dolls are going to have a ballet performance at the Ballet Theatre oh hi curious cutie hi ice skater oh my goodness I'm so nervous about the belly performance oh me too oh my gosh Oh No I peed again that's okay at least it's not in your ballet outfit oh I guess I better go get cleaned up Shh Cary's cuties gonna head inside first let's help curious cutie get dressed first let's grab her little pink dress so cute we can remove her outfit and her shoes and look she has some pink tights on now you can put on the cute pink dress and it's got a purple jewel right in the middle so cute let's give her some cute little shoes yeah let's give her a cute little pink bow for her hair house and then she can stretch out while she waits for ice-skater here comes ice skater she finally got herself all cleaned up and let's put her dress on her take out her outfit and let's get her shoes too let's put on ice skaters purple ballet outfit oh it matches perfectly with her eyes so cute let's put on her shoes super it ladies and gentlemen welcome to our very first lol surprise dolls ballet performance [Applause] and our doll of many talents I scared [Applause] especially surpasseth from the Royal Ballet Academy we have a clue our very first clue is fangirl we have a collector's guide and find out another clue we have a bottle yellow and silver and some yellow shoes super cute do you guys know who she might be yet news her outfit and let's find our doll we got and she comes with a pair of glasses let's put her in her outfit first it's got cute little yellow shoes and let's get her glasses super awesome let's find out her special ability at the end of the performance right now let's get her changed yeah here she is in her awesome ballet outfit it's silver and she's even got a tiara we have bonbon deleting our Royal Ballet performance [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now there can hit backstage so that we can find out what bonbons special ability is let's change bonbon back into her normal outfit let's remove her cute belly dress and put on her normal clothes and now let's find out what her special ability is actually let's remove her glasses uh-oh curious cutie just fell over maybe she fainted from the ballet performance so let's put her in the water and see what she do it looks like she's a crying doll Oh a she cries really well awesome usually only one of the holes is open Oh guys that's it for this video so let me know in the comments section did the lol dolls do a good job on their ballet performance see you guys in the comment section bye bye for now thank you for watching a toy Cheney channel if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this video to watch it click or tap to subscribe it's free plus you get to see my latest videos and until next time be happy and keep smiling

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