July 17 Rapture WARNING-philosophy and empty deception

god bless everybody on YouTube I'm just kidding Facebook and periscope going right now oh my goodness I gotta put the titles up forgive me for just a moment following the leading of the Lord this morning sort of an unusual title but very very right on for the day that we are living in for the day that we are living in and that is an unbelievable hour and day that we are living in for sure we know that the Lord is coming very very soon I was up quite a bit in the night we are having to get a different place to store our videos for the Roku television so so that is what we were doing my son was helping me and trying to find the best price points for that because nobody will let you keep your videos stored for free that just does not happen so everything is a cost and we were still trying still looking for the best best place to house the videos that we make for our tech person that then takes them off of the place that we store them and converts them into the specific files for the Roku television so a lot of technical stuff in the night and all through the night I was praying and seeking the Lord good morning Cindy god bless you Jonny god bless you haven't seen you very soon I haven't seen you in a little while maybe I have missed it the Lord is oh my goodness I'm getting chills already Wow I saw you in the house – Jackie I want to say hi joey-lynn god bless you you're on my heart I've been praying for you Thank You Terry for being a Hillar and dave and christine and randy and deborah oh my goodness what a family we have such a blessing I'm still going through decisions of myself oh I want to be a blonde if I want to be a brunette so I'm just laying out until I get it together in my heart talk to Diane she wants me to be blonde everybody wants me to be brunette and I don't know what I mean I like it all so anyway did I put that up I think I did not sure if I did but there is that gonna be going through Colossians chapter 2 and a couple of scriptures that the lord god bless you Marie also I want to say that I want to do specific telecasts also for Facebook because I really feel bad about not being able to see hmm live the comments that you guys on Facebook are commenting and I want to specifically pray for your needs and also those on periscope because there's people on every platform so I'm still going to probably simulcast to the other outlets but I'm going to be focusing on different outlets because on different whoever's on the different platforms for those times and I think that's the best way to do it also I want to be making some different kinds of post edited broadcasts I was working on music also around six o'clock last night have my music studio all set up and so hey Lena god bless you so I was just seeking the Lord on what he wants to do with music so a lot of things going on behind the scenes and so that's why I'm not visually together early in the morning right now I don't want to look at myself right now in the morning let alone have anybody else look at me so I may do my visual broadcasts in the evening I want to do some evening broadcast just to let you guys know that are interested I want to keep on the prophetic and the healing and the music that's really what I'm feeling impressed because times are very crazy that we're living in God Bless You Beverly so Oh Sima says I saw you in my dream you were praying at the dream wow you know this is what just blows me away I getting so many chills I don't know if you guys are but I'm getting such chills in the morning so anyway I just wanted to say I realize night time in California might not be good for you and I don't have a clue what time but I just know that in the evening I'm like more awake but many nights I am up past midnight working on the ministry and so whatever if you're not available to be with us live when we broadcast at nighttime it's okay it's no problem just please email me your prayer requests your praise reports I've been noticing some of the subscriptions are going down on YouTube and I suppose it's because I'm not visually out there I have no idea and I can't let that bother me because God will bring who he wants to and if people you know whatever they're drawn to anyway I just want you to know that I love you and I am going to continue to broadcast but I think the most important thing that we can bring forward is the Word of God because that is what's going to keep us grounded not on some philosophy or empty deception is what the Lord jumped leaped out in my spirit with regarding people that are saying that God just showed a couple of people that the rapture was going to happen on July 17th or 18th or whatever day they're saying I don't I don't even follow these things but of course you hear briefly about it because everybody's making a deal about it and then of course handmaiden of God she put out hey just hang on because you know get ready to just really hang on to God now and she does now feel the rapture is gonna happen on those days and God didn't tell me what day it's gonna happen and I don't think he would be so selective to show one or two people and then you know I mean what what it I don't see that in the Bible I just don't see it I take the Bible the Bible is the Word of God to me and that is what I cleave to and I pray that's what you cleave to also good morning Randy Lisa it's noon in West Virginia oh I'm praying for your weather in West Virginia I want to say some specific videos I want to speak about the weather I want to speak about different topics so if there's a topic that you're struggling with like this morning I saw the most horrific video that just broke my heart and forgive me but I just had to sit there and watch about 20 minutes of this lady that just lost her son to suicide because of she called it ticks or something where the face would you know and I guess her son had several issues you know mental this is a these are like mental things and so my heart just broke because she's in such a dark place and so I want to speak to people that are going through depression that are gone you know many different topics that I want to pray with the people that are going through these things on I just feel it's so shallow to somebody that only speaks about well everybody's gonna be a millionaire and here's prosperity and they're so uppity that there's no other side of the people that are really hurting the people that are going through hell the people the children like Randy shared with me an article I haven't even got to read the whole thing but it was like God just showed up miraculously and saved all of these two children all of these children it was amazing it was just amazing and the guys I guess the husband this was in I can't even remember what country but anyway Lily says working and listening from my work – god bless you Lily anyway my heart and I'm getting constant chills saying this stuff but I just want to tell you the Lord has been so heavy on me so happy heavy heavy the presence of God the anointing of God it's been unbelievable even though the devil has been fighting and trying to take us off of roku because you know of okay well it's gonna you know what are you gonna do now you have to get off of that you know you have to find somebody else to host your videos so what does God not always take us through Nigeria randy says I wish if you would call just for a moment Randy and share with for like five seven minutes on that story would you do that Randy that was the most amazing encouraging thing and then I want to get into the word what the Lord has so give me a buzz Randy I'm gonna let you call me and share that briefly would you please with the family online because it was it was like when all hell breaks loose but here is God and all of these people I don't want to spoil it I want to let Randy share that and I know Randy's gonna call Randy's gonna call or I can call Randy because the we are a few moments behind I keep forgetting Randy I'm gonna call you Randy I'm gonna call you Randy I'm gonna call you Randy I'm calling you I bless you would you share with everyone wonderful story I want you to slow down Randy and I want you because the audio from the telephone to my microphone on my desk I want to make sure everybody gets each word and sometimes on the telephone when you're on the speaker on my cell phone the people you know I've listened back and so we just want to make sure that you the people hear every word welcome along attacked the group and captured 76 of them and took them back to their camp the Christians were tortured for male leaders the four male leaders were told they must deny Christ and return to Islam or they would be shot the four refused and were shot dead in full view of the rest of the group a week later the four winners of the dead man were told they must renounce their Christian faith or their children would be shot they were given time to think over the choice and as they hide together that evening they're very excited children came running in telling their mothers that Jesus had appeared to them and told them all would be well Jesus been appeared to the whole group of 70 to control the not to fear for he would protect them he said they should not renounce him but should stay strong and that he is the way the truth and the light the next day the four mothers gave her decision to the militant they would not deny Christ so the terrorists prepared to shoot the children who were lined up against the wall oh my god just picture that