Judge Faith – Odometer Setback (Season 1: Episode #19)

Judge Faith…Accusations and denial
of fraud abound.
She was telling me
that the transmission
was going out, the fuel pump was going out and she wanted
her money back. But I told her I’m
not… I mean you
bought the car as-is. Carfax report said that
it had 215,321 miles. And how much did
he advertise it, you say? Not only did he advertise it,
the odometer clearly
says 158,000 miles. There are people who hustle
and then there are people
who are hustlers. NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins.Her distinguished legal career
began when she graduated
first in her law school class.She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor,
and then a preeminent legal
analyst on cable news.
And now she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real and
her rulings are final.
She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Kieona Guy is
accusing her former friend
of odometer fraud.
And is suing for
a refund on a truck
she bought from him.
She is accompanied in court
by her friend Dan Bryant.
Defendant Travis Rheineck
denies committing fraud
and is countersuing for
defamation of character.
Remain seated and
come to order. Court is now in session. The honorable Judge
Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, this case is
Guy v. Rheineck.
Thank you, Barbara. Okay, Miss Keiona Guy? Yes. You, are suing the defendant,
Travis Rheineck. Yes. JUDGE FAITH: For $6,000, for the cost of a truck you
say you purchased from him? I am. And sir, you have a
countersuit for $1,000
for defamation of character. Yes. Okay. So we’ll start with
you, Ms. Guy. All right, well,
the defendant and I
first met in high school. We weren’t the
best of friends. But, we lived
in the same area. Couple of years later
we ended up
being Facebook friends. Um, I noticed that Travis
was selling cars online, and I needed one. So I contact Travis to see if he had any
trucks that he could
sell me, specifically. He noted that he had
two trucks that we could set up a time for me to
come take a look at. Beginning of April, we met up. He showed me the trucks,
I decided I was gonna purchase
a 2001 Denali that he had. Does he have a dealership
or did you just meet
him somewhere and he drove the truck to you? I met him at his apartment. Um, so… We met up, I took
the car for a test drive, I looked at the odometer
and made sure
everything was, you know, in good working condition. Did you take it to
a mechanic? I did not. Okay. So, I ended up giving him
$4,200 that day. He wanted $6,000
for the truck, I felt like
that was a good deal, since the odometer
read 158,000 miles. So, I’m like, okay, $6,000
for a car with this, you know, low amount
of miles would be, you know, that’s a good deal
is what I’m thinking. Not that I know
much about cars. So, he goes ahead
and types the agreement. May I see that? GUY: Yes, you may. So, the two of you
signed an agreement, you purchased the vehicle. We signed
an agreement stating that
I will give him
$4,200 on that day, and that, I will pay $300
every 15th of the month until it was paid off. JUDGE FAITH: Okay so, that’s in April of 2014. That was in April, yes. So, when is the first time you realized that there
is an issue
with the odometer? Okay, okay. So like I said,
we’re friends on Facebook, there was a mutual friend
of ours that was like, bashing him, like if you
ever bought a car from Mr. Rheineck,
that you should probably get a Carfax report because
they’re setting the odometers
back so that they could sell them for more. When did you see that? This was
the beginning of June. It’d been a couple of months? Yeah, it had been
a couple months, I had made two
payments already. So, let me ask you,
do you sell cars for a living? Well, really, I have a friend
that owns a car lot. I, you know, help him
find people, you know. She wanted the vehicle, I just
played the middle man. So, you’re like the
middle man broker? RHEINECK: Kind of, yeah. So, your friend has
a dealership? Yeah. You post ads on Facebook or
Craigslist to sell the cars? I post them on Facebook
or Craigslist. So, who gets the money,
what’s your cut? The… It’s usually about
10 percent. All right, so when she
contacts you and tells you
that there’s a problem with the odometer,
that she’s heard this
rumor, what happened? When she contacted me
about that she didn’t say that there was
a post on Facebook. She told me that she got
a Carfax. I told her, if you got
a Carfax, bring it to me,
let me see it. Which I have. Which she never did. You say, you showed him
the Carfax report? I absolutely did. When? This was about two days
after I told him so, the 7th was when I got
the report, the 9th is
when I told him about it. What did the Carfax
report say about the car? The Carfax report says
that it had 215,321 miles. And how much did he
advertise, you say? Not only did he advertise it,
the odometer clearly says 158,000 miles. Okay, can I see
the Carfax report? Sure. Have you seen
the Carfax report? No. You’ve never seen
it to this day? That’s your testimony. I have not seen
the Carfax… Why don’t you take
a look at it? RHEINECK: And that vehicle… That vehicle was bought
