June of 44 – Of Information and Belief

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  • someone living says:

    where did everyone go

  • Utku Kahraman says:

    Kaliteli müzik dinleyen tek Türk'üm amk

  • BillyxRansom says:

    The intro is the best thing in the world

  • Penthodubz says:

    Piccolo viaggio nel passato… 20 anni!!

    E rieccoli in Itala:
    26 maggio @ Afrobar/Catania
    28 maggio @ TODAYS18 (preview ufficiale)-Spazio211/Torino
    29 maggio @ Locomotiv/Bologna
    30 maggio @ Evol/Roma

  • Utku Kahraman says:

    bu grup yeni bir core türüne yön vermiş fakat tutmamıştır. Şimdi ise tarihe çökülüşünü görüyorum. 🙁

  • KNLHDxxCOExx says:

    What the fuck is this shit

  • Simon Bremner says:

    I can't believe that it's now 16 years ago, that I saw these guys play in Melbourne. Scharin wearing those Nikes, looked as if he'd be as good a basketballer as he was a drummer.

  • Danielle Santiago says:

    this is like the most relaxing song iv'e ever heard…. i go to sleep with this song !!!!!!!!!!!

  • F. Hawk says:

    Sorry for one minute my head went back to 1989 and when I wanted to know something I didn't just type it in on google. Needless to say, I now know what Math Rock is and I like it.

  • F. Hawk says:

    what is math rock?
    Ever heard of Lucid Rivers?

  • WafflesInTheHouse says:

    Volta do Mar, Tera Melos, Tanooki Suit, Tortoise, Don Caballero

  • Sam Randazzo says:

    Mueller of Rodan went on to form June of 44, so yes, there is a bit of influence there.

  • Unwound says:

    very much like rodan…

  • Reggie Postlethwaite says:

    SAME for me.

  • Uncle John says:

    This song always makes me tear up. To me, its a look back at the time with my friends discussing the future. I still pray that our plans come true

  • Ern Esto says:


  • fastcanoe says:

    Oh. Fuck. Yes.

  • Shrouded In Dust says:

    This is one of my favorite songs. Ever. I can't think of any other song that makes me feel the way this song does.

  • hustache yannick says:

    @andrearot + Hella, Don Caballero, Codeine, Slint, Rex, Liars, Built To Spill, Fugazi, Bitch Magnet, 3 Mile Pilot, Mount EErie (ex Microphones) , Chinese Stars, Enablers, Books Of Knots,…

  • THE channel says:

    @andrearot hmm check out these bands: My Brightest Diamond, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dance Gavin Dance, The Microphones, Circulatory System, Daniel Johnston, Beat Happening, Fifth Column, Poison The Well, Linda Perhacs… i dont normally listen to alternative but there are a lot of great bands, and thats cool(: what instrument do you play?

  • THE channel says:

    @andrearot haha alright, makes sense, don't worry my italian isnt that good either haha, thanks for uploading this, june of 44 is really amazing

  • THE channel says:

    @andrearot very cool of you to post these but no offence, whats with your grammer on your comments? lol

  • evlgenius09 says:

    I got this song on a disc of "independent projects" by the band members in maybe 1999 at the Middle East in Cambridge, Ma….thanks for posting it, parts of it have been echoing in my mind for nearly 2 decades.

  • yrureadingthisname says:

    @SmashedUpFetus Regerhay vxbnhfjeiy fgnafngnfb bab fgnfgnfan. Fhmsmsgms? Afgagnafgn! Sgnfhnshfnsm mngbab!!! Fhnshfns…

  • yrureadingthisname says:

    @SmashedUpFetus shut up.

  • yrureadingthisname says:

    great 5/4 grooves!

  • paul boggan says:

    a minor forest…were they louisbville….if not they fit right in..all quality shit…..

  • JayWhy Kelly says:

    for real, let music such as this just exist as it is. There is no need to say this band owes its sounds to this or shares qualities with this..who gives a fuck? All that shit is pretentious as hell…

  • redconspiracy says:

    at some 90day men songs – I can remeber is june of 44 also mentioned… are there any real connections?

  • redconspiracy says:

    how does this band relates to 90 day men / lichesn / battles and so on???

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