Randy just pictured the mothers what the mothers were going through seeing their young kids against a wall and they had given it all up I mean and we sit here in America and complain about the stupidest things screaming snake they fled the scene and some are then also drop dead break them in there one of the Christian men reached for the gun of a dead militant but the four-year-old put her hand on his August oblem and said you do not need that you do not need to do that she said can't you see the men in the white fighting for us and to service that's the incident remarkable incident beating cry face to face hearing him speak and experiencing this miraculous deliverance these lures continue to excel and faith so read out one more time slowly that last sentence okay meeting Christ face to face hearing him speak and experiencing his miraculous deliverance these believers continue to excel in faith what what a story go ahead Randy and white unleash snakes and soil I just have chills with you reading this what are your thoughts Randy I you know nothing about the ages because you always hear the Lord many people many people you know I just think it's yet again the Lord thing I'm as real as real gets you know I can do anything it doesn't matter what the odds are what it looks like do not renounce me but just you know know that everything everything is fine you will be protected so I think you know someone experiencing that is just like when we were believing for something when we play and we see it happened to the letter and the causes our faith to jump imagining what this does being face to face with Jesus hearing them speak to you and seeing that which he did to keep evil from being able to achieve its goal so I mean these people they're saying it's must be just through the roof after this they I'm sure they I'm sure they feel and know that no evil cannot because of that which in which they witness and that which basically increased within them so they literally have the faith you know of Jesus I believe then if they don't have it fully of Jesus I don't know how you wouldn't at that point but their faith bottom line has greatly increased that's just the most and this just happened for those that are just now tuning in there was a horrific thing that happened in Africa on roughly in the middle of july 2019 right 2424 unbelievable and you see how that why isn't stories like this on national christian television networks I mean if somebody could you imagine would have had a camera a telephone and they could have filmed I mean I look for you know something like that if that was on you know and all anyone has to do I want to ask Lena is having trouble understanding because the sound noise I think in oh I see II noise so I don't know why but I that's why I say it's either on my end that I have to move the mic further away or it's just the fact that a cell phone is not the greatest connection whatever it is Alena yes if you have the link to that Randi or if you don't if you do maybe you can paste that in the chat possibly I don't know if you can or not or just if you could uh I think I can because you on my end here I don't know either I've got right now I've got so many windows open right now because of my because of technical things that we've been doing and we have to leave up all these other places that we're looking for how place to house all the videos so yes no it's for the video files the mp4 jars trio for I forget they're all but they're basically mp4 is but you and I can talk about that at another time I don't know anything about that but we'll talk about that or the the story again was what is the title of the story so people could do a search on hair is long I believe was that make sure Lena says it's better now so praise God testimony of men and white Unleashed makes the foil is say that again slowly soil testimony of man in white unleashing snakes to foil in Islamist terror upon women and children ok God reports is who you want to look for the report is that the only one that reported this story I wonder where the sign is Michael Ireland from God reports and I wonder where this God reports in this Michael Ireland I haven't done any research on them where they come from where they're based from how they got this story because that's where I always continue to go to the root go to the root ok that's so this is something because we have to really be careful you know it's a wonderful sounding story and I'm sure it's probably true but you and I don't positively know you know what I mean but like why would the devil put out a story like that anyway that's why you know I thought I was reading it and I'm like look you know I'm not trying to check you know sources and also yeah but as far as I was able to get like I said reports and just in reading you know it does you know it does go online with with what Jesus did in the Bible anyway with Jesus or God and it caused people to give up the ghost no faith in it now and the fact of you know seeing snakes or you know you know attacking their heads or something you know do anything using anything and anyone so that's one so do you find something out you know I'll see if I can dig a little man Thank You Randy alright I'm gonna bring forth the word here a little bit second Colossians 2 you are built up in Christ so I'll let you go Randi so there's not going to be a problem with any audio possibly you never know how things thank you thank you talk to you soon okay I want to bring forth a little bit of this word that I was feeling that we are again I want to say Thank You Randi for everything you do and Christine and Dave and and Debra all of the moderators as well as everybody in the house I want to bring forward now what I was feeling led of the Lord and I didn't even play the title because right now I'm just sort of on hold for the Roku TV which is the only reason that I have to really watch that 30-minute mark it you should be not one hour of broadcasting but so for right now we're just going to go with this you are built up in Christ for I want you to know let me bring this up there we go okay and I'm going to make it large so you can see it this is what the Lord was actually bringing up to me was number eight right down there see to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit potato intellectual babble that just like leaped out to my spirit when I was reading and I mean number six right before it therefore you have received Christ Jesus the Lord walk in union with him reflecting his character in the things you do and say living lives that lead others away from sin I know this is not the King James Version but it's so wonderful to me to see a picture when I read this scripture I get and I'm getting chills right now I want to come back to the chat right here so I can stay with you guys and hopefully did you get a package from me Maria and North Dakota no Maria I don't know when you sent it but I did get a package from Las Vegas so I don't know what that was it was too big to even fit in my box so I had to go to the counter to pick it up I don't know what you sent Maria but there was an item that was sent to me from Las Vegas and I have no idea who sent that there was no return address so I always pray before I open up any package and because there is a lot of things out there and we really have to be very careful when you do receive anything in the mail so I am always very careful especially if there's no personal note I have no idea who sends these things you know we have to be very careful and but Maria email me and let me know that way would be good and didn't send it away I'm okay let me go back I want to read the word here let's start at the beginning and let's just read a little bit and then we're going to pray and I would love your input if there is topics that you would like me to make videos about give you my my spiritual opinion my spiritual opinion not my fleshly opinion but what I feel the Lord has shown me about a specific topic or anything if there's something you're going through and you would like me to talk about that you know what how the Lord can help us through that kind of thing or what you know you're you just whatever God has on your heart that's why I'm here I'm here for you guys and I love you and I just want to be edifying to you the only thing I would ask is that you do help spread the videos that's all because that is the way the ministry will grow in every way that I pray we do grow you are built up in Christ for I want you to know how great a struggle I have for you and those believers in Macedonia and for all who like yourselves have never seen me face to face you know this is so true Christine has taken so many hits in Canada because she has prayed she lifts up this entire ministry and everybody in the chat room every day and she and there's an airplane going above now maybe you can hear that I'm sorry if it's offensive because I have the windows open so I have no air conditioning running right now which will keep the sound down anyway I want you to know how great a struggle I have for you and for those believers in Lassiter Atlas Adonia and for all who like yourselves have never seen me face to face we are so strong in the spirit and God is what I wanted to just say that our prayers are so strong that is the strongest thing you have is your prayers in the spirit and so thank you Beverly I'm going to check the chat all of the chat comments as soon as we are done with the broadcast because I want to stay on topic right now somebody is