Identity Crisis – Jim Staley

How many of you can pinpoint a moment, a defining moment where something happened that radically changed your life? For some of you, this message is that moment. As Christians, we’ve always been told that our faith starts in the New
Testament and so our entire lives had been fashioned from that idea. But what if new
evidence has come forth that shows how a major prophetic event in the Old Testament reveals the real roots of our faith and the revelation of this event changes everything.
Originally, the kingdom of Israel was twelve tribes and one kingdom, but under King Solomon because of Israel’s disobedience to God’s law, they were split into two kingdoms: the
house of Israel in the north with ten tribes, and the house of Judah in the south with two tribes. Then in 586 BC the southern kingdom of Judah goes into captivity into Babylon for 70 years. They come back and resettled Jerusalem, which is the only reason why the Jewish people exist today because their ancestors came back. The northern kingdom continually broke the law of God, and they too were taken into captivity into Assyria. From here, just as the Bible foretold, they assimilated into the nations,
would lose their identity as the northern house of Israel. They would be pushed into
all four corners of the then known world which would eventually be the four corners of the
earth today, the Asherites, the Reubenites, the Danites, all the other tribes. Where are
they? They don’t exist today because they never came back.
God said that at the end of time the lost tribes would be found amongst the Gentiles, and their identity would be revealed. This is the mystery that Paul talks about that
is finally being discovered in these last days and is by far the most important prophecy that has ever been told. Jeremiah 31:31 says, “Behold the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.” Ladies
and gentlemen there is no house of Gentiles in this passage or anywhere in the Bible for
that matter. And since there is no slave or free and no Jew or Gentile in Christ, and
it’s not about bloodline anyway, then how do the Gentiles fit into the new covenant?
All of the analogies of the New Testament, “the bride,” the “grafting into the olive
tree” from Romans 11, the “one new man” of Ephesians 2, if we do not understand the greatest prophecy and mystery that brought us the New Testament, three quarters of the Bible will
be completely shut to our understanding. For generations, and generations, and generations, millions and millions of people that have been scattered to the four corners of the
earth, the northern house of Israel has never come back.
With your permission I would like to pray and ask the Father to bless and anoint this
and let Him do what He does best. Amen? All right, so Father I come before You on behalf of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all of the descendants, God, that came from their loins that You gave
them in promise and in covenant. Yahweh, I just ask that You would move upon Your Word tonight like never before. Father, as this message goes out on the Torah portion week, God, where Jacob wrestles with an angel, and his name is changed, Lord, and his identity
and mission and purpose forever become anew. Now I pray that Your people will begin to
struggle with You as well and come to the place, oh God, where they meet their destiny 2,000 years removed from them. Lord, I thank You for Your Word, and I thank You that You allow us to mine Your Word for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
And lastly, God, I pray that the truth will only do one thing and that is set Your people free. Amen. All right, let’s begin. Do you ever feel like
this? Do you ever feel like when you’re hearing God, you hear His voice, and you can’t figure out exactly which direction that He’s coming from? Is it left? Is it right? You pull up
to the stop sign, and the sign tells you, you can’t make any direction. As a matter
of fact, you can’t even turn around. A lot of people feel like this is in their spiritual
walk, and this is where we are today. People don’t know which direction to turn. Or maybe you feel like this where you can’t even read the signs. It’s so frustrating because you’re
not sure exactly where God is, what He’s wanting you to do. How many of you out there right
now today are feeling the sense of there’s got to be something more? You’ve had it in
your spirit for all these years that there’s got to be something more.
5:49 What you are about to watch tonight, this message that you’re about to view, I
believe is that missing link that’s going to connect your heart, your mind, your soul,
your motions, the front of the book, and the back of the book tonight. And I also want
to challenge you tonight that most people, they say on Google Analytics, they watch a
video for about six and a half minutes and then they tune out. I want to challenge you
that every one of us to go to theatres. Everyone of us go to movies, and we watch two and a half, three hours of movie, and we don’t even want to get up to go to the bathroom. I want to challenge you to say that this message might very well rock your world to such a
degree that if you watch it from beginning to end, it will challenge you, inspire you.
It will bring you to a point of a new understanding of the Scriptures like you have never seen
before. It will mark, and it will create emotion inside of you that will connect you to the
Lord God. I believe that’s what His Word will do. So I want to challenge you, watch this
whole thing and see if God doesn’t change you or at the very least challenge you to
struggle with the most high God. We are at the place where God wants to help us understand the signs. He wants us to understand His language because it’s only when we understand the language that our mission changes. Barna Group, one of the nation’s largest Christian
polling agency says this: “Half of all adults (50%) argue that a growing number of people they know are tired of having the same church experience. 71% say they will develop their
own slate of religious beliefs rather than accept a package of beliefs promoted by a
church or a denomination.” And “only one third (34%) of Christians today believe in absolute moral truth.” 34%, ladies and gentlemen, of believers today believe in absolute moral
truth. “The problem facing the Christian church,”
they say, “is not that people lack a complete set of beliefs. The problem is that they have a full slate of beliefs in mind which they think are consistent with biblical teachings,
and they are neither open to being proven wrong nor to even learning new insights.”
It goes on to say, “It may well be that spiritual evaluation is so uncommon because people fear that the results might suggest the need for different growth strategies or for more aggressive engagement in the growth process. No matter what the underlying reason is, the bottom
line among both clergy and laity was this, indifference toward their acknowledged lack
of evaluation.” Let me give that another spin. What they’re
basically saying in a nutshell is that God’s people have come to a place where they feel like they’ve learned everything they’re ever going to learn, and they are completely indifferent and not interested in learning anything else or even entertaining the idea that they might possibly be wrong about anything related to their religious beliefs. When we come to a
place where we put the car in neutral, ladies and gentlemen, it goes down the hill. It can
only go where gravity takes it, and I suggest in Christianity today that’s exactly where
we are. We’re at a place where no one wants to reevaluate, and I want to say that this
is a Martin Luther moment. The 21st century is built — God in this day
has built His people to start to ask the question, there’s go to be something more. I’m missing something. Now is the time, and today is the day that God’s people begin to ask the questions and demand answers. Identity theft, let’s go in a different direction
for just a second. Out of the top five consumer complaints in America, the number one complaint is identity theft. 14% of all consumer complaints are related to identity theft today. And you
might say, “Pastor Jim, what does that have anything to do with what you’re talking about?” It has everything to do with it because if you’re new watching this then you’ve probably never heard me say this before, but I say this all the time. Whatever happens in the
physical realm, there is a spiritual message behind it.
They parallel one another just as when Moses was building the tabernacle on earth. Where did he get the pattern from…in the heavenly realm. So whatever happens in the earth realm, there are prophetic, hidden, shadowistic messages that are built into our lives everywhere.
The problem is we don’t know them. We don’t see them. We don’t have the spiritual eyes
to know that when Jesus, when Yeshua, as I like to call him in his Hebrew tongue, when
He cursed the fig tree, we don’t even know why. We don’t understand because we don’t see in the prophetic realm. We don’t see in the supernatural realm. We don’t see the things that when He walked along the sands of the shore, the sands along the shoreline, when
He called the disciples, we don’y even understand why they dropped their nets and followed Him. We don’t know the culture. We don’t know the idiomatic Hebrew expressions in the first
century. We don’t know our Bibles, and today I believe that God’s trying to give us a prophetic wink that your number one consumer complaint is identity theft. And what you don’t know
in the spiritual realm is the number one consumer complaint among God’s people, even if they don’t know it, is identity theft. Someone stole their identity, and they don’t know
it. And this message today I believe is going
to unpack where we went wrong in our history and our history beliefs because today we have 41,000 denominations. According to the Center of Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell theological seminary, 41,000. When I originally did this message back in 2009, there were
38,000. Let’s count, 39, 40, 41. 3,000 more denominations have been added. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know where you live, what your language is, and how you’re watching,
and where you’re watching, but I can tell you this, that if you just take this one thought into consideration, 41,000 denominations when Christ came to bring unity to the body as
a whole puts us in a crisis. This by nature puts us in a crisis. The fact that we’ve got
41,000 different sects of Christianity tells us that we’ve got some problems because we’re not going down. We’re going up in our crisis. First things first, we have to know who we
are. If you know who you are, then you will know your mission, then you’ll be able to
read the signs. You see I’m going to suggest something to you upfront, prove it to you
as we move along, and at the very end, for some of you that are watching for the very
first time, it’s going to overwhelm you. It’s the more Bible that you know right now, the
more this message is going to impact you because the more that you understand who you are as you read through the Scriptures, and we unpack with the real identity of who God’s people
are, the Scriptures are going to come alive. And you’re going to see signs everywhere that you never saw before. Or signs that you thought were for a different people group that are
now for you, and it changes everything. So if you’re afraid of change, you need to
probably change the channel because this is not a message that is going to make you feel good. This is a message that is going to heal you and make you who you are originally meant to be. Listen, how important this is, is how you define yourself determines which direction you go in your life, how you define yourself. How many of you without raising your hands have let your parents or let someone else tell you evil things about you and defined
your life? Some traumatic thing happened in your life. It radically changed your identity,
and it radically changed the direction that you went. I’m here to tell you that it’s real
not just a psychology. It’s real not just in relationships. It’s real with your walk
with God. You can actually be walking north and not
be walking true north. In a compass there are two norths. There is regular north and
then there is true north. True north is exactly, perfectly north. How many know that if you
just take a piece of paper, draw a line across it, we start in the middle, and one line goes
directly perpendicular to that page, that line straight up, and another goes just one
degree off to the right. They’re both going north. One is going perfectly north. So if
you add 2,000 years since the dawn of our Messiah, that third day, and you just go off
just a little bit, 2,000 years later, we’ve got 41,000 denominations. Every one of them north. But how many have actually hit the destination that the Messiah intended?
Tonight we’re going to evaluate that, and we’re going to back up our destinies to this
sign, and we’re going to make sure we read the sign correctly. There’re lots of identities
in the Bible. Let’s just walk through them. We have obviously the Jewish people. There are Gentiles in the Bible. There’re the Israelite identities. There’s an identity called the
“house of Israel.” There’s the “house of Judah.” We’re going to talk about those. Pagans and Heathens, how many know the difference? Pagans are people that serve other gods. Heathens
don’t care. And then you have Christians. Now, there’s a lot more identities than this.
There’s no way for me to go through the Hittites, Jebusites, and all the parasites, but I can
tell you this, these are the main identities that we find in the Bible that we’re going
to walk through because how you define these identities completely determines how you define a lot of Scriptures that are attached to them. But from Genesis to Revelation hands down no matter where you go, what you do, when you read the Bible, there is one singular
identity that stands out more than every other one and that is Israel. Israel is the single
most talked about — the entire Bible is about this small little tiny nation, the size of
New Jersey, around the Mediterranean Sea, Israel.
So let’s find out what we’re going to discover in this teaching. We’re going to answer some questions because here’s what you’re going to discover in this teaching. Number one,
we’re going to really finally understand what the one new man is. We’re going to find out
what the olive tree is of Romans 11. It wasn’t just a metaphor. Paul wasn’t making it up.
We’re going to find out why was Adam first created with Eve inside of him. You may never even have thought of that question, but we’re going to answer it tonight. The entire prophetic timeline of Israel from Genesis to Revelation we’re going to answer. The deeper reason why Jesus, or Yeshua, really came — and by the way, if this is the very first time that you’ve
ever watched this, you may never even heard of the term Yeshua before. Yeshua is Jesus’ Hebrew name. It’s the original name that his mother called him, his father, all the disciples — Yeshua in Hebrew simple means salvation, go figure. God of the universe gives His own Son the name “Salvation.” When you think of Israel, what do you
think of? I ask this question to people all the time. When you think of Israel, what is
your thought process? So I wrote down the most common answers: the Jews, a country in the Middle East, Jacob of the Old Testament, the church, Christians. What do you most likely think of when you think of Israel, of one of those four or five things? We’re going
to go through those, and we’re going to find out what is really the biblical definition.
What is Israel? Who is Israel? What is it all about?
But first we’ve got common myths that we want to talk about. Number one, Christians have
replaced Israel as the chosen people of God. That’s called “Replacement Theology.”
I’m going to define that for you tonight. I’m going to unpack that for you because it
is the most misunderstood and unfortunately the most held to belief. When it comes to
biblical theology of replacement of Israel and who is Israel, most people unfortunately
fall into that definition of Replacement Theology. 18:52 Israel of the Bible, another myth, is
only comprised of the Jewish people. We’ll talk about that. The Torah, which simply in
Hebrew means instructions of God, was given only to the Jewish people and no one else.
We’ll find out if that’s true. And the Feast Days of the Bible, such as Passover and Pentecost
and so on and so forth, that the disciple kept are “Jewish” Feast Days. We’ll talk
about that as well. But first and foremost, let’s talk about the
first myth, which is Replacement Theology. It is the belief that the Christian church
supersedes or replaces the Israelites in God’s plan and that the new covenant nullifies the
biblical promises made to the children of Israel including the Abrahamic covenant, the Land Covenant, and the Davidic covenant. In this view, the Jews who reject Jesus as the
Jewish Messiah are consequently condemned by God forfeiting the promises otherwise due to them under the covenants. That’s according to Wikipedia.
I love what Dr. Michael Brown has to say. Dr. Michael Brown is one of the leading Messianic Jewish apologists and theologians in the world today. He’s written over 21 books and some of his most popular books are helping Jewish people or combatting the idea that Jesus cannot be the Messiah because, being a Jewish person himself, he knows how they think and being a messianic Jew, he wrote multiple books on how Jesus or why Jesus really is the Messiah. So he understands this topic significantly of replacement of theology, and I love this
quote. He says this, “Let’s simplify things: To all those who reject the term “Replacement Theology,” do you believe that the national promises made to Israel in the Old Testament still apply to the Jewish people as a people? If not, you hold to a form of replacement
theology even if you don’t even like the term.” And so, we’re going to dive into this
and discover exactly what this is. First of all, we deal with the Abrahamic covenant promise or the guarantee. God guaranteed to Abraham that his descendants would be blessed. Guaranteed. This is an unconditional, irrevocable promise for as long as they live on this earth. Romans 11:28 says it this way, “Concerning the gospel, they are enemy’s sake, for your
sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers, for the
gifts and calling of God…” are what?…”irrevocable.” Now we get confused on the reason why replacement theology is there, primarily is because they’ve never seen this message. Theologians do not understand the front of the book and how it relates to the back of the book as I’d like
to call it, but there are scriptures like this where we’re dealing with let’s say, salvation. And we all know that you cannot inherit the kingdom of God unless you believe in Yeshua through grace, unless you have the faith to believe that He was sent by God, died for
our sins, and rose from the dead three days later, you cannot be given that eternal grace. Everybody knows that inside of Christianity, both Messianic and Gentile alike.
And that’s where the confusion gets in is because the Abrahamic promises have nothing to do with salvation. Nothing. Let me ask you, if you are a first born son 2,000 years
ago, 3,000 years, 1,000 years ago and almost in every culture, when your father passes
away, what do you receive? You receive an inheritance. You know why? Because you have the same last name. It’s not because you’re a good guy. It’s not because you’re a bad
guy and not because you’re indifferent. It’s because of who you know and who you’re related to. It’s because of the promises of the forefathers beforehand and the traditions passed down where Yahweh made, God made a promise to Abraham that your descendants will be blessed, period, no way to get out of it. There was a land. There was land blessing.
There were other blessings, and it was a blessing that they would bless the earth. It had nothing
to do with eternal life. Out of both kingdoms of the house of Judah and the house of Israel,
which we’ll talk about, it is Judah that can physically trace back their lineage to Abraham
today. There’s no one else that can trace back their lineage to Abraham than the Jewish people today. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you and prove to you the blessings that God’s people from the Old Testament have on their mark is incredible.
As a matter of fact, I love to tell a story that a friend of mine tells. He has a Jewish