from a personal buy. I don’t know… We don’t
know if the person
that we got it from did something with
the odometer, or if
the odometer went out, I mean it’s an old vehicle,
you know? They, they… They made you aware
of this issue, right? No. So you’re saying… She told me about,
that she got a Carfax but she never
showed it to me. RHEINECK: Um, early July… Is the next time
I really heard from her,
she was telling me that the transmission
was going out, the fuel pump was going out and she wanted her money back. But I told her,
you know, I’m not… You bought the car as-is. In the contract
it says as-is… That’s not…
The problem, though, is… Yes, people buy cars as-is
but the exception
to that rule is fraud. If someone commits car fraud
and induces someone to pay
a higher price for a car, because, for example
they say the mileage is
lower than what it really is, that’s fraud and
misrepresentation. GUY: Exactly. Let me just look at
this for a second. We don’t have nothing
to do with that. Also, I have the Facebook
messages with him. He never said…
He never denied that the mileage
was fraudulent. When we talked, it was like,
“Okay, I won’t
leave you hanging. “I understand what’s going on,
I understand your problem. “And we’re gonna get
this worked out.” So why would you say that
to her in the messages? Because we were… That you want to
work it out with her. Because we were good,
I mean decent friends,
we knew each other and all that, so I told her
to bring me the Carfax to show me what
you’re talking about,
because I had no clue of it. So, in early July, she called me back complaining
about some other stuff
going on with the truck, and I told her, “If you
want your money back,
I could sell the vehicle, “or try to sell
the vehicle for you “and recoup you some
of your money.” NARRATOR:Coming up
Judge Faith…Odometer lessons learned.When I see odometer,
there is a number there, 162,000 miles. RHEINECK:And right
under where it says 162,
it says AMU,
Actual Miles Unknown. NARRATOR:Plaintiff
Keiona Guy is suing for
a refund on a truck.
Defendant Travis Rheineck
says sorry, he sold
the truck as-is.
So, he ends up getting
the vehicle back, but you two have
very different stories
as to how he got it back. Exactly. And who’s your witness,
by the way? This is my boyfriend. And what do you have
to say about this, sir? You wanna step up? Yeah. How did the defendant end up
getting this car back
into his possession? Okay, so
Travis told me if you bring the parts…
I told him, I’ll get
the fuel pump fixed ’cause that is something
you don’t have
anything to do with. I’ll get it fixed,
bring the truck to you and
you can give me my money. So, this day that
I bring the truck, is supposed to be
the day that he is
giving me the money and I’m giving him
the keys, the title
and the truck. That never happened. When I get there… Were you there? Yes. Okay, go ahead. When I get there, he tells me, “Oh, I don’t have
the money right now, “I wanna try to sell it
or one of my other cars Yeah. “on Craigslist,
so that I can pay you.” I’m like, “No way.” I left the truck
in the same parking lot
that I bought it from. But, I told him, I’m not
leaving the keys and
I’m not leaving the title until you give me the money. She gave me the
keys and the title. When you give me the money, I will give…
I will release
to you the title… RHEINECK:
She signed over the title. Signed over to you. I never signed the title,
so if you can show that She signed over the title… false signature that you
put on there. Yes. I’ll be glad for you to
present that in court. Do you have
the title with you? I never signed it. No, the title was in the
trunk when it was wrecked. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. Listen, we’ll get
to that in a second.
So, I wanna understand. So you left the car in the
lot where you bought it from. GUY: Yes. And, that’s your friend’s
car lot, right? No, that’s his house. His parking lot, his house. These cars are at his house. So I don’t know where
the friend comes in at. I thought
that there was a car lot where people sold cars. GUY: No. So you don’t know about
another friend at all? There is. All I know is this other guy
is whose name that Travis
forged on my title. So when you bought the car,
you went to his house? BOTH: Yes. And he has other cars
at his house? Yes he did. At that time, he had
five or six other cars
that he was selling as well. I had one vehicle
that was mine
that I was selling. The truck that she bought, I went and picked up, from the lot
and brought it
to the house. Okay, so he had
a number of cars at his house? He had about five or six cars for sale in that lot. But how… My question is,
how did he end up
getting the car back? Apparently he had
another set of keys. She dropped it off. I still have my set of keys. She dropped it off to me, gave me the keys,
gave me the title. The fuel pump
still was not working. She tried to start it
when I got there.
It would not start. I had a mechanic come
and fix the fuel pump for $280 out
of my pocket so I could try
to resell the vehicle. And how much had you
paid at the time when you left the truck
at his house? GUY: $4,800. And what was your purpose
