Jesus will make a way

With Jesus all things are possible.
If we decide to follow Jesus Christ then it might seem that some things that He
expects of us are impossible to do, but with Jesus we can achieve and do
everything that He requires of us. Some people say they cannot stop sinning, they
say it is impossible. With Jesus it is possible to stop sinning. Some people are
in wrong relationships. They might be in adultery or they might be in fornication
and they don’t know how to break up that relationship. They might be doing a job
that forces them to do things that are against the will of God. If we are
serious about following Jesus we must take our problem to Him. Say:”Lord I want
to follow Thee, but please help me,” and Jesus will make a way. Jesus makes a way
when it seems impossible, because with Jesus nothing is impossible. When Jesus
tells us to do something we might think that it cannot be done, but if we commit
our ways to Him and we ask Him for His guidance and intervention, then we are
surprised how Jesus works things out for us to be able to do His will.
For those who wish to follow Jesus, who wish to be godly and pleasing to Jesus, nothing is impossible, if they go to Jesus, if they commit to Jesus. If we are
serious about following Jesus then nothing
will be impossible for us to do, what He requires of us to do. If He sends us, He
will support us. If He tells us to do something, He will make it possible, but
we have to be committed to Jesus and we have to be willing to do His will. If we
are not willing to stop sinning, if we are not willing to turn away from wrong
if we are not willing to obey Jesus, then those things are impossible, but if we
committed to follow Jesus and if we are committed to be pleasing to Him, then He
makes all things possible. Just bow down before Him, pray and ask Him, and see how
Jesus makes away. Jesus makes a way where it seems impossible because with Jesus
nothing is impossible. We can do all things through Jesus
Christ who gives us the strength and who guides us. May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real.
I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ so that you can know Him and
follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more
about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

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  • suitedeal9 says:

    So True I Hadta share this TRUTH Thanks for posting 👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Cassey Marie says:

    I want to follow him and learn more

  • same name says:

    So very true. Thsnkyou

  • MsDolar123 says:

    I think Jesus answered my prayer once. A Brother in Christ told me some instructions about finding the will of Jesus and when I was repenting in my room I repented from all my sins which I remembered (it was like 3 pages of paper) and I asked God if there is something I should repent of and asked him to reveal me if there is someone I should appologise to and in my mind I remembered few people that I offended in my life. I wanted to say sorry to one of them but I didnt have contact to him so I asked Jesus to give me a contact to him. In not long time I noticed exactly this person in my College. And what is suprising, he is the only person that I knew before in this college. I thought its amazing that Jesus answered my prayer. Yesterday I prayed to Jesus to reveal to me if he really does exist and show me who he really is, but I got a sign in my mind that this boy is still going to my college and I sometimes see him and I didnt appologise to him yet. I think Jesus might want me to appologise to him first before he shows me next steps. The problem is that I THINK. And I dont know if this thought was from Jesus or it was just my own mind. Should I believe its from Jesus and do what my mind tells me? Or should I pray until I KNOW its from Jesus what is speaking to me? Because I still dont know Jesus and I am quite lost. I hope You will answer Jan and give me some advices what should I do next. (i wasnt baptised in water and in holy spirit yet).

  • Roxanne AskMeWillYOU says:

    Glory to TO JESUS to send me help watching praying for you and yours

  • MsDolar123 says:

    Brother I am so happy, this message of Yours is an answer for my biggest problem! Even today I was in fear that I have a very good friend and I dont know how to deal with him in my relation with Jesus because he doesnt believe. I didnt know what to do and I was in fear that I wont be able to break a relationship with him (because I dont even want to, I love him) for Jesus and I will never be able to follow Jesus fully. But now I see this video of Yours and this answered my biggest problem. Now this will be Jesus's problem not mine. How wonderful is that! I love you Brother, you are my help, bless You for all you do for us.

  • Mxrider says:

    Praise Jesus, he pulled me out of darkness. I was luciferian and into the occult and Jesus saved me. Praise Jesus.

  • Tom Xander says:

    Amen Brother!!

  • Laminack1611 says:

    Amen, Jesus always has something in store, what it is we never know till it happens, but it's always for the best

  • carla ifera says:

    ……..ty dear brother……… 🙂

  • Joyof the Lord says:

    He has said that with EVERY temptation he would make an escape

  • Mary Hudson says:

    amen my brother👏👏

  • Krissy Miller says:


  • Pamela Morrison says:

    Brother Jan thank you for true words and wisdom Amen.
    May The Lord Keep Blessing You Too Amen.
    ps. All scriptures of The Lord Jesus Christ are truth…giving praise always.

  • guifu zheng says:


  • spozylemkran says:

    I blasphemed the Holy Spirit in my mind yesterday. I didn't mean what i said but i did this wifully i don't know what came into me! OH LORD JESUS PLS HELP ME. People pls pray for me! I don't want to burn in hell for eternity! After i commited this sin everything went off from me. Even my fleshly desires. I'm so empty i have only fear, but i was getting close to God! Oh Lord have mercy pls. When I ask Jesus if i really did this my concience screams "guilty" i cannot believe it. Eternity lost! pls pray to Jesus to give me another chance

  • ИИСУС - живой Бог! Анжелика Watson says:


    "Иисус проложит путь.

    С Иисусом всё возможно. Если мы решим следовать за Иисусом Христом, тогда может показаться, что некоторые вещи, которые Он ожидает от нас, невозможно сделать, но с Иисусом мы можем успешно выполнить и сделать всё, что Он требует от нас. Некоторые люди говорят, что они не могут перестать грешить, они говорят, что это невозможно. С Иисусом возможно перестать грешить.

