Jesus’ Shocking Sound Bites: “Sell Everything You Have”

I once read a story
about a 67-year-old woman who went into an Atlanta-area hospital for a scheduled and
relatively routine exam. But after the exam, rather
than being taken back to her room, she was
mistakenly taken back to a room on the wrong floor. And so the next day,
rather than being released, as was the plan, she was
actually taken from the room that wasn’t hers, for open-heart surgery that she didn’t need. She was actually on the operating table for more than an hour before the doctors realized the mistake. Thankfully it was before too
much damage had been done. It’s kind of a scary thought, isn’t it? Going in for a routine exam and getting open-heart surgery instead? And I can’t help but think
that’s how a certain man felt when he came to Jesus
with what seemed like a simple question. He asked Jesus, “What must I do to
inherit eternal life?” Seems like a pretty routine question. I’m guessing that just
about every Christian could come up with a pretty
good answer to that question. And yet in response, Jesus
eventually said to this man, “Sell everything you
have and give to the poor “and you will have treasure in heaven.” This is another one of
these shocking soundbites that came from Jesus. Did that man really need
to do that in order to get to heaven. And maybe
more importantly, do we? Well, the thing we need
to realize is that Jesus was performing open-heart
surgery on this guy, you might say. This man came to Jesus
thinking that when it came to the commands that God
expected him to keep, he was about nine-tenths of the way there. He came to Jesus looking for
just a little bit of help with that extra little bit
that he still needed to do. And yet Jesus wanted him
to see that when it came to those commands, he hadn’t even gotten past the very first one. Very first commandment is
to love God above all things and so Jesus used His words
to slice this man’s heart wide open and help him see
that what he really loved more than anything else was not God, but his money. Jesus still wants to
slice us open and perform open-heart surgery on us, you might say. And it’s not primarily so
that we can see what’s inside of our hearts that might be
coming between us and God and so I’ll clean up our acts
or straighten up our lives. No, instead Jesus wants us to
see just how impossible it is for us to keep the commands
God expects us to keep. Jesus wants us to see just
how much we need Him for help. Unfortunately this man
didn’t seem to get that and so he walked away from Jesus
sad because of how much he loved his money. But thankfully Jesus’
disciples who overheard this conversation, they understood. When the man walked
away, they asked Jesus, “Who then can be saved? If this guy, who seemed like
such a good and moral person, if he couldn’t be saved,
then who in the world can? And that’s when Jesus responded
with one more sound bite that we always need to remember. Yes, if left to ourselves,
being good enough to be in God’s presence
would be absolutely hopeless. But thankfully Jesus
leaves us with good news. Jesus came to solve that
problem by being our Savior and so Jesus answered
their question this way. Who can be saved? Jesus said, “With man
this is impossible, but not with God. “All things are possible with God.” Let’s pray. Jesus, when we listen to some
of the sharp and shocking things You say, it might
seem as though life with You is impossible. Fill us with confidence that
You have already done perfectly everything we could not. In Your name we pray. Amen. Looking at some of these
difficult sayings of Jesus is, well, it’s difficult. So thank you for sticking
with us this week. If there’s anything that
was particularly helpful or encouraging to you,
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