asking about the 17th rapture God has not showed me that but I do have definite opinions myself about that I feel like God would definitely not be selective and only show one or two people and like if it was you know I just have a lot of flags in my spirit about that because this this for many reasons draws attention to specific people and in it's like telephone you know it just spreads like wildfire and to really take it to the Lord yourself and realize no man knows the day nor the hour is what the word says whatever you hear or see always take it to the Lord in prayer and does it line up with Scripture this is the big thing and people will try to use scripture to twist it to what they want everybody to believe you know and and we're not here to you know that is so selfish to begin with just imagine these children in Africa that lost their fathers those forefathers those four different men that had children and wives they are gone in seven right now only the children today are living without their father their earthly father that's so sad we can't just blow that story off like it's over and it doesn't affect us and you know so self-centered to think oh well we're looking that's just like so immature to only think of yourself and think well we're gonna escape what about all the people down here what about all the people down here where is the compassion for the unsaved where is the compassion to say father just let us stay one more day just let us stay one more day where's the compassion I don't think Jesus really wanted to go to the cross right when he did go to the cross he knew that that was his appointed time but I think Jesus would love to stay another 10 years and minister love and all of that but he knew that if he stayed any longer that then you know it would just be like he knew that the devil was gonna try to you know take him out and and he only let that happen Jesus allowed that to happen because Jesus saw the bigger picture Jesus saw the bigger picture just like those father's in Africa those four fathers I can't leave that they saw the bigger picture the bigger picture was you don't get over yourself and live for Christ to die is gain and what are these couple of people running around saying well the raptures coming you know they they just like well we're not going to suffer we're not going to be shot we're just going to go up cuz oh that's so selfish to me there's no empathy in that I I pray for these people but there's so many flags and so this would to me was like the Lord was showing me in this whole thing today is how we cannot be led astray by sensationalism or philosophy an empty deception see that to me is intellectual babble it's empty deception it's philosophy well you know it's it's whatever I just don't feel God in it and if I don't feel God in it if I don't get Holy Ghost chills which is one thing that I thank God he's allowed me to physically feel chills when the Holy Spirit is saying yes Susan that's true yes Susan that's true I've never got chills listening to any of these you know brief part times that I've listened to all the God told me this and it's a secret and and and yet they're public on the whole globe sharing this there's so many things wrong with that so many things okay let's back up let's just read a little bit and get encouraged in the Lord for my hope is that their hearts may be encouraged as they are knit together in unselfish love marlena in Westlake Village on in Thousand Oaks unselfish love that woman has so much love she goes around in her car she's a single mom she trusts God to meet her financial needs every month etc etc etc she's just going day by day trusting God to help her body feel good so she can work to meet her financial needs she's concerned about the 5g because she is living in this condo this apartment is condo that God she's just trusting God well Lord I I have to live here so here am i I'm in your hands just bless me Father anoint my place where I am this is a crucified life I find that very commendable and I will stick like glue with those that write me did say Susan this is my need Susan let's pray together Susan would you set tell me what are you you know give me some counsel what do you see from God I will stick like glue to those kind of people because I know they really are desiring nothing else but God and they are crucified they're not lifting themself up they're putting everything before Jesus and then they're lifting up Jesus they're lifting up Jesus okay let's and they're getting attacked if you are living for Christ you will be attacked you will be attacked this ministry right now is under attack they're trying to take us off a Roku are you kidding me that's not gonna happen we'll just find another provider to put the hosts those videos up those mp4s we will just find another place whatever it costs we God will meet the need God will meet the need and that's why we're searching and searching to find the best you know the least expensive way that we can keep it going okay let's keep reading number four I say this so that no one will deceive you with persuasive but thoroughly deceptive arguments that's another thing people are arguing and there's so much deception on these videos on YouTube I'm just going to say YouTube there is so much deception so much arguments everybody's arguing people need to stop arguing this is not a good witness for Jesus when people are arguing just work out your own salvation with fear and trembling with the Lord yourself and leave it up to God if it's something you don't understand just leave it to God for even though I am absent from you in the body and we are together you and I we're not physically sitting beside each other but what does he say here nevertheless I am with you in spirit delighted to see your good discipline this is what we need is good discipline in our own life we need to be disciplined people we need to study to show herself approved Jackie Jackie on Facebook she does this all the time she studies she studies she studies she has her own life her own family you new challenges she faces every day but she still lives a disciplined life as you stand shoulder to shoulder and form a solid front that is all of us we are forming a a solid foundation we are a solid foundation together in the spirit and to see the stability of your faith in Christ your steadfast reliance on him your unwavering confidence in his power his wisdom his goodness thank you Jesus for everything you give us thank you that you helped us to go through another day accomplish everything we need to do for you in the name of Jesus we just lift it up everything father and we say thank you thank you thank you for your presence thank you for your discernment thank you for your great love over us thank you that you lead us by the steel waters you caused us to lie down and in the face of our enemies father God they will flee from us therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord walk in union with him reflecting his character in the things you do and say living lives that lead lead others away from sin and sin will creep in sin will talk to you every single day well how about this well well you know no one's gonna know well just go ahead let me tell you if you are in the spirit if you are in the spirit and God has put a burden on your heart to pray for a person there's a reason there is a reason let me tell you that having been deeply rooted in him are you deeply rooted in Christ in your father in you the love of your life Jesus Christ though the groom that is coming for us are we deeply rooted with him in him for him nobody else but him I will follow no other because my sheep know my voice and I am following Jesus no one else and now being continually built up in him and becoming increasingly increasingly that means daily we are increasing more established in your faith just as you were taught and overflowing in it with gratitude are we grateful are we saying thank you for the food on our on our table father thank you that we have food that we can ask your blessing over it thank you that we're not we're not in some prison cell we're not standing before a firing squad but we are sitting free thank you for food on our plate see to it that no one and this is where I'm gonna cut it very shortly here and we're gonna pray because it's already almost a quarter till see to it that no one takes your you captive through philosophy because the devil likes to take you captive in any way he can anyway so make sure that you are not taken captive through philosophy what is philosophy that's a big word there's a whole lot that can attach itself to you spiritual wickedness in high places am i saying that it's wrong to for you to think about how the world was created or to think about the way God thinks now there's nothing wrong with that but there is an maneuver the edge of the other side of the fence there's a fine line an empty deception and we know there is empty deception and it is saying here see to it that no one takes you through cap takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit does go hand in hand through philosophy and empty deceit UM's are hand-in-hand if you see one you'll see the other according to the tradition of mere man you see these are traditions they've handed it down from generation to generation to generation to generation and in they come at you and they say well it's been for everybody knows that's true why they believe that since 1200 1200 the Year 1200 no I don't care how many years how many generations