of leaving the truck at his house on that day? Because I had got
a ride there. The part, when I got
the ride, it was me and him. That was
the specific
reason for me to come and
drop the truck off. But, when he didn’t
have the money, it’s like, I couldn’t drive it back
’cause like he said,
it wouldn’t start. Do you have anything
to add to this? Yeah, a lot,
about that Travis. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE FAITH: Okay. Travis is a shady guy, shady car salesman. He has nothing
to do with it. He never gave her any receipts
anytime that she paid. Where’s the receipts?
If you were a businessman,
you’d pull out a receipt. He kept sending me off
every time I made… Well, the two times that I
made the $300 payments, he’s like… ‘Cause we’ll
meet up somewhere publicly like Walgreens, Cub Foods
or somethin’ like that. And he’s like, “Um, well, “I don’t have my
receipt book with me.” So, even though you say there’s someone else,
this third person who has this car lot
and these cars. GUY: Imaginary. She’s making all these
payments directly to you every time
she’s supposed to pay. Yeah, I’m the middle man. And she bought the car
from your house? Yeah. Okay. How did you end up…
You wrote about having a car accident in the truck. How did that happen? He stole the car from my house is what he did. JUDGE FAITH: What happened? How did the car get back
to your house? Because I came and got it. Once I kept trying…
Okay, I left it there,
like I said. Once I kept trying to get
in contact with him and I was not successful, I came and got the car back. Yes, I did.
I had my guy come and tow the car
back to my residence. How did you end up getting the car
in an accident? Uh, the day of the accident, someone had contacted
me from Craigslist. Said that they wanted
to look at the vehicle. I had a friend of mine
drive the car to Uptown to meet the person
that wanted to buy it. They ended up not buying it. I’m sorry,
let’s back up a second. You posted
another ad on Craigslist to sell the car? I posted an ad on Craigslist the day after
they brought it to me. Do you have a copy
of that ad with you? Uh, yeah. She did. Let me see it, please. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Here you are. And also I have
a text message from him asking me for pictures
of the car so that he could
put it on Craigslist. I’m thinkin’ so
he can try to fix it. Okay. Did you run a Carfax report
before you posted this? This ad? There was never, she said… No, I’m asking you
did you run one? No, I didn’t. Okay, so after you were told by the plaintiffs
that the actual mileage on the car
was 215,000 miles, Right. you didn’t care to check? He put it back on Craigslist. And see what
the real mileage was For the same amount. before you posted it
for sale again. RHEINECK: All I did was put on there
that actual miles
are unknown. No, that’s not
what you have on here, sir. You have the miles as odometer 162,000 miles. Right under it… Right under… GUY: Exactly! Right under it says AMU. And this is
after he saw the report. I am telling you
what I’m reading in your ad for the car and it says, odometer…
Do we have the ad? Let’s pull it up, please.This ad is dated July 24,2014.RHEINECK:
And right under
where it says 162 it says AMU,
Actual Miles Unknown.JUDGE FAITH: But you have
in the odometer… See, if you don’t know…
Who knows what AMU means? People don’t know
what that means, I won’t know what that meant. When I see odometer, When they call I see a number… and ask about it… No, let me finish. When I see odometer,
there is a number there, 162,000 miles. Right. You understand? RHEINECK: Okay. So you didn’t bother,
after they told you that they have a Carfax
report that says the car has 215,000 miles
on it in actuality, you’re going to resell
the car… One of two things
is happening here. Either you know what the real mileage
is on the car and
you were involved from the very beginning. GUY: Exactly. In the miles
not being accurate on the ad that you put
on Craigslist. Or, you just don’t care. NARRATOR:
Next on
Judge Faith…The truck takes a dip
in a pond.
How’d you get in the pond? I don’t know.
I woke up in the pond. You don’t know? Of course he doesn’t know. Where was the truck? He was driving
under the influence. RHEINECK: In the pond. The truck was in the pond. Where was your friend? He dipped. Dipped in the pond? No. He… He left…
He left me.Plaintiff Keiona Guy is suing
for a refund on a truck.
Defendant Travis Rheineck
says sorry,
he sold the truck as-is.Tell me how the truck
got into the pond. Uh… He was drunk. After we brought the car,
uh, brought the truck to the person
that wanted to buy it, he said… Who’s “we”? Uh… A friend of mine
drove it for me. Okay, why aren’t you driving? I didn’t have a license
at the time. Okay. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Travis was driving the car. I had… He actually got arrested
in the car… I was not driving the car. How did it get in the pond?
What happened? I was not driving. Uh, we met like, around 8:30 p.m.
in Uptown area. The guy, you know,
checked it out
for about 30 minutes. He said, you know,
he didn’t bring
the money on him. He wanted to come
