Is it true that yoga will awaken deeper energy, which is called kundalini? | J. Krishnamurti

These are the most
crazy questions! Will the practice
of yoga, as it is being done
in Europe and America, help to bring about
a spiritual awakening? Is it true that yoga
will awaken deeper energy, which is called
kundalini? May I read it
once more? It’s not necessary? Q:No.
K:Right? From the sublime
to the ridiculous. The so-called yoga, which the West,
and part of the East in India, was invented about
the 17th and 18th century, the exercises, in order not only
to have a very good body, healthy body, through force
– you understand? – through discipline,
through control, in order to awaken
so-called higher energy. 17th, 18th century. The real Yoga,
which is called Raja Yoga, King of Yogas, is to lead
a highly moral life, not morality according
to circumstances, according to culture, but true ethical
activity in life – not to hurt, not to drink,
not to drug yourself, right amount of sleep,
right amount of food, clear thinking, and acting morally, doing the right thing. I won’t go into all that,
what is right and wrong. They never mentioned,
as far as I understand, after talking
with a great many scholars, they never mentioned
about exercise. They say exercise normally –
walk, swim, all that, but their emphasis was
a very moral life, a mind which is active. And modern yoga… The meaning of the word
you all know, you probably know. I have talked to the scholars
too and they say it doesn’t quite mean that,
which is to join. The meaning of the word
‘yoga’ is to join, join the higher
with the lower, or the lower
with the higher. You understand? And modern yoga… I don’t know why I am talking
about all this nonsense! I don’t know
why they call it yoga, it should be called
just exercise, but that wouldn’t
appeal to you! You have to pay money
to learn yoga, to breathe properly,
and all that. You can practise yoga, the exercises
of different kinds. The speaker has done
some of it, for years, taught by the experts; fortunately,
they didn’t charge, because they also thought
I was an expert. Sorry!
(Laughter) I am not an expert, and so they soon
deserted me! Or I deserted them,
whichever way… Sirs, you can do
this kind of yoga, exercise for the rest
of your life – you won’t awaken
spiritual insight, nor will the awakening of a higher energy
come into being. You know, in the East they have
a word for this called kundalini. Some of you
probably have read or been caught
in that word. But most of the people, as far
as I have discussed with them, who have gone into
this matter very deeply, they are always quoting
somebody else, back to the original
mischief-maker. Sorry.
(Laughter) And none of them
– please, believe me – none of them
have awakened this thing. They talk about it. They feel certain
experiences, which they call
by this name. I have discussed with them
very seriously, and what they
are talking about is a certain form of increasing
energy to do more mischief. I mean that. By eating the right food,
by control, by breathing properly,
etc., etc., etc., you have more energy,
naturally. And that gives you
a sense of superiority, and you are enlightened,
and so on. But there is a different
form of… I won’t go into it
because you are all eager, I am not touching it. That can only happen
when the self is not. Then there is a totally
different kind of energy to keep the mind
fresh, young, alive, and that can only come
when there is absolutely no sense of the self. Right?
Obviously. Because the self,
the ‘me,’ the centre, is in constant conflict. Right? Wanting, not wanting,
creating dualities, opposing desires, this constant struggle
that’s going on. As long as that struggle
is going on there is a wastage of energy,
obviously. When that struggle
is not, there is a totally different
kind of energy taking place. Right? There is the story
of a man, a philosopher,
or a patriarch, who was a well-known
teacher. And a disciple
came to him and said, ‘Master, teach me
how to meditate.’ So he sat up in the right
position, you know, and closed his eyes, and began to breathe
very deeply trying to capture
the higher webs, and vibrations,
and all the rest of it. So the Master picks up
two pieces of stone and rubs them,
keeps on rubbing them. And the disciple
opens his eyes and says, ‘Master, what are
you doing?’ He said, ‘I am trying to make
out of these stones a mirror so that
I can look at myself,’ and the disciple says, ‘Master, you can
never do that.’ He said, ‘In the same way,
my friend, you can sit like that
and breathe like that forever, but you will never…’
Got it?

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  • Lyell Peterson says:

    I love sitting cross legged with my eyes closed. And will continue doing so as it brings me peace ✌🏽

  • James Norris says:

    Hes just getting at the fact that the eternal now is at the core of everything. That anything else is just fabricated from the mind whether helpful or not helpful.

