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hey let's go to our boys no back with another video before against this video make sure you leave a like down below subscribe if you new and join TJ white gay man so hey check this out bro umm I just react it's a little Dicky video before this before this one so pretty much listen if you new to the channel bro just go back to my reaction playlist and you'll see it so basically we back with another little dickie reaction I'm trying to push them out I seen y'all requests you know I'm saying and I'm keeping this shit going you know what I mean so this is low Dickey make-belief and we gonna we gonna pretty much go crazy on this you know I'm saying like I said before low dick he's a legend you're gonna do his thing we could get on the track bro you got I'm saying but at the same time you got to have an ear bro you know I'm saying you have to have a ear when you pretty much listening to do cuz you know he can go in many different ways shapes and forms his shit can definitely go right over your head if you ain't catching it you know what I mean so we're gonna pretty much get right into this video I'm thinking low dick he won't go crazy like I said before he don't do his thing I'm not I'm not I'm not questioning I'm in no other way you know I'm saying he earned my respect like I said before he earned my respect for surface area so let's get right into this video man little Dicky make-believe that's getting bro sitting in the back room being weird like a chat room crying chill but I feel the appeals have a real now's looking like a meadow although I could be there cold and I'm worried about a rag doll there's 9/10 of the names in the game digging trash like a motherfucker a comb a dead tape with a gang a hoe and not a hope done change to know and not a knows that day the rope and looking like a bunch of motherfucker famous quotes and that days ain't phrase when they say the jokes get in the way you're displaying the flow like ain't nobody ride this way gonna crack this game it's a waste if you're playing the bump up at the same time ain't even supposed to be the same guy and you got a switch the funny with the fake shit make a fake here but the money rate in getting babe like a lazy Boris up and bass at that's the only way the shadows see the daylight ain't even got a humor dead come on bro even though I'm pretty no to write the songs y'all make sting lights on the kids come on dog where the real ingenuity yet everybody wanna act the same a rap name crab tracks get attacked the same that's why I've been up in this motherfucker practicing cuz everybody in the game no he he giving you facts you know I'm saying and I'm gonna break that shit down people want to be the same bro everybody wants to like for some reason they say monkey see monkey do and that shit is the most truest thing bro everybody like see one wave anyone I hop on the same wave what everybody else doing dog you got to be authentic you got to be yourself bro you're not I'm saying I know is it making come off you know hard or you know you're scared or fearful to do certain different things just be yourself bro you don't I'm saying cuz at the end of the day that's the only thing you can do is be yourself you like you being somebody else you not bro people gonna look at you like a certain different way people may look at you like you fake you gotta be yourself but when it comes down to this shit your honor mean stop trying to hop always and following other people you know I'm saying nothing really there's nothing wrong with following somebody or liking somebody style but when you just like copy to make a whole style and shit like that dog it's a problem yeah I mean okay omid not another fake fucking phony homie go see better beer that when deke done I'm a maker pretty clear who the gimme bubs I don't think I really care over dissing us let me know where your career as a mimic uh better yet I think I got a deal for you critics that's been missing what us better than one contingency you listen uh wine here you go say legit two years you gonna say it's the shit in three years if my name is coming up in conversations about the greatest in the game and I am making a list I'll suck your dick now you feel it a bit homophobic like ill what is wrong with him and this is why nobody they go do a song with him I to me go we go see who got it wrong again comprehend what the man said born to win sort of myth died in Jordan yeah towards the net for a minute I emitted I am only a beginner but admitted in my coram event Latino the chip upon the shoulder premature as it gets he also pretty Shari the best that's why I've been up here imploring the best matter of fact I'll put up more than the head I would give up my life for this shit you write the nest egg your knife to my rest the night and that dicksuck what you thought I was here for that quick but I don't gave up my life for this shit my hypothetical wife and them kids couple years when my pairs of families and I'm sipping on a beer being weird is carry if you listen closely you can hear the Camrys bump Li L di see hey motherfucker wannabe Olli hey motherfucker talking like dehe by the make-believe can't make but leave a lot of rap doors right there great and this and that go carry the game but a select few lap today the same shit like this when it's carrying weight so who Davis who Davis and my judge the motherfucker on a playlist and my just another sucker being nameless and my just another dummy like I'm patient's tell me now I've been down for my day ones they were smart enough to fucking get it they allow me to keep going I'll be fun to the whole world fuckin with it oh you thought I'm here to make your name but I'm finna fuckin change the game and therefore muhfucka stay in the same I bet plane where you planned you'll be saying that he's saying the same thing you hear that a buddy we'd be renege buddy but I'm finished I think I think little Dicky has the look let me break this down too as well I think blow dick he got the potential to change the game I think he doing this shit right now and to be quite honest with you I have it I didn't even know anything about little Dicky bro a nigga like ferrata put me on to that shit you know I'm saying for like I seen that nigga he been doing this shit for six seven years mostly like I never heard of this nigga bro yeah I mean barber guesses are probably a reason why you know I'm saying they probably didn't you know you know I guess they wasn't