CPA. One day he walked into his office and he said, “Jewish CPA, I have a question for
you.” And he says, “You have Christians and Jews both on your books, right, as clients?”
He said, “Of course.” And he said, “Which one is more wealthy, your Jewish clients or
your Christian clients?” And the CPA laughed out of sarcasm and said, “Well my Jewish clients 10 to 1 actually, 10 times more wealth than the Christian clients.” And so my friend said, “Well what is it that makes them so wealthy? What is the wealth? Where did the wealth come from? Why are they so much more wealthy than the Christian clients?” And he says, he picks a Bible up off of his desk, and he says, “It’s real simple. You Christians read the back
of the book, the New Testament, and all the financial principles are written in front
of the book. That’s why we’re more wealthy.” Something to be said about that but let’s
walk through all these incredible accomplishments and find out exactly if this is true, this
Abraham of covenant without reproach. Did you know one quarter of 1% or 13 million of
the entire population of the world are Jewish? One quarter of 1% are Jewish yet of the 660 Nobel Prizes ever given, 160 were Jews. Not only that, Albert Einstein — I’m just going
to go through some names because this blew my mind. Albert Einstein — these are all
Jewish people, Sigmund Freud, Adam Sandler. It doesn’t matter what you think. Art Garfunkel, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Barbara Walters, Billy Crystal, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, David
Copperfield, Dustin Hoffman, Dr. Ruth. Again, it doesn’t matter what you think. Elizabeth
Taylor, Elvis Presley, Fred Astaire, Gene Simmons, Gene Wilder, George Michael, Harrison
Ford, Henry Kissinger, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Springer. For sure, it doesn’t
matter what you think. Judy Garland, Kirk Douglas, Levi Strauss, Marilyn Monroe, the
Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, Neil Diamond, some of you are already singing songs in your head, Paul Newman, Paul Simon, Paula Abdul, Peter Green, Peter Faulk, Roseanne Barr, Sean Penn, Steven Seagal, Steven Spielberg, and Woody Allen. Under President Obama, Ben Bernanke is the Federal Reserve chairman, Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, David Axelrod, the president’s political adviser, and Dan
Shapiro, the top Middle East expert on national security council. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and Jack Lew is Secretary of Treasury. Every one of those are Jewish. We’re not done yet. Vanity Fair 2010 said
out of the top 100 most powerful people, 51 were Jewish. Now get this, one quarter of
1% of the world’s population. Do you get this? 13 million out of 6.5 billion and this is
the percentages that they’re making up in the most influential. 20% of the top billionaires are Jewish. Sergey Brin, I think that’s how you say it, founder of Google, I bet you didn’t know that. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, and US house majority leader Eric Cantor, all of them. Here is some inventions that the Jewish people have given us: The light bulb, I’d say this
pretty decent one, lasers, pacemakers, defibrillators, genetic engineering, GMOs — oops. Look, you know it’s not all that bad. It did give us stainless steel. How about E=mc2? That’s kind of important, cholera and bubonic plague vaccines, the polio vaccine, nuclear weapons, capitalism, the pill cam. Did you know that your jeans were invented by the Jews? How many are wearing jeans right now? Raise your hand. Praise God for Levi Strauss. Lipstick, the ballpoint
pen, contraceptives, instant coffee, that should get a round of applause, traffic lights, boo, Scotchgard, the flexistraw. It could be useful in the great tribulation. You’ll
never know. All of Hollywood, TV sitcoms, the long-playing record, and most of your
favorite, Woodstock, any movie that has sound, videotape, colored television.
It doesn’t end. Pretty much most of the world I think, instant photography, holography, walkie-talkies, the blimp, fax machines, fiber optics, computer SanDisk, all of these invented by the Jewish people. And by far the most important invention ever made by the Jewish people according to every husband and every household is the remote control. What would we do without it? The bottom line is this, the Jewish people
are hands down the most blessed people group worldwide. They have been more of a blessing to society than any other ethnic group, per capita in modern history, period. The physical guarantee of the covenant blessings are regardless of the spiritual condition. Christianity cannot replace what is already been quoted and deemed as irrevocable. God said it. We believe it.
We better back off. God blesses who He wants to bless. Amen? Abraham must have been one unbelievable guy because He blessed millions, and millions, and millions of people in his
protege just because of his faithfulness. 30.32 Let me ask you a question, how many tribes were at the base of Mount Sinai? There were twelve tribes. Some of you that don’t
know this, there are twelve tribes under the patriarch Jacob. He had twelve sons. They
became the twelve tribes of Israel. When God brought them out of the land of Egypt through Moses, He brought them across the Reed (Red) Sea. He brought them over to a place called Mount Sinai and at the base of that Mount Sinai were all twelve tribes. Now you might
say, “Jim, why is that so important? Why are you stressing that?” It’s really important
when we get to understanding this question. This myth: Israel is only the Jewish people.
Now if you are Jewish today I understand that just the question that I’m asking is offensive. I’m asking you to put your emotions aside for just a moment, and let’s let the Bible
define itself. Let’s take ourselves out from the year 2014. Let’s take us out from modern day theology and religious circles and go back to the Bible during the time when those definitions were given and let the Bible define itself. According to Wikipedia, the origin of the word Jew is this: After the splitting
of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah into two, the name ‘Yahudi’ was used for the southern kingdom of Judah…It thus ultimately originates in the biblical Hebrew word, Yahudi meaning “from the tribe of Judah,” “from the Kingdom of Judah,” or “Jew.” And
so in other words, the word Jew comes from the southern kingdom, and we’ll talk about
that southern kingdom in the extensity as we move forward. So as we go, that was all introduction to bring us to this point where we’re now going to walk through history. We’re going to go back in time, and we’re going to go through
the history of Israel starting with Abraham. And we’re going to work our way all the way through the book of Revelation, and we’re going to unravel this mystery, this identity
crisis, that has been spread worldwide. First of all, we start off with Abraham, and
I titled this slide “Father Abraham the Gentile?” because there are not very many
people in the world that would consider Abraham anything but a Jew, but Abraham was not Jewish. He wasn’t even an Israelite. He was a gentile. Genesis chapter 11 verse 31, it says this,
“Terah took Abram his son, and Lot the son of Haran, his grandson, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Abram’s wife, and they went out together from Ur of the Chaldeans in order to enter
the land of Canaan…” He is a Chaldean. Abraham has a polytheistic background. He’s a pagan gentile living in the land of pagans. God calls from the land of pagans what would soon be His special people of royal priesthood. Watch this, in Genesis 14:13 it says, “Then
a fugitive came and told Abram the Hebrew.” This is the first time in the Bible that we
get a clue of who Abraham is. They considered him a Hebrew.
So this particular person that was from beyond the Euphrates River, they called a
Hebrew, and it means “to crossover” or “the crossed over one.” Now let’s connect
this to the Brit Hadashah, or the New Testament, and find out if we’ve got a connection here.
John 5:24 says, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in
Him who sent me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed (or crossed over) from death to life.” So the moment that Abram believed in the Lord God — why was he called righteous by the way? Because it said he believed in God, the moment that you believe in God, not intellectually, but in Hebrew the world believe means to trust and obey. There’s one concept in Hebrew for believe and two in Greek. In Greek you can
believe intellectually but never actually do anything about it. So you can say I believe in God. That’s why James says, “Well, I’m glad that you believe in God. Even the demons believe in God, and they shutter.” In Hebrew the concept of belief is I prove my belief
intellectually by what I do. If you believe something intellectually, but you do something different, what is that called? A hypocrite. This is what the Pharisees were. They were
saying with their mouth what they believed in their head but their lives did not lined
up with that. So what God says is that if you actually believe in me, and instead of
staying in Egypt you actually come out of Egypt and instead of staying there in fear,
I’m going to test you at the Red Sea, and you actually crossover the Red Sea. You’re
a new creation. That word is Hebrew; you’re “crossed over
one.” That’s what Abraham was before there was anything. Christian, Baptist, Lutheran,
there wasn’t 41,000 different denominations to choose a title from. It literally was I’m
a crossed over one. Then we come to Jacob. Remember Abraham has Isaac. Isaac has Jacob. Jacob on his way to meet his big brother Esau, and is very afraid because 20 plus years had passed now since he’s stolen Esau’s blessing. Esau, the last time he talked to him said,
“Brother as soon as dad dies I’m taking you down off with your head.” So he knew this
so he’s about to meet Esau, sends everybody on the other side of the river.
He stays on this side and a man shows up which we know to be Elohim Himself in the form of an angel. Yahweh Tzevaot is what it is in the Hebrew. The Lord of Hosts shows up all over the Old Testament as a form of an angel. He struggles with God, and in this struggle
the angel touches his hip, which in Hebrew is connected to authority because whenever someone had a major oath or covenant that they were going to make, they would take the side of that right hip, right underneath that thigh where the sword was and that was the sword of authority. They were taking the thigh, the authority, that’s when Abraham — remember the servant of Abraham took Abraham’s thigh and swore that he would find a bride for Isaac. The angel who could have destroyed Jacob at any moment, waits until the very end and touches his thigh. What is He doing? He’s touching his authority. He’s breaking his authority because he’s a terrible authority. What authority would send all of his family across the river and leave himself on this side so that he doesn’t
die? He makes him understand what real authority is by touching his hip, making him limp for
just a moment, and then blesses him with something that he doesn’t even understand. The greatest
blessing he could ever get is a changing of his name because at the moment that his name
is changed, his mission changes because in Hebrew, every name has a mission. It has a
meaning. So if you change the name from “Yaakov,” which means a deceiver, a sub-planter, one
who pulls the carpet out from people, and you change it to “Israel,” which means
one who struggles with God, rules with God. You see nobody gets to rule in God’s kingdom unless they struggle first. And so I want to suggest to you this is why James tells
us to consider it pure joy because he was here. He understood this. He was here in this concept, that when you struggle with God, you get a new name. You get to rule with him. It is pure joy to struggle with the living God. Amen? All right, so that’s all on that
timeline. So from there, they’re in the land of Canaan. Then they end up in Egypt for 400 some odd years and then they’re making their trek back to Canaan, back to the promise land. It’s the same biblical pattern over and over again. We start in the garden. We get kicked out of the garden, and God’s intent is to bring
us back to the garden. Garden, Egypt, Egypt, back to the garden. In your life today that’s
what God is doing. He’s taking you from the place at which you originally were called
in your destiny, in your spiritual life of which you may not know what that is. You’re in Egypt, and he’s trying to pull you out of Egypt to get you back to what you were
originally called to do. You are walking the same road as the Israelites. Some of you are still in the desert. Your mouth is dry. You have no leadership.
You doubt your leadership. You don’t even know where you’re at. Some of you think you’re in Canaan. If you were in Canaan, why are you so hot and sunburned? So we’re standing at the Jordan River on this timeline. This is where our story truly begins. At the Jordan River is where this most prophetic statement is made by God himself that determines the entire future of not only the Israelites but you. Let me read it for you, Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 15 says this and following, “But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey
the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all of His commandments and His
statutes which I command you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you: Then the Lord will scatter you among the peoples from one end of the earth to the other, and there you shall serve other gods which neither you nor your fathers have known wood and stone.” And Deuteronomy 29:1 says, “These are the words of the covenant which Yahweh commanded Moses to make with the sons of Israel in the land of Moab, besides the covenant which he made with them in Horeb.” So he’s making a covenant with the sons of Israel right here at the Jordan River before they enter. This
is 40 years have gone by. They’re standing at the Jordan River. They’re about to enter
into what their parents never could see, and he says this, 13 verses later, “Neither with
you do I make this covenant and this oath but with him who stands with us today before Yahweh or God and also with him who is not here today.” So he says, “I’m not going to
make this covenant just with you, the sons of Israel, but I’m going to make this covenant with someone else, everyone else that’s not here today.” What’s he saying? Those that are not alive yet, those that are in your loins, sons of
Israel. He says, “I’m making this covenant with not just you but all of your progeny
that comes after you.” And who are those? The “sons of God,” those are of the promise. They’re the children of the promise. They’re defined. The “sons of God,” or the “sons
of Israel,” are called the “children of the promise.” They’re also called the “children of the covenant.” It says all the sons of Israel, which included this: Deuteronomy 29:10 (Here’s the definition of all those that are there.) “Your leaders and your tribes and
your elders and your officers and all the men of Israel, your little ones, your wives
and also the stranger who is in your camp from the one who cuts wood to the one who draws your water.” So we have to ask the question. Theologians we have got to ask the question, what is this stranger that He’s talking about? Because
we have all been taught that the covenants that were given to Israel were given to the
bloodline Israelites, but right here, there’s an exception because the stranger who’s dwelling in their midst is not a native born Israelite, but he is under the covenant. We’ll come back to that. Then they’re in the land of Canaan. We come to the time of the kings. So the Israelites want a king, right? So God gives them Saul
and then David and then Solomon, and here is where everything went wrong because under Solomon, these three kings, all twelve tribes were governed under one country, one nation, under God, indivisible right? Twelve tribes one king altogether for
three kings and three kings only until what? Until Solomon blew it…big time. So bad here’s what God said in 1st Kings 11:31: He said to Jeroboam (the servant of Solomon), take for yourselves ten pieces, for thus says Yahweh, the God of Israel: Behold, I will tear the
kingdom of Israel out of Solomon’s hand, and I will give you ten tribes. So he’s giving
Solomon’s servant ten tribes to Jeroboam, and Rehoboam in the south is going to end
up with two tribes. This is where the twelve tribes get split. Why does He do this? It
says because they’ve forsaken Me and worshipped Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians, and have not walked in My ways to do which is right in My eyes and keep My statutes and
My judgments, as did his father David. Now many of you in this room know this, but for you that are watching online, would it interest you to discover that the word “Astaroth” there is the same exact goddess, the bare breasted fertility goddess of the east that’s
called Ishtar, the wife of the hated Baal of the Scriptures of which you see God going after throughout the scriptures all the time. Joshua at Mount Carmel, he is going against the prophets of Baal. Baal’s wife is Ishtar, and if you follow Ishtar all the way down,
did you know that the Anglicization, the English way of saying Ishtar, is actually Easter?
That’s exactly right. I encourage you to get Truth or Tradition. Let’s keep going.
The kingdom is split. The ten tribes in the north were called the “house of Israel”,
the “house of Joseph,” or the “house of Ephraim.” Okay, why? Because Jacob, his son was Joseph and from Joseph the blessing went to Ephraim, which we’ll talk about a
little bit later. That’s why they’re called all three. The southern part of Israel, the
two tribes that were left, Judah and Benjamin, were called the “house of Judah.” So you’ve
got the “house of Judah” in the south comprised of Benjamin and Judah, and then you have the northern ten tribes, the rest of Israel, in the north. That’s called the
“house of Israel.” House of Israel. House of Judah. Where it gets confusing is the fact that it’s called the “house of Israel” because in our lingo in modern days when we think of Israel, we think of the Jewish people. And even if we knew that Israel of the Bible was all twelve tribes, by saying “house of Israel,” we would by default, if we didn’t
know the split understanding, we would think of that as all twelve tribes. So it’s important
to understand that major difference. So then we come to Genesis chapter 49 where the blessing is split. Now look, you have to understand this, in Israel culture there
were two major parts to an inheritance. You had the kingship preeminence, priestly blessing, that goes to Judah in this case. And then you also have the double material portion
blessing that goes to Joseph. Neither one were the firstborn. Reuben was the firstborn, but he blew it. The next one blew it. The next one blew it. Judah was actually the fourth born son. Joseph was the firstborn son of Rachel, his favorite
wife, the love of his life. So the blessing was actually split between Judah and Joseph. This is paramount to understand the rest of the Bible. If you don’t understand that
this blessing gets split right here, then you won’t understand the rest of the Bible.
It’s not possible to understand who Israel is and how their timeline changes throughout history and what happens on their timeline because everything is connected to this, all
the way through the book of Revelation even. Prophecy is built on this statement, this
blessing. So because God’s people were warned
that if they continued to break the covenant that was given to Adam, then Noah, then Abraham, and finally written down on tablets of stone, they would be taken away into captivity. They would be taken away into bondage, and this happened. In 722 BC the northern kingdom of Israel, the house of Israel was taken into captivity. Unfortunately Judah, the house
of Judah, played the harlot. She did not learn from her older sister or his younger brother,
however you want to take a look at it, and around 586 BC, they were taken to Babylon
for 70 years. So the northern house of Israel, all ten tribes, were taken into captivity
in 722 BC, and the southern kingdom was taken into captivity into Babylon.
That one is the one that’s most talked about so this one is the one that people are most
familiar with because it’s the entire house of Judah even though not every single person was taken into captivity, we know this. Remember the whole story of Nehemiah is built on them coming back. They were there for 70 years. Why? Because they didn’t let the land rest
