James Cleveland – Where Is Your Faith In God

you two men were talking both of them were christened but one had back slid and they'd gotten into a conversation and the backslider was complaining because everything had gone wrong the Christian was trying to incur and in the conversation when something like this cuz sometimes no matter how strong you've been in the field things will go wrong for you I just want to leave this with you tonight this is what they were saying it's a you've been seeing just two folks having a conversation the Christian said tell me tell me about did you see don't thank you you yeah the Christian kept on asking they kept on talking the man said not only am i sick but I'm in trouble say the Christian said tell me the man said gotta go to court he said you go in the car the Christian said that's alright we're here you they kept on talking man said you see you out of work ain't got no job Christian said the man see my money ran out on the fields somebody know what I'm talking about Chris Kattan thank you down can I get a witness you they kept on talking you know how you can talk the man say I gotta have it see you kind of habit everybody got a happen Kristen said tell me we show get me sick the man said I'm booked that's one more thing the Manley know when tolling say you're out of money I knew just what it was talking about it now ah god-willing yeah see you out of work tell me about all your bills are past due Oh

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