Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Part 4 – Beyond Thinking

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  • AwakenTheWorldFilm says:

    After watching Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds "Beyond Thinking" some people end up "thinking" that thinking is bad, but if this is the case they are missing the more subtle message. If you pay close attention the film does not say that we need to stop thinking (or that thinking is bad), but that in order to come out of suffering humanity has to move beyond EGOIC thinking. Thinking that is guided by or aligned with inner wisdom, through the intuitive centers, is reflective of the most noble pursuits in human history. All true creativity and art comes from aligning with the mysterious source of our being. Einstein said: "The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self [or the ego]. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive." In Vedanta it is said that the mind makes a good servant, but a poor master. To learn more go to http://www.samadhi.ca.

  • Artyom Oblikov says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Daniel !
    Great Series !
    As legit as it gets.
    Thank you.

  • Chris Summers says:

    5 exabytes of data – so much thinking
    Whatever you resist persists

    The buddha – yes to it
    Accept the pain

  • Ace K says:

    What an amazing series thank you

  • Rogue Mentality says:

    Unlike the sycophants incapable of critical thought, I am not impressed. Quoting Einstein and using phrases as insulting as "Dark Matter" doesnt fool the ones who know that these are mere contrivances of science whose origins have been ripped off from true pioneers like Tesla. The mere fact you are using thei names to make money is enough for you to be banned outright. IF your intentions were as good as you are portraying them to be, you would have used the correct terminology to accurately describe them. Aether, manna, etc.. Looks to my eye that you are nothing more than just a controlled opposition used to infiltrate the minds of those who are somewhat awake to the realities of our lives so as to guide them down a path contrary to the greatest good for each person. Likely has something to do with your website that surely tracks all the visitors to said websites (regardless of your claims otherwise) and that one would need to register to. Which leads us to money that you are likely hoping to collect from random individuals whose only fault was trusting a random utube channel. Your intentions are transparent and have been laid bare for the world to see what you really are and the fact that your channel can spew such hypocrisy is shameful and immoral to the highest order.

  • Alexander Guess says:

    "I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life, as much as they are looking fro the experience of being alive" Joseph Campbell 9:26


    Contraire Mon Frere!
    We must Fly Or Die!
    We must spread Our
    Wings! Before they Are Plucked out!
    By Religion, Socialism. Capitalism . Communism .
    Monarchies.keep Your soul ,If you want Joy! Be the god of your ,"Own Universe

  • Alexander Guess says:

    these past 7even years of Kali kicking my ass and now i'm back to "I" … consciousness how sweet the sound

  • Shortcake Mooney says:

    Why d "" suit"" gotta be #ch3ap? 🙃🤔

  • Martha Montes says:


  • Annette Fletcher says:

    This series was coupled perfectly with my yoga teacher training. Thank you for putting this together. I will refer to it often!

  • Pier Ligon says:

    The mind cannot stop it's activity Its like the wind. it cannot be harnessed.The mind is cosmic energy, it enlivens your senses.You perceive through the mind. Stillness will give you a sense of peace. Peace is a state of mind. The mind is the doer of actions. The mind is the cause of bondage or liberatiovn. The Creator of all things states give your mind to me, dwell in me and you will be liberated from the cycle of life and death. Love me and you shall receive my wisdom, knowledge and vision.

  • Operation Spring Board says:

    What a fantastic series of videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and awaken others.
    Part four, 20 minutes in, the piano music in the background is beautiful. Is there a way to find the full version of the music? Would be great to meditate to. Thank you.

  • Gaske Learsi says:

    This philosophy isn't correct at all. There is no "reality as it is" there is no accepting "reality". Reality isn't fixed but rather shaped and created from an experiential point of view primarily by thoughts.

    This is a passive and defeatist philosophy.

  • Brooklyn Sanchez says:

    First time watching this…its full of enlightenment…very informative…awakening our sense that brings back to oneness…our soul purpose in this life we have on earth…😔🙏🙏🙏namaste everyone…great channel…

  • Husam Kallangodan says:

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you!

  • Shariff Abdullah says:

    So… THANK YOU for doing this series, and saving me 100+ hours of compiling this myself! It is DEFINITELY necessary, and I thought that I had to do it, since no one else had. So, tonight, while washing dishes, I came across the first of the videos. I didn't wash dishes for the other 3. This (close to) flawlessly states what I call "The Common Faith" – bridging inner and outer, higher and fundamental, scientific and spiritual… all into a seamless web. I'm going to watch a few more times, then put out on my entire network as a "MUST SEE".