if it is anti Korea Christ anti spirit of the God I don't want anything to do with it I don't care if it comes straight out of Egypt and everybody thinks it's wonderful I'm taking the Word of God that's it according to the tradition of mere man following the elementary elementary ski's me principals of this world rather than following the truth the teaching of teachings of Christ for in him all the fullness of deity the Godhead dwells in bodily form completely expressing the divine essence of God thank you Jesus we have access to the divine essence of our God our God our personal God that's with us he said I will never leave you nor forsake you lo I am with you always Joey he's with you always Joey he's in your car Joey he's crying with you and the tears you cry Joey he has a plan Joey he's lifting you up and he is lifting us up and in him you have been made complete Jackie you have been made complete achieving spiritual stature through Christ thank you Jesus and he is the head over all rule and authority of every every angelic and earthly power if somebody tells you this is the devil's world you know what no this is my God's world because he created it he says this is his footstool my God brought his angels and saved those little children the devil did not rule in that and God only has those father's home for a reason we might not know why God allowed those forefathers to go on we don't know the fullness of that reason and we don't have to know we just trust and obey because there's no other way amen and in where am I at number 10 my I'm tearing up I always cry when I read the word and in him because it's so humbling if you really have Jesus in your heart and you love it with all your heart and you're seeking for his word for your life and you need him you need him you see it's the educated people that say we don't need Christ look at our degrees on the wall we don't really need in we have all of that we have our followers we have our Awards sitting on our tables look at the whole music industry just loves us well why do they love you why do they love you you're not serving God if they really love you a lot because there's only a remnant in that industry that really love God and in him you have been made complete achieving spiritual stature through Christ and he is the head over all rule and authority of every angelic and earthly power and he you were also circumcised with a circumcision not made with hands but by the spiritual circumcision of Christ in the stripping off of the body of the flesh the sinful carnal nature do you know sinful carnal Christians do you know him I know a few I know several carnal Christians i would call them carnal christians because i just want to say where is your faith what don't you believe Jesus is going to heal you why do you just push it under a pillow and you don't want to talk about how God can heal you today yes jesus healed when he was here on the earth but he's still healing now and he'll heal you today as for me as for what does that scripture that says whose report will you believe whose report will you believe will you believe the lies of the devil he only came to steal kill and destroy to tear down your faith in him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not made by hands but by the spiritual circumcision of Christ in the stripping off of the body of the flesh the sinful carnal nature having been buried with him do you feel like you're buried with Christ I do I feel like you know what I've died so many times what it's just another time if I die another time it's okay because I'm so used to dying with Christ every single day I have given it all up it's like I had a lot of stuff and I lost a lot of stuff and it doesn't matter when you lose the stuff you find out what's really important anyway when you lose a few of your loved ones and they go to heaven or you don't know where they went because you know maybe they committed suicide like this poor lady that I watched your video my heart just broke I wanted to just jump in and say jesus loves you jesus loves you please don't carry that sorrow full and that sadness thing with you the rest of your life because Jesus just loves you he died for you sometimes you just don't know if you should leave a comment or not sometimes it's just better to pray for people than to jump on their bandwagon and and then people are just gonna hate you anyway that don't even know Christ in there their comments are gonna go oh here you are another fanatic trying to just make a big splash no I'm not another fanatic I just see the pain in that person and it just breaks my heart and I don't want them to carry that thing with them for the rest of their lives because they don't need to let it go let it go leave it in God's hands and realize you are still here for a reason and take that thing which the devil hasn't intended for evil and turn it around Dave right turn it around turn it around Lori's in the house trade around where are we let's finish up here having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him to a new life because that which is born of the flesh is flesh that which is born of the Spirit is spirit let your spirit be renewed he renewed zart renews our minds daily let him let him having been buried with him in Baptism and raised with him to a new life you see let the old life go don't hang on to that old life having been raised with him through your faith in the working of God as displayed when he raised Christ from the dead there was a witness there the Lord was trying to tell us I physically died on the cross but you don't have to I died so you don't have to I just ask you to believe for whosoever John 3:16 whosoever would just believe on me I mean that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe on him should not perish but have eternal life thank you when you were dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh which is the world worldliness manner of life God made you alive together with with with little word big meaning Christ you are alive with Christ he's with you never ever forget that having freely forgiven us all our sins freely unconditionally having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of legal demands which were enforced against us and which were hostile to us and I don't know why that's not scrolling down the rest of it there you can read it on if you want having cancelled out the certificate of debt debt and this certificate he has set aside and completely removed by nailing it to the cross and that's enough that's enough that's enough so let's pray let's pray look at it's 55 it's 5 minutes – can you believe this I don't even look at the clock but God shows me Susan let's pray let's pray so thank you Father God as we pray Laurie is saying San Juan today peace be still San Juan I'm guessing that's a tornado or hurricane or some weathers thing so father in the name of Jesus I just lift up all my family that is watching that is listening wheresoever they be father God you know you see them you've already known that this or that that they're experiencing right now they're going through has already happened you're seeing it from the end to the beginning you see everything you are alpha you are omega I am the beginning I am the end there is nothing new Under the Sun you cannot surprise God you cannot think that I heard somebody talk about that who was it I can't even remember some preacher II said well you know all of these thoughts people say why did God allow bad things if he's still up there well the he was basically saying me try to come up with all these different theologies because they're really angry at God or they're just acting like God didn't know about that he had no clue it was gonna happen are you kidding me are you kidding me the word doesn't say that to me the word says to me I am alpha I am that I am he always was that's so very hard for people to concede he always was like are you kidding some people can't even get that part he always was because people would say well who created God excuse me he always was let's just start there he always was i am that i am i am alpha i am omega i am the beginning i am the end and in the beginning was the word nothing was made without him the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost always was oh that's so hard for people to conceive because they just want to philosophize philosophize it wrong can't say that word they want to they want to lift and puffed himself up they want to believe the lies of the pits of hell that was in the Garden of Eden Eden that came in all people can't understand why was the devil allowed in the Garden of Eden if God is so loving why did he allow that snake in there do you have the answer to that do you have the answer to that I have a few thoughts on that I don't positively know and and there is nobody that positively knows every single answer to all these things in the Bible if you meet somebody let me know because I have never ever found anybody and I've been Allah in a lot of circles I've been in a lot of you know I got friends in high places low places all kinds of places and none of them ever can answer the deep questions all I will say is make sure you're saved that's the bottom line don't try to be a fool ah get into philosophy and you know all of these things keep your life simple that's what the word says just live a simple life and if you can live a simple life minding your own business not puffing yourself up and saying well God told me something special and I'm gonna