Jatin Sarna aka Bunty in Sacred Games talking about his character

I'm gay and Roxanna office may gentlemen don't promotion really good couch from the very first time I met him there or been like a bad image is a goal okay maybe I never a friend request a free game suddenly when I say Niklaus audition go get a negative or I went to reach our office maharaja Tova happy Mandar casting assistant evoke a stink already so you know never a friend could they call Volek a thoroughly a couch a exceed some current net fix it or another I'm prepared beforehand Cibola my thumb a key symbol is your family TK – barbaric a divan we're heading to my nya same Anika okay a feedback colony suddenly I saw okey minimum kisser cuckoo Chavez you go my name that's it because also see me a guide because they're at they say hi okay so suddenly once a reply I am a repast Cape Mandar to the karela – okay a partitioned in a vaudeville are rollin Netflix Capelli India kiss easy Rakesh American to make them say excitement metha masala what's up like a miracle mr. moose need honey the only gonna be exempt a bath with a reciprocal at my office game an Omaha Kirk a bath we met he was comin in the Tasaki habla Saturday cool who's in Saturday's our month ago laka to prepare girl gather already came a prepared welcome to my agua prepared with ray Carter Allison Sunday that the manicotti cash Althea with a call IANA mother Mary basket member Gianna mama – Apogee Erica yoga and then suddenly she could bat avato to the pathologies and nigga a frittata loosely phoning tire the assistant day open Monday Akuma cut such a large Emma they are many auditioned dia dumps because you say phantom say we could sloped Ava it is a veritable could be modulated he was put across was man McGee aware additional gopis and ayah or who select to select Oneg about Musa do Baris a cola de Barras it'll be resistor casual character carry on killing do actress in school or Nevada to con Buford GTS has no merit Oh Kelly a core audition key are supporting the Maria Segovia and then suddenly / Roxanna b2k recommendation the earth on rocks are Jesse made a selection Watson a messenger came with a message Kia Jamie Lee aeran and I was like hallelujah Karuna bulaga Barbara Rolla is balaclava char karna dance a Carmen Sara those like African my eyes here are they say she made a mystery plug in Buddhism became a movement Asuka Rodham Abu Qatada shake reply here Katie got a reply Kiara same goes with muka toka utility there is a very generous guy and Lockhart I don't know because he always appreciated me a chive emeriti against her heart to check euro become an addicted obviously was to take a rock star to attack that may be Mary mulecada theater Vasudeva Ramsey lock on her kitchen table up there but still me right as an actor up voltaic a shot a janitor cares about this he's nuts out there maybe he is an actor a curiosity Edna's other unless open like you said K scripture English methey to series do have an Englishman a comedic is a co yo hindi movie but because novel English me a transcript III the translation of Kannada a series indie or English dual language man ok Hindi me to India me English maybe the except there Bucky actionability show me release only to a lot of languages may just do the process that will be more about the character of Bundy's the series can learn Bunty Mary Abita Germany come here a character named Dominic Escobar I'm an astronaut tsunami need not sure but nothing but some as a cotton academy gondii we have so many powerful actors in this series we have Saif Ali Khan we have neva Sophie we have you Radhika updated history geek ie8 experience wrong a bother check spirits up because the car please sir take out the TV give an option British a tramcar nagamma commentator or a challenge at all but not only your camera guy says to personal life kibarim a muslim as a behavioral would you object a tool or a shall attack or sub you bought Korean expert I hate you – series it will receive evil negative which is the gate here looking back in Mecca Jessica same way and robot the Mossad are where or which in Busan on Amazon half of the bill equine aqua cassava theta I'm your pastor it in the miracle out of attire happy coach a guy circus and what it is man no one wins the DNA of the Kawasaki body's own voice a decayed Mira and rats are key unit capella Delta Vega the bomb is America ever given a token ability to repay bodies out of sugar they merge Supergirl was a tiny other like in the middle part about the opposite of do I think persuaded to rocks have obviously both excited they could be repelled at dinner – no master seen children around but I've seen work which toasty button and lotsa I guess I can say company a company a excited everybody by his name the navasana Baja checkered that were yeah yes Archer to suddenly hooligan lots of cookie Palin only conch yoga taught me to come here and make subtly to manipulating it up a tent and is up so suddenly Nawaz is it if them Satori there they come map knuckles hang or they crops which are adorable thinking so bodies Arabic so like this in the neck AHA sir because they are shocked my body gonna get but it's 90 degrees every banana we certainly input ogorodnik yeah yeah because goes three is equal to Rho WG ozawa Oh exactly the also cuchini one akin harness up because no balls other character because you've