    I don't mean to be ego-based or self-promoting, but… what i intend to do with this is marry it to my central work, focused on my book, "Creating a World That Works for All". And, in the spirit of non-self-promotion, I will NOT put the link to my book in this comment! It is generally available…

  • Michael says:

    Wish i found this sooner, glad this video is here. Finally have calmed myself. I speak from my heart

  • al march says:

    i like the video too but i am sure that most of us dont understand it.

  • Sam Mujkic says:

    That's great but do u know being awake u must know how control world, Rotchiilde ,Rotchiilde eliets family's they are creat and own everything u see in this planet lol yup u must know plan of new world order and old world order, eliets bankers dictating every where 1% against all 99 % manipulation of confusing masses, creating borders ,separate humans by stupid coulture, religious and most stupid separations its color of skin etc bean alive its understated system, bank & goverment & religion and politics nature of vibrations, frequency and energy efficiency of our world today

  • Deborah Victoria Edwards says:

    Be the CHANGE you want to see…

  • kiko kiko says:

    so let me see if i got this right! accept all the suffering around me? let murders be because they just are? what about these psychopaths disguised as world leaders and the ceo's poisoning the land just to add another billion to their bank accounts? call me a crazy Christian but i would rather follow jesus.

  • Hue Norton says:

    I worked on aircraft navigation computers many years ago. One day I realized that my mind is somewhat similar to a nav computer – it’s a wonderful “tool” to help me make my way through, and to enjoy, the 3-D electric light show we call “external reality”, but it can’t be relied upon to tell me much of anything about that “reality” or what lies behind it and gives rise to it any more than a nav computer can tell me much about the lands it helps me to navigate to. Anyway, this was a beautiful film and really helped me understand why I’ve felt that way for so long – I was able to begin to find myself only after I agreed to “lose my mind”…

  • Essi Renhier says:

    He said accept your reality as it is eventhought that realities created by others to you. No ! I don’t believe that. The creator not created every being to be burden for others. Why you Europeans have to be burden for others don’t look like you ? Why disrespecting something you don’t create or invented. Yea they want to change the worlds without thinking to change themselves. Yea there levels of wisdom so weak.

  • Alejandro Gómez Urrea says:

    "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".
    ~ Buckminister Fuller

    May all the love which is in my hearth flows to you through the hearth.

  • Terry Andri says:

    de que vale lo interior si lo exterior esta incompleto…salud , educaion,hambre, respeto.derechos , arte……pura pendejada de new age ¡

  • Kevin James says:

    This is a great series. All of the dislikes simpl indicates lack of understandings. The quarrel within due to beliefs causing confusion does not alter the reality explained within the series

  • Mixedtwice 101 says:

    Teach this in schools

  • Better than telly says:

    Excellent piece of work.

    Hare Krishna

  • Natalia Cancio says:

    Thank you for a very enlightening video. Listening to it has changed my life.

  • Di Gordon says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series of videos. Thank you

  • Rudi Rino says:

    Thank You!

  • Kristi Lubovich says:

    Amazing…..I have an answer to what is happening. I have been practicing meditation and deep breathing, releasing the past and accepting the future at peace with myself and my life has changed. A few times I will be just thinking and I am in a situation like a dream but I am awake…It's crazy almost like a premonition of things to come…All good and involve my kids and grandkids.

  • Norbet Ltd says:

    I have watched the 4 videos and I believed it all the way because I knows all from our holly book the Qur'an .god said is not the eyes thats see is the haert .my English is not that good to explained what allah tell us .god tell us to think of evry things arround us to know him and to know our self and to know the purpose of life not thru our mind but thru our heart .if only you take some of your time to study's the Qur'an as you did with other religions u will find the trough about evry thing in life and in deaths and the universe. I know your first question. If is it so why part or some of the Moslem doing what they r doing around the world ? I will unswer because they left they're holly book and gone after wealth and desire. They will never achieve anything on less they go back to they're holly Qur'an and the sounat or in English the teaching of our profet Mohamed .I wish you take a look in the English Qur'an with translations just for more information added to yours then you know it all. thank u for ur video's you make me stronger in my religion

  • Harsh Saini says:

    Can meditation help cure my anxiety and depression?