tell the whole world excuse me excuse me I just don't buy it because I serve a simple God that wants me totally dependent on him you see also this takes away the dependency on God well if God gave somebody else an answer well I'm gonna go run and ask them what else do they see you see how that opens up a can of worms it's like opening up Pandora's box oh the devil loves that one he loves it just come on in what else have what else would you like to know well if you if God told you that what else did he tell you no I don't believe God even told you that I think the devil told you that because the devil is the cleverest evilest thing and you know what he loses he already lost and he's just angry and he's trying to you know that's the oldest trick in the book that you would yeah that's what he told Eve in the garden that you will have knowledge you'll have all the knowledge of good and evil are you kidding me I want to be totally dependent on God because God is the power he is the highest God what Debra in Texas says there is no greater God he is the highest the highest the highest and there is nothing else nothing else amen Janet says we must kneel at the cross and leave it in God's hands I love a simple life I love a simple life father we love you we're so thankful because you say that you your sheep know your voice and those that are seeking after all of these flattering things they're just seeking things because there's they need help they need help father they're not secure in their walk with you and that's why they're seeking out something sensational I pray for them this day father I pray for those that are on the fence post that father you'd get them off that fence post you'd show them you'd warn them in Jesus name and here it is 101 exactly exactly I'm here to serve the body of Christ for whatever it's worth whether it's whatever it is whatever it is I am praying as he's told me to pray that's all I can do because he does it all whatever God is going to do in your life right where you are it's going to be God and we're just here to believe I'm here and those that are in the house are here to believe for your walk with God whatever that is however that takes shape you want the perfect will of God in your life that's all you want believe me you don't want anything less you don't want anything else because there's a lot of things that are less out there there's a lot of other things out there there's a lot of voices and it's a daily Crucified life it's a simple life it's a wonderful life and when you give up all the success you seek after then you will have achieved a great thing the Lord told me many years ago he said then success will come to you you won't have to go to it all we really want is success in Christ we want Christ to look down and smile and say well done thou good and faithful servant well done enter in to the promises of God but things he's prepared for you because he has a blessing today today for each of us as soon as this video ends the rest of your day God has several blessings every time I shut the video off and I go out there's all green lights are all red lights do you notice that when you're in God's will it's like everything works it just click click click boom boom boom and then when you're not supposed to be doing something that you're moving in that direction all red lights happen do you ever notice that it always happens in my life it's like God is right there saying Susan yes or Susan that's a no I know you mean well Susan but I don't want you over there I don't want you in that mall or I don't want you in that I mean and I'm just saying that hypothetically because I hardly ever go in a mall hardly ever I have no reason to I stay home I work on this ministry a lot I work part time out of the house a little bit part time and that's all I do and I take care of my family I live a very simple life I will say this the mantle of Joseph is definitely upon the true believers we are entering into a season now that there's going to be an event and I don't know what it is but I think it's going to be something negative that's going to happen I think it's gonna have something to do with Israel I'm not positive and the Lord is going to keep us from the hour of Great Tribulation he's not appointed us under wrath don't believe that for a minute and people try to twist that and understand that what does that mean does that mean we're going to go before the 7 years during the 7 years after this what does that mean work out your own salvation with fear and trembling the things God wants you to know about let you know he knows your address he knows your spirit he created you he surely knows how to talk to you will you listen is another thing or will you create what you want to hear will you create what you want to hear I'm just here to say make sure you're saved make sure you are saved if you need to rededicate your life do it now don't do it later today do it right now because now is the appointed time today is the appointed time not tomorrow there's no guarantee you'll be here tomorrow no guarantee at all father I thank you for this day now I just love you Lord so much and I pray for everybody everybody that needs a word from you somebody is saying I hear this in the spirit in fact there's several people saying that father I pray that you give them that word for each person it's different father because you created each of us so differently even though we are one in the spirit yet we are like all the hairs on the head every hair is individual there's not one snowflake that's alike one crystal that's alike nothing well no one has the same fingerprint as anybody else anybody else so father I just pray for Laurie thank you Laurie for being here forgive me for not mentioning you with that wrench as one of the dear ones that are helping thank you Thank You Laurie and I want to say um – I'm going to say it again looking for Deborah Romano this and your email address so I mean not your email I have that I've emailed you already send a request for your physical address I need that to get your oil to you please if anybody has Debbie's physical address or have a way to maybe it's a different email address than the one I have cuz this was through PayPal and I just don't know it so I'm praying to hear from you Debbie thank you Father God for everybody in Jesus name I have waves of chills that got through and believing that thank you Father God for Janet thank you for Janet's life father we pray for Janet right now this is what the Lord wanted me to do that I was feeling that I wanted to do and I believe it's the Lord leading me is to take Facebook and also periscope and and do broadcasts for the people in those chat rooms as well because I can't see those until I am done and then I go to those and see what they said and I feel bad about it so I want to take time and look at the chat as I'm broadcasting for each of those other venues father I pray for Janet for everything she needs because everybody has a need I pray for father healing and healing that's like the balm of Gilead is just what I see over you Janet I believe he's just putting his hand over it you know it's sort of funny my daughter got a bad sunburn over the weekend and she's his mother what do I use what do I use in a call well first thing that fell out of my mouth was baking soda baking soda and aloe vera and I know baking soda works for so many things it's crazy all you have to do is make a little paste with it and so I first thing I said I said well do you have any baking soda she says I think so and I said just and she says I'll take a bath with it and and I just want to say Janet thank you Lord whatever it is God is putting his hand which is so much better than baking soda he's putting his hand I just see him wrapping his hands putting both of his hands on you know when you're a mother you cooked your baby and you put both of your hands on their face and you just look at them right in the ice and you just say I love you sweetheart I love you I see it I see it I see it I see it Janet that's what I see that's what I see and that's all I see he's just telling you I love you I'm gonna share a dream because Janet for you I was in heaven one of the times and Jesus was quite a distance away several people were sitting on the floor at his feet listening to him I was watching from a great distance and forgive me somebody's calling right now anyway I was watching from a great distance and I just said oh he'll never see me he's busy he's helping others he'll never notice me at that very second he looked up and his eyes supernaturally zoomed into my face to face with me I was so oh my gosh there's no words to even describe I can't find any English words except I just wanted to cry I just wanted to cry coz he was in my face and he was showing me Susan that the second youth thought it I knew your thoughts before you even thought it and I mean you're I'm in your face and I love you and I know right now right now chant it right now right now Janet right now every time you look up and you think oh he's busy he's got so much to do why am i bothering him with this it's not even that important of a request like Christine Christine in Canada said Susan I wasn't even asking for myself he just did it he just popped my my bone I believe was he just popped it what pop it just happened thank you Jesus thank you Jesus it's the move of God that we hunger for that's all we care about is just the presence of our Lord that we love that we know loves us but just to feel that