Jesus’ Shocking Sound Bites: “Hate Your Family”

The worst time to make
a difficult decision is in the heat of the moment. Say you’re in the market for a new house and you see this new listing
in a great neighborhood, and so you call your realtor
up and she lines up a showing. And sure enough, it’s
the house of your dreams. Granite countertops, hardwood
floors, walk-in closets, it’s got everything that you want. If you haven’t sat down before
walking through that house and carefully figured out just how much house you can afford, you might end up making
a decision you regret. That maybe explains a little bit, one of the most shocking sound bites that ever came from the lips of our Savior Jesus. We’re told that at this
point in Jesus’ ministry there were large crowds of people who were following Jesus. And Jesus turned to them and he said this He said, ” If anyone comes
to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes even their own life, such a person cannot be my disciple.” Jesus want us to know that if we are going to follow him it might mean that there are things, even things and people that we naturally love very much, that might have to go. Following Him means putting
Him absolutely first. Ahead of everyone and
everything else in our life. And the time to figure all that out, the time to really get
those priorities in place, is ahead of time. If we wait until the heat of the moment it’s probably already too late. If we wait until we’re faced with that gut-wrenching decision
to break off a friendship or have a difficult conversation
with a family member or say “no” to peer pressure or say “no” to some sort of temptation. Odds are by then, it’s
probably already too late. Jesus illustrates what he’s talking about with a couple of everyday examples. Say you wanted to build something. You might have all kinds of dreams about the size and the shape of
what you’re going to build you might have all
kinds of desires about the features and the
finishes that it has but, but the time to sit down and calculate just how much you can afford, is ahead of time. Not after the building
and the construction have already started. Or, for another example,
say you want to go to war. Say you want to pick a
fight with somebody that you’re really, really upset with. The time to sit down
and calculate if that’s a fight you can win, is ahead of time. Not after the fight has already started. That’s what Jesus is telling us. That he wants us to do, To count the cost of following him. So how do you think those
calculations will turn out? Well, it actually depends. In fact, just prior to saying this, Jesus told a story about how there was this very wealthy man, who threw this lavish banquet for all of the people that he knew. There were actually three people who got the invitation from this man, who said “no.” They might’ve wanted to go to the banquet. But they had something else going on that they figured was just as good, if not better. But the people that came, the people that eventually filled up the banquet hall, or the people that Jesus describes as the poor, the lame, the
crippled, and the blind. People that knew, that they had no one, and they had nothing that could possibly compare to the riches of the banquet that they were being invited to. In the very same way,
if we foolishly think that our friends, or our family, our money or our jobs, can somehow compete, with what Jesus has to offer us, then, then when we calculate the
cost of following Jesus we’ll probably decide that
it’s not even worth it. But if we very wisely
realize that nothing, and no one that we have in life, can possibly compete with
the unconditional love and the untouchable status
and the invincible hope that we have in Jesus,
then we will always know that no matter what the
cost, it’s worth it. That no matter what we
might have to leave behind to follow Jesus, we’ll always come out way ahead. Let’s Pray. Dear Jesus, Thank you for paying the ultimate cost, so that we could be
members of your family. Help us count the cost
and be willing to give up anything that would
come between us and you. In your name we pray. Amen. Do you know a Christian,
who has had to pay a particularly steep and painful cost for being a follower of Jesus? If so, feel free to tag
them in the comments below as a way of encouraging them
that no matter the cost, following Jesus is always worth it. Hey everyone, Pastor Mike
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  • Gamer Gamer says:

    Hi have a good day

  • Gail Purcell says:

    This pulls on my heart. But I still don't know how to get along with my family. I have tried to mend the connection between siblings and it fails every time. I have been praying.

  • Isatu Turay says:

    Thank you Lord for your abundant love for us. Helps us to give up anything to follow you Lord in your name we pray. Have a blessed and peaceful day

  • Michael Daniels says:

    I would give up anything and everything to follow Jesus and I have. Whatever I have to do weather I have to give up my own life, I'll do it to follow Jesus because I know that I will have even better life with Him then I do now.

  • Scott Jones says:

    What do you do when your father-in-law doesn't go to any of your children's birthdays graduations for weddings?. But he has gone to all the other grandchildren's birthdays graduations and weddings!. Now he has nothing but I hateful old man I just wants to sit around the house and drink his beer. He can go halfway across the country to go fishing but he doesn't treat your children why she has treated his other grandchildren. It is my wife's father, my father-in-law. He has really hurt our children and I don't want to have anything more to do with him. So what do you do?.

    And now my my children, his grandchildren don't want anything to do with him now can't say as I blame them can you?.

    And the sad part about it is that his father was a preacher. Now all he wants to do is drink beer smoke cigarettes cousin everybody in the world and say GD this and GD that.

    Please HELP!!

  • Jesus as returned says:

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