Lauren Daigle: Look Up Child

-Making her late-night debut, performing the title track from
her new album, “Look Up Child,” please welcome Lauren Daigle. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ ♪ -Oh, where are you now? ♪ ♪ When darkness seems to win? ♪ ♪ Oh, where are you now? ♪ ♪ When the world is crumbling? ♪ ♪ Oh, I ♪ ♪ I, I hear you say ♪ ♪ I hear you say ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Oh, where are you now? ♪ ♪ When all I feel is doubt? ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Oh, where are you now? ♪ ♪ When I can’t figure it out? ♪ ♪ Oh, I ♪ ♪ I, I hear you say ♪ ♪ I hear you say ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up ♪ ♪ You’re not threatened
by the war ♪ ♪ You’re not shaken
by the storm ♪ ♪ I know you’re in control ♪ ♪ Even in our suffering ♪ ♪ Even when it can’t be seen ♪ ♪ I know you’re in control ♪ ♪ Oh, I ♪ ♪ I, I hear you say ♪ ♪ I hear you say ♪ -♪ Look up child ♪
-♪ Oh, I ♪ ♪ I, I hear you say ♪ ♪ I hear you say ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ -♪ I hear you say ♪
-♪ Whoa, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ -♪ I hear you say ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ -♪ I hear you say ♪
-♪ Hey, yeah ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ -♪ I hear you say ♪ -♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ -♪ I hear you say ♪ -♪ I hear you,
I hear you calling my name ♪ ♪ Ohh ♪
-♪ I hear you say ♪ -♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up child ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Look up ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s awesome! Great!
Thank you so much. Lauren Daigle!
How great is that?! That’s how to do it right there!
“Look Up Child” is out now.

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  • Savannah Shenouda says:

    Rn I'm listening to her song O Lord on 91.9 while watching love her and her songs and their meanings

  • Coach Keish says:

    Love it!

  • Ed 007 says:

    No different than Amy Grant who failed the christian circle. Christians need to have one of their own but Lauren has a mixed message for most christians — which side of the fence is she on, the world or me? She seems to be picked on by christians because they see confusion and don’t like it. Again, Amy Grant did the same thing and time will reveal the truth

  • katie Gonzalez says:

    Thus idea that pointing out when someone is doing wrong is "judgment". As Christians we should be able to help eachother not become manipulated by the world when they say are sins are good. We need people to bring us back to scripture when we start falling for lies.

  • Dakota Donkin says:

    They say cardi b is queen…? Psssh get that sihh out of here.. make room for Queen Lauren!! 💯

  • DW 001 says:

    Who cares about negatives. All shout out all blessings and honor to the God of heaven and earth 🙌🏽👑

  • Eugenio says:

    Note to the 'Christian's here: I hope you realize that you criticizing her will only make her stop doing Christian Music. I am not Christian, but really like Laurie and am glad that she shares a tolerant Christianity, the only kind there should be, that can and is for everyone.

  • Tamika Smitt says:

    I love you Lauren

  • Azalea Z71813 says:

    AWESOME! 😎✝️🔺🦉

  • Hit Marker says:

    A Proud Christian singer 😁 👌

  • Mr. person Person says:

    So glad lauren is making her way around

  • A. Beckwith says:

    Fab, oh yeah

  • wutsmilingeyes says:

    Instead of what the comments are saying… let's just listen to the words…. "Look up child", let's not look at what's not of God.

  • Jenny Jones says:

    Well she has changed alot since the first time I seen her 3 years ago.. I think she may be losing the direction in which she was called 🙁

  • p jones says:

    Love it. Keep it up❤🥰💙🤩💚😍

  • p jones says:

    Sing it😍

  • Nanci Carrasco says:

    She is soooooooo inspiring God has used her in AMAZING ways❤❤❤

  • wheeler 22 says:

    Nice Christian song and very conservative clothing

  • Sarah Stewart says:

    One of her greatest hits by far. Praise the Lord!😍

  • R. Nagarya says:

    EVERY SINGLE SONG on this album is top notch.,no wonder she won the Grammy

  • Minnesota Wild fan says:

    God bless

  • Chrissy Ann says:

    If it takes her going on a talk show to share something positive about Christ. That's a blessing. Maybye someone was needing to hear that.

  • d d says:

    I like you songs Lauren. God-bless you for all of your song and I will l pray for you Every day. Lillie

  • Za Ne says:

    The LORD GOD has given His children discernment… 😇

    Let's include Lauren Daigle in our prayers. God bless you LD. 🙏🙏🙏☝

  • Karla Fox says:


  • Ivonne Torres says:

    I love the song

  • Suane Santos says:


  • James and Cheray Lucas says:

    AWESOME ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • SKIP Davis says:

    Amazing!!! Great video…

  • Don Oldwell says:

    She’s clearly not a Christian

  • Marwa Namouchi says:

    I like her style

  • Agape Habte says:

    So proud ❤️❤️🤷🏽‍♀️🥵

  • Acorda Brasil Pensa says:

    Me encanta como cantante.

