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hello everyone hey good morning and
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this morning as always I’m going to be sharing this morning from the New Living
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after the video so diving into this morning I’m gonna be sharing from Isaiah
43 verse 19 Isaiah chapter 43 verse 19 and throughout the chapter this is the
Lord’s promise of victory to us so I’m gonna dive in here isaiah 43:19 like I
said every man’s Bible it’s the New Living Translation get that up there so
here’s where we’re at if you’d like to follow along 43:19 says from about to do
something new see I’ve already begun do not do you not see it I’ll make a
pathway through the wilderness I will create rivers in the dry wasteland for I
am about to do something new see I’ve already begun do you not see it I will
make a pathway through the wilderness I will create rivers through a dry
wasteland this is the constant reminder that everything will work out for you
everything will work out right now right now this moment is always the time to
start you know I’d ask you the question and if you take a step back for just a
moment what is God doing in your life right now how is God working in your
life right now what is it that you want him to do in your life what impact do
you want to be able to give others for him to work through you to pass on to
other people you know it takes belief and it takes action on your part to get
moving like you’ve got a kickstart it you’ve
got to get rolling you’ve got to get a move on I’m telling you God is working
in your life right now you know here’s one of the keys your plans don’t have to
be perfectly formed so often before we’re gonna take action in something we
want to have that perfect plan like I’ve got I’ve got to work everything out so I
can head down this path and make sure that everything will work out for you
see it doesn’t work that way your plan does not have to be perfect those will
get laid out for you over time we’ll continue speaking to you he’ll
continue saying hey this is the path you’re headed down and will there be
detours yeah absolutely there’s going to be detours but the the key is over time
when we try to do something when we try to start don’t we really start and then
a lot of the times the plan changes anyway like the end result may be the
same the end result may come out the same but a lot of the times we start off
and while we’re while we’re headed down there we realize we take a detour and
that detour is really a shortcut that God revealed to us right the plans
change so often anyway so even without the strongest plan if you have something
laid out you have to start you have to have a strong faith in place when you
jump you know if you haven’t watched that video Steve Harvey Harvey when he’s
talking about jumping I think that is one of the most powerful videos I love
it you know he’s I think that the claim is they were recording him after the the
family feud and he’s talking about sometimes you’ve just got to jump you
got to go and knowing that God will help to create those paths that says I will
create rivers in a dry wasteland like God can lay it all out for you he’ll
he’ll make the roads he’ll make the connections he’ll make the path he’ll
throw the river to through that dry wasteland and so you know that that’s
the message is when you’re doing that if if you know that God will create it for
you and through you and you have that strong faith he’s going to create more
you know opportunities and adventures for you then you may ever be able to
imagine right you may not be able to see that here because you need the
supernatural input of God saying hey here you go right so hey real quick I’ve
got a few people rolling through the sidebar and I’ve
a deal taped over my screen but Naomi good morning how are you
Tammi Ryan thanks not van huh not Van Halen Jeff Ryan says it’s van Halen jump
I mean okay could be right but I love that song by the way way to get me off
track thanks for that man so let me ask you is I’m coming to the close here as
I’m kind of wrapping up let me ask you what path are you on right now where are
you headed where is God leading you is he taking you right now if there’s a
whole bunch of wilderness coming up at you if you’re headed into that
wilderness if you can’t see past you know the next
few feet of the path or the next mile of the path or whatever it if you can’t see
past that certain point in your path right now you’ve got to trust in God
trust in your faith trust in your faith and let me ask you whatever path it is
that you’re headed down right now you know what are you headed through I’d
love to know where where what’s your next direction maybe share that in the
sidebar let’s continue a conversation you know tag me I would love to
participate along your journey for where it is that you’re headed and sometimes
God’s got that path laid out you can see all the way down it he’s already spoken
to you you know where you’re headed and off you go and and you can run a long
ways because you can go fast and you can see far and sometimes it’s that gosh I
don’t know that’s kind of a dark and scary place I don’t know if I want to
head into that wilderness so I’m gonna hit that verse one more time and we’re
gonna close out isaiah 43:19 says for I’m about to do something new see I’ve
already begun do you not see it I will make a pathway through the wilderness I
will create rivers in a dry wasteland so I encourage you even if you don’t have
the perfectly formed path but you know that is the path then start start
walking start running Joe right so thanks for getting up and
joining me early this morning hey we’re headed into a weekend I hope you have a
really great weekend remember I’m doing this every weekday morning 6:15 a.m. I
would love to have you join me and again I’ll ask you just because I want to get
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let’s be a light and spread our faith to others and some positivity so hope you
have a great weekend until we speak next I’ll tell you what I hope you have an
absolutely fantastic day we’ll talk to you soon everybody

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