really pushing them like that but it's naked he definitely is changing the game he pretty much telling you to be yourself bro cuz that's pretty much what he pushing that's what he's standing for be yourself you don't I mean and I stand for the same thing bro be yourself bro just that simple but um on top of that he got barred man he could spit and he riding this motherfucking beat it's like a cool laid-back chill type of beating you know saying kick your feet up lay it up in a very tight shit you know I said he kicking this shit care about your money what you wearing now but clever who are you staring down two buddies that been there and all the honey's you were staring fuckers let it wear it out it's getting easy to compare your staff that's why they looking so uneasy when they hear about a kid who doing something so unique up in a rare crowd they are preparing – they unprepared now approach to the heart form his motherfucker bringing jokes to the chart on he doesn't jump down float look the smart or bro I'll know we supposed to be hardcore up in our sport it's a hardcore shit I'm on the ground straight laughing the young roger federer rapping I'm done dodging there's about to happen think about the wonder he was a tennis captain now the second signals by my set of skills average fuck it I admit it but I hit it kind of different in my Withers what a winner if it's only an example I am NOT per standard used to be a camper do the fucking closed mind um about the trample anything I'm Flo fired a holy candle bar take a Showtime man fuckin magic I ain't fucking laughing I'm fucking rapping and this is what can happen when I am on the track and I'm feeling like a jack stuck up listen fucking traffic knowing that the made bags to be getting laughing knowing that the fake crap should be getting fat check knowing I can make crap and begin fat checks it's why I never really cared for him i'm too socially aware for like how the fuck do we prepare for you better get another notepad blowing nuts like i wrote from a gonad I'm trying to tell you motherfuckers I am no fan each other so bad and I'm a post-grad getting so mad out of nowhere Dias only been a half year but you've gone like you know you the last year but you've gone like a gun in your class here weeny vain' gonna post its work and see a joke let me know when he let go of the quirk and then I scroll down look the sounds going berserk because the whole fucking plot for the flow disturbs talking about hoes and twerk and shows what's working I ain't even trying to say I'm perfect but I've been putting out songs with purpose I've been putting out long ass verses and now I'm starting to take it awfully personal I'm getting sick of seeing lil Dicky search nose hey buddy yeah he definitely been putting on songs with purpose you know I'm saying if you really listen to his shit you know what I mean you you're catchy you know I'm saying you putting all songs with purpose and most definitely if you are go like is define like I ain't the bomb they treat Dave like I'm Steve Blake homie but the replay saying that I'm straight in the prime got fans on the Cowboys sports fans get the transition hey I heard oh oh me to pause but it's probably my last time pausing for the rest of this video but didn't I say well he was playing basketball I listen for all y'all knew all for all my new subscribers and new viewers just go go back to my reaction playlist cuz I reacted to little Dickie playing basketball basketball for those that for those of y'all that have not seen it bro cannot talk money down in broke when he was hoping shooting from deep and shit they was like yo like Dickie was like man I'm Brian Deese niggas can't hold me this nigga fuck with Brian heavy you know I said he fuck with raw flesh official you could just tell he fuck with Brian you know I say he think he brought hey listen he might be might be but you know you're going down boys hey buddy nonstate chipping now you're know I'm about to stay differently even if they gotta try now there was fun being done but you're done being numb to the one that's becoming with the eye bruh that's what I'm doing when I'm betting John you know I get you out your comfort zone you got the questionary motherfucking day a month McKenna glad to win America singing along today li L Z I see a motherfucker wannabe alley very motherfucker talking light day he by the make-believe can't make my leave that's it I'm gonna let the be tried but that shit was tough and you know I'm sandy you know that shit was tough know that shit was do know no need don't need don't even front me you know what the shit was talking man you notice she was tough but I'm a this is a little Dicky man you know what I'm sayin I pretty much was expecting this you know what I mean I was expecting him to go crazy on this shit this property was one of his when it comes to bars this property was one of his best songs you know I'm sayin we gonna keep it a honey that was probably one of his best songs he did his thing on this shit you know what I mean but on yeah man it's a lot of shit a lot of shit that's goin on that in this song that he was talking about you know saying he was talking about social media shit you know I'm saying people copying other people man just be yourself man just just stand up for who you are as an individual you know what I mean don't try to copy somebody else away and shit like that you got I mean ain't nothing wrong with following nobody but shit stay true to who you is yo I'm saying and that's what I stand for but um I appreciate your last one you're rocking with me I'm a coming up with more reaction videos in the future I see always requested out in the comment section you don't I mean if you want if you want me to react to a certain different video leave it in the comment section down below and I'm gonna get around to it I got shot boy you already know what time it is TJ white game man we strong you know I'm saying wheel it brought told y'all we deliver sweida lit esteem on YouTube you know what I mean we are to let this team on YouTube so if you new to the channel bro hit the subscribe button and go crazy bro you know I'm saying but um I appreciate every last one yah I came over here and subscribe bro we're on the way to 1k and I'm gonna keep grinding I'm gonna keep pushing out these videos one on one online you know I'm saying right on top of each other and we gonna keep your shit going man let's get it bro yeah

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