It Is Well With My Soul – Audrey Assad

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  • Sijuade Kehinde says:

    My beloved husband just passed on , on the 3rd of May this year 2019. I was clearing and rearranging his wardrobe this afternoon with tears rolling down my cheeks and calling out his name as if he would come out and answer me. I was thinking of how I would manage to go on in life without him when this song came to me and I quickly reached for my phone and google the song. While I played the video i sang along in tears and I felt some relief. THANK YOU FOR THE SONG.

  • Brigid O Riordan says:

    It is well with my soul Thank you Jesus AMEN

  • Brigid O Riordan says:

    I miss you
    Dad Mary Jimmy Pakie Mikie 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Ася Joseppe says:


  • Ockert Mouton says:

    If only your breathing wasn't so terrible.

  • Mike Clason says:

    Praise the Lord oh my soul for lifting me from a dark place. Where would I be without Him?

  • Myra Togonon says:

    I have never heard such beauty. Prayers send out to all people battling different kinds of trials.

  • Genevive Dayang says:

    I ve always been tested & heartbroken by the societies in my whole life esp. mens. I too struggling to stabilize my life now. I somehow wonder why. My parents was hoping for me to settle down w a faithful, loving, committed man but evrythng has hurt me. I worked too hard n keep on searching fr a stable job, create a new cycle in my life, improve myself evryday, wnna do my best fr my fmilies bt thngs jst not going so well smetmes till it breaks me too much I cnt even handle it. They dnt even knw bout my burdens cz I refused to tell. I m damaged yet I still hve a big heart & loved. Whenever I listened to ths song, I cried & I surrender to God. I hope tht there ll be light & all my dreams, wishes will be granted. :')

  • E M says:

    My amazing father was called back to God on September 5, 2017, just a few days after my neighborhood flooded from Hurricane Harvey. As I was trying to get home that awful night, a dear friend of mine told me, "It is well." Those three little words ministered to my broken heart and shattered soul. We played this version of this song at my Dad's funeral, and to this day, this song reminds me that when we are with God, everything is well.

  • Lisa Scott says:

    Simply beautiful 🙏🏽💕

  • Febryan 86 says:

    I died last year but my soul isn't calm yet. Please pray for me.

  • S.Karthick Name of Jesus says:

    It is well 😞😞,, with my soul …. ..
    It is well it is well with my soul ,,,😟😟

  • Richard Berg says:

    She’s a goner

  • Tristans vlogs says:

    When i first HEAR this is almost cried this reminds me of the ones that i lost

  • Tristans vlogs says:

    This remind me of my dog ans sister that died and i miss them my dog got shot and my sister in a car crash

  • Lynn Pakulla says:

    In times of trouble this is a comfort to my soul…it is well, it is well with my soul

  • Malongso Ronghangpi says:

    Hallelujah praise the lord

  • M Cristian says:

    Why does nobody give credit to the man who wrote this song?
    Horatio Spafford

  • 양수현 says:


  • தாமஸ் டேனியல் says:


  • Donna Schnare says:

    Beautiful and very comforting

  • Laurie Castro says:

    I saw a plaque that said, It Is Well With My Soul and I thought of the beautiful hymn I used to sing in church as a child. I still love those old songs, even though I have left the mythical thinking behind. I can see how people feel better when they listen to these words.

  • OrigamiGirl95 says:


  • Bebby A says:

    My current fave song. What an uplifting song. 💛

  • Black Blizzard says:

    I can listen to every other version of this song. But when she sings it, I cannot go 10 seconds without tearing up. She has the most angelic voice I have ever heard. I believe truly in my heart that God have her that voice to be heard by all and this song to be truly felt to the soul. Simply a wonderful song.

  • Brigid O Riordan says:

    Beautiful 💓💓💓

  • Sydney Russell says:

    they played this at my grandmother’s funeral two months ago. it brings me great comfort and warmth because i know she is with me, always.

  • Joe Momma says:

    "My sin, not in part, but the whole…" AMEN!

  • The Absolute Truth says:

    it is well with my soul, God it is well and I will be well, God I am well in my soul. THANK YOU JESUS

  • Angel Siahaan says:

    My grandad passed away last November and this song was one of his favorite. We played this song when we closed his coffin. With tears but joy in my heart knowing he is well with his creator. I miss you Opa :love:

  • B R says:

    This is Wonderful.

  • A. Curcut says:

    When ure feeling sad and lost everything what you dearly loved. Than this song cames through ure mind and listen it again, it gives me hope and comfort again to go on.

  • Dimann10 says:

    What a voice. Wonderful.

  • Priscila Castro says:

    The song is beautiful .😆😆☺

  • jason moore says:

    The PUREFLIX ads are disturbing. What a disruption. 🙁

  • Kabane says:

    For a time, we see through a glass darkly. We see the broken jars of clay, but we can't always see how God is making things beautiful unto the magnification of His Son's glory in the Cross. But sometimes we can see it.

    In 1873, Horatio Spafford was in a dark place. Only a few years earlier, his son had died. He lost almost everything he owned in a great fire. He sent his wife and daughters ahead of him to Europe where he promised to meet them. And he received a telegram soon after from his wife: "Saved alone." The ship had sunk, his daughters were dead. In the midst of the most intense grief one can imagine, the Spirit worked to bring these words to his lips and pen.

    By God, how can ultimate goodness be compatible with something like that? What possible beauty could be brought out of such pain?

    But as I look at the comment section of this YouTube video, we can get just a glint of the immense and glorious beauty brought by Jesus Christ through Horatio Spafford's brief and momentary suffering- after all, he, with his wife and children, are destined for eternal beauty, peace, and joy. But through his momentary loss, look at all of those people going through their own sufferings, small and great. Through his words, the Spirit has worked to bring peace and comfort to many, many people, almost certainly numbering in the millions. Who knows how many hung onto the cross of Christ almost by this song alone? How many, on the Last Day, will stand in a great crowd before the Throne of God and be received into joy everlasting on account of the peace wrought through Horatio Spafford's pain? I imagine it will be more than we think.

    That's the kind of God we worship, after all. This is the kind of Christ we have. The One who reaches into the darkest of deep darkness and brightens it with radiance ineffable, transfiguring pain, sorrow, and despair into joy everlasting. That is the grace operating in all things to the praise and glory of God.

  • N Scott says:

    Beautiful rendition. Can't wait to see her in May for a LIVE concert to support the International Justice Mission.

  • donna barrientos says:

    My heart is really troubled right now.

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