  • Nitin Mahendru says:


  • Mike Jones says:

    Watched this four part series 20 plus times now. Amazing Amazing Amazing 👊🏽

  • Marie says:

    these are the best movies I have ever seen in my life

  • Viraj Dedhia says:

    By accepting the reality as it is, the one who sees what is, disappears.

  • Schnika Mckissic says:


  • King Belsey says:

    Awesome ..not that i knew it be be any different…but a nice re-infocrement film here and there is always welcome. 5 stars ..will play again…lol….thank you and big love.

  • Rafael Azevedo says:

    Perfect !

  • Skede Pikken says:

    wow. This is basically disturbingly impossible to understand. Why so many words? Do it simple please !

  • HIM Solar Gate says:

    Pleasure it the effect of an internal operation, if the operation has to come from the outside to cause the affect then you are doing it wrong. Pleasure is the expression of the increase in life and it is be sought but can be corrupted as all things in life. Self-hypnosis is the only way to strengthen the sense of thought.

  • Vicente Sanchez says:

    Thank you 🙂 this is the 4th time in 5 years that I watched this series. Every time gets more profound. I suffer from forgetfulness, this tools are a phenomenal reminder on living from what I really am. Thanks much

  • Now Then says:

    <^> Thank Youuu …

  • SaGirl4U says:

    Beautiful explanation , thank you

  • Wavy Folio says:

    This was some beautiful shit right here. You deserve an award.

  • Essi Renhier says:

    The author of this video is right. Right now, pale skin man feel trap Nd pretending to be happy. He forgot that fundamental principle of ancient Egyptians concept; « know that self ». Yea chasing the wind bur fie how long ?

  • Leonard Mehlmauer says:

    Happiness cannot be found inside any more than it can be found outside. If there's bullshit without there's bullshit within. It's only by the transcendence of both without and within that one Awakens to the Real Happiness (capital "H") that is always already the case. Read The Aletheon, or The Knee of Listening, or The Dawn Horse Testament. Thinking, of course, has its place, but it cannot find Awakening any more than Awakening can be achieved thru the "self", ego, the separate one, the separate self-sense. The ego can never Enlighten itself. The ego must be transcended. Going in and up ain't gonna do it. Never has. Oh, there's a "disneyland" of cosmic mind worlds there, yes, but it's just another dead end–or endless, if you like. It is only thru Grace, thru real submission to The Great One, the True Spiritual Master, that Awakening actually occurs.

  • Echad Lev Shtim says:

    The reality, that this literally induces over thinking, hahaha.
    Then you get exhausted and have to learn to let go and accept. To allow autopilot to trust intuition and instincts. You clear your mind and reach nothingness…… Then Kaboom!!! Future visions, Telepathy, Empathic, spirit travel, fractals, etc. Even MORE unanswered questions. LMAO!!! At this point, the rest of the world is looking at you like, "Why the hell is that guy smiling all the time!!" (whilst gritting their teeth and wondering how they can pluck fruit from your tree.) And then coming to terms with the fact many will be killed by your kindness.

  • jala Jala says:

    just tell my story how i found this channel… one day i was looking for animation movie and the title is "INSIDE OUT"… and i didnt found it in YOUTUBE but i found this video "INSIDE WORLDS OUTER WORLDS"… i tried to watch all of this videos, but the weird things is im always very sleepy and always end up playing the video in sleep, i cant open up my eyes… so i just listen all of this videos while sleep… one day at one night i just woke up suddenly and i dont know why, just open my eyes, and i heard my phone was playing something, but i remember i dont have this kind of music or someone talking… and i woke up to chek my phone, its OFF SCREEN AND I OPENED IT WITH MY FIINGERPRINT… when i chek my phone, this video on youtube was playing by it self EVEN THE SCREEN IS OFF… how come???? that time i just guessing maybe this is the answers that universe gave me, maybe this is what i need…. but still i was playing all of this videos and end up in deep sleep I DONT KNOW WHY….. but after years im back to this channel to watch again all of this video, and im not sleepy again i can watch all videos with awake state and i understand the contains of the videos… and i realize i was learn in my sleep even im not aware of it, its like seeds waiting to grow… maybe when i sleep i just receptive without intervention of thinking and trying to understand all… the answers sometimes not like we think and expect… thank u so much for your videos and your efforts… :)?

