Joe Biden, Russiagate Skeptic!? | It Wouldn't Have Happened Under Obama's Watch

I want to show this one Joe Biden so this channel has been against the rushing a conspiracy that's putting it lightly um almost on day one it just sounded too good to be true it was too much in the bag for the Democratic Party who hated Trump in the media who hated Trump were looking for convenient excuses to go after Trump I said it was nonsense I said it sounded like a conspiracy theory just kind of James Bond it's Clancy esque main script and it turned out that that's exactly what it was but when Muller came out meaning they got everything that they wanted in the context of an investigation and it showed that they did not know what they were talking about it was indeed a conspiracy theory now I have a new person that we were welcoming to the ranks of being Russia non-russian haters people who were skeptical of the Russia gate narrative you'd never guess who he is one mr. oh wait for it wait for it Joe Biden oh we knew that you knew Joe Biden was a Russia gate skeptic okay no I didn't know okay oh okay listen to when could you like says here because it's also no signal get this why did we set up NATO Chris so no one nation could abuse the power in the region in Europe it would suck us in in a way they did in World War one in World War two it's being crushed look at what's happening with Putin well he well Putin is trying to undo our elections he is undoing elections in in Europe look what's happening hungry look what's happening and pull look what's happening we'll go look what's happening you think that would happen on my watch or Barack watch you can't answer that but I promise you it wouldn't well you all saw the guys in video essentially Biden made the point that if it was me and if I was an office and abalones that office we were in office that Russia stuff would have never taken place I don't know if the host extra by and immediately after that or told him it did take place didn't it you were in office Joe where they're saying that Putin stuff took place so what are you saying he just seems out of it like whether he wants to be I kept saying Joe Biden just wants to be President he doesn't want to do the work of running for office there's a difference in those things this these are like look easy mistakes like you know what's the first thing you want to do when you get an office Joe I want to beat Trump okay Joe you you realize you've been office at the time oh oh right right one of the things that I said was a little odd I thought it was kind of funny during the debates how Joe kept cutting himself off any other time that you've seen a politician in a debate they are running the clock they're like just give me a quick two sentence explanation of so-and-so and they're like six paragraph they're like okay thank you time time time Joe will give like two words he's like but I think I'm probably out of time now so I'll stop it I never seen anybody use it not really I'm excited about that like I've never seen anybody to do that Giovanni Livy Anna says Russia gate is misdirection made up by Hilary's team so neither she nor they will ever admit fault yeah we know that Hilary lost with no help from Russia yeah that's true that it's very true that is very true

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  • JJ Wolf says:

    Who did Creepy Joe plagiarize on this one?

  • Brian H says:

    Joe Biden is a moron. This isn't news or even a controversial idea. There are years and years of video evidence to support that assertion.

  • reg smith says:

    Biden has a non linear perception of time, so has no idea what he is doing at any point in time or space.

  • John Pond says:

    Blacks should pay their own selves reparations. The Baltimore Sun reported in 2007 that Obama's great-great-great-great-grandfather owned two slaves in Kentucky and that Obama's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother also owned two slaves.

  • Carmen Iglesias says:

    Whst does Biden and Guiado have in commun? They both want to seat either in Miraflores or the White House! 🤣😃😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • NPC Junk Ogre, TYT Head NPC says:

    Good ole creepy uncle Joseph. Just wait until the videos of him groping children at a Senate swearing in become mainstream. I await his defense for trip in 6 and 7 year old girls. That's gonna be boppity.

  • Harriet Gar says:

    Just reading the videos name, didn’t it happen under Obummer

  • Trianabfine says:

    Biden is a douche. Believe it or not, on July 19th, they are having a live 24-hr reading of the Mueller report at Seattle Town Hall. Why? Maybe the local Hillbots need a conspiracy fix? You can see on their YT Channel. It might be an actual cure for insomnia. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  • Spyder 77 says:

    I told Ron Placone that you two should do a UFO day together and he was jazzed at the idea, you should reach out! It would be a lot of fun.

  • Spyder 77 says:

    The DNCIA did their best to force a new cold war on us through a smoke screen to cover up the rigged primary in 2016. Perez still has DWS pulling his levers, the Clinton machine is still operating just with Harris or Biden as their selections.

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