Joy Truscott Guided Meditation: Point of Choice

so lovely so special and I deeply
appreciate you all for being here joining us on this gorgeous Saturday and
also be right in the Solstice and it’s a it’s a wonderful time of change and it’s
a time for us to really value the possibility of change that we are all
starting to embrace in different ways in our beings and the last few weeks just
watching people moving through the this life experience and watching the
energies of those who are coming to see me and that I’m witnessing the energy
fields lot of people are feeling the sense of
being pushed and and part of this push is also an energy almost an energy
disconnect in the body field and what that does is there is a disconnect
happening for us to reconnect but it’s not comfortable this disconnect so if
you have been experiencing a little bit of this feeling like you’re disconnected
or your buddies saw or you discombobulated it or there’s just this
feeling of not being so well and not managing as well being very tired lots
of aches and pains headaches and they seem to shift things pains on the body
seems to shift very quickly try and understand if you’re not broken that
your your whole being is coming into a different energy space and that requires
us to be gentle with ourselves and with those that we know and love so that we
can come into an another vibrational field we truly are shifting our energy
and we’re not broken we’re just awake we’re just waking up
theory but Babbitt not so gently sometimes bit by bit so thank you
for being here and we’ll hold the space now together and while we hold the space
we also want to consider that while we are connecting in for our own benefit of
our own being we also want to hold that energy of wellness to myself as
possibility of what illness to all so if you can imagine
yourself now linking your energy to all those you know and love that would be
enormous ly powerful and very deeply enriching so let’s see if we can do that
together now and if we can enjoy the space and this time together and may you
feel a deep sense of peace and love here now so settled in where you are and let
your body feel comfortable wriggle your body a little bit take some deep breaths
and when you hear the sound of a charm allow yourself the idea that you are
dropping into it and as the sound opens up imagine you are opening up your
energy field around you to receive and to send love so both of those beautiful
pictures receiving and sending take a deep breath and let’s go beautiful
now settle your body where you are drop all your weight into the base of your
body and smooth your face relax your shoulders feel your jaw soften and feel as if
your eyes become very very soft and as we do this we can start to connect to
that part of us that is able to connect into a higher creative being we can also
gently take our fingers and touch the third eye and just gently open it
imagine that you’re pulling the curtains open and draw it all the way to your
temples wrist there moment and just breathe
then relax your hands and put them onto your lap and we begin to breathe very
clearly and consciously with each breath that you bring into your body imagine
that you are filling up and expanding your body and your energy field
breathing in and the belly opens the chest opens and your whole
body makes space for this beautiful breath of life and each time you breathe
out imagine that your belly sinks down towards your spine and the ribs begin to
come together and greet each other squeezing around the solar plexus
release completely and when you’re ready for life again choose it by breathing in
deeply consciously cleanly and expand the breath into your being and allow
your whole body to feel expansion openness willingness and as you breathe
out a willingness here to release and let go now squeeze your ribs together
and press your diaphragm up towards your sink your Center squeeze hard and
release at lutely release every little tiny bit of
the out-breath and when you ready relax let the breath come flowing in and as it
flows in allow the energy to come right up to your throat and to the crown and
feel as if you are filling up your entire being with lifeforce energy
beautiful prana we are beginning to experience ourselves as possibility
potential we begin to focus on our throat and we think here about the
energy of activation and we can open the throat and we can activate our energy
here when we activate the throat energy we
are coming into the fever feeling and the thought of being willing allowing
giving to me we have been told so often as we are have been growing up that we
mustn’t be selfish and we must give to others but truly this is where we need
to begin again now it is here at the throat that is the agreement that we can
begin to create for us to move into a different energy space the willingness
of our transformation rests here at the throat so while you were drawing each
breath into your being imagine that you are opening your throat and you are
finding yourself a willing giving to you and your body is receiving it let this
energy move right through you and begin now to create the base upon which we
build a whole new world a whole new awareness in a quiet moment as we waste
gently into the space let us consider what it is that we would be willing to