  • Alfar Away《AlfredBerica》 says:

    Thank you!. AwakenTheWorldFilm!. : ))

  • Bodhisattvamahlik says:

    Don't say yes. Do yes

  • Harry Stadier says:

    No step forward. No change. Then how do you expect things to change? 😜

  • Cipher Aeon says:

    Your videos have helped me, I've been having a rough go with my re-awakening. I live in a city where colonization has robbed my people if their former selves. Family and all, no one believes me im a awakened dragon, my own mother tried to have me committed and even my medicine man uncle called me evil. I communicate with the akasha daily or the fourth dimension, I have no support, no spiritual friends around here and no direction. They want me to take medication saying I have shizophrenia….I live a pretty isolated life at the moment and are constantly in a dream state and are crazy self aware. One of us has come back but reality is try it's hardest to snuff out my inner flame. I've made it 28 years of hardship and don't plan on quitting. Thanks allot I needed the info from these videos but I'm still alone and lost .

  • Evans Jackson says:

    I wanna know that from 14:38

  • Canal Plant-based says:

    Love and gratitude 🙏

  • geezass price says:

    Om bong tong gong remember life is fake go and eat a steak

  • paul skillman says:

    The launching of a rocket is the ultimate expression of ejaculation.

  • Hani Nuraidah says:

    honestly i dont understand most of what this video talking about.. i guess i have yet to reach the level

  • Mike Zubia says:

    honestly, amazing. the love and effort that was put in wow. I come back to this wonderful video and not only is it replenishing but different parts catch my attention each time and I understand them on deeper levels each time🌠🙏

  • keith wilson says:

    grasshopper the wise one once said one must watch many gay videos to become a wise one aka a grasshopper that can hop over many plants and knowing which ones to eat and which ones not to eat u dont get the crapes

  • keith wilson says:

    i learned alot watching and feeling the videos I AM THE WISE NOW NO LONGER THE GRASSHOPPER now bring me my money bitch and feel my back hand upside your head

  • Gord Desm says:

    Reality is the physical form of consciousness. The human body is a flesh and bone vehicle for The Spirit, an avatar for consciousness. We all are one in the same. Love always. As The Bible says in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 4, 6

  • Alexandru Constantin says:


  • B Scheuermann says:

    Annoying background tunes man! Kills the vibe of Thinking 🤣

  • Green Nights says:

    Qualities of being Awake are, 1. Paradigm of Positive Emotion and a Paradigm of Freedom
    2. Personal Depth and Full Actualization
    3. Free of the Anesthetics (list of 7 things that put u to sleep)
    4. Continuously empowered and living a dream not just dreaming it.
    all videos ask for definitions for like "awake" – concepts they cant explain so well. I have those definitions every time.

  • Chris Summers says:

    Buddha – pursuit of pleasurr. Aversion to pain

  • Green Nights says:

    there was a question before u were born or nothing would have happened.
    part 4 says all questions are in the ego mind, wrong wrong wrong.
    you have not defined consciousness yet. thats the basis for all misconception.
    you'd know that if you could define it.

  • Still * Standing says:

    All I can say is…thank you!

  • Simon Cutright says:

    The most important video I’ve ever seen. Besides Beverly Hills chihuahua 2

  • brandon judd says:

    This needs to be shown on all media outlets. I am ashamed of what I have become. Of what WE have become. WE need to tune in to reality. Beabea

  • Deandre Johnson says:

    Very well put together I loved it and very insightful thank you

  • SVTCO says:

    @ 4:10 there's a special place in hell for those order followers.

  • Vinay Seth says:

    Interesting. One question though- how would geniuses like Einstein and Tesla fit into this though? They got to the level they got to through tending to their thoughts, instead of seeking stillness. They converted their thoughts into paradigm-shifting works. meanwhile, south asians have been lagging behind in Science and Technology for centuries now, despite these esoteric teachings promoting stillness.

  • kisdeja watchers says:


  • SaidIwould says:

    One who seeks outside, dreams. One who seeks inside, awakens.

  • Ali Hassan says:

    1:33 you think you’re slick. That cup empty.

  • [email protected] Boyd says:

    Most amazing video of all times

  • Phillip Sylve says:

    This is the shit i see.. this where im at..