  • Jitty Thomas says:

    Truth is hard to come by. Working hard is hardest.

  • maurover says:

    Hello everyone! I’ve only recently come across Krishnamurti and I would like to explore more; does anyone have literature to suggest to begin with? Thank you

  • Kevin McConville says:

    What a laugh, good to see him having the crack.

  • Gabriel Dunne says:

    Seriously ???? What spiritual enlightenment/insights/information has he imparted ??
    His negative pronouncements apply equally appropriately to his own circular untestable dogma.

  • Alien Scientist says:

    Heavy squats do promote testosterone production in older men,, that does make you feel quite good..

  • Wavemastery says:

    He is definitely wrong on this one (: Yoga postures and exercises being invented so recently) and the impression I got of him in general is that he is such an individualistic, like go find out everything yourself, like you need to start from zero each research….invent the wheel from scratch every day of your life. I don't sign up for this way of thinking, history and the efforts and experience of millions before me do count in my book.

  • The Script says:

    With all due respect ancient Kemet was tapping in way before the Hindus. This energy is not exclusive

  • Johnny Aingel says:

    Kundalini is SPIRITUAL ENERGY this energy is everywhere and in EVERYTHING in CREATION it is from the COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS

  • Sonam Dhargay says:

    So boring!

  • Madhra AL says:

    Yoga = Union = higher + lower

  • Madhra AL says:

    Out of box thinking 👍

  • Marcel duplessie says:

    Real talk

  • eric needs says:

    Anyone else notice how he absolutely no problem constantly moving the paper back to the center of his legs….like he doesn't get frustrated with it

  • perf b says:

    The Kundalini experience is in all religions back to Shamanism. It is an evolutionary adaptation for tribal survival in periods of crisis via the Shaman's tapping into Universal Wisdom. It may be a traumatic experience and even arise from trauma, like a PTSD experience. The book 'Achilles in Vietnam' describes some PTSD experiences very similar to Kundalini. Read Hakuin's biography to see another expression of Kundalini. The advice I got from a zen teacher was: 'Dont fight it and dont force it, hold the reins loosely but firmly like this'

  • Carla Vela says:


  • ashok kumar says:

    Most people misunderstood his message… modern yoga became a business model and JK talking about highly moralistic life will automatically connect one to higher consciousness… He talked about rajaYoga as one of the best according to him…yoga is not about body and mind but it's manual to know the self…if one is not using to know the soul and purpose no yoga can save one…Thats what JK is saying…he got his kundalini awakened in his early years…read that and read his books…you will understand what a realstic genius he is

  • Sonica Boomlyn says:

    Yes!! This is extraordinary and so wonderful. A perfect description by Marcial Galaxio "Seeing Krishnamurti laughing is like seeing spring unleashed in the Himalayas" Thirty years ago I first read transcripts of his talks in California, in "The Flight of the Eagle." His way of explaining is a treasure indeed. The timing for my finding this online could not possibly have been better. Thank you!

  • gurdarshan singh says:


  • Ron Tan says:

    Why does everyone look up to Krishnamurti like a hungry puppy with drooling eyes, as a god? Do your Yoga, burn incense, chant some mantras, why seek validation?

  • Nuj Auh says:

    Interesting how the gurus speak of annihilation of the "self" (ego, etc.) as paramount. That is very likely true. However, the vast majority of the world is not enlightened, and the vast majority are not gurus by vocation. Who will do your cooking, clean your wardrobe, prepare your food, assemble the video camera to record your lecture, and the myriad things? For the rest of us who would earn a living for our family and children? Protect them from the predation of the unenlightened humanity and the dangers of life in general? Who will protect our country from subjugation/exploitation by an unenlightened foreign entity? Who will stand up and resist against the oppressive tendencies of one's own civic and national ruler? Etc….It's easy to live an enlightened life if you're a guru. But how would society function, exist, and subsist if we all lived enlightened lives? Nihilism is an impressive concept…but pretty much impractical if practiced by more than a few enlightened individuals.

  • May ur says:

    Modern Yoga is Just Asana and Praanayam.

