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hello everyone arent yoou exited to hear a new story from the bible oh yes yes we are which story are you going to tell us holy today story is called Lazras Whos lazras what happen to him lazras is a friend of jesus lets find out as we read the story So are you children ready for it yes yes we are Jesu had a very good friend called lazras in Bethany Lazras had 2 sisters Mary and Martha on day lazras fell very ill and his sisters send a message to jesus asking them to come to their home but when Jesus received a message. jesus sain Lazeas wont die from those it is for gods glory even though jesus loved lazras and his sisters he didnt go too bethany right away he waited for 2 days and said les go to judeya Thats where Betheny was Jesus decples thought other wise They didn’t think that was a very good idea for jesus to visit bethany Because a few days earlier to that religious leaders of judeya had threatened to kill him but jesus said our friend lazras is sleeping we must go and wake him wait a minute his desiples said if he’s sleeping it means he is resting and hes getting from his illness but they didnt actually get what jesus ment sleeping means jesus ment lazras has died jesus said what i am trying to tell you is Lazras has died i am glad i was not there to help him but now you will see god power for those who dont believe in me So Jesus and his disciples left to bethany when he got there he was told lazras had died and buried 4 days before There where many people friends and neighbours who came to mary and marthas house to offer them their support and sympathy someone went in and informed martha that jesus had come she ran out to meet him and mary stayed home martha ran out to jesus and said Lord if you had been here my brother would been alive still i know and belive god will do what ever you ask your brother will rise again jesus said yes i know when everyone rises at the resurrection he will rise too Martha said. I am the resurrection and life jesus said. People who believe in me will live forever even though they died they will have eternal life in having faith in me do you believe this martha Yes i do martha said i have always believed you are the messiah The son of god. Martha went back home to her sister and told her jesus is here and wanted to see her mary immediately ran out to jesus My brother wouldnt have have died if you would have come Mary said to jesus she started crying and when jesus sow her grief he was very upset some of the people wondered why jesus havent come and helped lazrasus Because he could he can do miracles h have healed blind people before. Where have you buried him Jesus asked Some one told him where lazrus was buried Jesus went to the tomb where lazrus was buried and said roll away the stone Martha stopped him no dont he has been buried for 4 days and will smell terrible i told you, You will see god’s glory if you have believed didn’t i. jesus said and some of the rolled the stone aside jesus looked up to heaven and said father thank you for hearing my prayers then he shouted Lazeus come out all the people there where amazed when lazrus walked out of the tomb still wrapped in the burial cloth. Jesus said. Unwrap him and let him go wow that was a wonderful story i am glad you liked it So the question for today is where was bethany located i know Bethany was in a place called judeya Yes absolutely correct ok friends we will be back soon stay tuned and keep watching bye bye

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