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Hello everyone! November 2019 is over, which means that it’s
time for another Q&A. As you may know by now: this is the public
Q&A. There’s also a Patreon edition for those
who want to support my work. In this public edition, I’m going to talk
about a Jungian psychological concept called the shadow. More specifically: integrating an evil shadow. Basically everyone – even the most positive
person you’ll meet – has a dark side. As Swiss psychologist Carl Jung stated: everyone
has a shadow. The shadow is an unconscious collection of
undesired characteristics. These could be positive ones too, like creativity,
that one has repressed because it’s, for example, looked down upon by family members. I’ve made a separate video about the shadow
if you want to know more. In the comment section, I stumbled upon a
question by Caleb about the integration of an ‘evil’ shadow. I quote: I truly believe that my shadow is evil. Hellish even. Why would I want to integrate this? I see it as something external and out of
my control, and would love to have it severed from my existence. All it does is making my life much more difficult
than it needs to be. End quote. The whole idea of the shadow is that it includes
a repressed evil side of oneself, that can even be what you call ‘hellish’. So it’s normal. The positive thing, in my opinion, is that
you are at least conscious of it to some degree. What makes you think that this shadow part
of yours is hellish? What are the characteristics you’re aware
of? Do they appear in your dreams? Do you have strong projections onto other
people that, basically, represent the things that you’re unconsciously repressing? According to Carl Jung, dreams, as well as
projections, are basically echoes of the shadow. In dreams, it manifests in the form of symbols
and metaphors, and projections arise because we see in others what we deny in ourselves. For example: if we react emotionally and aggressively
against, let’s say, homosexuality like Frank Fitts did in the movie American Beauty, this
might be a sign that there’s some form of repressed homosexuality in ourselves. The same goes for strong disapproval of someone
who’s sexually active or even promiscuous, which might come from sexual repression or
frustration in the person who has this strong disapproval. Now, a shadow is mostly out of control because
it operates unconsciously. Unless you manage to make the unconscious
conscious which is the purpose of shadow work. According to Jungian psychology you shouldn’t
repress your shadow side; instead, it’s recommended to manage and integrate it, so
you can control it instead of it controlling you. The more you deny the shadow, the denser it
becomes. So, this might be a result of many years of
repression of unwanted characteristics, that sometimes tend to come out in an extreme form. Accepting these things, no matter how dark
and hellish, doesn’t mean acting upon them. Instead, it means shedding light upon them
to understand them better. The acceptance of the shadow self lies in,
at least, temporarily letting go of societal norms of what is good and evil, and accept
that the dark side is part of your nature. In nature, is there good and evil? Well, in my observation there are things that
we, as living beings, are biologically inclined towards, like survival. Let’s say that, somehow, you’ve discovered
within yourself that you have a deep desire for killing, or perhaps even for torture and
in your free time you bully people online and torment animals. It sounds like a pretty dense shadow to me. Now, I think in the light of Jungian psychology,
we can reduce these dark desires to the primitive drives of power and death. In nature, we see that most animals carry
these drives with them. A cat, for example, can be a very cute, cuddly
animal, but have you ever see it catching a mouse and toying with it until it dies? This part of the cat is very cruel and murderous. But I think that we can all agree that a cat
isn’t a cat without both its cuddly and murderous sides. We simply accept animals for having these
dark instincts, yet we have much difficulty accepting them in humans. Sure, we have norms, religions, et cetera