on the Shmita years, on that Sabbath. God said, “You’re not going to keep My Sabbaths? I’ll take you into captivity for the exact amount of years that you didn’t keep My
Sabbaths.” And He let the land rest. When the house of Judah was allowed to go back to Jerusalem, most of all the Jews came back from Babylon. They went into Jerusalem. They rebuilt the walls, but the northern house of Israel never came back. The northern house of Israel assimilated into the nations all around the Mediterranean area. They were pushed. They never came back. This is why the only people that are part
of Israel today, the Jews that we see today if they would not have come back from Babylon so many years ago, there would be no Jewish people today. Therefore, you would not be
wearing Levi Strauss jeans. If the Jewish people had not come back, they wouldn’t
even exist. There would be nothing but Gentiles worldwide. Think of the implications of this, why God had to raise up someone like Nehemiah. If it wasn’t for Nehemiah, this world would
look a lot different. Prophecy would look a lot different. Let me say this, without
them coming back from Babylon, Jesus himself doesn’t exist. The whole lineage is banking
that they maintain their identity with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Deuteronomy chapter 30 verse 1 says this, we’re going back to Jordan River. “…It shall
come to pass, when all these things come upon you, the blessing and the curse which I’ve
set before you, and you call them to mind among the nations where the Lord God drives you, and you return to the Lord your God and obey His voice, according to all that I command you today, you and your children, with all your heart and with all your soul that the
Lord your God will bring you back from captivity, and have compassion on you, and gather you again from all the nations where the Lord God has scattered you. If any of you are driven out to the farthest parts under heaven, from there the Lord God will gather you and from
there, He will bring you. Then the Lord God will bring you to the land, which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it. He will prosper you and multiply you more than your fathers. And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and your heart of your descendants,
to love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul, (and with all your strength)
that you may live.” You see Jesus, Yeshua, was not the first one
to say to “love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.” He was
saying what He had already written all the way back here. At the base of Mount Sinai
God says, “I put before you blessings and curses, blessings if you keep My commandments,
curses if you don’t.” And like I say all the time, sometimes the greatest curse is
the blessings that you don’t even know you missed. Sometimes we go through our whole lives, and we make terrible decisions, and we say, “Well I’m blessed. I’m still blessed.
God loves me. Look at my life.” What you don’t know is what you missed, what you could have
been. Someone pointed out to me one time,
and it’s radically impacted my life, hell, fire and damnation does not scare me near
as much as dying and sitting before the judgment seat of the throne of Christ and meeting the Jim Staley I could have been. That would be the scariest day in my existence is to meet
the person I could have been because we’re not only ladies and gentlemen, going to get
judged by the things we do wrong, and we get rewards by the things that we do right. We
are also going to be judged by the difference of who you could have been. You say, “Well,
Jim that’s not fair.” No, no, no. It is fair because when you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit say to witness this person, and you’re in public, and you’re embarrassed, and you
know God is pressing it upon your heart to pray with them, meet with them.
The waitress comes and you could see the tears flowing up her eyes. You know God’s telling
you to ask her what her name is and if you can pray for something, and you refuse to
do it. And then on judgment day, you meet that that person would have become an evangelist that would have led 250,000 people to Christ, and those 250,000 people could very well be on your head. That’s the person that you could have become. God is telling us in this moment at this place right at the Jordan River, He tells them.
He says, “I’m going to give you a rah, rah, when you go into the camp. Don’t forget
about Me. Don’t forget about the covenant that I gave you. Don’t forget about the
covenant of your forefathers. Don’t forget that your fathers and your mothers don’t
get to come because you have faith. ” “But when you go and crossover, you’re going to forget. And I’m going to have to scatter you into the four corners of the earth. You’re going to…He’s prophecying…the northern kingdom going into Assyria, and the southern kingdom going into Babylon. He says that, “I know you’re going to forget, and I’m going to scatter you everywhere. You’re going to lose your identity. You’re going to forget
who I am. You’re not even going to like who I am. You’re going to forget My commandments. You’re going to forget My name even, but when you remember, I will draw you back to Myself. I will bring you home. I will call you by name. The trumpet blast and the Shofar blast will go out to the four corners of the earth, and I will call My sheep back to green pastures.”
Amen? All right, so now we are back at the Jordan
River. God gives them this prophetic message. He gives them this encouragement, but quite
frankly, it’s not much of an encouragement if you’re telling them, “Hey, I’m your God.
I know you love Me. This is Joshua generation. I’m excited for you guys. You’re going to
the grand of Canaan. I’m going to be with you. You’re going to see amazing things, walls come down. Giants are going to fall but, hey, by the way, you’re going to blow it. I’m going to have to scatter you throughout the entire world, and your lives are going to fall apart.” That’s pretty much exactly what’s happening right here at the Jordan River, but it gives
them this tremendous promise that if you repent, I will let you come back. So now we come and we have this — with this concept called “scattered sheep” because
God’s people are called “His bride.” They’re called “sheep,” and they’re called several
other things that we’re going to talk about because these names mean something.
Jeremiah chapter 50 verse 17 says, “Israel is like scattered sheep. The lions have driven him away.” Directly connected to this prophetic message. Micah chapter 2 verse 12, amazing, amazing book, one of my favorites. “I will surely assemble all of you, Oh Jacob, I will
surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together like sheep of the fold,
like a flock in the midst of their pasture; they shall make a loud noise because there
is so many people.” So over and over again Israel is called “sheep”, “scattered
sheep.” Ezekiel 34:12 says, “As a shepherd seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep, so I will seek out my sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy and dark day. And I will bring
them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries.” Again, a direct reference to the northern house of Israel, and Israel in general being scattered into the nations.
The point I want to bring out here is Israel is the only people in the Bible called “sheep.” There is no other group in the Bible that has this definition. Theologians and students of the Bible, it is critical that we do not read from the New Testament into the Old Testament because the New Testament was written from the foundation of the Old Testament and the New Testament writers were pulling the theology and the definitions that they were writing
from their existing framework within Judaism. They would not have changed the definitions from the, what we call the Old Testament, what they call the Hebrew Scriptures.
So I want to ask a million dollar question. Where are the scattered sheep that He talks about? Where did He scatter them? You know where they’re at? The Bible says they’re
among the Gentiles. Let’s walk through this. Amos chapter 9 verse 9, you’re going to start to make connection already, “For, look, I will command, and I will sift the house
of Israel among the Gentiles…” Notice right here He says, “I’m going to sift the
house of Israel.” This is really important why I told you earlier, you’ve got to understand the difference between the house of Israel in the north and the house of Judah in the
south. There is not a time in the Bible where Israel, all twelve tribes, are called the
house of Israel. It is the house of Israel in the north and the house of Judah in the
south. So in Amos chapter 9 verse 9, He is being very specific, and it’s for a reason
because it’s the northern house of Israel that was prophesized to be scattered into
the four corners of the earth not the southern kingdom. Some of them were scattered, but
it was the north that was prophesized to be amongst all of the nations. So he says, “I
will sift the house of Israel among the Gentiles” telling us that they’re going to be found
among the Gentiles. Look at this, Ezekiel 11:16 says, “Therefore
say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: Although I have cast them far off among the Gentiles,
and although I’ve scattered them among the countries, yet I shall be a little sanctuary.”
The word there is “mishkan.” “I shall be a tabernacle, a temple for them in the
countries where they have gone.'” Let’s continue because it’s not just a
couple. They’re everywhere. Psalms 106:47 says, “Save us, O Lord our God, and gather
us from among the Gentiles to give thanks to Your holy name, to triumph in Your praise.” Ephraim becomes mixed. It says in Hosea 7:8, “Ephraim has mixed himself amongst the peoples.” Amongst the nations. “Ephraim is a cake unturned.” He’s half-baked. “Aliens
have devoured his strength, but he doesn’t even know it.”
So, Ephraim, the northern – which is what the northern House of Israel was called, scattered throughout the nations. He becomes half-baked. He becomes mixed. He doesn’t even know who he is, and he doesn’t even know that his strength has been stripped from him. He doesn’t even know the blessing that he doesn’t have. Hosea 8:8, “Israel is swallowed up. Now,
they are among the Gentiles like a vessel in which there is no pleasure.” The ten
tribes, listen a bit – listen to this, the ten tribes were taken into captivity and dispersed across all of Assyria. Over time, they assimilated into the nations and they became as Goyim…Gentiles.
They knew their identity – this is important. They had not lost their identity at this point.
They knew their identity. The entire time that they were amongst the Gentiles, they
knew their genealogy. They knew that they were from the tribe of Dan. “You know, I’m
from Naphthali – I’m from Asher. I’m Gad.” But over time, they become indistinguishable in word and deed. In other words, they may have known their family genealogy, but they acted, talked, dressed, and looked just like the rest of the world. They had no idea. People had no idea, which one was the tribe of Dan, which one was this person – that person.
From a Greek’s perspective, “This is my friend, He’s a Greek.” They don’t even
know. Now, that person knows. They know themselves where they come from, but most likely, no
one else did because they assimilated into the culture.
By the New Testament times, these next couple of slides are so critical – listen
to me. The New Testament times, most still knew which tribe that they were from and lived across the Euphrates River exactly what Josephus says. He says that they lived by the millions
across the Euphrates River. In the New Testament, even the Jews knew the northern ten tribes
that by the millions lived across the Euphrates River. They were not allowed to be part of
Israel, and I’ll explain that a little bit later. This is really important theology to
understand. But over the past 2000 years, they would completely lose their identity – completely lose their identity as the house of Israel, totally fulfilling the prophecy. So, the northern ten tribes of Israel, taken
into captivity by Assyria, scattered throughout the then known world, lived across the Euphrates River, in the first century at the time of Christ, but over the last 2000 years since
the destruction of the temple, not only did they – we have no idea who they are, they
don’t know who they are. Josephus says this, a Jewish historian of
the first century, “Wherefore there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject
to the Romans, while they ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates until now, and are an immense multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers.” What is he telling us? The first century historian is telling us that Israel of the first century was comprised of Judah and Benjamin – the two tribes right there — two tribes right there. The other ten tribes are across the
river. That’s why it was Jews that were part of the Sanhedrin. There was no tribe
of Dan, and Dan, by the way was a judge. So, there are no other tribes. That’s why Paul
says he is from which tribe? Benjamin, okay? Because that’s what Israel was comprised
of. No one else was allowed to be part of Israel unless you converted to the first century rabbinical form of religion called Judaism in the first century. Then, you can be part
of Israel, but you had to convert to the southern kingdom. Does that make sense? Okay. If not, hit stop, rewind. From modern Jewish scholars, “The captives of Israel exiled beyond the Euphrates did not return as a whole to Palestine along with their brethren, the captives of Judah, at least, there is no mentioned made of this
event in the documents at our disposal… In fact, the return of the ten tribes was
one of the great promises of the prophets and the advent of the Messiah is therefore
necessarily identified with the epoch of their redemption.” What is he saying? The reason why I’m showing you this is because a lot of the Jewish people today will tell you that
they’ve returned from captivity, that Israel is the Jewish people – Jewish people are
all of Israel and the ten tribes have returned, but the rabbis and the academics of the scholars will tell you, “No, we know that there is a difference.” Whether or not that difference actually gets passed down to the laity inside of Judaism in the synagogues is one thing.
But at the top of the scholastic academic theological food chain in Judaism, they know that there are two houses. They know that Israel today is only of the two tribes in
the south. They know that the ten tribes are still lost. As a matter of fact, the orthodox
pray for the ten tribes three times a day. And so we can’t say that anybody
has returned from the ten tribes – that the ten tribes have returned because the prophets say that it hasn’t happened yet, and even modern scholars say it hasn’t happened yet. Even the Mishnah, which is a compilation of Jewish history and writings and Halakha – there are writings in the Mishnah of two rabbis and Rabbi Akiva, his view is this of the ten
tribes, “The ten tribes will not return for it is said, ‘And cast them into another
land as it is this day, just as the day goes and does not return, so they too went and
will not return.'” So, Rabbi Akiva says about the ten tribes, he says they’re not
going to return. Now the reason why I’m showing you this is to show that this is after the time of Christ. This is hundreds of years later, and they’re still talking about whether
or not the tribes should return. So, it could not have happened in the first century or
Judaism itself would not even be having this conversation because Rabbi Eliezer says in
response, “As this day just as this day darkens and then becomes light again so the ten tribes even as it went dark for them, so it will become light for them.” So, the
point is that we’ve got written record of two rabbis going at it, saying, “I don’t
believe they’re going to come back.” ‘I do believe they’re going to come back.”
So, what by default can we deduct from both of these? They’re not back.
Even the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the IMFA says this, “The exile to Babylonia,
which followed the destruction of the First Temple (in 586 BC) marked the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora.” Do you realize how important this is for the IMFA to make this
statement because the northern kingdom was exiled 130 years earlier? By default, they’re
admitting that the first dispersion was not the Jewish people but the House of Israel.
For you Gentiles, this may not be an important message, but I know for my Jewish brethren, this is an important slide because you have all been taught generically that the Jewish
people were dispersed and that was all twelve tribes. But even your own organizations, again, at the highest levels of academia admit that the first dispersion of the Jewish people
was 586 BC going to Babylon because that’s the House of Judah.
Let’s get in to the New Testament a little bit and let me ask this paramount question:
Have you ever wondered why pagan gentiles who hated the Jews, anti-Semitic as they come, would so readily accept a Jewish Messiah? So, a Rabbi Paul, Rav Shaul, in his Hebrew
tongue, is going around to different cites, and he is supposedly preaching to pagans,
and a hundred thousand people converted to Christ in just the city of Ephesus. All of
these are polytheistic pagan gods, sun god worshippers – they got a thousand different
gods. They don’t even need another god, much less a Jewish god of which they can’t
stand to begin with. Why would they accept a Jewish Messiah? I’m going to suggest to
you something: because many of these Gentiles were not pagan Gentiles. They were Israelite Gentiles. Let’s dig into this and find out if this
crazy theory is true. Peter says this in verse 1 — now you have some definitions from the Tanakh, the Old Testament, we can actually unravel some incredible mysteries in the New Testament. (1 Peter 1:1) “Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered
throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father…” Right off the bat, where Peter is using terminology that he’s
not making up. Every one of his Jewish brethren knows that the word “scattered” comes
from the prophecies of scattering the northern House of Israel. There’s only one people
in the entire Bible that are called “the elect,” and that is Israel of the Old Testament. Now, some of you, it might not bother you, but let me finish what I’m going to say.
We’ve been talking for hundreds of years now trying to figure out this whole doctrine
of election. Books have been written, Calvinism, Armenianism. You know, once saved always saved, all of these things. The doctrine of election is very simple, and pre-destination is very
simple. God elected His people, scattered them, pre-destined for the elect to come back. That is the definition of pre-destination right there in a nutshell. You can’t look
at it from your 21st century Western Greco-Roman post-Catholic backgrounds in English, but
if you dive into the original Scriptures, and you dive into the Tanakh and the Old Testament in the Hebrew Scriptures and the concepts that are there, if God’s people are elect,
He moves them into captivity and a select elect – those that obey His voice and His
commandments and His ordinances, so on and so forth – become the remnant that are pre-destined to come back. And that’s what we see in the New Testament. And I want to point out something else here that’s really interesting. Peter tells us
that the scattered are throughout Pontus and what? Galatia. You Bible students should be
asking yourself, “Oh my goodness, who is the book of Galatians really written to?”
It’s not just these pagan Gentiles. Could it possibly be that part of the Israelite
Gentiles that are found among the Gentiles that lost their identity, that know who they
are but have forgotten their god, that this is part of the people group that is in Galatia? Could it be possible that when Paul walks into Galatia City, the reason why they accept the message so fast is because they’ve heard part of it before? They just haven’t had
the solution or the mystery solved. They knew the mystery, but they knew there was no solution. And I’m going to share with you a little bit later why they got so excited by the thousands to come to Christ because they knew the problem. They knew there was no solution. And the Apostle Paul comes around with good news. We’re going to talk about what that good
news is. James says this in his book, first verse, first chapter, “James, a servant