  • Munpreet Chahal says:

    Here in 2019 … thank you, God bless everyone xx

  • Chrissie Julien says:

    These documentaries are mind blowing! I keep having to go back and LISTEN again & AGAIN cuz I'm fuckin STONED & planned on going to bed EARLY, Oh yeah plus my sleep aids is kickin in lol I apologize. I simply wish to thank the person who shared all this knowledge with the WORLD!!!! With so much hatred, stupidity and division among us knowledge is POWER & CAN CHANGE our hearts❤🌍🌎🌏 Wich WOULD absolutely CHANGE THE WORLD!! AND,…4 the BETTER!!!

  • Monnaojang Senye says:

    On point with what I want to hear

  • Anu: Plateau says:

    you had me until that Darwin idiot entered the picture.

  • Lola White says:

    Thank You / Beautiful

  • Yash Choudhary says:

    We all know that our 5 sense Organs have nerve endings and.. And through this we know certain things.. But knowing this itself is only party true.. As our eye itself is
    Gets limited info.. Because we see only what light reflects and gets inside the nerves and inverted images.. So basically all the things we see is actually within us.. So by knowing this human mechanism in its full entirety we can know things or we can be everything

  • Yash Choudhary says:

    Unless we experience samadhi people will be like OK.. I am going to do Yoga and meditation and after that what.. And I think u know.. Coz the thing is u think u r individual.. But samadhi means u experience everything as u.. And it becomes or happens when this mechanism or u or this together becomes absolutely still….for simple practice.. Sit in comfortable posture and then breathe slowly. Suddenly u feel deepness.. Equanimity and peace right.. Now the reverse.. When u or ur mind becomes absolutely peace still and Equanomous then ur breathe will slowly reduce and reduce and then one moment it stops.. And at this moment u will know who u r.. Though this mechanism is there. U will know what it is.. And this is beginning of yoga.. Watch sadhguru videos about yoga and meditation

  • likely not human says:

    Ya guys, he's right. He also added background music.

  • illumen8.co.uk says:

    I'm struggling to find the words to best convey my predicament. How, I ask myself, do I actively reconcile the realisation ( like 'disgust' horror) that is my own physical reality, whilst simultaneously embracing and accepting this 'here and now' in the way you suggest I should? The emotional roller-coaster of awakening is a profound one. Realising for the first time how superficial and unnatural my physical world really is, is initially an unpleasant and sobering mindset. I have found the 'here and now' consists of too many lies, of deception and manipulation, of misinformation, division, etc. (I even understand how this educational video whilst containing many truths and positives, will also contain equal amounts of misinformation and misdirection.) Rightly, or wrongly I find the notion of accepting these sub-human practices counter intuitive. The welcoming or even merely acceptance of 'that' which disgusts me, over 'one' which I 'want' to see, does not make any sense to my rational thinking. Do you understand my issue and if so, any advice?

  • Anna Malatino says:

    Thank You! Very Informative. Love&Blessings. SOUL FRIEND!✝️🙏🕊✡♾👫🕯

  • Voievodul Titirez Socolescu Yon says:

    clearly made by a person who does not understand anything really about spirituality..

  • Ellie.Manifest says:

    I'm looking for the meaning of life because to experience this world and have deja Vu feelings makes me ask what's the point?

  • Maratus Sayidah says:

    I do believe I found and interested to watch this video because I am ready for this. Thank you, please continue to share some light of understanding with us 🌈

  • Iggy Barrato says:

    It's not about who am I, its have you paid your taxes cause that is the only reason they want you. Slavery and death,there is little evidence of anything else. Everything else is to keep you subjugated so that you do not pose a threat.

  • Anthony Skidmark says:

    This world allows powerful minds to break the human experience and thus in some way, have a right to also break the woken minds. We are not separate from the worst of our tribes. Running away to the inside leaves a whole in your balanced transition there and leave a power vacuum where you ran away from. Deal with both and over time, become the example.

  • Jashwanth Sangam says:

    Thank you, I had an amazing awakening experience. Namaste!

  • Sam Norton says:

    Thank you; Daniel for this whole series! I will watch them over again so this awakening sticks and to brush up when it does stick. Such beautiful gracious reminders of what things/we/them/life really is and are.
    Thank you💖

  • Julie Kemp says:

    Just lovely in words, sounds and visuals. Truly 'how great thou art'. Seemingly promoting 'death' whilst equally advising of full living or being in Creator Consciousness. One has to laugh with relief and joy. Thank you for such an excellent exposition of all time Wisdom and Spirituality.

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