  • Terry Taylor says:

    Too Look Up is to Understand and to Understand is too Look Up,so…….." Look Up Child",So Amazingly Done Lauren Daigle


    you are great Lauren Daigle

  • Jesus is the way says:

    May God bless your amazing works Lauren! I am so happy that you are able to spread about God to the world through your music!!! God bless you and have a blessed day!!

  • Jesus is the way says:

    Thank you Jimmy for letting her be on the show! 🙂

  • Margareth gurgel says:

    I love her songs! Go deep in our hearts.

  • Patrícia Jesus says:


  • Randi Gut says:

    I love you Lauren Daigle ..& thank God for bringing u to us here on the earth, thank you for all u do…. the dark hours are now when i recognize God's peaceful love & presence most …he's always there, & having been face to face often I can recognize it very quickly as well, so I never fear the (unknown of) darkness but run straight at it with love & a peace in my heart – my soul …

  • Jonathan Smith says:

    I love seeing musical artists like Lauren Daigle who are Christian who speak love to non Christians and Christians alike in their songs. They glorify the Lord by singing hope to people in general in a Biblical perspective and don't make it a worship song with Christian words but use language that non-Christians can relate to. In her body language and attitude and facial expressions she truly demonstrates what the peace and joy of the Lord is like…Lauren Daigle you are a bright light among the darkness! Thank you!!!

  • Kelli & Randy #therankelproject #hammash Arrowood says:

    Rolling stone

  • João says:

    God is amazing! ❤

  • Ivonne Torres says:

    I wish I can meet you

  • Jada Morgan says:

    I’m so glad I got a chance to meet you yesterday❤️

  • M Renderos says:

    If she can’t stand firm that Jesus Christ is God in flesh and keeps dancing around the truth I can’t support her any longer.

  • perera Nimesha says:

    Your my favorite singer your songs bring me more closer to Lord 💗 Girl ur blessed 🙏 Love you so much and God bless you more

  • Lalhruaii Tluangi says:

    love you Lauren ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • John Hollins says:

    Praise God! For Lauren Daigle!

  • VortexGaming 008 says:

    we’re are you now I here you say look up child

  • DeDona1 says:

    I don't call myself a Christian. I used to but it turns out that too many Christians are some of the most judgmental hypocrites you will ever meet. I try to follow Jesus and will never allow another so called Christian to have any influence over what I think. She is a terrific singer following her dream. Many people are jealous

  • kaylah serke says:

    Show the spirit of God girl. I love this song

  • Criselflor Malait says:

    Oh I thought "crab mentality" is only in my culture-Philippines, it's a universal issue and always the matter of the heart.
    I'm starting to like Lauren, her passion and her heart lead her to follow the final command of Jesus, I think we should do the same.
    Christians should also must seen in midstream media, that's the way we tell the world about our Christ.
    God bless us all.

  • Evan Schoenle says:

    Its so sad these unbelievers and satan trying to take her away from God.

  • Lori Ann Warren Stephenson says:

    Thank you for reminding me

  • Sara Banks says:

    Lauren's voice is unique like her style as well as how she has chosen to share the Love of Christ to the world. Girl, do your thing & we will support you because the blessings are in the message!

  • JJ says:

    Hope she doesn’t go secular.

  • Christian Recindus says:

    Her voice is so strong

  • Christian Recindus says:

    Thank you Jimmy

  • mmichellee _ says:

    saw her live last night . amazing woman

  • Dionne Dene says:

    Love her music

  • lolo friend says:

    Well that's not what I was expecting from the comments

  • Grace Chica says:

    Why is she dressed like a whitch? Like a tarot card reader? Like a psychic? This lady is not a christian. Every True christian with descerment would know.

  • Cryslynn says:

    She's losing focus. World is getting in too much. I pray you come back to the Lord before it gets to bad.

  • maya F says:

    Juste formidable pour Jésus. Que Dieu soit loué pour cette magnifique voix.

  • séverine dupont says:

    tu est un vrais rayon de soleil qui illumine mes idées sombres………………..

  • Kim min yang miku says:

    Luv u Lauren 💖💖

  • Cynthia Summers says:

    I love that Lauren Daigle is not limiting her music and encouragement to believers only. Jesus wants to seek and save the lost! Get it sis, reach them, those that are far off with a message of hope and the light of love!!

  • King G says:

    Love me some #LaurenDaigle God bless you!

  • G. AL Ang says:

    Her blouses just look so beautiful and her voice, well.. coudn't describe, it is flawless and well…one of the best vocals.

  • Linda James says:


  • S R says:

    Was is everyone talking here bout Jesus?

  • A-Roadie says:

    Y’all just need to go watch @Marcus Rogers vid over this it makes way more sense then her “spreading Christianity” “being more open and hippy” like what the crap don’t you see what’s going on? First Ellen now this?! Wow if this is what Lauren calls herself Christian about she needs a new path.