of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad…”
His book is to the twelve tribes. Bible students, listen to what I’m saying, it’s not written
to Gentiles. He’s telling us who it’s written to. He is writing to the tribes of
Israel, all twelve in fact. Gentile Israelites, John 7:33, let’s get
crazy for a second. “Jesus, therefore, said, ‘Yet a little while, I am with you, and
I would go to Him who sent Me. You will seek Me, and will not find Me, and where I am,
you cannot come.'” The disciples of those listening are a little bit confused at this
moment because they’re thinking, “Where is He going that we can’t follow Him?”
And that’s exactly what they said. They said, “The Jews therefore said amongst themselves, ‘Where is this man going to go that we’re not going to find Him? Will He go to the dispersion amongst the Greeks and teach the Greeks?'” You see we look at this, and we go, “Is
he going to go talk to the Gentiles? Is He going to teach the Greeks?” Because we don’t read the front of the book to understand what the “dispersion amongst the Greeks” means. There is a prophecy about the northern House of Israel being dispersed amongst the Greeks. So they’re saying in effect, “Is this man going to fulfill prophecy and go and speak to the Northern House of Israel from which, by the way, we’ve created a manmade tradition and doctrine of law within our own religious system that says you can’t do that?” You’ve
got to know the cultural history to know there was a law on the books that you could not
talk to the dispersion or a Gentile. You could not eat with them. Why do you think Peter
gets in trouble for going to Cornelius’ house? It’s not a biblical law. It’s a
Jewish oral law in the first century. They’re basically saying, the Jews amongst themselves are saying, “He would not dare go there.” That’s why He says, by the way, “Where
I’m going you won’t go. You won’t find Me because you’ll never think to look there.” Now we know who the sheep are, watch this, because all of these verses are going to pop out like 3-D. John 10:3 says, “The watchman opens the gate for him and the sheep listen
to his voice, he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all of his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow because they know his voice.” Now everyone of us have grown up in church have always read these Scriptures because when you get saves where did they start you, John, at the back of the book, just like handing you a novel and saying go to chapter 13 and start there, you’ll learn everything you need to know. But like my friend says, “God is so smart that He knew we are going to send everybody to John 1:1 which is why it starts out saying, “In the beginning.” He is trying to tell
us something, go back to the beginning, don’t start here. And if you go back to the beginning, what you discover is the only definition as we have explained, the only definition of
“sheep” in the entire Bible from this author’s perspective, this Jewish authors’
perspective, is the “sheep” are equal to the twelve tribes of Israel. So when you get to the New Testament and Yeshua, Jesus, is giving these analogies and these
parables and these stories about sheep, who do you think He’s talking to and referring
to? And look what we have done in our third grade education in theology as Christians
worldwide, according to theologians by the way, is we have read in to the New Testament Scriptures, “Oh, we are the sheep,” actually not even knowing what we are really saying. John 10:7, another one, “Therefore Jesus said again, ‘I tell you the truth, I am the
gate for the sheep.'” If you know the Bible, this should start to get exciting. If you
think I am fired up now, you wait until the end. Because what is Yeshua saying? There’s a pen. There is a cage, if you will. There’s a fence, and there are sheep that are outside the fence. They’re scattered throughout the nations, and He says guess what? “I’m the gate for them to come back.” You Jews say that they can’t come back. You southern kingdom say it’s not possible for them to comeback, and you actually have chapter and verse to back it up, which we will talk about a little bit later, but I am telling you right
now, “I’m the gate for the sheep. I’m the Eastern Gate to the Holy of Holies. I
am the Temple itself and the Eastern Gate.” He says, “There is only one way to get to
the Father, and that’s through Me.” Let’s continue, who is Peter talking about
when he says this, in chapter 2 verse 9 of his own book? He says, “But you are chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation… who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.” I encourage
you if you’re watching this online, do not shut this off. We are about to get to some
of the most exciting things that you have ever seen in the Bible. Because, ladies and gentlemen, we start off new believers in the book of John. We do not even understand that he is quoting this entire verse, these two verses, from the prophets,
and you’ve got to know this prophet statement. You’ve got to know these Scriptures that
he’s quoting from because if you don’t go back to the Scriptures he is quoting from, you’re going to miss who he is really talking about. Because again, I’m going to suggest
to you because of our 41,000 denominational backgrounds and because we don’t know the front of the book, we’re never told to read of the front of the book. We’re told that
they are Bible stories for children all the way up to ten and after that, they’re only
good for bedtime stories. It’s just history, and there is no prophetic meaning. We put
no value on it, even though in the book of Timothy it says that “All Scripture is worthy
for correction, for doctrine, for reproof in ways of righteousness.” And did you know when that was written, there was no New Testament? The only Scriptures he was talking about were the Torah, the Saints, and the Prophets, and he considered that worthy for all doctrine.
So let me ask our seminary students and theological students today and professors that are watching this right now, can we be intellectually honest and say today in Christianity we put this
much value on the New Testament, and we put this much value on the Old Testament? Where the apostles when they wrote the New Testament put this much value on the Old Testament,
and they didn’t even consider this New Testament? Does that make sense? But we all want to be Acts 15. We all want the power of God. We want the apostolic anointing, but we don’t use the anointing that the apostles had and used. We don’t even use
the same book that they used. The New Testament is no doubt inspired, but
listen, like someone told me once, “The New Testament is simply the Old Testament revealed. And the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed.” If you don’t know
the Old Testament and these prophets, you’re going to miss right through this.
So, let’s find out exactly what this means. What is this, “…once people that were
not a people…”? It does sound like the Gentiles. Doesn’t it sound like the Christian
church? You were not a part of God, and now you are a part of God. You didn’t have compassion. You now have mercy. Sounds nice, sounds spiritual, even sounds theologically sound. Let’s test
it because he’s actually quoting from somewhere. Exodus 19:6 has another exact quote,
“And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests,” this is part of the Scripture he’s quoting,
…”and a holy nation. These were the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel.” So, in the Bible, there’s a law called the Law of Hermeneutics – one of the Hermeneutical principles is the law of precedent, and it says that the first time that something is
used tells you the definition. It tells you how it is used in the rest of the Scriptures.
So, this is telling us that “the kingdom of priest and a holy nation” phrase, he
is speaking to the children of Israel. Hermeneutically speaking, and seminary students will tell
you this, you can’t change it. It’s illegal. You cannot change what God said. This is the definition, if God said that the children of Israel are likened unto blossoms in a garden, you cannot say, “the rocks.” You can’t do that. Whatever He says is what it’ll
always be. So if He says that the children of Israel are a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, then anytime that you see the New Testament authors use that, you have to ask yourself, “Where did they get that from?” They didn’t make it up. They’re quoting
Scripture because they are trying to make a case to the Jewish people that Jesus is
the Jewish Messiah. So, they’re going to use their own Scriptures against them.
Let’s continue. But more powerfully, by the way, I want to go back to the Scripture.
Now, I want you to remember this in verse 10 of 1 Peter 2, which we’re going to talk
about is this phrase. I just went over “a royal priest and a holy nation” and showed
you how it is connected to the children of Israel. But what I want to focus on is this
phrase, “that you were not a people but now you are a people.” Watch where that
comes from a little bit later. Many of the people whom Paul preached
to were from the northern House of Israel. No questions asked that the majority I believe of the people that Paul is actually preaching to when he says that, “I’m the apostle
to the Gentiles,” Of course, there are pagan Gentiles or heathen Gentiles and Gentiles that are real Gentiles that were never Israelites to begin with, but I’m here to tell you
as the sky is blue, that our Bible tells us in the language that Paul is using, what he
actually means by “apostles to the Gentiles” and who he is really talking to is the scattered Northern House of Israel that the Southern House of Israel called “wild dogs and Gentiles.” Paul says this, let me just prove this because some of you are crossing your eyes. Romans 9:24, “Even us whom He called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles.” Now,
watch this – Bible students, watch this – “I will call them my people who were
not my people.” So, he just defined. He says that God’s not going to call just to
us Jews only but also to the Gentiles because He says, “I will call them my people who
were not my people and her beloved who is not My beloved, and that shall come to pass in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ there they shall be
called sons of the Living God.” And that may not mean a whole lot to you right now,
but if you knew that that was a direct quote from Hosea 1:10, then you would go there,
and we would find out exactly who are the “not my peoples” because that’s who
is being talked about – that’s who Paul is directly referencing. It is the people
who were called “not my people.” He then defines those as Gentiles. And I can assure you Paul, who studied under Gamaliel and was the most zealous of all,
he says, students of Gamaliel, (and just to study under Gamaliel, you have to have the
entire Torah memorized). This is the elite of the elite of the elite. Let me ask you a question, Paul was chosen by the Most High God on his way to Damascus to kill Christians, was he not? Does God need to chose the highest academic theological
student of the entire first century to go talk to pagans that don’t know “come her”
from “sic’em?” Do you have to choose Thomas Edison to teach first grade math?
There’s a reason why God chose the genius, Paul, because he is commissioned to prove
something theologically to both the Jews and to these Israelite Gentiles who know their
background and know that they cannot be part of Israel, and God chooses him because he
knows more of the Scriptures and has a pizzazz and zeal and tenacity about him that he won’t ever quit. He’ll never give up and even when I throw him in chains, he will see the
vision and he will continue to go after My scattered sheep. That’s why Paul was chosen. But let’s go back to this in Hosea 1:4 and let’s read this because this is where Paul
is quoting from, “And the Lord said to Him, name him Jezreel, for yet a little while I
will punish the House of Jehu for the bloodshed of Jezreel, and I will put an end to the kingdom and House of Israel.” There we go the prophecy again, “I’ll put an end to the kingdom
and House of Israel.” “For I will no longer have compassion on the House of Israel.”
Remember that He said, “…those who have had no compassion.” “But I will have compassion on the House of Judah and deliver them by the Lord their God.” He goes on to say five
verses later, “For you, House of Israel, are not My people and I am not your God. Yet the number of the sons of Israel will be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or numbered; and in the very place where it is said to them, ‘You were not My people,’
it will be said to them, ‘You are the sons of the living God.'” What you have just
heard with your own ears is what Paul says in the New Testament is the mystery. How can the sons of the living God be His people then He says they’re not going to be My people.
I’m not going to be their God anymore and then He says in this very place that I’m
telling them they’re not going to be My people and I’m not going to be their God,
in that very place, they will become sons of the living God?”
Now, if you don’t have the rest of the Bible that is a little confusing. That’s
why they call it a mystery. Let’s keep going on this. Let’s read it again. Romans Chapter 9 Verse 24, it says this, “Even us whom He called, not of the (southern kingdom) only, but called of the Gentiles?” As He says in Hosea, ‘I will call them…'” Who is
“them” referred to in Paul’s context…the Gentiles “‘I will call them My people, who
are not My people, and her beloved, who is not my beloved.’ And it shall come to pass
in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’ in that place you’ll
be called sons of the living God.” So, what Paul is saying is, if Paul is not
referring to the House of Israel, every Bible student that went to the seminary knows you got to throw out every…two-thirds of the New Testament has to be thrown out. Because he is breaking Hermeneutical principle. You cannot change what God says. You don’t change definitions. This is how you end up with 41,000 denominations. We change definitions. If you, if Paul can change the definition of what Hosea says is the people that are not my people that will be my people, then you can change even the name of the Messiah. Because it doesn’t end. You can change everything. Every prophecy that’s written can be changed. Nothing can be trusted when God defines what the entire Messiah is going to look like, you can throw it out and change it, and everyone will do
whatever is right in his own eyes. And I suggest that is exactly what we have done.
1:32:00 This is why 70 some odd percent of our young people by the end of their first
year in college deny Christ. Because we’re not giving them any other standard, no foundation. All the definitions have changed. They see right through it. It’s not right. The anointing
of God is not on anything but His own Word. When you change it, there’s a curse according to my Bible. We better start interpreting the Bible and
letting the Bible interpret itself. And this is right here, the Bible interprets…But
this is only one scripture, Jim, you know, I think you’re stretching it. Let’s find
out because this is critical. Let’s go to Hosea Chapter 2. By the way the entire book of Hosea is about the Northern House of Israel. Go back and read all 14 Chapters. Every chapter is about the whole entire House of Israel. So, if you want to find out about the scattered sheep, that book has more, almost more information about it than anything. So, we’re just going
to walk through all these scriptures in the whole book.
(Hosea 2:1) “Say to your brothers, Ammi, and your sisters, Ruhamah. Contend with your mother, contend, for she is not my wife, and I am not her husband; Then I will give her
vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor as a door of hope. And she will sing there
as in the days of her youth, as in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.”
What’s the whole Book of Hosea about? Hosea does what? Gets a word from God that he has to marry a prostitute named Gomer, has three children. And those three children are prophetic of the Northern House of Israel and their journey. And he says that he is going to divorce the Northern House of Israel. She is not my wife. Hosea 2:23 says, “I will sow her for Myself in the land. I will also have compassion…”
or so, even if I get rid of her, even if I’m going to divorce her because she’s a prostitute it’s the whole prophetic story. “I will have compassion on her who had not obtained compassion. And I will say to those who are not my people…” — the children of Gomer,
the divorced wife – “…’You are My people!’ And they will say, ‘You are my
God!'” So this is a future event where the children
of the House of Israel that were divorced are going to come back into covenant, and
they’re going to say: You are my God. And there is going to be a revival. So, in the
last days — this is awesome — Chapter 3 Verse 5 of the same book, it says, Afterwards the sons of Israel will return and seek the Lord their God and David their King; and they will come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness in the last days.”
This is a prophetic timeline given to us that at the end of time is when this scripture
is going to happen. At the end of time is when, remember they were at the river getting that message that not so good cheer-leading message when you go into the land you, Joshua generation, you’re going to blow it. I’m going to scatter you out in all the kingdoms
and all the nations of the earth in the four corners, but you’re going to hear my shofar
blast, and I’m going to gather the House of Israel. I’m going to gather the lost
sheep of the House of Israel, and I’m going to bring them back. We now know when that happens: The last days. This has not happened yet. So, why were they divorced? Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Look how he defines knowledge by the way. “Because you’ve rejected knowledge, I also will reject you
from being My priest. Since you have forgotten…” rejected “…the law…” — in Hebrew
that’s Torah – “…of your God, I also will forget your children.'”
So, he says that knowledge of God is directly related to His law. You forget the law. You
have no knowledge because I am the law. I am the Word made flesh. You don’t know Me (Jesus) because you don’t read Moses and the prophets. Lazarus and the rich man’s
story. “Oh, but God, it’s hot down here. If you just let me go talk to them, let my
brother, I will tell my brothers that this is real.” “So look, if they don’t…if
they don’t know about Me, they’re never going to know about Me because Moses wrote about Me. They have Moses and the prophets. Let them read Moses and the prophets. It’s
all about Me. What’s He saying? They don’t have any
knowledge because they don’t know My law. Don’t forget it. He says, “…or I’ll
forget your children.” “For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, and people should seek the law from his mouth,” Malachi 2:7. I only put that in there to make
a connection. A little Rabbi trail for just a moment that the knowledge of God, according to the Scriptures, and all through the book of Proverbs…go back and take a look at Proverbs and do a word search on just the word “knowledge,” and you’ll be blown away. That knowledge
is connected to seeking God’s law, His commandments. Knowledge is knowing who He is. Knowing who He is, is knowing right and wrong. On the third day, watch this, Hosea 6:1, incredible book, “Come and let us return to the Lord; for He has torn, but He will heal us. He has
stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; on the 3rd day He
will raise us up that we may live in His sight. Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord.” Let’s go back to what we forgot. “His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.”
Hosea 8:1 says this, “Set the trumpet to your mouth! He shall come like an eagle against the house of the Lord, because they have transgressed My covenant and rebelled against my Torah. Israel will cry to Me, “My God, we know You! Israel has rejected the good, (talking
about His law); The enemy will pursue him.” Now what I want to do is I want to connect
this to a statement that’s found in Matthew. Compare this with Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 22, “Many will say to Me in that day (on judgment day), Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, have we not cast out demons in your name, done many wonders in your name? And then I would declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” Now, let’s go back to Hosea 8:1 when it
