Increased Spiritual Connection Music ➤ Harmonious Inner Peace Music | 4.5 Hz Theta Waves

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  • Achillios B.C says:

    I've been feeling like I have lost touch with my innerself, it makes me feel so very sad. The slide where it says 'talk less-feel more, the slide is me entirely

  • Simmi Modi says:

    My daily dose ! Thank you ! Months went by chasing a perfect one.. finally stumbled upon this. And this is fantastic!

  • Amber Noel Shirefolk. says:

    Feeling very peaceful and content as I listen to this and read tarot cards for myself.
    Happy New Year everyone, and many blessings.

  • ṼOLTẲGE says:

    Perfect for Mystic Oracle readings and pretending you're in the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, and Kaden Leos.

  • Елена Смирнова says:

    Тета-волны связаны с ➤ Повышенное чувство внутреннего покоя и эмоциональной стабильности ➤ Глубокая релаксация ➤ Улучшенная память ➤ Повышенная интуиция и вдохновение ➤ Успокаивает болтовню вашего разума ➤ Повышенные психические способности и чувство духовной связи ➤ Ускорение исцеления, улучшение физического исцеления ➤ Подробнее спокойный сон ➤ Выпуск полезных гормонов, связанных со здоровьем и долговечностью ➤ Уменьшение умственной усталости ➤ Снижение беспокойства и стресса

    СОВЕТЫ: ​​Используйте наушники, чтобы получить полную выгоду от бинауральных ритмов! Мы рекомендуем слушать этот звук в течение как минимум 15 минут в день (непрерывно) в течение 28 дней для максимальной выгоды.

  • Ayanda Msimango says:

    Whenever i feel troubled and not at peace, i listen to this video. God is Love and he loves us unconditionally. thank you for this, God bless

  • Elizabeth Croes says:

    Lovely! Are these solfe ggio frequencies?

  • Cheyenne Strickler says:

    Ive been so stressed and this opens my ears and feelings… I made a spiritual connection like no other… The house im in is haunted and i feel what the spirits feel and its sadness but i also feel another spirit… My uncle.. ❤💔 but i mainly feel peaceful

  • cortney palm says:

    Truly just had an incredible healing meditation with the music. – with gratitude 🙏🙏

  • Paula Cardoso says:

    So magic

  • Anita Sills says:

    Love It. Thanks for posting. Love, Light, Joy & Peace To All ; )'

  • lea Bunner says:


  • Jill Johnson says:

    thank you so much!

  • Kerri Wright says:

    what artist is playing at 1:30:00?

  • Samuel Oñate says:

    Hey, we like this video but you guys are changing the messages way too fast. Give each one more time to resonate and reverb as we enjoy. Thanks.

  • Shooter-_OGSF says:

    I'm dying of fear 😱

  • Dave Goffredo says:

    I just sent to my kids across country. I said fuck what I told you this is how it's done.

  • - Kurt Ralph Armann says:

    Increase your spiritual connection with others. Ask questions. Get answers. Join the Spiritual Truth Now facebook group.

  • Yule says:

    Power thoughts meditation club. Thank you for connecting us.

  • Hedley Abnett says:


  • gerardo sepulveda says:

    Me quede escuchando en la noche esta maravillosa melodia y al dia siguiente cuando desperte , senti un cambio, ya no me desperte con la sensacion de "otro dia mas ". Muchas gracias :).

  • Corinna Jeglinger says:

    Einfach nur faszinierend. Ein wunderbares Gefühl ❤️

  • Angel-Light Love says:

    I purchased the MP3 of this recently, and it is on my computer. Only option I saw. I want to be able to play it on my CD player when I'm ready to go to sleep at night. Is it available in a CD–even a shorter version? I don't want to leave my computer on all night.

  • bloodrunforus says:

    This video has pretty much been a life saver for me just now. Bless you, beautiful soul

  • Andrea Montoya says:

    Beautiful music for metamorphosis in receiving a massage.

  • Md. Ashfaqur Rahman Shamin says:

    Thanks for Advice

  • Gialana Lakau says:

    Thank you. This really works.

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