get it on Friday. We ended up,
me and my friend,
ended up staying in the Uptown area. All the clubs and bars
stayed open till 4 a.m. He ended up leaving
with his girlfriend and I stayed
with my friends and someone that said
they stayed in my area, where I lived, offered to drive
my vehicle or I asked him if he’ll drive my vehicle… My truck. …my vehicle to my house and then he
would take a cab from there. Were you drinking that night? Yes. How much did you
have to drink? A few drinks. What’s a few? Three. How’d you get in the pond? I don’t know,
I woke up in the pond. You don’t know? Of course, he doesn’t know. He was driving
under influence. Where was the truck? In the pond. JUDGE FAITH: The truck
was in the pond,
where was your friend? He… He dipped. GUY: Oh gosh! Dipped in the pond? No, he left… He left me. When I woke up I was in the pond by myself. I climbed out the window, swam through the pond. They had to rescue him
out of the pond because he was drunk. JUDGE FAITH: Let me
see the photo
of the truck in the pond. Yeah, no they didn’t. JUDGE FAITH:
You’re saying that this friend
when the police got there
was magically just gone.
RHEINECK:He was gone. Yes.What’s his name? (BLEEP) Last name? I don’t know. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) What happened to him? BRYANT: Full of lies. He’s lying. Full of it. JUDGE FAITH:
You’ve never spoken
to (BLEEP) again from that moment to this day? I’ve not seen him. I’ve never, like,
had his number
or anything like that. GUY: He does not exist. I’ve seen him around. You… So, you
told the police
that you weren’t driving, your friend was driving. Right. And they didn’t
believe you, right? GUY: I have the police report. They didn’t arrest me, they didn’t charge me
with DWI, none of that. They brought me to the
hospital and released me. Sir, I have the paperwork
from the… Let me see
the police report, please. Let me see. Because what happens is, when you know that this is… Here’s the police report. And this is also
the property receipt showing that he was arrested. And they had to rescue him
out of the pond. They did not rescue me
out of the pond. They rescued him and they
had to pull the car out with this huge crane,
which they were trying
to charge me for because it was my car. They also wanted
to seize the car because this is his third DUI. And since he lied to them
and told ’em… You have prior DUIs? I do. Okay, how many? Two. Three. So, that makes sense now because I always find it
incredibly convenient when people who know that
they’ve been drinking, right, you can’t deny that you were
drunk that night. RHEINECK: Right. But you can deny that you were driving because
no one else was there to put you behind
the wheel because you’re already
outside of the car. In every one of those cases, I’m telling you right now,
the excuse always is “I wasn’t driving.”
“It wasn’t me.” And there is a mysterious
fictitious person out there who magically disappears right out there from the
scene. And no one… No one can give
an accounting
as to that person being in the car. I have nothing
to do with that. How did you find out that the
car had been in an accident? That the defendant had
an accident in the car. The police called.
Because first of all,
I reported the car stolen. So, about four days later the patrol calls me and they
told me, “We found your truck. “Unfortunately, it was
submerged in a pond.” And that they
pulled a guy out, took him to the hospital and
arrested him for DWI. And they also told me that
they had to save him because he was also
in the pond. NARRATOR:
And now Judge Faith rules.
Okay, I’ve had an opportunity
now to review a document from the Minnesota
State Patrol, Department of Public Safety. You testify, sir, you told me
that you were not arrested, you were not charged
with anything, there was no DUI related
to that incident. And on the date
of this accident you actually came back
into the patrol office with a friend of yours
to try to pick up the vehicle because they seized it
for forfeiture for the… And I’m quoting,
“First-degree DWI event
cited above.” GUY: Exactly. They said they did not
ask you any questions regarding the criminal case as you already had been
read your Miranda and declined to speak
to law enforcement. You’re the person,
you sold them a car but you’re not
really the seller. You’re not really the person
who has the lot. Right? You don’t drive the car. You’re in an accident, but
I wasn’t really the driver. “My friend was driving.” And yet no one knows
who this friend is. The odometer on the car
is clearly wrong, “But I didn’t do it. “Someone else must’ve done it
before I got the car.” There are people who hustle and then there are people
who are hustlers. You are a hustler. You understand? Not at all, no. JUDGE FAITH: Yes you are. RHEINECK: Not at all. What’s your
counterclaim about? Uh, she was
telling people that… I was, you know, rigging
vehicles and all that stuff, that’s not true,
I did not do that. So… Right. Ridiculous. Never did that. You sound ridiculous. I never did that. Your counterclaim
is dismissed, by the way. What’s the total price
you paid for the car? I paid $4,800
for the car.