  • Martin Franke says:

    sayd in my mind: JK THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3

  • devsaki says:

    This man has followers 40 years later

  • Harshit Dwivedi says:

    This is the insight which I needed now…

  • GOOD EARTH says:

    If Raja yoga, also known as Ashtanga yoga, is practiced under the guidance of the Realised Spiritual Master, it is possible to raise the dormant energy from the base of one's spinal chord and taking it all the way up to the crown of one's head called Sahasrara. It involves eight steps ( this information can be had from Patanjali yoga Shastra ).This is not for all ; should anything go wrong, one could become insane and except for one's own Realised Spiritual Master, no one else can help such a one ; people have committed suicide on this account ; I am sharing this information, because I was with a Paramahamsa, myself and Kundalini yoga is one hundred percent true and as Sri JK has expressed it, it is not for the weak and therefore, better to leave this method alone !

  • Kooky Li says:

    Why judge the question as ridiculous? It's as valid as any other question. You can ofcourse refuse to answer the question if it's uncomfortable for you but you have no right to judge it's ridiculous

  • Saradhi D says:

    Pure Knowlege.

  • Nakul Sharma says:

    He wasnt trained in anything. Much like sai baba. Yoga has been mentioned earliest as 10th century in written records. But india had a oral tradition. He doesnt know what hes talking about

  • Dean says:

    Why does the energy have to be one of mischief because you said it. The fact that he had no experience with yoga makes him stand REDUNDANT on explaining it.

    Meditation asks me to sit still and through frustration try to find some thing other then me.

    Sit still, breath and become REDUNDANT in your seat and miss out on the life experiences because all your time is taken up trying to find something other then what you are and it can never be found as it does not exist.

  • Rajesh ND says:

    And this is how misconceptions about Yoga and other traditional knowledge is spread.

    Some people make fun of the things since they don't understand anything about it and others enjoy a good laugh at it since they also don't know anything about it rather both don't want to know anything. Just sitting at the shore and talking about the depths of the oceans.

  • E.T. says:


  • Patrick Brumm says:

    is Kundalini related to ASMR? I can tell you my experience…1st hand

  • Juan Batista says:

    I was introduced to Yoga when I was a small child by two Chinese medical students that boarded with us . I followed it for many years and it stood me in good stead to survive all kinds of things , I've been shot , stabbed , blown up , bashed nearly to death , fought wars and suffered potentially terminal cancer but I am still here .

    I used yoga meditation techniques and pranayama to survive mentally through wars and all kinds of heart break , most of my old friends are dead . It can give you a strength that is not definable but there is something there .
    It does not come in a 20 week training program it takes years of belief that it is good for you , it is right , it is elevating you mentally and spiritually and your brain does the rest .

  • rakesh more says:

    I love you 🙏

  • David Tinx Lall says:

    🤩 ✒ Mischief maker 😂

  • Shammi S says:

    It's painfully funny to expian this to the west, I feel his pain 😂

  • Maruthi Rahul says:

    all spiritual talks boils down to a ' hell of a story teller making profound insights out of abstract circumstances. weird man, i find him strange

  • Reiki Energy Healing Los Angeles says:

    Finally a wise man who says the truth about Hatha Yoya, and Real Yoga (Raja Yoga)!!! And about Kundalini, like Paramahansa Yogananda talk about, both subjects, since 1920 through 1953.

  • d Gtm says:

    Non of the yogas that existed or exist currently will liberate you from craving and misery in miserable world.
    The only way is meditation and you can choose any technique you like out of hundreds but the ultimate is called vipassana.
    Good to hear from krishna Murti after long time.
    A true and compassionate teacher after Buddha.

  • Rachelle Favaloro says:

    Love him. ❤️🙏. Thank you.

  • Jun Jun Gatbos says:

    "This is the most crazy questions"

  • medronhos says:

    Namaskar. Truth is also, that during my first yoga weekend – meditative hatha yoga – i had an amazing experience while in Savanna; an experience that no one i knew was able to put a name on. Not even my teacher. After a lot of reading, it came out it was Sabikalpa Samadhi. I remember getting up after this session and saying "Wau, what a trip", and i thought this would happen again at the end of every Hatha yoga session, but it only happened once again and it was a much shorter experience, even when i took a regular practice in a serious studio.

  • Peak Physique says:

    Any exercise or work done with love and positivity with intention to awaken their kundalini can reach there. Mindfullness is the key.

  • Alan MacDonald says:

    To join the local to the non local mind.

  • luan au says:

    Buddha's second sermon was about no self.