conquered the boss other side ratings enough interfere car painting to Jammu casino that is a busy week a potato who got sorry tandem avasara Dada is happening confident every same would be body motto is here is a kind of that is but because no partner for now about wasn't always on his mobile and he's reading something of it both so maybe something to move in John I should correct or whatever while a cable or never battling the Sun Mary coffee we goes mera pehla see shoot karere the Bikram circus headways in production 1 es of a formal Chetan a party karai is definitely consider it Santosh character that we won it and I was like a McKesson joke about cornea actor my jockey kasi Conchas have lines come let the good man south of again prepared her right to be mad not to bother who sepilok see Nam who should correct the woman Akira and suddenly he came himself said line Connecticut Sun is out of Maria easy okay Monica Zarr map which are of the caper and I said come up with them and blue line so Garrick te or ask about the suddenly hum look up table positions Baraka Betty Romney as in like Casa Hogar shoot Casa getting a massage commercial birthday sowhich Manteca right we'll just in the nigga right Jesse your Hatami the maybe cooking episode like method a song shake position a poker battle the positivity and Ichi he was like a kebab correct something a mother checker rather fantastic becomes alchemy kuch kuch kar whoa a catch our movement rock hard rock I should give her a bath terrain so you have till make teas module to be here when I have another Haiti of course right crime here Keiko Suzuki hey and golly and of course row which are really honey ko she's convinced duties absurd heavily panna cotta Iskander kitna involvement hi rally give me more do above module they quickly average of dubbing a rather English Irish up did you hear when he bully golly the dialogue the Housatonic the volumen a gallium has added a because what is lanique they need right obviously because we can say art a character for characters hack one copy poly but a situation can whole life Mikasa kiss situations a juicer and kisses are those kitchen that or very frankly saying this many whiticus a characters they can e qg ternary characters they do me Ike they collect do me alligator back it's a should care about a boy be character target area you GRE book on Mac 120 had one dick I know corner up 33 V character skier K McKean oh yeah Mary Higgins to me Sanjay for Naga – boo-boo NK character chemically it not challenging target na much killed her bond in America both of the challenging discuss major to Carnegie magic trials and other comedian rocks are symbolically manageable said chana chaat aquella character to the porch OTC Valerie – mucho gusto really journeyman on his character really one which Gilda okay two men didn't trap Yugi irritable Kanhaiya because my concept by John Wagner as he know Gaffney Bartoli shiet book caretaker Terry belugas look at multi pallagen data so that came up prepared with a builder button rocks are couple cool opposite latigo preparation millimeter though that they get on this part of my situation but on a machine of khokana boom era hell McClintock VA because tebab Dada natural react car to right the first time / – upheaval first time ala reaction to do prepared my limited wat Banali but non-linear able to be a catch it easy to Mujib a see attack in Metro saw John Pollock in Shu teaches karate yoga teachers panic actors are plated yeah unit majestic a support system top traveled easily a production below right match Ibaka feel mentira TV character comical takia or automatically memory body may our our shelter sorry characters were made based or directs anemia heck Iskandar language of erotica at the market so you also spoke more adhere in the series have a cookie Marathi managed Kasich yeah up in the bullpen is Marathi gets a managed care where you would challenge type mother baked easy way out takuma in DB Bulls a town walk style poverty licking classes did you learn one karate nyemiah people mamacita yes I guess it'll be another the key to job to get a low on the support melted a cookie authenticity both important our character up karate Alec in a bowl nearly I was a lesser mother be a basket child Livonia Auto fatherly oh my can you spinach a table dog has some Alchemist a Torah okay no words Baloo – Milotic to merge a similar scripted into my bar tada KK see a big oppa clue the Marathi go make a valley because there are Marathi write a sober as a better time a couple la da da da da da la cebolla – oh yeah bouquet co a sport Borat evidence every movie about that Billy I'm really thankful to them tomorrow Dada that I a cassia Pallavi to Casa villainous go to Peru bata today and in fact jus sound Coretta Amara Ruby monetary Toba council today – Musa Bowl today que es mi soo asagoro miss Kagami Hyuga – Mira Cobra Mazzara language signal humility or or skin turgor homage apparatus character you like oh release ray AB in George Sperry AAC sorry Artie oughtta be sewed egg bar with the Jalisco state has recognized you like on Netflix series India if paheli in Netflix series it ilusory a second game our high bar to the gravity laggy so is variable like screen sharing subscribe today or you holiday it change you like o net flix first i wella back together

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