to get along better, as they are the basis of civilization. But the sacrifice we make as humans is that
we hide our darker sides – the things that are not socially accepted – just to fit in. Thus, we wear a mask – the persona. “There is no light without shadow and no
psychic wholeness without imperfection,” An evil shadow is part of the complete self. So denying it would be denying yourself. The question was, of course, how can you integrate
this evil shadow? It starts with making the unconscious conscious
and then the acceptance that this evil, this madness, is part of you, and that you’re
better off knowing it, than being oblivious to it. Here’s what Carl Jung wrote about this in
his Red Book, which is his personal account of his imaginative experiences during a period
of voluntary confrontation with the unconscious. I quote: “Be silent and listen: have you recognized
your madness and do you admit it? Have you noticed that all your foundations
are completely mired in madness? Do you not want to recognize your madness
and welcome it in a friendly manner? You wanted to accept everything. So accept madness too. Let the light of your madness shine, and it
will suddenly dawn on you. Madness is not to be despised and not to be
feared, but instead you should give it life…If you want to find paths, you should also not
spurn madness, since it makes up such a great part of your nature…Be glad that you can
recognize it, for you will thus avoid becoming its victim. Madness is a special form of the spirit and
clings to all teachings and philosophies, but even more to daily life, since life itself
is full of craziness and at bottom utterly illogical. Man strives toward reason only so that he
can make rules for himself. Life itself has no rules. That is its mystery and its unknown law. What you call knowledge is an attempt to impose
something comprehensible on life.” End quote. The madness you may find during periods of
introspection, and using methods like active imagination and dream analysis, could be considered
too disturbing to integrate in your daily life. But integration doesn’t mean the we should
‘act’ upon it. First of all, there’s an energy aspect involved
with these dark, repressed characteristics, which means that they could be harvested to
achieve goals. It could be food for creative outlets, but
also for physical exercise. A great example of this is David Goggins,
who’s regarded the toughest man alive, partly because of his almost superhuman achievements
in the area of sports, like the world record for most pull ups, running several ultra-marathons
and triathlons and facing many obstacles like asthma, obesity, difficulties in learning,
et cetera. He also completed Navy SEAL training in his
thirties, against all odds. For me, the most interesting thing about his
story was that in his youth he was severely physically abused by his father and also severely
bullied at school. His early life was filled with violence, which
created a tremendous amount of anger and grief below the surface of a very timid, anxious,
obese man with a stutter. When he decided to turn his life around, he
was able to channel his rage and fear into extraordinary accomplishments. “Denial is the ultimate comfort zone,”
Goggins said. And I think that’s surprisingly true in
regards to the shadow. It’s also true that staying in the comfort
zone of denial and the unwillingness to see the dark in oneself, will only lead to bigger
problems later on. Integration can simply be the acknowledgement
that it’s there, just to prevent that it leverages one’s awareness of it to take
control. Imagining these disowned qualities can give
one insight, and channel the energy that comes from it into better, productive things. Perhaps, if these characteristics are violent,
they could be developed into something beneficial, by martial arts for example. I personally think that acceptance and awareness
– without acting on it – is the key when facing our dark side, because when our shadow is
off the radar, we can’t monitor it, let alone control it, so we’ll never know when
it suddenly lashes out towards ourselves or the outside world. As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle once said:
“what you accept you go beyond.” Thank you for watching.