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  • Do It Like The Bereans says:

    If he lied about a DUI, then it's reasonable to believe that he lied about lowering the odometer. Good verdict.
    I think the plaintiff needs to be more responsible in the future and realize that if you're buying something big like a car off an ad on craigslist or facebook, it's more than likely shady. It should have made her a bit sketched when he didn't have a carfax report available to print. She also thought 158,000 miles was low mileage and it isn't. Next time she needs to go through a proper avenue of used cars where you can check out everything about it.


    This young judge is beautiful.sending love from Japan

  • Dulcelina Cabral says:

    Where did all these scam artists came from geez

  • joed596 says:

    "defamation of character" . . . "actual miles unknown" ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Monique Santos says:

    All wanna know is did he pay her back the money before he died.

  • Shadaja Lloyd says:

    Sis came with ALLLLLLL the receipts ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  • Buckeyecat2002 says:

    Travis is a crook, liar, drunk and fraudster. Oh, and felony car thief.

  • Buckeyecat2002 says:

    Travis Rheineck was killed onย March 7, 2016, after crashing his vehicle intoย  a house and a tree during a police chase. He was traveling at over 100 MPH. He had four children. Sad story. See the link below.

  • Paul D says:

    If he is dealing with cars on a regular basic, then he would have known to check things like the car facts or the odometer etc before buying it to avoid any issues etc.

    The fact that he was told there was an issue with the odometer and suspected fraud was committed and then offers to resell the car for her — that would mean he'd knowingly sell a car with possible fraud… how dumb is he?

    Wait… americans call that kind of car a truck??? — interesting.

  • Allexis Stewart says:

    Minnesota woop woop, RIP though ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ™

  • Brandon Edwards says:

    That dude is a pos

  • puma lyn says:

    People who hustle are called hustlers! ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • KamiGory says:

    People who sue for defamation of character are almost always bound to lose. Why even try?

  • Jenee Walker says:

    $6000 for ANY used car with over 100,000 miles is ridiculous. AND she didnโ€™t have anyone check it!? She shouldnโ€™t never go car shopping by herself again.

  • CoCoCure34 says:

    She was paying too much that truck anyway. This dude don't have no problem selling somebody a story. That's what his ass gets!

  • Annette Mendoza says:

    I was not driving ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Rufioh Nitram says:

    I always see them list the odometer reading and then actual or actual milage unknown…thats totally valid to me imo
    But hey ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Chevygirlss says:

    Sold as is

  • Charmardee Smith says:

    Yes Travis did scam this woman, Someone supposed to be his friend. I am a true believer in karma.Terrible end for this young man to suffer R.I.P.

  • Priscilla Gilkey says:


  • Illkilla1984 says:

    The irony about this is that a 2001 Denali has a digital odometer that is not able to be turned back.