embrace and bring into this world if we knew that whatever it is that I wish
longed for and desire is the exact thing that this earth is calling right now and so we come in touch with that which
our heart desires so for a little while consider the week at you have just head
consider all the places with a contrast has shown itself to you where there has
been difficulty challenges lusts heartache where there’s been sadness
anger whatever the thing is that has shown itself to you this week go into
that thought for a moment and feel that energy of disruption chaos and as you
feel it consider what it truly is and what it is pointing you towards in every
moment when we are feeling this organized chaotic unhappy there is a
longing in us and will say things like I just wish I could have some peace now I wish it could be easier I wish this
aching heart would stop stop aching so much I wish people wouldn’t be so aggressive
and violent I wish for peace listen to what you are wishing for and now as you
come to hold let one little note of what it is if you’re wishing for imagined I’d
like and note a sound and hold it in your awareness now and we’re going to
connect this to a heart vibration and each of us who are here and gathered in
this moment and for each of us who are doing this meditation after this moment
if we could think that we are holding a note and we can create a note and a
vibration and a vibration can enter into the energy field just like when we drop
a stone into a clear pond that beautiful ripple opens up and shows itself to us
it opens in all directions so let’s imagine that we’re doing that now the
gift that you have been searching for wishing for because of what you saw as a
contrast this week that gift we are going to drop into a pool of
consciousness now and as we do and because you are in your own home spaces
and it’s okay to make silly noises there I guess we’re going to make the sound
the sounding through the heart of our and that vibration is a beautiful high
frequency of love and we’re gonna send it out and visualize the ripples of the
pond and our opening okay so find your thought and we connect now
ah deep are long beautiful are and that is
the sound the frequency of the heart and we send it out like a gift into the
world and now we have allowed the ripples to move from us now allow those
ripples to continue in your mind’s eye may the reach go further and further and
further beyond what we could imagine and now we hold the space for that gift relax your body feel the feeling that you wish to bring
in as a gift feeling it through your heart experience it as if it is really
here imagine right now this that you seek has arrived and suddenly every
heart upon this planet receives the message imagine in a moment and it will
be like this a moment in one moment we get it we suddenly tune in to each other
to love to relight to compassion to generosity of spirit to kindness to
peace hold the gift that you are willing to
hold and as you are holding it now think about two sides of a pyramid shape a
triangle on the one side that you are holding is the known space of the
disagreeable energy and the other side is that which you desire two sides
coming together at a pivot point we can continue to play on the one side and the
chaos energy in the streams of irritation aggravation and pain or we
can begin to focus on what it is that we truly wish and desire even when it is
very apparent to us in everything we do that the other low vibration energy is
everywhere choose that you will see and feel what it is pointing towards and
hold that now hold it in your heart hold it with so much love hold it with grace hold it as a gift and now as you’re holding it shift your
awareness back to the sense of what you felt earlier this week that wasn’t in
the place of comfort feel that energy you know how low it is feel how
distorting it is now look what it’s pointing towards and shift back again hold the energy of what it is that you
would like to bring in hold that now feel the difference
let your mind body know the difference so that you can truly choose what would
serve me in all that my loved ones all life well if I chose which one would
serve us now now make a decision make a decision that
is so firm and binding as if you are creating a contract right now the
contract is what would I bring in if I could bring in something that would be a
legacy what would I sign into a contract and what would I agree to feel that
agreement feel the sincerity of you wishing for this holding this agreeing
to this now bring your awareness to your throat feel the energy at the throat as a
perfect point energy to streams of energy go to one space when we
reconsider what is possible and what is potential and the one space is the
throat up to now as we have been moving through the body we imagine that we got
two legs two hips we got two of many of the organs and then we come to one heart
and one throat and think of the throat as the one when we join it together two
streams coming into one place and we begin to feed and nourish and nurture
and breathe into the energy that we wish to create now relax your shoulders even
more and draw your energy across your shoulder blades across your collarbone