presence oh Jesus we love you Jesus we love you my hands are just pulsating thank you for the things Dave is going through that you're with him you're with him you're with him in everything everything everything thank you for Kathleen that you're with her you're with her and all of these physical ailments and this too shall pass I so here Lord you allow these things to pass away Oh father God we thank you so much that and this too shall pass and we stand in your glory your glory father I've been so desiring to just make a song about your glory and your presence and the golden wings of your protection your angels their golden wings that are so huge and they just cover us father cover us thank you lord I just want to hold Jesus around his ankles Janet says amen that's all we can do is just followed his feet we just fall at his feet it is the presence of God that is the only thing we need only thing we need only thing we need the blood of Jesus father you're moving right now your glorious light Tyrod says your angels to announce out victory and salvation in the heavens in Jesus name Amen father your glory your glory shine down on us shine on Melissa in Jesus name shine on just like now just like right now hard just like for Lori everything everything everything shower shower shower shower shower for Queen Rena for Queen Rhea shower shower shower shower someone's asking for more more MORE I agree with you for more more MORE and we stand together for more and we look up and we say Oh father God – just touch your hem of your garment as Cindy is saying amen amen for everything in Christine in Canada for her life amen amen we thank you father God we thank you father God we lift you up this day for no weapon formed against us will ever prosper ever ever tender for Jesus whatever is needed we thank you and this too shall pass and joy cometh in the morning and there is a mourning coming there is a mourning coming April there is a mourning coming Randy there is a mourning coming Maria Maria you're so blessed the Lord says I've blessed you with so much thank you Jesus for the Lilith in the name of Jesus everything everything for those that are needing your walk your touch today thank you Jesus thank you Jesus ooh brulée mondo sobre lotta Amish abre Nando sobre lo que de abril oh mama che in the Sobrato thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you chip I can't even put my hand down I can't put my hand down it's pulsating its pulsating thank you Jesus you're great movement is upon the land father as we look up and we say come Lord Jesus come Lord Jesus whatsoever we face we stand with you we stand with you we stand with you in Jesus name Jesus name thank you for Phyllis thank you for Phyllis I'm seeing flowers all around you Phyllis it's so beautiful it's like this little garden and actually I'm seeing a porch a back porch and I was seeing potted beautiful like you know how you'd put a whole bunch of plants on a rack in little circular containers and their clay colored containers and they're just beautiful and they're like a whole bunch of them of all different varieties and it's just like your secret place with God thank you thank you Jesus thank you Lord thank you Jesus thank you father God thank you for everyone thank you for everyone in Jesus name so strong presence of God is so strong I don't know if you're feeling it it's just me I believe you're feeling it cuz I see it I said I see it thank you Jesus thank you cheese Phyllis is saying yes Lord yes yes wow there's like a sweeping of the cloud of glory is rolling in rolling in the cloud the cloud we speak your cloud of glory rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling in it's rolling in it's rolling in it's rolling in it's rolling rolling rolling rolling in on you it's coming in your window it's coming on your carpet on your ground I see it it's coming the cloud of glory the cloud the Holy Spirit that's who it is it is the Holy Spirit coming in coming in Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus the cloud is here the cloud is here the cloud is here the cloud is here the cloud I can't stop it the cloud is here the cloud is here the cloud is here Thabo Sabri mondo so bro baba che non de la douleur Allah say I'm rolling it out the Lord says I'm rolling it out over you Jesus holy holy holy holy holy oh the peace the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit the birds are chirping that birds outside my window recognise his presence Jesus Jesus Jesus oh for Lena Oh for Lena over Lori over Cindy over Queen Jesus heal them Jesus Jesus is I see hands you know there are like if you are incarcerated and they have these straps these you know like when they someone goes to the hospital and they have those restraints they have those leather straps they strap you and the Lord is on taking those off he's unstrapping somebody he's taking them off somebody's getting those those restraints that the enemy has come up against you Jesus is unstrapping those restrict he's taking them off he's setting you free he's setting you free he's setting you free no more no more no more it goes it goes it goes never to come back Jesus Jesus how will you know it you'll know it you'll know it if it's if it's happening to you you'll know it you won't have to ask is that for me you'll know it you'll know it you'll know it you'll know it thank you Jesus your hands will automatically go up and you'll know it how will you know if you're having an experience with God you'll know it you'll know it no doubt no one will have to give you a word you're when you are in the presence of God you know everything you don't even have to ask because you know it that's what in the spirity is that's what it is that is the Spirit of God that is the spirit of a living living living in your life today right now God Jesus thank you Jesus whoa Wow it's okay someone needs to hear it's okay but it's okay it's okay something has been bothering somebody and you're just like well I don't know I don't know and the Lord just says it's okay it's okay something you're pressing him about you're worried about you're concerned about he says stop worrying it's okay I've got it I've got it Jesus is saying I've got it I've got it handled it's okay stop it stop worrying every time you worry you're letting the devil get a foot in the door kick him out push him out of your life shut the door don't let his foot creep in Jesus Jesus Jesus streaming streaming he says I'm streaming I'm streaming I'm streaming and where the presence of God is all evil has to go it has to go it can't stand in the presence of God you see it can't stand it goes it goes it goes and only the presence of God is with you in you through you all around you all around you it can't stand someone is you're wondering is that angels I'm hearing I'm faintly hearing hi Sopranos is that angels is that angels is that angels Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Sabrina's house we just saturate it with your presence Lord saturated Sabrina and Sabrina your sister your sister texted me or emailed something your sister got maybe I can't remember how it was Sabrina but she got a hold of me I think it was on LinkedIn because I'm also on LinkedIn I have thousands of people on LinkedIn constantly people are asking me be my friend I don't even know these people so I pray about everyone but your sister contacted me on LinkedIn and she gave a witness and Sabrina I got to speak life to her thank you Jesus thank you Jesus I don't care how you bring them in Lord we don't care how you do it how you encourage each one we just thank you for it yes she told me Sabrina said Jesus Jesus bring it on Lord bring it on bring it on bring it on I don't even know if she's in America Sabrina I think she's in France isn't she I think she's in France I was like this is the middle of the day and she was live and we were chatting just a little bit on LinkedIn and I thought well I'm driving because I was driving and I just told her I said I'm sorry I'm driving I can't keep doing this cuz I'm driving so god bless your day all I could do you know you can't do that when you're driving and I don't even know if it was the middle of her night because I thought she was in France as I remember you visited her in France yes she is in France so here what was she up in the middle of the night because France for California is like there what several hours nine hours difference I was just like blown away I was like wow God 24/7 you Louvre 24/7 you seek him out 24/7 you bless your people 24/7 in Paris she's embarrassed Sabrina saying yeah thank you Jesus what an awesome God we serve can you you know what that would cost it didn't cost me a thing I was on LinkedIn didn't cost her sister anything she was on LinkedIn and we were just letting the presence of God just flow flow flow it was awesome that's our God that's our God thank you Jesus thank you Lord father I just thank you for this ministry Lord that you've given me to babysit father I thank you for the signs wonders miracles the awesomeness of you constantly confirming Susan I have called this ministry it is mine just do what I tell you to do just keep doing it keep doing it keep doing it keep doing it because the devil can't stand it when you just keep doing it whatever God's called you to do keep on doing it keep on doing it Sabrina keep on doing it you cannot lose you're blessed Sabrina you're blessed you're blessed you're blessed keep on pressing in Lena keep on pressing in and we say in the name of Jesus shut