  • Quenten Bruce says:

    Love you brother

  • Fino Menezes says:

    Over time I have listened to many, many hours of Krishnamurti talks, and this is the only instance I recall him getting a fit of the giggles.

  • nagisa chan says:

    He is so cute omg ❤

  • Ananthanarayanan S V says:

    Jittu was nurtured & raised by a British woman Annie Besant. His views boldly questioned Indian Beliefs and I don’t subscribe to all of his views

  • Vandana Balijepalli says:

    With due respect I am shocked and shattered by this lecture.

  • corinne manintveld says:

    He is for real, I think that’s exactly what kundalini is about. He shows it when you look well enough.

  • Aswin VR says:

    Why he ridiculed yoga… From a true teacher. I'm confused

  • local global says:

    I think, exercise-yoga doesn't lead to awakening. Awakening is union of mind with its source. Although exercise is also called yoga, but yoga relates to the higher level of consciousness.

  • Nihal Wijethunge says:

    Absolutely correct sir 👍👍👍

  • Nihal Wijethunge says:

    It's an exercise for internal organs

  • Venkatanarayana Damarla says:

    He is wrong. He failed to achieve Kundalini Yoga. Hence, he is mocking.

  • Johnathan Taylor says:

    I find Krishnamurti arrogant and impatient in most of his talks. He speaks in a very condisending way when ever I hear him. Not a very enlightening person to me.

  • Mystic rose says:

    Can't be much simpler than this

  • Inner Vigilance says:

    He had little patience for nonsense, but the people are ignorant and need to be shown the proper way. He was blessed to have been brought up in such an environment as he was, but the vast sea of humanity are brought up in ignorance and fear. If he had existed 2000 years ago I am sure he would be treated as a god now by the ignorant suffering masses looking for help in their meager existence.

  • Jack Kore says:

    Shambles, should've just accepted that he's not an expert in Yoga.

  • gp g says:

    lucky old buster

  • Kevin Murphy says:

    Interesting….certainly Kundalini exists as does "Chi Gung" which is same thing obviously…Its hard for me to believe Krishanmurti discounts its existence but then again what he is speaking on for the most part is "Hatha Yoga" which IS exercise….I never read this man but rather came to my own path 45 yrs ago via my Sifu and then a few yrs later in 1978 became a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.

    This man here, whom up to now I held in high esteem; seems a tad puffed up and its quite obvious that to discount "Kundalini" simply because one hasnt achieved it nor KNOWN anyone who has, is indeed going from the sublime to the ridiculous…..A great "intellect " not necessarily a great "Spirit'…

    Truly there have been many charlatans purporting to be Gurus etc etc. but anyone who has real "direct" experience knows Kundalini DOES exist and the "Raja" Yoga, or "Royal Yoga" he mentions here is FAR more than "moral living" but rather has to do with the summoning and directing of the Life Force , the "Prana" by virtue of the breath…This takes time.

    These "Prana Yama" or in Taoist "Chi Gung" techniques arent part of the "Hatha Yoga' Krishanmurti speaks of here which are the postures and do have wonderful health benefits but whose practice rarely sparks the life force.

    This man is a great "Intellect" but certainly not an "Adept", as most of that lofty group live in humble obscurity and dont do book tours or lectures…..There are exceptions of course, Yogananda being the most noteworthy by far.

    Krishanmurti should know better. Im glad I stumbled on this, a most sobering and surprising experience rendered all the more puzzling by virtue of his OWN mystical experiences as a youth..The only conclusion I can come to is he was an advanced soul coming into this latest incarnation but never cultivated this, which can ONLY happen via Prana Yama a fact which is all the more ironic considering he came from a country whose Saints and Gurus have illuminated the spiritual and geographical landscape from time immemorial

  • Dan Bronco says:

    To all idiots with opinions. Now we have substantial scientic evidence to prove the benefits of Yoga physically mentally and beyond for an individual and also for society. To sad that this man didn't live long to witness it…. if only he practiced yoga.

  • Being Mr.G says:

    LOL when he said yoga is 7th-century old that's where I understood how much knowledge he has about Yoga.

  • Madhu Kiran Narava says:

    Please speak more!