says, “My God…” Israel will cry, “My God, we know you!” And God says, “You’ve
rejected My law. You’re lawlessness.” Do you see the connection? Do you think that it’s just coincidence that the writer of Matthew here that this chapter Yeshua’s
telling us, it’s just not connected at all? Or could He possibly be connecting these two Scriptures. Hosea 8:10, again, “Yes…they have hired
among the nations, now I will gather them…I have written to him the great things of my
law, but they were considered a strange thing.” To the House of Israel, the Torah is a strange, weird thing. That’s what the prophecy is going to be. If you haven’t noticed already
we’re walking through the book of Hosea. In 9:17 it says, “My God will cast them
away, because they did not obey Him; and they shall be wanderers among the nations,” among the Gentiles. But in Chapter 12 he says this in Verse 6,
“So you, by the help of your God, return, Observe mercy and justice, and wait on God continually.” And in the last chapter he says this in the first verse, “Oh Israel,
return to the Lord your God, for you have stumbled because of (your sin) your iniquity. Those who dwell under His shadow shall return. They shall be revived like grain and grow
like a vine.” So the whole Book of Hosea is about the Northern House of Israel getting divorced and being scattered in the nations and coming back.
It’s good news. The mystery is how is that going to happen. So, now we are going to go into Romans Chapter11, one of the most misunderstood chapters
of the New Testament. Verse 24, “For if you were cut out of the olive tree which is
wild by nature, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree, how
much more will these, who are natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree?”
So, we’ve got an olive tree. We’ve got a wild olive tree. We’ve got a cultivated
olive tree. And we’ve got from the olive tree, we’ve got broken branches and other
branches being grafted in. That’s what going on. We got an agricultural example going on here. So what is an olive tree? A good Bible student will say, “Where is Paul getting
this concept from? Where is he getting this idea of an olive tree? Is he making that up?
Why doesn’t he say beech tree? He could have said anything. He said, “Olive tree.”
It’s one reason and one reason only, the same reason why God chose him because he is a genius, and he knows the word of God, and he knows prophecy and how it all lines
out. Because if you go back to Jeremiah 11 it is the only place in the Bible which tells
us the definition of an olive tree from God’s perspective. (Speaking about his people Israel) “The Lord called your name, Green Olive Tree. Lovely and of good fruit. With the noise of a great tumult He has kindled fire on it, and its
branches are broken.” This scripture, I even think it’s interesting that it’s
Jeremiah 11, and it’s connected to Romans 11. It’s the same scriptures…Broken branches of an olive tree. All Israel, all twelve tribes, were called an olive tree. And they were branches that were broken. So, we have the two trees, this one tree is
split into two trees. And interestingly enough this becomes the symbol that the prophet sees as the seal or the actual national identity of Israel is a menorah flanked by two olive
trees. This is the actual flag of Israel, if you will. The identity symbol of Israel,
according to the Scriptures, is the menorah, which is the seven branched candlestick that stood in the holy place which represented the Word of God that is light for the two
olive trees that are the two houses of Israel. We turn to Ezekiel 37 to add a little bit
of weight to this, Verse 16, “As for you, son of man, take a stick for yourself and
write on it: For Judah and for the children of Israel, his companions. Then take another stick and write on it: For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel,
his companions. Then join them one to another for yourself into one stick…” That word
there by the way is tree, in the Hebrew, “…and they will become one in your hand.” That’s
why the writer puts the word stick there because he is assuming that the reader is going to
cross his eyes if he writes on one tree write Judah on another tree write Ephraim and make the two trees come together in the hand. One hand can’t hold two trees together in one.
And that’s why they put stick in your Bible, but I am going to tell you that the man that
he is talking about created the heavens and earth, his hand is big enough to hold two
trees. They should have put trees. Because it’s two olive trees. One with Judah, one
with Joseph. The two come together and become one again.
Verse 21, “Then say to them, thus says the Lord God: Surely I will take the children
of Israel from among the nations…” Again, I am beating this into the ground because
it’s so critical. “…And I will make them one nation in the land, and one king
will be king over them all. They shall no longer be two nations, nor shall they ever
be divided again into two kingdoms…” “And David my servant shall be king over
them…” (talking about Yeshua, Jesus) “…and they shall all have one shepherd; they shall
all walk in My judgments and observe My statutes, and do them…the nations also will know that I, the Lord, sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forever.” This is a millennium, messianic, prophetic scripture. It hasn’t happened yet, and right here we’ve got a
scripture telling us that not only are the two sticks going to come together, the two
nations are going to come together, the House of Israel, the House of Judah led by Jesus
himself, but it says that everyone’s going to walk in my Torah. That’s in the millennium. I know that’s a whole other topic, but that’s what it
says. They are going to walk in my judgments. That’s for a whole other discussion.
Verse 25, “For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery
of how they come together lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness
— we’re back in Romans 11 — in part has happened to Israel…” speaking of the “Israel” that existed in the first century because that was the definition in the first century
to the Jews was, they were the only Israel that existed…”until the fullness of the
Gentiles has come in.” And so, it says that blindness in part has happened to the southern kingdom until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. Let’s keep going.
Have you ever wondered why it’s says this, “And so all of Israel will be saved, as
it is written: The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness
from the House of Israel from Jacob.” Why would he say all of Israel is
going to be saved? I always grew up thinking, wow! All the Jewish people are going to get
saved. That’s great. It’s about time they get on board. How arrogant? We don’t even
know the Bible. Paul is excited here, and he is talking about the mystery of the two
sticks coming together in the one hand of the Messiah. That’s the mystery and when
that happens it says all Israel will be, all 12 tribes will be saved. There’s a whole other message that’s built into this that Paul understands. He is trying
to explain it. Why do you think they say the things that Paul says are hard to understand? He is a theologian trying to unpack some of the most incredible prophecies of all time
that no one ever up until now ever put together, and he is putting it together. He is helping
people. That’s why they’re getting saved. “For this is my covenant with them, when
I take away their sins.” What sins? What sins? Let’s talk about the “one new man.” All right, the one new man. Let’s dig into
the one new man. This has been a mystery for so long. Books have been written. If you go
to your local Christian bookstore, you will find multiple books written on “What is
the one new man?” With everything that I have shared with you and taught you thus far this evening, the one new man is going to make all the sense in the world.
But, I am not just going to theoretically put it together for you, I want to actually
dive in deep to the actual scriptures in Ephesians Chapter 2 so that we can discover what the
one new man is all about. Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 11 and follows says this, “Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh–who were called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands–that at that time you
were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel.” Meaning, that you could not be a part of the commonwealth of Israel. “…and strangers from the covenants
of promise that are part of Israel, having no hope and without God in the world.”
Right now, before we go on to the next slide, I want to point out something. The emphasis of the writer of Ephesians in Chapter 2 is telling us that you are Gentiles. You’ve
not been able to be part of Israel. You can’t be a part of her covenants of promise. You
can’t be a part of the commonwealth up until now. Do you see that? That’s his point.
You could never be part of Israel until now, and he’s talking about the Gentiles. That’s
really important. Verse 13, “But now in Christ Jesus you who
were once far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. For He Himself is our
peace, who is made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation.” What’s the middle wall of separation? The southern kingdom of Judah because of the divorce of the northern kingdom created a hostility wall of separation between the Jew and the House of Israel, Gentiles. That were living among the Gentiles saying that you can never be
part of the commonwealth of Israel because you guys were divorced. You guys were Gomer. You’re Gomer’s children. You’re not allowed to be a part of our club. So there
was an enmity, a wall of hatred between the two. And what Yeshua did was He came and literally destroyed it. (verse 15) “…having
abolished in His flesh the hatred,” remember that, he abolished the hatred that was contained “…that is, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create himself one
new man from the two, making peace and that He might reconcile both kingdoms to God in one body through the cross, thereby putting to death the hatred.” No more hatred.
Going back to Zachariah Chapter 9 Verse 9, we see this, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter
of Zion! Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold your King is coming to you; He is just in
having salvation, lowly and riding on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey,” exactly the
way Yeshua came in the first century. “I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim and
the horse from Jerusalem…” because they are fighting each other. The horse from Jerusalem and the chariot from Ephraim. “The battle bow shall be cut off. He shall speak peace
to those nations; His dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends
of the earth.” There’ll be no more fighting. That’s the prophecy of Ephesians 2 was talking about. So when you get to Verse 17 (Ephesians 2)
it says this, “And He came and preached peace to you who were far off and to those
who were near.” Now you will probably not find an English version of your Bible that
has these words in all caps, which tell you that it’s a direct quote from the Old Testament. Because if you go back and you actually take this quote, back to where Paul is referring
it from and quoting it from, what you find is it comes right from Isaiah Chapter 57:18
and 19 when it says, “I have seen his ways, and I will heal him; I will lead him also,
and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners. I create the fruit of the lips; peace, peace
to him that is far off, and to him who is near, says the Lord; and I will heal him.”
If you read it in context it’s talking about the northern kingdom of Israel is far off.
He says I’ve sent him far off into the nations. Judah is nearer because she came back from Babylon. And she started keeping the commandments. So God says they’re near to me, Old Testament
Israel, Judah is near, Ephraim is off in “la la land,” wondering around. So, now if you
go back to the Book of Ephesians, it makes a lot more sense.
When you come to Verse 18, “For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father, now therefore, you…” Gentiles, you Northern House of Israel, “…you�’re
no longer strangers and foreigners, but you’re fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.” What’s he saying? He is saying that you Gentiles…and look
I want to make this very clear. I am not saying that the word “Gentiles” means House of
Israel. I am saying that the House of Israel was comprised of Gentiles. They became Gentiles. There is no doubt there was a mixed multitude. Remember when Israel came out of Egypt, what happened? There was a mixed multitude. It was the Northern House of Israel. It was the Southern House of Israel. At that time it was all twelve but, eventually it would become both. So you have the House of Israel, the House of Judah, but then there was also the mixed multitude that came out from Egypt. The smart Egyptians that said, “You know
what? After ten plagues, I’m following that God.”
Moses goes to Yahweh and says, “You know, hey God, it’s Mo. What do I do? All these
mixed multitudes, these Egyptians, are coming up with us. What should we do? Should we send them back? What do we do? And God says, “No. If they’ll circumcise themselves, and they’ll
make themselves part of Israel, follow my covenant, there’ll be no difference. They’ll
be like a native one. They’ll be grafted in.” So, some characteristics of Ephraim: They’re from the northern ten tribes. They were dispersed into all the nations after their captivity. They lived amongst the Gentiles, and they
have forgotten the name of their God. Jeremiah :27 says that the northern House of Israel will actually forget the name of their God. It also says they’re wealthy people, Genesis
49:22. They do not know or understand the law of
God and they do not keep it. I wanted to put the scripture out there just so you know it.
Hosea 8:10, so you believe me, “Yes, though they have hired among the nations, now I will gather them; and they shall sorrow a little because of their burden of the king of princes. I have written for him the great things of My Torah,” which is what the law is in Hebrew, “but they were considered a strange thing.” So that I wrote the law but because they assimilated into the nations in the Gentiles, they don’t even know what it is. It is confusing to them. It is strange to them. More characteristics of Ephraim: They are
called “not my people,” “sons of the living God” Hosea 2:23, “those that are
far off” (Isaiah 57:19), and “lost sheep” (Jeremiah 50:6). Characteristics of Judah: They have the law of God. They are called “those that
are near” (Daniel 9:7). They did not lose their identity because they came back after
their captivity. And they are the Jewish people of today. So who did the Messiah come for…really? Strap in, here we go. Matthew Chapter 15 Verse 24 says this, “…and He answered and said, ‘I was not sent except to the lost sheep
of the House of Israel.'” Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is your Messiah, this
is Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ making this statement. Do you think that He is just throwing words into the air? “I came only for the lost sheep of the House
of Israel.” Or do you think that the One who wrote about the lost sheep of the House of Israel knows exactly what He is saying. When He says I came for the ones that were scattered. Now you might say, “Wait a minute, John
3:16, Jim, every baseball game. They hold up a little sign behind home plate. John 3:16: ‘For God so loved the whole world that He gave His only begotten son. Whoever believes upon Him will have eternal life,’ right?” John 3:16 “…the whole world,” but who
were the captains that were supposed to be sent into the world, but the twelve disciples, but the twelve tribes. They were sent to the rest of the nations. They didn’t do their
job. They dropped the ball. They took God’s law. They took God’s commandment, which God says is a light to the nations. David, King David, a man of God owns heart says in (Palms) Chapter 119 he says that it is God’s commandments that are a light to his path.
They kept the light to themselves, and then they got rid of the light and took somebody
else’s light from another nation. They started serving another gods.
So, He got rid of the Northern House of Israel, scattered them throughout the whole four corners of the earth, and He says I am going to bring them back. Remember, all those scriptures that you thought I was just beating into the ground? When He said I am going to scatter them, and then I am going to bring them back. How do you think He is going to bring them back? This is the guy that was sent to go get them. Watch how he does it, John 10:16, “And other sheep…” this is incredible, “…I have
which are not of this fold,” Which fold? Judah. He is talking to the Jewish people,
the House of Judah. “…I have other sheep which are not of this fold,” this kingdom,
“…them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice, and there will be one flock
and one shepherd.” John 11:51 says, “Now this he…” (Caiaphas) probably one of the most incredible prophesies in the New Testament that you will never hear about most likely. Caiaphas under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit “…did not say this
on his own authority but being high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation…” the Jewish Israel of the first century, “…and not for that
nation only, but also that He would gather together in one the children of God who were scattered abroad.” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s everywhere. You
can’t get away from it. Even Caiaphas the high priest prophesied that Yeshua’s not
just going to die for the Jewish people, He is going to die for the children of God scattered abroad which we now know from our hundred and ten verses are the House of Israel, the
lost sheep. Are you ready for the greatest love
story of all time? Here we go, the north was divorced we’ve already established that,
Jerimiah 3:8, just to put an exclamation point on it. “And I saw that for all the adulteries
of faithless Israel, I had sent her away and given her a writ of divorce, yet her treacherous sister Judah did not fear; but she went and was a harlot also.” But she did not get divorced. The house of Israel gets divorced because she whored amongst the nations.
Then it goes on to say in Jeremiah 3:1, “They say, if a husband divorces his wife, and she
goes from him and becomes another man’s wife, may he return to her again? Would not that
land be greatly polluted? ‘But you have played the harlot with many lovers; yet return to Me,’ says the Lord.” Folks, this is a huge problem — big problem. This is why this is the mystery, because God himself is saying all throughout the prophets in the Torah that I’m going to get rid of the Northern house of Israel. I’m going to
scatter you all throughout the four corners of the Earth, but when you hear my voice,
and you come back to me” Anybody that knows the Torah knows that can’t happen. Once you divorce, once God divorces his bride, she can’t come back. That’s why it says in Jeremiah 3:1, ” If a man divorces his wife, and she goes from him and becomes another man’s wife…” which is what Israel was doing, “…May he return to her again?”
Can she come back? “Would not her land be polluted?” She’s defiled.
But He says, “But you have played the harlot with many lovers; yet you return
to me,” says the Lord. Big problem because Deuteronomy Chapter 24 gives us the Torah commandment against this. “When a man takes a wife and marries her, and it happens that
she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some indecency in her,” talking
about fortification, “…and he writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her
hand and sends her out from his house, and she leaves his house and goes and becomes another man’s wife, and if the latter husband turns against her and writes her a certificate of divorce and puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, or if the latter husband dies who took her to be his wife, then her former husband who sent her away is not allowed to take her back again to be his wife, since she has been defiled; for that is an abomination before the Lord.” So guys, picture yourself. You’re Jewish in
the 1st Century. You’re Paul. You studied under Gamaliel. You have this scripture memorized. So when you come across all of the Scriptures and the prophets where God says, “I’m divorcing the Northern House of Israel,” there’s no way for her to come back. It’s not possible.