all doors that are out of you and open all doors that are of you Father God push us through push us through with your great love in Jesus name faith love faith love father God we pray for whatever is needed whatever whatever whatever he is showering you faith love faith love he's showering you he is not just trickling it he's showering showering his blessings his favor his grace his love oh the gifts the gifts and his presence his presence that's worth it all it's his presence his presence because if God be for you who can stand against you no body no person no Devils none no body zip zero if God be for you who could stand against you today is July 16th oh everybody's concerned about 17:18 what's gonna happen I'll tell you what's gonna happen Jesus that's what's gonna happen Jesus that's what's always happening in my life is Jesus what's happening in your life today Jesus what's gonna happen tomorrow in your life Jesus what's gonna happen on the 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Jesus that's all that's gonna be happening that's all we need that's all we need is the presence of Jesus Jesus Jesus more of you Jesus Jesus Jesus amen I love you Sabrina has been with this ministry for many years this is one of her places she calls home and I thank you Sabrina for your faithful giving as well because Jesus sees it you cannot outgive Jesus you cannot cannot cannot and we just lift up Sabrina lift up Sabrina awesome things are gonna happen Cindy is saying Amen a then I could just stay on for hours but I better be about the business of my father because to me this is church this is our church time I love you and I am just so in awe of God who else is there to spend our time with better than God nobody and with people that love Jesus amen we're just loving God it's like who we just want to stay in this stay in this who wants to go home and you know that's the way it's gonna be that's the way it's gonna be more and more and more as time goes on just stay in his presence because there will be definite divisions coming and you'll know who is standing this way who's standing that way you'll know there's no doubt in your mind you will positively know thank you lord thank you Father now as we go about our day bless us father to help us to accomplish everything on our plate you've already known is gonna happen today you already know it God is gonna save somebody from a car accident today I just saw that and it's gonna be in an intersection and I see the cars swerving like the back end of the car swerving swerving around and God's gonna save you God's gonna save you let me know let me know of that testimony because that's what your coming out with is a huge testimony and I'm not wishing that on anybody I'm just seeing that and I'm thanking God for His provision His divine protection and his angels and untouched without a scratch is what I see and here I was in a terrible motorcycle accident when I was 17 years old I think the witness that saw me there was two guys and myself and the guy that the first motorcycle guy was a friend of mine for many years and he laid the bike down in the night time and the guy that I was riding on the back seat of stupid-stupid Susan when I was a kid I didn't even ask the kid if he knew how to ride the bike you know drive it or whatever I just got on like a kid like kids do kids do stupid things but I knew that it was going to happen before was going to happen because when we came to the end of the first one of my streets right by me he went to put the brakes on and the and the bike skipped it sort of hopped a little bit and came to a stop and I had that knowing immediately right then I saw the accident but there was nothing I could do about it because I couldn't just say well get me off of his bike right then and I was a kid I had never had those years of walking with the Lord to really know I just knew what was going to happen and there was nothing I could do about it so long story short here it comes and they were going way too fast and then there came an intersection we stopped and then they went we went on past that intersection and the guy ahead of us that I knew laid the bike down and the first kid that I know the guy kid that I knew Jim he was thrown backwards and he had enough time and I saw this happen and I said to the guy that I would that was driving the one that I was on us and he's down ahead of us look out he's down I had enough time to say that and Jim the one the first bike my friend he had enough time to run back and shut his motorcycle off that was spinning around in a circle on the ground you know he had enough time to turn the engine off and at that second is when we hit him now the guy that was driving me took all of the hits and myself I just like flew over the whole thing Jim said he was thrown backwards a second time in the first bike and he said later he saw me like he said I've never seen this on anything in my life he said it was like this angel just had you in their wings they had you Susan they just lifted you and carried you over the whole thing and you never touched anything and you just slid on the asphalt I never had anything anything no scratches no broken bones no anything I just slid on my you-know-what for a little bit and that was it that was it the other two guys had Pavan to this day pins broken everything broken everything I came out without a scratch no nothing done to me nothing zip and then to have that guy witness about it he said I just saw the angel I saw this angel just carry you right over it all Susan I've never seen anything like it that's a eyewitness what a testimony God's gonna save somebody today and you're gonna have a testimony let me know let me know I just want to rejoice with you Melissa says Susan last Saturday night he spared us from hitting a man that just started without looking I would have went through the man's window right into him had it not had God not stopped my truck already already witnesses already yes a man Laurie says this happened with my child too he had angels who carried her out of rush hour traffic and onto the sidewalk while her moped was dragged feet under the car Wow Wow Wow Jesus is amazing see it's not over the devil can't take you out double can't take you out this happened to my son Janet saying see oh there's testimonies that we all have but I say I'm seeing this somebody is yet to have a testimony yet to have one it's yet to come but God already saw it so God's already made provision let us know so we can rejoice with you thank you Jesus thank you Jesus father we lift up Maria also whatever's going on and father you know all about it so we leave it in your hands on the altar Jesus we leave it with you and say thank you thank you okay I'm going to put a song up and I'm gonna tell you I loved you and look at it's already 10:40 a.m. California time again those that did not hear to begin with I want to try to do some more broadcasts specific for Facebook viewers periscope viewers I want to spend in a different telecast but I still will simulcast to YouTube I'm just letting you guys know on YouTube I want to minister to those that are in the chat rooms on those other platforms because I feel bad about that and I want to pray over them and see their names and things and maybe they have questions so I will let you know when that's going to be most likely thank you for your love Thank You Diane and Anna and everybody down under thank you for my family in England that is watching thank you for my family in Africa that is watching and all the other countries in Jesus name bless us father thank you for this peaceful day father we pray for those that are suffering suffering this day give them peace that passes all understanding whether they are in persecution physically or father whether they are suffering in a hospital bed what so ever father God we lift up those that you have given Jesus to the Father that is who we pray for in Jesus name and we all said amen thank you for your love please share the video please leave a comment I don't care as long as it's edifying leave an edifying comment because people do read those comments and share the video be sure you click the bell who knows if it's gonna work you never know about these things but and pray that we find the proper place to house these mp4 videos for Roku TV because we want that to continue and we've gotten a warning from the other people that we were housing it on we didn't know that we were not allowed to do that so we still continue to move forward and we just need to find now the best solution for the least amount of money in Jesus name thank you for your love your prayers your support emotionally physically physically for those that are helping the ministry and also for your prayers I love you guys I will see you tomorrow is going to be Wednesday July 17 well it's gonna be that magic day tomorrow I know one thing I'm gonna be in the presence of the Lord today tomorrow I know Kathleen is Maria is April is Cindy is Dave is and everybody right we will be here in his presence or there with the Lord in heaven wheresoever we will always be with him god bless you sandy I love you I love you too sandy you guys mean so much to me I don't know what I'd do without you I just would be so sad so sad because I feel like God brought us together God brought us together amen all right let's what shall we listen to let's listen to this one I think let's see what this is see you tomorrow I love you [Applause] watch me now cuz I might slip away you [Applause] you