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  • SteelySnow7 says:

    Wow dude, awesome that you managed to build a bridge between David Goggins and the shadow. His teachings are something that I've listened and found inner peace and strength from. My vision of these things is more clear now.

  • Heather A says:

    The Satanic bible is all about this topic. No I am not a Satanist it was just an interesting read.

  • Astra Diabolicus says:

    Shadow work isn’t a joke, I was a devout satanist for years because I let my shadow take over, stoicism is the light I needed to find my way out of the abyss

  • Crazy4Dumplings says:

    Amazing video man.

  • Diana Ionita says:

    I went on a weed edible trip yesterday. I felt chest pain (not for the first time and, likely, from acid reflux, my doctor says) and my anxiety skyrocketed. I saw the face of Death as clearly as I now see YouTube. Then I thought, "How do I know for sure that my next breath won't be my last one? I don't". I very much wanted to live. Yet I know that is not under my control.
    I guess mortality is what I'm working on integrating. I'm doing that by accepting that I don't know when my last breath will be and that's alright. I can think about/focus on other things instead of circling that bottomless pit.

  • Don Ottovich says:

    i love you wolf!! you rip my heart out, everytime..🙏🙏

  • Tübermensch says:

    Do you really want to meet your shadow? Think of The Person you absolutely despise, yet simultaneously envy if you're completely honest.

    A person that if you described to others they would find your hatred irrational, if not totally comical.

    Now meditate on this person, not in anger, but as an nature observer attempting to make first contact with a feral beast. Be patient…

    Visualize this person is just a blank canvas that your shadow prefers to paint on, the picture it paints is pure communication from your shadow to your ego.

    Your shadow projection on to this person will reflect some very painful truths, and inconvenient facts about you – to you.

    This confrontation with the shadow can be so wounding to the ego, that it isn't uncommon for another entity to immerge so that the ego may maintain Psychological integrity.

    Some call this entity an alter-ego. David Goggins confronted his shadow and named it "Goggins". He communicates with "Goggins" as a totally separate entity. This is an example of an individuated pysche that has integrated its Shadow.

  • Steve Rogers says:

    When a cat toys with a mouse, I think it’s play, not evil.

  • goodboybuddy1 says:

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  • Ana Miss says:

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  • Mysterion says:

    To me, the shadow is only evil for as long as it isn't integrated. The whole idea of someone rejecting it, comes from one's definition of bad vs. good. In an absolute sense, good and bad have no meaning. We are just made up of traits and behavioral inclinations that aid in survival and reproduction, i.e. evolution. This is a process that stands outside of morality, and hence our traits and behavioral inclinations are outside of morality. Morality comes into play if we consider what to do with these traits and behavioral inclinations in the context of happiness. And I believe each and every trait and behavioral inclination, including those in the shadow, can aid happiness if yielded under the right circumstance. Once integrated, the shadow thus becomes a potentially positive tool. It is all about when and when not to act on it. Moreover, simply ending that internal struggle relieves a lot of stress.

  • Wilma says:

    As far as I understand, a shadow is not an evil part of me. It is a immature selfconcept or bundle of thoughts and feelings that come forth of this immature selfconcept.
    This selfconcept is build on experiences in my youth or in past lifes that are not understood by the psyche at that moment and are surrounded by fear and other emotions. Because of the inability to handle the fear at that moment, due to immaturity, my psyche has pushed the whole thing in the subconscious, to be dealt with it later.
    When it comes up in later life, it will always be surrounded by the emotions that were present at the moment it was pushed away. In order to 'so called, integrate' this shadow the emotions and thoughts that accompany them need to be dealt with, but now from a matured perspective.

    The shadow will come up in dreams or be mirrored by other people as for me to get acquainted with it, since it is in the shadow where I can't see it. In the time my psyche offers this shadow to me in order to shed light on it, I will firstly resist it because of the fear that accompanies it, thus giving myself a change to push it back in the subconscious.
    Integrating it merely means becoming more and more aware of it by accepting it to be there. And dealing with all the emotions, especially the fear by being willing to feel it all and find out it doesn't wipe me out as the fear tries to make me believe. Rather the opposite is true, it frees me and leaves me more light and more whole.

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    Madness is a part of me and I embrace it, as I wouldn't be who I am without it. I've experienced its self destructive power in trying to deny it or covering it with shame. In acknowledging it, I mold it into fuel for my creativity, and intense anger has been honed into a tool in the form of drive and determination to aid my life goals. … In an "acceptable" way, of course.

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    — Carl Jung
    Jung was probably referring to the following:

    “But it is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeks to rise into the height and light, the more vigorously do his roots struggle earthward, downword, into the dark, the deep – into evil.”

    — Friedrich W. Neitzche
    (Thus spake Zarathustra)

  • HEK 293 says:

    I have mine locked down in my head. I love my dark side. I like it a lot. I keep it in good shape because i occasionally need to let it out. I always feel like the incredible hulk. I have learned how to integrate my dark side into my everyday life. It comes in handy. I need it. I want it. It is a part of who i am. Without it i wouldn't be the person i am today. I enjoy letting my dark persona out every once in a while.