It’s done, out the door, over the shoulder; don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
This is why in the 1st Century, the Northern House of Israel, which Josephus says is by
the multitudes across the Euphrates River, why you don’t hear about them. Why they’re
not allowed to be part of Israel. Because the Judah, the Jadeites, or the short formed, the Jews, which comprised of modern-day Israel of the 1st Century, won’t let them because
they know the Torah. You can’t be Israel. You lost your identity.
You guys blew it. We blew it. We went to Babylon. We paid our penalty, but we came back. You guys assimilated to the nations, and you never came back, and God divorced you for it. You can’t come back. It doesn’t matter how bad you want to come back. And by the way, I will let you come back, but you got to convert to the southern kingdom. How many do you think did that? No way. Why? Because it was Hatfields and McCoys. When you had the northern and southern kingdom that were in existence back after Solomon — they were always fighting
one another. No way was an Israelite from the northern
kingdom going to convert to Judah. Not going to happen. They had their own tribal identity.
Very few did this. More of them were pagan Gentiles that were not Israelites that actually converted to Judaism than ever did an Israelite from the northern kingdom.
So, we have a major problem because this becomes the mystery that Paul talks about. There are several mysteries, but the large mystery is how does God solve this? Because He invites them to come back, which seem to be against His own law.
So you come to Romans Chapter 7, one of the most incredible chapters of the entire Bible. Guys, this is the chapter that says, and the things I don’t want to do, I do;
and the things I want to do, I don’t do. And the things I do, I do, and don’t do,
and all of those things? This is that chapter. It starts off in a bizarre way. Listen how
it starts off. Romans Chapter 7:1, Paul says this, “Or do you not know, brethren (for I
speak to those who know the law)…” Stop. You cannot read the rest of this chapter unless you know the law of God. Why do you think he’s saying that? Because he’s saying what
I’m about to say is only found in the Torah. And if you don’t understand the Torah, what I’m about to say is going to be completely confusing, and you’re going to read right
into it. You’re a Baptist. You’re a Lutheran. You’re charismatic Christian, Catholic, whatever you want to call yourself, all 41,000 of you, you will read into this Scripture what is
not there. So, I’m going to help you out and tell you,
read the Torah first before you read Romans 7. Because he says, “The law has dominion
over a man as long as he lives.” Why? Because the law was given to man. So if you die, you’re not subject to the penalty that the laws give. “For the woman who has a husband…” we
just read the scripture, “is bound by the law to her husband as long as the husband
lives. But if the husband dies, she’s released of the law of her husband. So then if, while
her husband lives, she marries another man…” Where do you think he’s getting this from?
Deuteronomy Chapter 24. That�’s why it says you better know the law. “She will be called
an adulterous; but if her husband dies, she is free from that law…” She can’t be an
adulterous if she’s not married. If she is — if her husband dies, she’s free to marry
another man. But if her husband is still alive, she’s an adulterous.
By the way, side note, the only way she cannot be an adulterous is if she gets a certificate
of divorce. A lot of confusion in the Messianic community about that. If you get a certificate of divorce, and you marry someone else, you’re not in adultery. Back then there were two forms of divorce, if you will, the certificate of divorce, which is formal, which means you
could marry someone else, or if you’re put away. If they put you away without a certificate of divorce, then you were actually still married, and you’re committing adultery, which is why the next husband, most of them would not marry someone unless they could show them legally that you’ve been divorced because they don’t want to walk into adultery either.
So back to our scripture here, “Therefore, my brethren…” verse 4, “…you have
also become dead to the law through the body of Christ.” What law are we talking about?
The law of adultery. He’s giving up Deuteronomy 24. He’s showing
us the prophecy right here. You’re married. You went and whored among the nations. You can’t come back. He says that “Therefore, my brother, you’re also dead to the law through the body of Christ.” The alive body or the dead body? The dead body of Christ, “…that
you may be married to another — to him who’s raised from the dead, that we should bear
fruit to God.” Ladies and gentlemen, let’s put it all together.
Who was Israel’s Bridegroom? Yahweh. God was Israel’s bridegroom. Why did He divorce her? Adultery. According to Deuteronomy 24, could an adulterous come back to her first
husband? No. What is called — what’s it called if you cheat on your husband? Adultery. According to Romans 7, what is the only way that a woman can be free from the law of adultery? The
death of her first husband. The only way is for her husband to die. Guys, the bridegroom died for his bride. This is the good news! This is the mystery that
Paul has been trying to solve. This is what the patriarchs are trying to solve. This is
what the angels were trying to solve when they’re standing up in the heavens, I would
imagine, and God said, “I’m divorcing you, but you get to come back.” And they look to
each other and say, “Who wants to tell Him that they can’t do that?” No one says anything for thousands of years, but God already knew how He was going to solve this. If you ever wondered why the lamb had to come and die? This is it. It’s to free
the bride from adultery. Now, the next question is this. Why did he
have to raise from the dead? Because there’s no sacrifice in all of the law of God that
requires the animal to come back together and rise for the perpetuation of sins because the perpetuation of sins is found in the blood not in the breath. So, the moment that Jesus died was the moment that we are forgiven according to the law
of God. Why did He have to raise from the dead? He rises from the dead because He’s
creating an eligible bachelor for His bride to marry. That is why He rises from the dead. He says, “Hear, hear, pick Me. Choose Me. Don’t go amongst the nations anymore. I’ve
broken the curse.” The curse for the northern house of Israel. They can never come back,
and the Jew knew that. So, when Paul goes to the elect, to the ones scattered in Galatia, in Ephesus, and all across that known world in the Mediterranean. And he walks into the cities, where do you think he’s going to go? First, he goes to
the Jew in the synagogue, and then he goes out to the Gentiles. He goes out to the northern house of Israel into their streets and says, “Gather around all of you, Danites, Niphtalites, all you Gentiles that have lost your identity who don’t even care. I’ve got some good
news for you. You can come back.” “And here’s why, because the God
of the universe who divorced your brethren, your forefathers for their sin — and you
know as well as I do, you can’t come back, but He sent His only begotten Son, that Bridegroom, died, rose from the dead, broke that curse, and you are free to ‘move about the cabin’.”
Hallelujah! Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the marriage supper of the lamb is all about. This is why the marriage supper of the lamb exists. This is why it’s called a marriage supper and not an end of time supper. It’s not a millennium supper. It’s a marriage supper. Who do you think He’s marrying? He’s marrying His bride. And His bride has always been called Israel. The new covenant starts right here. Jeremiah Chapter 31:8 This is all going to make sense. “Behold, I’ll bring them from the north country, and gather them from the ends of the earth…” talking about the house of Israel, “Hear the
word of the Lord, O nations, and declare in the isles afar off, and say, “He who scattered Israel will gather him and keep him as a shepherd keeps as his flock.'”
Theologian, listen carefully, this is the chapter that we’ve all been told is the new
covenant chapter. We’re going to get to it, but we’re starting early in the chapter
to establish that who is he talking about bringing into the new covenant? Those who
were scattered. Further down in Verse 18, “I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself: You have chastised me, and I was chastised, like an untrained
bull; restore me, and I will return for you are the Lord my God.” Jeremiah 31:20, “‘Is Ephraim My dear son? Is he a pleasant child? For though I spoke
against him, I earnestly remember him still; therefore, My heart yearns for him; I will
surely have mercy on him,’ says the Lord.” There we go. Mercy again, compassion, back to the story of Hosea. With whom is the new covenant made? Jeremiah 31, verse 31 says, “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the LORD, ‘when I will make
the new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.'” You’ll notice
there is no house of Gentiles. ‘”…not according to the covenant that I made with
their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them up out of the land
of Egypt. My covenant which they broke…'” See, there was nothing wrong with the covenant. It was something wrong with them, “‘…though I was a husband to them. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days,’ says Yahweh. ‘I will
put My Torah…'” (what it says in Hebrew) “‘…in their minds; and I will write
it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they shall be My people.'”
Just so you know, at Mt. Sinai is when He first said this. And He says, “Now
I’ve given you all of My commandments. I’ve given you My laws, My decrees, My ordinance. Now, I want you to write it on your heart. You’re a bride. I want you to do it from your
heart. I don’t want to make it obligatory. I don’t want to make a bunch of laws and
commandments. When I tell you to love your neighbor, it’s not out of obligation. I
want you to be, I want it to come from your heart.”
Ladies, what wife out there does not want her husband to love her from the heart? They can tell when we’re doing it just to check it off our list, and they can tell when it
comes from our heart. God wants it to come from our heart. So he says, “No more is the
house of Israel going to fall away from me and fall away from my commandments because I’m going to write it on their heart. They’re going to want to do this. Then I’m going to
send a helper, called My Spirit.” So then we go to Romans for the connective verse. (Romans 2:14) “For when the Gentiles who do not have the law�…” because it was strange for them “…by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the
Torah…” because you guys won’t let them be a part of your club. “They are a law
to themselves, who show the work of the Torah written on their hearts.”
He’s connecting this to Jeremiah 31. If you haven’t figured it out now, by now, ladies
and gentlemen, as a follower of Jesus, you’re part of Israel. You’re a part of Israel. You’re
not separate from Israel. It is not Israel, the Gentiles and the new covenant with the
House of Israel, the House of Judah, and the new covenants with the Gentile…our own theology doesn’t work. It says that the new covenant is only with
the House of Israel and the House of Judah. You’ve been grafted into the commonwealth of Israel, and have been made partakers in the covenants of promise. So, this begs the
question. Am I saying that these twelve tribes of Israel, the descendants of Israel, are
the only ones that can be saved? That is not what I’m saying at all. I’m not saying that the only people that can be saved are the ones that are the twelve
tribes of Israel. I’m not even talking about the bloodline. The bloodline doesn’t exist.
This is spiritual. Salvation has never been by bloodline. How many times did the patriarch get skipped over, the first born gets over skipped over to go to the second born proving that God is not concerned about the bloodline only. There’s something greater.
Romans 10:12 says, “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” In God’s eyes, there is absolutely no difference between Jews and Gentiles when it comes to salvation. The gentiles joined His people Israel. Watch this, 12:49 of Exodus says, “One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourns among you.” Isaiah 56:3 “Let not the foreigner who is
bound to the Lord say, The LORD will surely exclude me from His people Also the
sons of the foreigner who joined themselves to the Lord, to serve Him, and to love the
name of the Lord, to be His servants. Everyone who keeps from defiling my Sabbath, and holds fast to My covenant even them I will bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful
in My house of prayer.” Do you see that? He’s talking about end times. “Even if the nations want to come and be a part of Me, they can, as long as they keep
My Sabbath, hold fast in My covenant, and they call Me the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they follow after Me, do what I say, even them I will make them My people,
and I will bring them into My house of prayer.” Zechariah 2 says this, “Many nations
shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and they shall become My people. And I will dwell in your midst. Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent Me to you. And the
Lord will take possession of Judah as His inheritance in the Holy Land, and will again
choose Jerusalem.” This is a messianic scripture going into the millennium. Watch this. In the millennium — 42:22 Ezekiel says, “It shall be that you will divide it
by lot as an inheritance for yourselves, and for the strangers…” Talking about the
land. You’re going to divide up the land, “…who dwell among you and who bare children among you. They shall be to you as native-born among the children of Israel. They shall have an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel. And it shall be in that day that in
whatever tribe the stranger dwells, there you shall give him his inheritance, says the
Lord God.” Do you see this? In the millenium, even the
gentiles, even those that are not part of Israel at all, when they come back to God,
He grafts them into Israel and tells everybody that knows who they are, because remember in Revelation there are 12,000 from every tribe. So at some point — we don’t know
how — but at least 144,000 know which tribe they’re from. And to make sure that they don’t get arrogant, He says, “All those that come back to My
covenant that don’t know which tribe they’re from, they get to choose whatever tribe they want to be a part of, and you have to accept them, and that’s going to be their inheritance.” I’m claiming Gaza Strip right now. If you know Gaza, it’s on the beach. I’m
sure it’ll get rebuilt a little differently. Look at this. Immigration, I want to give
you an example. When someone comes to the United States, let’s say from China or from
Australia, they’re no longer Chinese. They’re an American. This is what makes this nation of the United States of America so incredible is that we are made up of every nation.
You’re not still Chinese just because you came from China. You are a Chinese-American. You’re an Australian-American. You’re a German-American. Do you see a common denominator here? So, when someone comes into Israel and follows the God of Israel, they’re no longer Gentile,
they are a Gentile-Israelite. They’re Gentile-Hebrew. They’re part of the commonwealth of Israel,
and by default, they are part of that inheritance. No one can keep or separate us from
the love of God. And His love is found in His inheritance. There’s a myth that says
that God’s law is only for the Jews. Did you know if God’s law? Listen, Christian, if God’s law is only for the Jews, then there is no inheritance for us because the inheritance
is directly connected to the covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So many will say, “The Gentiles should not keep the Covenant Laws of Israel. They only have to keep the Noahide Laws.” We’ve all grown up with this. We’ve all lived this,
learned this. Let’s test it for a moment. Number 15:15, “For the assembly, there shall be one statute for you and for the stranger who sojourns with you, a statute forever throughout your generations. You and the sojourner shall be alike before the Lord. One law and one
rule shall be for you, native-born Israelite, and for you, the stranger that sojourns with
you.” So, let’s dive into the word “stranger” because from an academic perspective, this is where they’re going to fall on. We better define
what “stranger” is. That Hebrew word is “ger.” In the Greek, it’s “proselutos.” So we’re
going to do a little homework because there is a — there is a contention that the sojourner is not a Gentile but one who is converting to Judaism. So let’s figure that out. Some
say “strangers” were those who were converting to Judaism. Let’s actually put that argument to a test. The Proselutos Argument: The Greek Septuagint — now, I know this is the theological part, but this message is going out to a lot of
people, and this has got to be proved. So let’s talk about this for a second. The Greek
Septuagint, all right, so the Greek version of the Old Testament, gives us insight into
how the apostolic community would have understood and interpreted the passage. By the way, this
is coming from: First Fruits of Zion, One Law and the Messianic Gentiles.
So, the Jewish Messianic community by and large believes that the “ger” or the “sojourner” is not a Gentile that is a part of Israel but someone who’s converting to Judaism, even though Judaism didn’t exist when that scripture was given.
Under the influence of the LXX, which is the Septuagint, they would have interpreted Numbers 15:15-16 to read as follows, “As for the assembly, there shall be one statute for Jews and for the proselyte, a perpetual statute throughout your generations as a Jew, as a
Jews is so shall the proselyte be before the Lord. There is to be one Torah and one ordinance for Jews, and for the proselyte who sojourns with you.”
So what they’re saying basically is that the Torah cannot be kept by the Gentile because there’s no Scripture telling a Gentile to keep the Torah, and they use this scripture
to say that the sojourner…Because this is the danger, if “ger” actually means
a real Gentile and not someone that’s converting to Judaism, but actually making himself part of Israel and her covenants, then that means the Gentiles are all under the law of God.
They don’t want the Gentiles to keep the law of God. You know what? I give them credit rightfully so. All we do is mess on ourselves everywhere we go. So, if we come in and start keeping the Torah, by default, we blow it. We’ll do it wrong. We’ll do it our way,
and they won’t have control over us. And that’s exactly kind of what happened in the 1st Century is a bunch of Gentiles came into the synagogue, messed up the whole thing, and off to the
races we went. So, Israelites, let’s find out. Let’s go back
to Exodus 22:21. And it says this exact same word ‘proselutos” as used in this context.
“You shall neither mistreat a proselutos nor oppress him for you were strangers in the
land of Egypt.” So, if their definition of stranger is one
converting to Judaism, then “proselutos” has to mean converting to something. So are they saying that the Israelites were converting to Egypt? With this scripture if interpreted
that way would simply mean that the strangers are converting in the land of Egypt. Certainly, they were not converting in the land of Egypt. Here’s another one. “Also, you shall not oppress a stranger for you know the heart of a stranger because you were strangers in the land of
Egypt.” Again, I’m giving you just a pattern here that the word “proselutos” cannot possibly mean convert, otherwise, you have the Israelites converting to Egypt, and they were not converting to Egypt. They were living in the land of Egypt. And also, this is my favorite, Leviticus 25:23, “For you’re also proselutos or strangers and sojourners with Me.” Are they saying that you’re converting to God? No. What it’s
saying is that you were strangers and sojourners with Me. You were not of Me. You were strangers with Me. You didn’t know who I was but you’re following along with Me. You’re strangers.
The word in English is the best word. From God’s perspective, Galatians
3:28, “There is neither Jew nor gentile. There is neither slave nor free men. There is neither male nor female for you were all one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you
