If You Have These 10 Signs, You’re Actually More SPIRITUAL Than You Think

If You Have These 10 Signs, You’re Actually
More SPIRITUAL Than You Think Although some people learn and grow spiritually,
some may learn much faster than others, the truth of the matter is that we are all heading
in the same direction. We all are mature physically, whether we believe
in it or not. On the other hand, spiritual maturity is not
guaranteed. Sometimes the principle of spiritual maturity
can be found in all religious traditions and wisdom. But for the most part, religion has nothing
to do with spirituality. Religion implies adherence to the principles
of ordained life. Spirituality, on the other hand, refers to
the state of enlightenment and consciousness, being able to see beyond materialistic limits. You can be spiritual without becoming religious,
and this is an increasingly accepted observation in most intellectual groups. Wondering if you’re more of a spiritual person
or not? Here are some signs that say you are more
spiritual than you think! #1 – You have a high empathy levels. People who have high empathy are often considered
to have a real spiritual gift. That’s because they are able to make a strong
bond with others just by feeling the energy. Their sensitivity to a thing is a boon that
can make a better view of the world. #2 – You often experience “strange things”
happening in the real world. Or, do you often have strange dreams that
in a short time materialize in real life? Knowledge of something you have never experienced,
but it always happens in the future is an indispensable sign of spiritual ability. This ability is considered a spiritual gift
that is rarely owned by many people. It can be regarded as the ability to forecast. #3 – Create a new world with imagination Imaginative power and strong creativity are
embedded in your head. Not infrequently you have a different view
when looking at the world. Maybe the world’s reality is too harsh and
unsuitable for you. Even so you have the hidden powers to create
new things with your creativity. #4 – Nature Inspires You use the balance of nature to relax, release
negative energy and replace it with freshness, optimism and dedication. As you get closer to nature, you are closer
to your body and soul. #5 – You Choose to Forgive Appreciate negative energy and emotions in
the form of bad memories and hatreds keep you from your spiritual roots. You know this, so you choose to forgive and
forget, not because the wrong-doer deserves it, but because you are not worthy to keep
negative things in you. #6 – You postpone the fun A mature spiritual person knows that whatever
is worth doing requires you to do something better in order to get the results you want
later. They can tell the difference that sometimes
we do not get what we want because the timing is not right, or because what we want is not
good for us in the long run. They know that not all pleasant things need
to be pursued, even those that seem harmless. #7 – You are happy A consistent flow of excitement, not from
innocence or lack of problems, but from practicing gratitude. Spiritual adults may not always be happy,
but they always rejoice. #8 – You practice personal responsibility You will tend not to blame others or circumstances
when things go wrong. you will also be responsible for all the things
you have done. #9 – You trust life’s wisdom. You allow life to guide you, to lead you,
and to take you on the path you are meant to walk upon, and not the path you think you
should walk through. #10 – You embrace all that comes your way
with thankfulness. You know that life loves you and that it is
constantly guiding you on the path you are meant to walk. And even though this path may not always be
smooth, easy and free of struggle, pain, and darkness, you embrace all that comes your
way with thankfulness knowing that nothing is happening TO you, everything is happening
FOR you! Well, those are the 10 signs that you are
more spiritual than you think. Really cool information isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this short video, if you
have something on your mind, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments
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