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  • Melissa Araujo says:

    I pray for anybody that is walking down the road of loosing their children, Susan it take God, you can not get over it without God

  • John says:

    (John of Chicago) Pastor Susan, (1:34:15 minutes into your program) we kept the Father God's Angels of heaven busy in 1971. My motorcycle accident was being trapped between a stopped car and an industrial tanker truck. This should have removed my legs. Thank you Lord Jesus for your blood of protection shed over us. I was still standing unscratched between the car and truck with my motorcycle crushed under both vehicles. We are living in Grace.

  • Don't Be Biblically Retarded says:

    Most Christians will not let what the Bible actually says interfere with what they believe. That's why they follow false prophets like the RAT lady Christine. (RAT = Rapture At Twilight channel). Most of them will still follow her after they realize that the rapture did not happen on the 17th because they don't even know what makes a person a proven false prophet, or that we're not supposed to follow false prophets.

  • Terry Hartman says:

    I was in a motorcycle accident at 16 years old, dog ran out in front of me, dislocated shoulder that is all, thank God He protected you during the motorcycle accident you were in.

  • EPIC BLASIAN says:

    And I always thought Randi was a female. . . 😅 lol.

  • Candice Christian says:

    Great word Today. . . Thank you ,

  • S. M. says:

    No one can say the rapture is on July 17th or any other specific date. To anyone who is expecting to be raptured tomorrow, please prayerfully consider these Bible verses and repent of believing this false prophecy. For one, the rooster represents Christians denying Jesus – apostasy 101. Beloved brethren please…
    a.) 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 (AMPC) 2 But relative to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) and our gathering together to [meet] Him, we beg you, brethren,
    2 Not to allow your minds to be quickly unsettled or disturbed or kept excited or alarmed, whether it be by some [pretended] revelation of [the] Spirit or by word or by letter [alleged to be] from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has [already] arrived and is here.
    3 Let no one deceive or beguile you in any way, for that day will not come except the [a]apostasy comes first [unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come], and the man of lawlessness (sin) is revealed, who is the son of doom (of perdition),
    4 Who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshiped, [even to his actually] taking his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God.

    b.) 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 "9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Please note: If you refuse to believe the truth as revealed by God in the Bible, He will send a strong delusion so that you will believe a lie!!!

    c.) It is written: 2 Timothy 4:3 (AMP) "For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine and accurate instruction [that challenges them with God’s truth]; but wanting to have their ears tickled [with something pleasing], they will accumulate for themselves [many] teachers [one after another, chosen] to satisfy their own desires and to support the errors they hold"

    The rapture is not tomorrow, July 17th but many people will not allow Scripture to come between them and their ear tickler. Are you in this group of people? SMH Once you realize on July 18th that you were sold a bill of goods, repent for gathering to yourself false teachers and for your tickling ears. Abba Father will forgive you. And start reading your Bible in earnest, from Genesis to Revelation. Study to show yourself approved per 2 Timothy 2:15. That is the antidote to deception.

    Pray like this: Abba Father, open my eyes so I can see what the Holy Spirit is showing me. Open my ears so I can hear what He is telling me. Help my heart so I can receive the counsel of the Holy Spirit Who is the Spirit of truth. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen. SHALOM.

  • Tony Su says:

    Hi dear sister Susan! Thanks you this beautiful message! 🙂 Thanks for exposing deception! God bless you dear Susan! We are eagerly awaiting for our Bridegroom, coming back for us, His bride! And He could come any day! It could be the 17th and it could be any day 🙂 No one can know it will be 100% for sure the 17th. If it does not come to pass that day, they will are false prophets as in Deuteronomy 18. Thank you dear sister, for your clear words, that no one else falls into the deception! 🙂 God bless you and your family! 🙂

  • Janice Marie says:

    There is no rapture flyaway it is a hoax invented in the 1800s if Jesus came back nobody would go up if you read your Bible we are still here when the antichrist comes because it says he goes after the Christians

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