are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to the promise.” The entire point of the New Testament is that there is no Jew or Gentile. There was never
supposed to be two kingdoms. It was always the children of God follow God and do what
He says. And this is the covenant of what He says. If you don’t like the constitution,
try to rewrite it. That’s what we’ve done. No. God says if you don’t like the constitution, you’re not part of my kingdom because My kingdom is run by My constitution. It’s a bad conversion formula. 1st Corinthians 7:18, “Was anyone called while he was circumcised? Let him not be uncircumcised. Was anyone called while he’s uncircumcised?” This is a very misunderstood scripture. “…Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing but keeping the commandments of God as what matters.” This is an oxymoron. This can’t happen. He’s saying that the only thing that matters is keeping God’s commandments, yet circumcision is one of the commandments. And he says it’s nothing. Or is he not actually talking about physical circumcision? It’s an idiom. Paul’s not
talking about physical circumcision. They were talking about physical circumcision.
What he was talking about is Judaism, because Judaism was called “the circumcision.”
Acts 10:45, “And those of the circumcision of the Jews who believed or astonished, as
many as came with Peter because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out among
the Gentiles also.” There was called the “Circumcision Party.”
And the Circumcision Party had a seven-step process to convert to Judaism with circumcision being the very first step. You could not be saved in 1st Century Judaism unless you were circumcised. And Paul and the disciples were arguing this fact that no, the first step is not circumcision. The first step is faith. Circumcision means
nothing without faith. So, if you want to compel my converts to get circumcised, then
it means nothing because you’re telling them to do something for their salvation rather
than to have faith. Works comes later. Circumcision is a general term referring to
a segment of Judaism. So, when you go back to 1st Corinthians 7:18, this is what it really
is saying: Was anyone called while Jewish? Let him not be a Gentile. Was anyone called while Gentile? Let him not become Jewish. Being Jewish is nothing and being a Gentile is nothing. What matters is if we keep the commandments of God. Does that make more sense? So there is a certain first-century Jewish sect believed Gentiles must convert to Judaism via their rabbinic formula, which included getting circumcised their way as a pre-requisite to joining God’s people. (Acts 15:1) This is why Paul says, “I wish they would just
emasculate themselves,” in the book of Galatians, because all they talk about is circumcision.
Not understanding that the first circumcision that God talks about, he says, is of the heart. Paul opposes the theology and taught that Gentiles became part of God’s people
by grace, faith first, through faith in Yeshua, which is then made evident by keeping God’s commandments. That’s why James says what? Don’t look into the perfect law of liberty
and then walk away and forget what it looks like. Don’t be a hearer of the Word, be
a doer of the Word. What’s the only Word in the 1st Century? There is no New Testament. That’s why he says, “…the perfect law of liberty.” The “law
of liberty” is the Torah without the traditions and doctrines of man. That’s the definition
to the 1st Century disciple. It wasn’t a new law. Listen, if God’s commandments are only for people that are converting to Judaism, and only for the Jewish people?
Is John contradicting Paul who says you don’t have to convert to Judaism when he says this? In 1 John 5:2, “By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and
keep His commandment. For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome.” If the law of God was only for the Jewish
people as we’ve all been taught, then there’s no way for us to love God because the disciple is telling us this is the definition of loving God is doing what He says. And what do you think the commandments were? There are no other commandments of God. Let’s talk about led by the spirit
versus being led by the flesh. Romans 8:5 — we’re almost finished, I promise. “For
those who lived according to the flesh…” Who wants to live according to the flesh?
Come on. You guys are not very good telling the truth. Spiritual people in here.
“For those according to the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh…” So listen,
we’re going to let the Bible define what the Bible says. Let’s find out what flesh
is and led by the Spirit is. “…But those who live according to the Spirit, the things
of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life
and peace, because the carnal mind is in hatred towards God. It’s in enmity against God.
For look, listen, it is not subject to the law of God.” Do you realize what that just
said? No, you don’t. Let me say it again. The spiritually minded is life and peace.
To the carnally minded, it’s death because “…the carnal mind is enmity against God;
for it cannot be subject to the law of God nor indeed can it be.” What this is saying, my friends, is that the carnal mind does not subject itself to the
law of God. The spiritual minded person does. There’s no way to get around this. It says
this and only this. There’s only one interpretation. Being spiritually minded is following the
law of God. Now, I know this brings up a huge can of worms of what does this is look like. I’m not going into that can right now. I have tons of material that does. I’m just showing what we’ve been missing as covenant Israel and partakers of the covenants of promise that the covenants of promise, with an “s,” is the law of
God that gives us the blessings because it says that if you keep My commandments, you’re blessed. Led by the Spirit versus led by the
flesh, walking in the Spirit is subjecting yourself to the laws of God. Walking in the
flesh and being carnally minded is not submitting to the laws of God. This is why Jesus said
in Matthew, He says, “Not one jot or tittle will pass away from the law of God until all
of the heavens and earth are disappeared or removed.” Well, the last time that I checked, the heaven and the earth are still here. And it says
that if anyone teaches against the law of God, you’ll be least in the kingdom of heaven. That’s what it says. And it says the whole world is under the law of God. And I know our Jewish brethren say that the law of God is only for themselves.
They do not want us keeping it. Their agenda is pure, I understand, because when we keep it, we blow it. But the whole world is under the law of God, according to Romans 3.
It says, “Now we know that what things that whatever the law says, it speaks to them that are under the law; that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may be brought
under the judgment of God because by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified in
His sight; for through the law comes only the knowledge of sin.” What is he saying here? The whole world is guilty before God. Why? Because they transgressed. They’re under the law of God. They’re under the law. They’re under the penalty of the
law. How can you be under the penalty of something that you’re not even subjected to? How can
I get in trouble for breaking a law that’s not for me? If the law of God is not for everybody, then how is the whole world guilty? What are they guilty of? Breaking what? This is our problem. If you do it with the law of God, there’s
no definition of sin. If there’s no definition of sin, there’s no curse. If there’s no curse,
then what do you need to savior for? And why are we spending a billion dollars a year telling people in Africa about Jesus? And telling them that there is sin when the very definition of sin is transgressing the law of God? 2:37:06 And here it is right here in the print,
1 John 3:4, “…Sin is the transgression of God’s law.” The northern house of Israel
transgressed the law of God. In Romans, it says what? The wages of breaking My law is what? Death. And in that case, it was a certificate of death. No longer to come back. You’re dead, according to Me. The law doesn’t have to go after someone
who’s dead because they’re already dead. Isn’t that what does Jesus said? He said don’t
worry about the world. They’re already condemned. What do you think they’re condemned by? The very law that they broke condemns them. The DNA of the remnant. I love this. In Revelation (12:17), it says, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” In Revelation, the very definition of the saints of God are those that are following
Jesus Christ in that testimony, but they also keep the commandments. They don’t have a religion that is weak. They have a religion that’s not denying the power of God. The
power of God is found in His very Word. And the Word of God, according to the Word of
God and David and every prophet, is the law of God. He even says in Mt. Sinai, “It is
My life to you. I’m giving you My life.” In the millennium, watch this. Isaiah 2:3,
“Many people shall come and say, come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
to the house of God of Jacob. He’ll teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths. For out of Zion shall go forth the law, the Torah, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” This is in the millennium. God is so impressed to Him to teach us because He wants to bless us. There’s not a Christian alive today that thinks that you can break the 9th commandment and commit adultery that you’re going to be blessed. You’re cursed. Where do you think
the idea came from that you’re cursed if you commit adultery? Because if you break God’s law, you’re under a curse. The problem is we only believe in a few. Or what if God says that He actually meant what He said when He said keep the Sabbath — this is one of the top ten. A whole another discussion. Zachariah 14, we’re almost done, “In that day His feet will stand on the
Mount of Olives …And it shall come to pass that everyone who is left of the nations which come against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year and worship the King, the Lord of
hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.” We know from Zachariah 14 that you’ve got
to keep all of the feasts. And if you don’t, He cuts the rain off. This is in the millennium. So, theologian students, don’t ask me how. I’m telling you what the Bible says is we
got to do it. It’s our inheritance. And I shouldn’t even say we “got to.” That’s
like look at your wife and saying I have to love you. We get to love them. We get to love God. We get to be part of the inheritance. There is so much, my friends, that has been stolen from us. Just look at the feast days alone. All of them are about Yeshua. They’re divided into two, the spring feast days and the fall feast days. He died on Passover,
was put into the grave during the Feast of Unleavened Bread when they’re getting all
of sin out of their house. The Holy Spirit breathes life into Jesus. He raises from the
dead on the Feast of First Fruits. Coincidence? The Holy Spirit comes down on the Feast of Shavuot the Greek Pentecost, fulfilling the first coming of Yeshua. But the second coming of Yeshua is connected to the last three feast days. The Feast of
Trumpets. It’s not a coincidence that it says that at the sound of a trumpet, the dead in
Christ will come first. It’s not just a stroke of genius. It’s a stroke of truth
because He’s coming for the coronation of the King, at the Feast of Trumpets. And then there is the Feast of Atonement, which is what? Judgment day. Yom Kippur. National Day of Atonement. And last but not the least, the Feast of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the marriage supper of the lamb. All of those happening in the fall; all of
those happening in the second coming of the Messiah. We’ve been stripped of our inheritance, stripped of the curriculum, and we’re trading the
very curriculum and calendar of God and the holy days of God for holidays of man, and
we fight to hold on to the manmade tradition. In Mark 7, it’s coming true again when Jesus said, “And you do many things like this.” Trading the commandments of God for the traditions of man. So, in closing, is it really all about
Israel, the chosen people? Look at this, twelve tribes with one king; twelve disciples with
one King; twelve baskets leftover full of bread — not coincidence, my friend.
Jesus said in Mathew 19:28, “Assuredly I say to you, that in the restoration, when the
Son of Man sits on the throne of His glory, you who have followed Me also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.” In the millenniums, the twelve tribes of Israel are what’s being judged. We just started. Yeshua heals the girl that’s
twelve. He starts teaching in the temple at what age? Twelve. Coincidence, right? He says that there are twelve hours during the day, twelve months in a year. In Revelation, there are 12,000 from each tribe that are sealed, twelve angels, twenty-four elders, two from
each tribe. Twelve gates with twelve pearls each, twelve constellations in the heaven
that tell the gospel story from A to Z. A tree of life in Revelation that produces twelve fruits for each of the twelve months, for the twelve tribes that come through the twelve gates. The story of the twelve spies — how many
came back with a positive report? How many came back with a negative report? Do you think that was coincidence? Ten tribes had a negative report and were divorced. They could not cross the Jordan River. Hello. Only the two tribes in the south were considered near. Ten Commandments written on two tablets of stone, the two witnesses in Revelation, guess what? One is from the
northern kingdom and one is from the southern kingdom. It’s everywhere, my friends.
Look at the parable of the prodigal son. The prodigal son, two sons under one roof with
one father. And one son goes astray into the land, into the Gentiles, to a degree. I even
think it’s funny that he’s eating and sleeping with the pigs. He becomes as un-kosher as
you can possibly get. And what happens? In the depth of his despair and his un-kosherness, in his uncleanness, he realizes who he really is. I will go back to my father, and I am
the son of my father. And if I go back and just be a servant in his kingdom, maybe he
would accept me. And the father… see humility, of the house of Israel, “I’m not worthy.”
You see the mistake that some people make when they understand this concept is they’re arrogant. And they go back to Judah and they say, “I have an inheritance. This is who
I am.” No, that is not how we’re supposed to act. We’re supposed to come back as the humble servant and say, “Maybe God will just take us as a servant in His kingdom.”
And Yahweh says, “No, no, no. I’m going to kill the fatted calf. I’m going to kill
the lamb.” You never killed a lamb for me. So the lamb gets killed for who? The house
of Israel. Do you think it’s coincidence if there was
only ten lepers that were healed on the road? There are ten that get healed. Why were there ten? Because the Northern House of Israel were lepers. And if you know about Torah,
if you know what the laws of the lepers are, they’re put out of Israel. Yeshua was going
for the ten lepers prophetically saying, “I’m coming except for the lost sheep of the house of Israel to bring them home.” It’s everywhere. The two sticks of Ezekiel
37, the one new man in Ephesians 2, and the best example is this: Is a husband and a wife. Kent, can you come up here with your wife, please? I want to show the most incredible prophesy of the Bible, the very first one, I believe,
the prophetic picture that God gives us is in the garden. You have Adam and Eve. Can you stand behind your husband, please? This is how Adam was created in the garden. It was Adam and Eve together. A matter of fact, the better way to say this because I
do a lot of marriage counseling — she’s got your back, because Eve is looking the other
direction. This is how Adam was created. Adam is Israel. He’s the child of God. He’s is
the first seed of God. It’s all twelve tribes are inside of Adam. The two kingdoms are one. And then what happens? Is a wife or a woman separated, when Adam and Eve sinned they were pulled apart, if you will. Eve was taken from the side of Adam, prophetically saying that
at some point in the future, the two kingdoms are going to be separate. But if they will
join hands under their Maker, the two shall become one flesh.
A husband and a wife underneath the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is actually a beautiful prophetic picture of Israel and all the prophesies about her. This is why they fight so much,
too. But this is why they love each so much is because they understand that although we may be different, although I may be different from my Jewish brother of the southern kingdom, although you may be different as a husband and wife, you’re still one. You’re still family
and your love comes from that which is above. Give them a round of applause.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is one God. Stand with me please. His name is Yahweh. There is one covenant that gets renewed at the end of time. No doubt about it. There is one law, one Messiah, Yeshua, and there’s only one people. That people’s name is Israel.
Israel is the people of God. You are the people of God. This doesn’t take anything away
from our Messianic Jewish brethren. They are the people of God. It doesn’t take anything
away from the Jewish people that do not believe in Yeshua. They have the covenants under Abraham, irrevocable, can’t take them away. But eternal life and the eternal kingdom is
given to those who follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the one He prophesied would come and talk and bring salvation to the Gentiles. That would be Yeshua himself. And through the salvation to the Gentiles comes the salvation to the rest of the world. That’s what He says. To the Jew first, Yeshua came. Then He’s sent out to the northern
kingdom of Israel. Doesn’t it make sense? He’s got to unite the clan first in order
for the rest of the world to be saved. That’s what the disciples were doing. They
would naturally go to those who had a framework of the Scriptures first then they would go
out to the outermost parts of the earth. First start with your warm blood, the cousins from the north, and they did that. I suggest to you my friends that the
day has finally come when we will learn our identity, that we have learned our identity,
and it will change our purpose. It will change our mission. I know this is going to mess
with a lot of people’s theology. God is — that’s what God does. He messes with manmade theology to get us back to the garden to get us back to the truth because the truth can only do
one thing. And that’s what? Set us free. I encourage you to go back and watch this
again, dissect it, look at it, see if it is not the truth, if it does not resonate in
your heart that there is a reason why you love Israel. It’s because it’s part of
who you are. It’s not just because you love the Jewish people. You love them for a reason. You’re the only people on earth that love the Jewish people, and there is a reason.
It’s because they are your brother. And until we understand who we are, we will never be able to stand by them the way that God intended for us to do so. Let’s pray. Father, God, I come before You in the name of your Son, Jesus, Yeshua, the
Messiah, who shed His blood, Father, so that we could come back into the covenant so that we could come back in the inheritance. I pray that You would lift the blindness from Benjamin and that Joseph and Benjamin will embrace so the rest of the family can be healed.
Father, I pray that You would take this message, God, around the world, challenge everyone,
God, to come back, to come back into the covenants of promise through Your Son. Father, forgive us for our blindness. Forgive us for being deaf, not wanting to listen, for considering
Your law a strange thing. You sent Your Son to fish them out, and in the last days you
will call out the hunters. Let now be the time that we return and repent and begin to do Bible things in Bible ways putting aside the foolishness of our youth,
of the traditions and doctrines of men. May it be known this day that Your shofar has
hit Your lips, and Your frequency and sound is reverberating around the earth calling
out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Father, I ask You to not make this word void,
but I pray that You would use it. Call Your people from wherever they may be found…in every tribe, in every tongue, and all of God’s people said, “Amen.” [Audio Ends]

