I'm taking DMT !!!

spiritual so in the building sungazer so in the building now check this out man I thought wow this video is actually fun now look I want to talk to you all about a drug called DMT now first of all kids if you won't hear learning about stuff that's way out of your league this vid on here telling you to do drugs bro I'm not coming over here promoting a drug that would kill you I'm coming up here promoting a drug that we all supposed to have had but they made illegal and took away from us it's called DMT now what exactly is DMT DMT is called I meant to me to be honest bro you could search YouTube right now type in DMT and there'd be a million videos to pop up now DMT is for people that can't really meditate him you can't up your level of consciousness you could just smoke some DMT and then instantly take you to another dimension you can see spirits you can see you could probably munich ate with some of your cousins that passed it is showing you that death is not a bad thing death is only scary and bad to us because we see movies and shit so when somebody die we think of funerals and all this other shit little do you know when you die you ascend to a higher level being this is the first level we own we ain't shit right now but this is we in the matrix this is not real when you meditate everybody that meditate we all notice but if you can't if you're not able to meditate they have different drugs bro psychedelic drugs which means is drugs that's not gonna harm you or kill you is drugs that's gonna help you spiritually and see what's really going on out here that's why it's illegal the drugs that's legal like motherfucking cigarettes why cigarettes not illegal or motherfucking pain pills percocets all that shit man-made drugs ople your opioids should be legal pain pills should be illegal that's the highest cause leading of death in the United States is pain pills y'all know pain is a thought y'all know plants cures diseases plants y'all know that right so all the stuff that they give us is not really good for is its temporary numbing but it's making us more dependent on and in the long run that's when they take effect so let me tell you all about DMT when you take DMT it's instantly shoo-shoo when you meditate you're trying to up your level of consciousness right i'ma try to explaining shit the most hood is way possible for me and for motherfuckers that don't really understand it most of us already know about DMT DMT is basically the other side the side we all supposed to see it's what we working hard for in meditation while we connected with our higher self is our higher self is a higher level being of us it's who we really are this glob of meat don't matter so what they do is they think they they we are controlled we watch TV we've been dying as a bad thing we think what somebody died they are gone forever little do you know they are right here which I have to understand is if everybody was able to meditate we won't need doctors we won't need presidents we won't need TV we wouldn't need anybody to tell it we wouldn't need school we wouldn't need to be controlled because we will be getting the answers from higher-ups which I don't understand is if you want to be rich and you know exactly how to be rich and you know all this shit you know oh you already have the answers to be rich everything that you can think of you already have it but we are so distracted they don't want us to go within DMT takes you straight with them and shoot your ass all the way up to the top you can communicate with dots you see that plant right there this plant young you don't know this plant I might seem crazy right this plant is real you could communicate with this plant on a higher level of consciousness everything nature is real everything that y'all could think of is real when you take DMT it will completely take your beliefs you will literally you will be making spiritual fears after well DMT you are communicating with high level beings they don't look like us you can't explain what they look like you want you want to call them aliens and be scared because this is what they shown you in the movies but they are you just on the higher level remember we are on the lower level we down here in a matrix when you die you ascend they show you all my they got something called ayahuasca mushrooms all of these drugs that they made illegal for a reason not because it it killed you or something because it will wake you up it will it will let you escape the matrix DMT likes you unless you leave the matrix for a good minute and then when you come back to this shit you're gonna be like what the fuck why am i why am i back here DMT lets you escape the matrix and see reality for what it is so you will know why everybody saying the earth is flat and all this different shit because you you just witnessed you just witnessed it you know that only shit is fake that's what DMT is you could type in DMT right now it's all type of videos of positive scientists it's confirmed by scientists scientists everybody that y'all could think of believe in DMT it is real obviously it's gonna be illegal they don't want us to escape the matrix my baby they want us to stay here and and compete against each other and tell me what you believe in and what I believe in so we can go at each other and go back and forth but in reality don't none of this shit matters you just got to go within so what's the drug called DMT type dye met to me we all have DMT already if you was able to meditate like these monks and Buddha's and you know Buddha and do you got different you got different people who have reached higher levels of consciousness through meditation that you can reach with if you smoked DMT but it takes a very long time so if you're not able to meditate I ain't never witness no shit like the DMT shit I ain't even ever witness no shit like that when people when I read all these stories and seen these documentaries I couldn't believe it was actually a drug you could smoke and take you to the afterlife take you to another dimension so you can see how other beans and it's all love and bliss it's all love it it's not like you don't have this body it's like all that said I learned about that shit I don't bro you later on down the road I have to experience that shit i'ma keep doing my research keep learning I have to experience DMT that shit don't change the world like why is that not legal you gotta get that shit from the dark web is you I go under the underground or you got to get it you got to go to light South America they practice bro all this shit man we got a we got to escape this matrix pro we need the answers we got to stop going against each other and start working together because if you continue questioning what the fuck I believe in only thing that's gonna happen is this long you gonna keep getting mad and my life gonna keep getting better ever since I started controlling my own reality folk questioning everything and believing in what I'm believing in my life started to get better I started making more money I'm starting to flow with life I'm starting to put out this that I want to not to entertain people I'm starting everything is everything started to happen that you always wanted to happen when you start flowing through life on your time when I start watching TV and stop I still watch TV I still watch movies but you get a different perspective you're not emotionally involved or hurt or sad because it's like jokes it's like broken ice I told y'all man I see bad shit happened on the news I dead-ass get a little laugh about it because I know it's just the distractions to keep me down to keep me at a lower vibration to keep me in my feelings to keep me thinking so I can't focus on myself when I'm meditating I can't get to a chill state and start getting new answers because I'm thinking about shit that's going on in this reality we have to mute this world and bring in the new answers if you take DMT that's just shoot your ass straight to the top you have to be prepared for that shit you really want to practice meditation before you take DMT it's gonna take you to another dimension another reality it's not gonna be earth no more you'll still be here don't ask to be like this but you're gone when people say they go to space and all that differentiate that's astral projecting y'all heard of that but you can astral project you could control your dreams you can fly do all type of shit real shit forever ething y'all could think of you can do you could be anything you want to be you just have to escape the matrix you got to stop letting people control your beliefs and believe in yourself they don't want us to believe in ourselves they don't want us to know what else is out here they want us to work and die that's it spiritual sound enough