Lil Dicky: BEST Verses

Hey guys, CDTVProductions here, and today
in Best Verses we will be looking at Lil Dicky, the man with the most advertised friendly
name in the rap game. Thanks for that one Dicky. Now recently he has released Freaky
Friday, and even though it was fun, and I do like the song, it had a kinda weak and
poorly structured verse from Dicky. I mean the rhymes weren’t even there, but it made
me think, what are Dicky’s best verses? Well today I’ll be sharing with you what
I think the best ones are. Remember you can subscribe to my second channel, CDTVThaG where
I do music reactions, and this is CDTVProductions, and let’s get right into this video. Clip: Lil Dicky “Bruh…” Now a decent amount of the focus on Professional
Rapper was the comedy tracks, but here is one of the straight up displays of rapping
talent on that album. Dicky always likes to display that he actually can rap, and isn’t
a joke, and this is one of the best tracks to show this. It has a completely ridiculous
rhyme scheme at parts of it, and the wordplay is really nice here too. I especially thought
the “I take chickpea and smash, I call it hummus” line was really creative. Also,
“your X coming next like a W do” was cool as well. This whole thing is rapped over a
beat that is entirely percussion, so all the focus is really on what Dicky is saying, and
he does lay down some dope bars here. Clip: Lil Dicky “White Crime” I think all 3 verses on this song are pretty
good, so I had to listen to this song a couple times before I could really choose my favorite.
The idea of certain crimes being classified as White Crimes is pretty hilarious, and the
fact that Dicky is so straight faced with his delivery makes it all the better. I chose
the initial verse, simply because this is mainly intended as a comedy song, and this
verse had the most lines that made me laugh. I can also say, I can kinda relate as I’ve
taken part in these *despicable* crimes such as stuffing snacks into your pockets to sneak
them into a cinema and I have joined some WiFi without permission before. Absolutely
reckless, I know. Clip: Lil Dicky “We Made It Freestyle” I think this song is a good mix between comedic
Dicky and lyrical Dicky. He raps this over the beat for We Made It, which is a song by
Drake, but who cares about him because the other person originally on this song was the
one, the only, Big Soulja. That’s instantly scores it points. Dicky hits some great flows
here, and often goes for the triplet flow here, whilst referencing the fact he’s using
it in his lyrics. It’s also pretty entertaining when you listen to what he’s saying in his
ad libs, it’s pretty damn funny. Like I said, this one is just a nice middle ground
between Dicky spitting and having fun with his bars. Clip: Lil Dicky “Attached At the Hip” Now you might be saying, why is this here,
this song is just a d**k joke in the most literal sense. And you’d be right in saying
that, but I still think it’s a really amusing verse, and I do enjoy it. The concept of this
song is Dicky arguing with his actual d**k about who is responsible for his premature
ejaculation. I think this was executed as well as it could have been, and I like how
Dicky managed to write a conversation between himself and his Lil Dicky into this verse,
with Dicky rapping in his normal voice and using auto tune to personify his d***s voice.
I think it’s just fun, and somewhat creative, and on top of it’s hilarious that he managed
to make this sound so emotional. I think it’s pretty damn good. Clip: Lil Dicky “Really Scared” And after that, we’re gonna move onto something
that was actually emotional lyrically as well as sonically. It’s not too often that you
really get to see Dicky’s deeper side, so it makes it pretty special when you do see
it. In this track he covers his worries with blowing up in the rap game. He’s so competitive
that he’s happy to be achieving his dreams, but he’s also worried that this is making
him more distant from family and friends. This message is delivered so well in this
second verse, where he also questions what will happen if he doesn’t make it. He’s
invested so much time into it that it won’t be worth it if he doesn’t succeed. It’s
pretty touching and it’s delivered with some great rhymes and flows to top it off. Clip: Lil Dicky “Russell Westbrook On A Farm” I think I can comfortably say, this is THE
best Lil Dicky verse that he’s rapped to this date. My god, is it good. Here Dicky
raps a single verse over 6 minutes of the instrumental for Pound Cake by Drake, and
he spins a pretty cool story. He uses the analogy of Russell Westbrook on a farm as
a metaphor for Dicky’s own career. The general idea of the story is that Russell has a farm,
and he’s a really great farmer. He continues with the farm for a long time, but eventually
stumbles across a basketball court when he’s out for a ride on his horse. He starts playing
and finds out he’s pretty good, and keeps going and going with it, until he eventually
makes it into the big leagues. He’s ecstatic when he gets there, but still reminisces about
where he came from and his past. It’s pretty easy to see how this story parallels Lil Dicky’s
beginnings and rise in the rap game, and it’s told so incredibly well. It’s got some absolutely
excellent rhyming and the fact that almost each line makes sense and contributes to the
story makes it ten times better. If you haven’t heard this, listen to it now. I hadn’t heard
it until recently, and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t Dicky’s best verse so
far in his career. (Outro)

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