  • Nathaniel Shayne Tagilala says:

    I want to perform on GMA….please Lauren team make it happen..

  • Jose Adoni says:

    I like this song and i like Lauren Daigle

  • Talitha Aires says:

    Quem veio pela Rapha Gonçalves da Dunamis?

  • Talitha Aires says:


  • Talitha Aires says:

    Música lindaaaa

  • David Fulton says:

    Blessings 🙏❤️🎶

  • Bill De Jesus says:

    God ( ABBA- Father) is in JESUS ( the Son, the LIFE, THE TRUTH and The WAY) and in the Holly Spirit ( Paraclet, Councelor who Jesus promised to send to His disciples and Holly people). God is in The Gods WORD inspired by Holly Spirit and recorded in the BIBLE. ( so we can read it and reflect upon it and live by it). 10 commandmends are important. God is in people hearts, when they are clean, sincere and not polluted by SIN. God is and hears when we PRAY to Him and in Catholic Sacraments : Babtism, Conffesion due to rependance, EUCHARIST, Affirmation etc. God is in spiritual LOVE called Agape ( don't mix it with sexual or romantic one).

  • Armen says:

    I have been suffering from mental illness for 26 years. I have Manic
    Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Schizophrenia since age
    15. I am 41 now live at home with my parents and nothing has changed
    after 40 medications and 20 side effects. I have had 3 suicide attempts
    life has been garbage for many years. Ok I was blessed with a good mom
    and dad and over all family around me. So Ive been asking God to heal
    me then I realized these are 3 disorders that have no cure and are long
    life lasting conditions. I mean Im a zero of everyone is a 8 and no
    ones a 10. God as gotten me out of sticky situations but my emotional
    and mental and physical suffering has not changed. So WTF is God
    waiting for wheres Jesus,, I love him soo much, I don't like God very
    much cuz he has done nothing for me conditions. I just listen to these
    Contemporary Christian songs and that is where I get my kicks from.
    Anyhow I have now realized Jesus nor God will ever make me feel better
    or perform a miracle and cure my three illnesses. Prayer has done
    nothing. God is in control I guess and his will for my life is
    suffering and more suffering and more suffering. I wish I could get
    healed live a good 40 more years then die and go straight to hell.
    Rather then suffer for another 40 years then go to heaven. Very sad,
    very sad. God is a bunch of BS IMO at this point in my life. Also why
    did my cousins die 2 in car accident and another who got MS and went
    blind and couldn't move eventually he died after couple years suffering.
    So I guess his plan was for him to suffer with MS then go blind and
    die and watch their parents at the funeral suffer. Sorry but at this
    point Im just messed up to much. God has let me down greatly and so has
    Jesus and his super human powers to heal me. 🙁

  • Mary smith says:

    Is that a moon symbol she is wearing on her chest?? Just wondered if anybody recognized that??

  • Henry Cruz says:

    The guitar player is my neighbor, lolz.

  • Joan L says:

    Lauren Daigle is the perfect mix of Adele and Audra Day. Beautiful song, but You Say is. OUTRAGEOUS…just beautiful!

  • Reina Cruz says:

    I'm from the Caribbeans and her song has a tune, dress attire & all goes very according to the type of music she is interpreting. Calypso style. I luv her variety of music style. As for who gets the glory for her talent it all belongs to the Lord and Lauren surely demonstrates it in feeling & interpretation. Our Lord is a Lord of many talents and gifts which he sets on who He desires. He owns the skills, strategies & boldness that we have when we use them. All her songs have a message, its like she preaches when she sings & u can feel how the Holy Spirit lifts u up when u most need it. Look in to your heart and ask the Lord what are u doing with the talents he has given u. Are u hiding them or just using them to point at a fellow Christian. Have you ever stood up in a public place to tell everyone that Jesus is our Savior. Well Lauren is standing with boldness in a place that maybe its not a church and telling others that they to shall be able to look up and seek His face.

  • Amber Clark says:

    Love this!

  • Martin Barrera says:


  • Min. rotea8 says:

    Just like adele voice… Love it

  • Pablo Tzoc says:

    I mean Lauren diagle just don't forget bout God the one that gave u that pretty voice

  • Natalie Kay says:

    What would Jesus do?

  • Chingte Tonsing says:


  • DevilTaehyungs says:

    Her spirit omg god bless her 💗 I am grateful that I found her

  • Kathryn Klefsaas says:

    Love u girl thanks for breaking thru and sending God's message

  • soraya cardoso says:

    BRASIL 🇧🇷

  • Nathan Laird says:

    No need to worry, friends. Live from her concert a few days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-RxflZoaIU

  • The Barber says:

    Jesus is the only way to salvation she wont say it so i will

  • Talia Steve says:

    Kris the flashbacks are a lot

  • Thulile Balabyeki says:

    Bless this beautiful woman with such a beautiful voice 😉

  • Helena Arruda Ramos says:

    God bless you!! 😍😍

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