    Некоторые люди находятся в неправильных отношениях. Они могут быть в прелюбодеянии, и они не знают, как разбить эти отношения. Они могут выполнять работу, которая заставляет их делать то, что противоречит воле Божьей. Если мы относимся серьёзно к следованию за Иисусом, мы должны принести свою проблему Ему. Скажи: "Господь, я хочу следовать за Тобой, но, пожалуйста, помоги мне", и Иисус проложит путь. Иисус делает так, когда это кажется невозможным, потому что с Иисусом нет ничего невозможного.

    Когда Иисус говорит нам делать что-то, мы можем подумать, что это невозможно сделать. Но если мы передадим свои пути Ему и попросим Его о Его водительстве и вмешательстве, тогда мы удивимся, как Иисус делает для нас возможным то, чтобы исполнить Его волю. Для тех, кто хочет следовать за Иисусом, кто хочет быть благочестивым и угодным Иисусу, нет ничего невозможного, если он идёт к Иисусу, если он посвящает себя Иисусу. Если мы относимся серьёзно к следованию за Иисусом, тогда ничего не будет для нас невозможного, что Он требует от нас, чтобы сделать. Если Он пошлёт нас, Он поддержит нас. Если Он скажет нам что-то сделать, Он сделает это возможным, но мы должны быть преданными Иисусу, и мы должны быть готовы исполнить Его волю. Если мы не хотим перестать грешить, если мы не хотим отвернуться от неправильного, если мы не хотим повиноваться Иисусу, тогда это невозможно, но если мы обязались следовать за Иисусом, и если мы обязались быть угодными Ему, тогда Он сделает всё возможным.

    Просто склонись перед Ним, молись и проси Его, и смотри, как Иисус прокладывает путь. Иисус делает путь, когда это кажется невозможным, потому что с Иисусом нет ничего невозможного. Мы можем делать всё через Иисуса Христа, который даёт нам силу и направляет нас.

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  • Lynn Noe OneMillionFlux says:

    God Bless You Justice, thank you for this message.

  • Faisal James says:

    Please contact with me or give me ur Facebook brother

  • T Hodges says:

    this video came to me in just the right time. Thank you.

  • Maria Masha says:


    Con Jesús todas las cosas son posibles. Si decidimos seguir a Jesucristo entonces puede parecer que algunas cosas que Él espera de nosotros son imposibles de hacer, pero con Jesús lo podemos lograr todo lo que Él requiere de nosotros.

    Algunas personas dicen que no pueden dejar de pecar, dicen que es imposible. Con Jesús es posible dejar de pecar. Algunas personas están en malas relaciones. Podrían estar en adulterio o vivir en fornicación y no saben cómo romper esa relación.

    Podrían estar haciendo un trabajo que les obligara a hacer cosas que están en contra de la voluntad de Dios.

    Si somos serios acerca de seguir a Jesús debemos entregarle a Él nuestro problema. Decir: "Señor yo quiero seguirte, pero por favor ayúdame", y Jesús lo hará posible.

    Jesús lo hace posible cuando parece imposible, porque con Jesús nada es imposible. Cuando Jesús nos dice que hagamos algo, podríamos pensar que no se puede hacer, pero si se lo entregamos todo, y le pedimos Su guía e intervención, entonces nos sorprenderemos de cómo Jesús soluciona las cosas para poder hacer Su voluntad.

    Para aquellos que desean seguir a Jesús, que desean ser santos y complacer a Jesús, nada es imposible, si van a Jesús, si se comprometen a Jesús.

    Si somos serios acerca de seguir a Jesús, entonces nada será imposible para nosotros, lo que Él requiere que nosotros hagamos.

    Si Él nos manda, Él nos apoyará. Si Él dice que hagamos algo, Él lo hará posible, pero tenemos que comprometernos con Jesús y tenemos que estar dispuestos a hacer Su voluntad.

    Si no estamos dispuestos a dejar de pecar, si no estamos dispuestos a dar la espalda al mal, si no estamos dispuestos a obedecer a Jesús, entonces esas cosas son imposibles, pero si nos comprometemos a seguir a Jesús y nos comprometemos a complacerle, entonces Él lo hará posible.

    Inclínate ante Él, reza y pregúntale y verás cómo Jesús lo hace posible. Jesús hace posible lo imposible, porque con Jesús nada es imposible.

    Podemos hacer todas las cosas a través de Jesucristo que nos da la fuerza y nos guía.

    Que Jesús te bendiga.
    Jesucristo está vivo y el infierno es real.
    Estoy aquí para darte a conocer a Jesucristo para que le conozcas, le sigas y tengas vida eterna.
    Subscríbete a mi canal para aprender más sobre Jesús.
    Que Jesús te bendiga.

  • Russ Wade says:

    Brother you have nailed it, that was me, look at Jesus in me now. I have posted many videos saying the same thing. Amen!

  • Jesu Braut says:

    This is wonderful message……Amen

  • Chrismarr2 says:

    praise Jesus

  • St. jer Fisher says:

    Amen-ptl! Praise God!

  • ИИСУС - живой Бог! Анжелика Watson says:

    You can switch to Russian subtitles on the video bar at the bottom right corner.

  • Joy Johnson says:

    You will see the face of JESUS CHRIST!! There is great reward for you in HEAVEN

  • Tara Miller says:

    Excellent video!

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