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  • Aika Papa says:

    Why do we need civilization again ? In nature, it is the strong who survive and the weak fall prey and die. The law of power rules survival. In "civilized" society, it is ironically still the same. The survival of the fittest pattern of behavior is still very prevalent. Strength can be muscular but also mental. So survival of the fittest, smartest, richest, more manipulative, cruelest still applies to civilizations. WE HAVE NEVER LEFT THE JUNGLE lol ! Hypocrisy at its best.

  • D L L says:

    Step 1) Stop thinking of it as evil

    Everything in the shadow is a positive, helpful element (in some capacity), or it was until you repressed it, ignored it and tormented it into becoming a monster. Setting yourself up to fight against it as if it were an external demon will only empower it more — you cannot beat yourself mentally with force in the same sense you can't pick yourself up off the ground. Instead figure out what healthy thing you turned into a monster and start nursing and loving it back to help.

    A God ignored is a demon born.

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    We should attempt to do the same.

    Life is art. And art is life.

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    I got that inner child aspect of my soul back but as soon as that happened a celebrity(I kid you not) invaded my body and put the baby in a 'sunken place," so she could try to overcome my consciousness. They killed or chased away the mother aspect of my soul so the baby was left to fend for itself.
    This stuff is real I'm talking about.

    After being invaded, a lot of war, death, turmoil happened on the inside of me because they brought insect spirits with them. Insect spirits destroy souls and lion spirits make a soul filthy and soiled. This was something that involved lots of govts and leaders meeting in private to conspire against me. I never got over the trauma of witnessing so many powerful people and dignitaries coming together to try to destroy the soul of a person they never even met. These people turn families, friends, associates, future friends against you behind your back. That's what makes me think that this might have been something planned when I was a baby. The celebrity is a nuisance because she wants everyone to worship her as God and lots transferring my soul essence, power, spiritual resources and gifts to that person thinking that it will make her into me. It wont as we are not the same soul or being, even though people think we look alike. All of my children on this earth favor me and him(The Original I and Me =I AM) ya'll ain't ready for that!

    Many angels were hurt in the process, including my son and I will never get over that.

    It seems if I allow this celebrity to ride my coat tail, take credit for my past accomplishments, steal as much as she wants from me, destroy my relationships, slander me constantly with her acting like the victim, getting forced into a relationship/friendship with her even thoughI dont want to, invade my space make my soul defiled and filthy then maybe just maybe the parasite wont completely destroy me.

    Now you see how the shadow came about?

  • Vitezslav Slavik says:

    Shadow is not an evil. It's your denial of the evil. What you are afraid to see and admit it as a true. You are more likely to do it and not call it evil. It could be narcissism in disguise, denied rage. When you say I'm not that way, it means you probably are. People around you can also help you recognize that, so listen closely.

  • eddy oklobdzija says:

    The most difficult aspects of psychic integration are the emotions associated with these FEELING TONED COMPLEXES, as we call them. Emotions are very difficult to deal with and involve great suffering for the person. This is where the conflict lies, with a highly charged emotional complex.
    As Jung had always stressed over and again in his writings, these issues cannot be solved by a clever intellect, like that involved in moving pieces on a chess board. Here he differentiates between the AESTHETIC ATTITUDE with that of JUDGEMENT. The former is merely an intellectual analysis, and produces poor results, since one simply watches his drama, but does not actively participate. Only through an act of judgment upon himself which he makes a morally binding obligation to himself can he hope to come to terms with his division and hope to integrate his personality.
    He and I both are the first to trash all of these theosophical movements that believe that it's all a matter of THINKING, when it is really a matter of FEELING.
    Nothing changes and the Shadow is not integrated.
    Evidently, I've taken the masters words to heart and have become a master myself.

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