on the left and the right and you can take your fingers just under
the collarbone in the little hollows towards the shoulders you’ll feel two
little tender spots on either side and you can gently touch those and if they
tender it means that you’ve been holding on to stuff imagine that now you can
gently touch the tender points and you can connect to the agreement that you’re
holding at your throat and you bring that energy in of that which you would
love to see in this beautiful world energy expands and it is through love just love and seeing how to mean this energy is when it’s just love there’s no
performance required there is nothing required it is love and it radiates from
the heart and we imagine ourselves placing this beautiful energy into
consciousness now radiated out from you into the field of all that is beautiful just breathe everything that I have been moving
through this life journey has been pointing me towards what it is that I
love hold dearly sacredly what I desire what do I wish for and instead of just
wishing for it instead of feeling hopeless and lust alone we begin to
connect our energy we bring our energy interest into the morphic field the
field that connects us all and when the vibration enters the space it is all
space and we can perceive it like the air around us that no matter how and
where and what you are doing this air is here available to you it is for you it
is lifeforce prana Chi if we imagine it as the field and we
sending energy into the field there are no obstructions no obstacles there is
nothing that can stop an energy flow it flows from the moment of impact the
energy opens ripples in a pond we consider carefully now what it is that
we are loading into the field that when I’m playing and entertaining myself in
the lower energies of aggravation and hate greed jealousy and fear I’m feeding
that and ask your throat does the serve me well does this nourish me and if your
answer is no then the choice becomes so clear what would I choose for me and in
choosing for me I choose that I become one healthy divine cell in the body of
all that is one cell and we say to ourselves what difference
can it possibly make for me to be happy and well and vibrant what difference
could it possibly make it makes all the difference we are already creating through a one
cell idea we think of all the illness and sickness upon the space in this
earth and are now consciousness and our awareness and it just takes one cell to
go into chaos and we feed the chaos and it multiplies but imagine if we know how
to reverse engineer it we are already creating this chaos on a
low vibration which is so much harder imagine that we can begin to know how to
create like we are doing now on the higher vibrational field the
possibilities are endless and when one cell connects with another cell and we
start to speak the same language and hold the same frequency and hold the
same intention in our hearts minds and souls one heart one mind so now we imagine that each of the gifts
that each one has thought about here that we bring them into a space like
many pools many gyms and we place them together in a cluster and we allow this
beautiful cluster of high vibration energy and tension to vibrate and to
expand and to ripple into consciousness this is a much easier field to work in energy is clean and clear love is clean
and clear when we hold in its highest form beautiful so we’ll bring the sound
in now to amplify that energy a little bit more so that we can send this energy
frequency that we have created here and we can send that even further we bring
our awareness to the throat and the sound that we can create here and we’re
going to drop it into the heart and sound through the heart this time we’re
going to hold it as a vibration as a ham so that your entire body feels the
vibration feels the reverberation and if we single one of your cells bring this
collective energy into your body so you become the one healthy cell in the body
of all that is take a deep breath deep breath and drop it into every cell in your body
imagine they start to dance mingle connect and vibrate and imagine
how much beautiful energy you were pushing into your body right now your
mind is connected in your soul is asking for this take a deep breath beautiful beautiful hold it and feel
that beautiful energy you touch your heart your mind and your soul may you
feel a deep sincere and beautiful blessing may your life be enriched for
having spent just a little while in this gracious space of love and light there
is so much good that we can do and when we come together we open the energy in a
profound way so where you are resting now if you wish to continue to hold that
energy for a little while longer you are so welcome and when you come through and
back out of the energy field make sure you do drink a lot of water and you try
and hold that energy through the next week try and hold that frequency honor
the contrasts and find the decision point the point many blessings here to
you so much love take some deep breaths and we’ll come on
back and as you breathe out relax your body bring yourself gently back up in
your eyes follow the sound back into your Center become aware that you have a
center and hold the pivotal energy in see the truth

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