  • James Phillips says:

    Why didn't she do a carfax first.? glad she won though.

  • Aishacooks T.V says:

    She said low miles 150,000 !?? Girl where

  • Kara says:

    3 words- that was easy!!

  • Doreen Watson-read says:

    I wasn't me

  • Markey Slaughter says:

    His "friend" still in the pond ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • tleesmith781 says:

    "Scratch a liar, find a thief!"
    -Ray Charles' mom, Aretha Robinson R.I.P.

  • LoGraham says:

    That dude in the grey button up is fine af ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Kanishia Cravin says:

    Am I the only one who loves to read the comments lol

  • M Akhtar says:

    change your setting so your videos can be viewed in uk

  • workingmom NC27 says:

    I got scammed twice, 2nd time, i thought i did everything right, now, waiting on another car, 2019-2020 back on the road baby๐Ÿ˜‚
    Especially as a woman. I know more about cars then I did 8 years ago. Yes, Car Facts, mileage is everything, engine

  • Betty Boop says:

    Isn't he a little to old to have make believe friends, come on people let's get serious.

  • katrina brie says:

    This lady shows how you come prepared for court. Great job!

  • Marie Blyden says:

    This guy has LIAR all over his face, and thinks the Judge will believe him. LOL

  • n!tromy says:

    That man got rEKT

  • Carl Anthony says:

    That lady talked entirely too much, she had her information together, but she had diarrhea of the mouth!

  • Queen Astrid Caserian says:

    Glad the plaintiff won her case, sad that the defendant passed away R.I.P

  • Gorgeous Lady says:

    Timbaland's Brother!.

  • omonomose a says:

    i don't know what's it but there is something about this judge i just don't like her i love all my black judges i tried to watch her few time there's something about her i can't stand God forgive

  • Michael Bar-Dov says:

    I do think that Judge Faith should forbid hand clapping in a judicial procedure.

  • mark tilley says:

    he is a bold face MF liar

  • Tom Sawyer says:

    She miss so many red flag and now she in court good luck.

  • james melchionno says:

    what a fucking ghetto trash scum bag!!!

  • Danielle Williams says:

    he dipped in the pond??๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Keisha Hicks says:

    He knows he got himself in a pickle… now he woke up in a pond๐Ÿ˜… No you drove it in the pondโ€ผ๏ธ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜†

  • TheNewKG says:

    Judge faith is an actual goddess ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ—ฃ

  • AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness says:

    This guy gotta be slow

  • Tacarra M says:

    Plaintiff is gorg ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฝ… and well prepared!

  • Epic Reign Productions says:

    158,000 miles is not low mileage! Please don't pay 6k for a vehicle with that many miles on it. Even if it's legitimately 158k miles, that's high mileage!

  • mrwallstreet1 says:

    Hold up. I don't like Judge Faith because she is not a judge. She's acting as a prosecutor. She's not letting the man State his case and she already has a foregone conclusion. That conclusion that everybody is guilty. Is clear as water that she has a bias. I've watched several of her episodes every single person who comes in there with a case she thinks they're scamming. She's not an effective judge she's very cute LOL but she's not effective judge. Justice it's supposed to be blind right? So why is she Prosecuting the person as opposed to asking questions? She clearly was a good prosecutor but then again a good defense attorney would eat her alive LOL I'm from New York slash New Jersey and I know people who know her okay? A good defense attorney would win some of these cases if there was a true impartial judge involved peer keep in mind I'm not anal because I know this is entertainment but if she's going to wear a black robe she needs to be impartial and let the people say their case without her interrupting it and showing her bias. I'll continue to subscribe to the channel because I will bring up her hypocrisy every time. She's very intelligent but she's not a judge. She's a great prosecutor that's obvious but she's not handling it in a fair way. If I was going against her in court as a defense attorney they're at least four or five cases that I've seen on her shows that I could have defended against if we had an impartial Justice okay have a good day

  • Smokey Mayrand says:

    Judge faith rocks

  • Michael McCloud says:

    Clearly He's A Bad HUSTLER
    Clearly She's Broke, But No Female with a Pussy should be that Broke.

  • Maureen P says:

    This lady could teach classes on how to do a private vehicle sale.
    She is most excellent.

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