If God is Good, Why Does He Allow Evil & Suffering? | Time Out

We have crime, sickness, suffering and pain
all over the place. If God is so good why does he allow such evil and suffering. Now for many
of you out there this is a really personal question. Some of you are suffering right now, you’re
hurting. So we just want to acknowledge that a two
minute answer is not going to do it for you but we also want you to know that we think
God is a God of love and that he is a good God and he cares about us. Now, some of you have this question your skeptical,
you’re like, how does this make sense? So now we want to give you some things to
think about. So God is good and God is loving and that’s
why He gave us human beings free will. See God is interested
in human beings not robots. Robots don’t have free will. Therefore if you don’t have free will you
can’t love someone. You can’t do what is good because what is
good has to be chosen freely. So God in his goodness gave us free will
and out of that free will we have chosen what is evil. So free will has allowed evil to come into
this world. Some of you may be asking, if we do have free
will and God is all powerful couldn’t He stop us from doing bad things? Interesting question. Can God do anything because He’s all powerful? Well can God create a married bachelor? Can God create a square circle can God sin? No. God can’t do things that are not consistent
with his nature or with logic. So can God create a human being who is free
but can only do that which is good. Of course not that’s a logical impossibility. If we are genuinely free then we also have
the ability to do that, which is bad. So we have free will and we also choose to
do bad things. So, why does God allow that? God is good. He may have good reasons why He allows you
and suffering. Now he didn’t cause it He allowed it. Why would He do such a thing? Because He knows what’s best. Think about it, parents take their kids to
the doctor to get shots and they undergo pain. Now, do they do that because they’re bad parents? Of course not. They do that because they have
better reasons. They’re willing to allow them some pain and
suffering for a little bit because they know there are greater goods. They’re keeping them safe from sickness, so
they have good reasons in the same way that God has a lot of good reasons that we know
nothing about. That allows Him to not cause evil and suffering
to go away, but to allow it to happen so that greater goods come into existence. If you guys have more questions, comment them
below. We’d love to hear from you. Also, like and subscribe give a thumbs up. If you want more answers head on over to MavenTruth.com.

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