Jesus was Arrested January 10, 2020

okay so I’m still on page 180 on Jesus
was arrested I’m using children’s glitter Sparkle sequin Bible this is
what we’re reading from Jesus was arrested and when he was hung on the
cross yes he was arrested I heard – when Jesus finished praying he left with his
followers oh jesus had followers they went to the Kidron Valley on the trees there was a Cardinal olive trees Jesus
and his followers went there Judas knew where this place was because Jesus met
there often with his followers Jesus was the one who turned Judas was one who
turned against Jesus so Judas the book led a group of soldiers to garden do
this leading priests is that where Judas Priest come from it must be Judas also
but brought some guards from the leading priests and Pharisees they were carrying
torches lanterns and weapons Jesus knew everything that would happen to him
Jesus went out and asked who is it you are looking for the men answered Jesus
from Nazareth Jesus said I am Jesus Judas Priest
the one who turned against Jesus was standing there with them when Jesus said
I am Jesus the men moved back and fell to the ground they said Jesus of Nazareth Jesus said I
told you that I am here so if you weren’t looking for me then let these
other men go this happened so that the words Jesus said before might come true
I have not lost any of the men you gave me
Simon Pierre and Paul had a sword he took out the sword and struck the
servant of the high priest cutting off his right ear I thought that was
Muhammad Ali I don’t know the servants name was Malchus
Malchus jesus said to Peter put your sword back shall I not drink of the cup
the father hath given me but so Jesus was arrested when they hung him on the

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