  • Santosh Kumar Mishra says:

    From childhood I was very energetic and mindfulness person. I was too very ambitious and goal oriented . after adolescence when I got some failures I get depressed. The magnitude of the depression was so high I had to go under medication. then after I lost my aim in life. I was a very lazy person. I had other complexions like severe insomnia, anxiety, , etc. just three years back I started to do yoga pranayam and meditation. I achieved my lost confidence again. Now I have better nights and beautiful mornings. But I have not to spend a dollar with any spiritual leader. All you can get the fragrance of yoga without money near your bed.

  • natoik2 says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the greek subs!

  • Rakesh Prattipati says:

    Jiddu is wrong when he says yoga was found in 17th century.

  • S White says:

    Instead of listening to this guy I just punch myself in the face

  • heekyung Kim says:

    He makes me smile. What a charming person. I wish i have seen him talking in real life.

  • Ray Indra says:

    Thank you Jiddu for making fun of yoga. Life is a combination of many factors ? None of them ? I have seen somebody who did not speak and never said a word not even on a video ? But…..

  • Gabriela M.A. says:

    only because he's a great reference on the subject people and followers think it's ok for him to be arrogant (or mostly ironic, which relates)?

  • Tane Hima says:


  • yosser hughes says:

    unless it transforms you back to your 20s its rubbish. who cares to feel 20 but look like 90! I think these yogis are bullshitting us.

  • Nripen Chandra says:

    Yes it does activAtes Kundalini mine did and it won't activate for one until you are non violent and a celebate

  • sapinder grewal says:

    Only if you have stubburn nature like Patanjali or Buddha. Other than that, it happen by itself, as per my case. Yoga maintain the imbalance it brings with it. I balanced my self with fire

  • neoaureus says:

    Now I know where Yoda's voice and diction came from…humph?

  • Mama Laloo Sindhi says:

    Indians, mostly Hindus, put more emphasis on YOGA than on meditation, whereas Buddhists in Tibet, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, etc., put more emphasis on MEDITATION than on yoga.

    Yoga is more physical and to some extent mental, however, meditation is the other way round. Thus, meditation, no matters either Hindus or Buddhists do, is more spiritual, and makes a man much more wiser than a man who merely practice yoga.

    Please note: I have nothing against yoga. These comments are my personal opinions, and are based on my own individual research and practices, so please read them no matters critically but without any prejudice.

    Regards and many thanks

  • X Siri says:

    8:40. The me / ego is constantly in conflict, opposed desires.

  • Shiva Shankara - o transformador says:

    K forever

  • Alexander Richter says:

    If you watch it at 2x speed her speech almost sounds normal.

  • Arjuna Deva says:

    I have met many people, sincere practitioners, who have awakened the kundalini. In my opinion, we should all endeavor to do so in a healthy, balanced manner.

  • annette norris says:

    Thank you❤✌🏾✊🏾

  • un family says:

    Kundalini is not someone's wish, desire, aim, want. It is nobody's property n not for everybody to have. Poison knows who seeks it and who can bear it.

  • sarvesh dubey says:

    yoga the other name of meditation

  • Salujathustra says:

    If he answers in affirmative and says yes, then yoga will become a mean to an end, and yoga will become important more than anything. Not being able to find something through practice because there is nothing to find at all, you will become bore and other will come and say, Ah, try this one, Vipassana, this will help. After getting bore of it, another beard will come and say with a rather fancy word and say, transcendental meditation is the final and finest mean and we fall for that. Trap after trap, we let ourselves used like a commodity, and in attempt to find a meaning demean ourselves in the court of heavenly stars and sun and Earth. Ashamed and abashed, thrashed and trashed, we remained holed up in our consciousness and leads an unholy life.

  • Tewodros Ephrem says:

    Pure soul!!

  • Malgozata says:

    Thank you. I got caught up in all of this stuff, breathing, eating right foods, yoga exercises, etc. But Krishnamurti is right. Only "when the self is not" do I awaken. I appreciate this.

  • Manoranjan Patel says:

    Always try seeing yourself & the higher self as one..unite

  • Keep Learning says:

    In India Its possible but not in America or Europe 😂😂

  • Lucky DeSilva says:

    Respect and love to wonderful human being.

  • Lucky DeSilva says:

    What a beautiful laugh with such honesty .

  • Mystecal Dharma says:

    beautiful creativity salute this man

  • ummglick says:

    men like this man are rare indeed

  • Madhukiran Attivilli says:

    8:20 — The answer is here

  • CoruscantMe says:

    be-come Whole

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