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    Teacher Jim I hope and pray you are released soon. Oh how the body needs true solid teaching at this time. I know the Father has you where he wants you right now for his purpose. I am so looking for the day you are once again feeding the sheep. God bless you and know you are missed and needed……..

  • Jeniffer Brandt says:

    At my 65 years old just found out I have 3 jews or israeli last names…

  • AddTheDot says:

    Rob Skiba recommended this video to me a couple years ago and my life has never been the same. I've shared with my family and friends and leave links everywhere I go and comment. I shared this in a yt comment to a guy who commented he was hurting. He commented back this morning and said he was in tears and that it blessed him beyond words. Yah is GREAT! and Thank you Jim Staley Family! We're praying for you.

  • Lindie Bezuidenhout says:

    Thank you Jim!!!!!!! This video answers ALL MY QUESTIONS EVER!!!!! May you be BLESSED!!!!!

  • Chris Clark says:

    What I find interesting is how the speaker continuely says "Dan" over again when referring to the tribes of Israel. Does he not know that Dan is OUT of the 12 tribes of Revelation. Dan was a prolific Baal worshiper he's judged unworthy to be in the list by the Great Judge.
    Also have you ever wondered why Ephraim is no longer in the list either? its because his name is now linked with the great crowd or multitude (see Rev 7 v 9)as Jacob said he would become (see Gen 48 v 9 also please see Gen 48 v 5,6 to understand why Manasseh and Ephraim are Jocobs children just as his otheres were so are they) The 12 tribes are the once again joined "stick" of Ezekiel 37 v 16-17 but did you notice how the verse says "For Judah (royal line) and for THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL and his companions then take another stick and write upon it For JOSEPH the stick of EPHRAIM (Ephraim Josephs second born in Gen) and for ALL the house of Israel. Its a kind of play on words, the ultimate meaning hidden until revealed in the N.T. No one really knows WHO are from tribes of Israel these days (thats why we are Abrahams children through faith not by flesh) as all the records were destroyed in 70AD when Jerusalem fell to the Roman armies sent by God to be His chosen means of the asaid destruction.
    Also I found what he said regarding jews these days that didn't beleive in Jesus that they were "ok" because they are under the Abrahamic covenant still…WHAT…doesn't matter. This man is in effect saying there are two different covenants in operation today…NO NO NO There is ONE only, do not let this man deceive you at worse or innocently mislead you at best. The Abrahamic covenant which he says those jews are under that do not believe was always the covenant that was the reality. The law was a tutor leading to Christ, showing us something better was needed which was THE PROMISED SEED…JESUS because God tells Abraham through YOUR seed, thats Jesus, ALL the nations would bless themselves because you (Abraham) listened to my voice (that also being carried on in Ephraim as read in Gen, it had to for us to become Ephraim) The blessing is through faith in the promised seed that would ultimately bless everyone through His death and ressurection to give all who would have the faith of Abraham this blessed life ALONG with Abraham. Thats why Jesus said to the jews you will find yourselves outside the kingdom and others sitting with Abraham Isaac and Jocob…THOSE WHO DONT BELIEVE WILL BE OUTSIDE and thats those jews who this speaker says are OK for not believing in Christ. (Please read Matt 8 v 11,12. Rom 3 v 20-22. 4 v 7-17. Gal 1-29 read verse 12 a few times) There is sooo much more that I would like to write but unfortunately my brothers work calls. God bless you all and continue to be lights in the world and to salt your words for the glory of God in Christ Jesus our Saviour.
    P.S. Make sure that what your being taught is correct. Go to God and ask that the Holy Spirit reveal truth to you…He will not hand you a stone. (check my words out too do not blindly believe).

  • Merrimour The Red says:

    amazing sermon … ive watched it 3 times now

  • PJJ PMT says:

    I pray he should be freed immediately. Amen.

  • One Wellthy Being says:

    Jim Staley, thank you for this message. One of if not the best sermon I’ve ever heard. HalleluYah for what He has done through you. It’s a hard teaching but those with eyes to see and ears to hear will rejoice when they receive this message.

  • Javier Ben yashua says:

    for belive that they need write other bible this is not the thru

  • Dean7Co says:

    Beware the sins of idolizing any carnal race or nation.

  • Dean7Co says:

    Paul in Galatians 3 & 4 clearly wrote that the Seed in the promises to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 was Jesus Christ.

  • Dean7Co says:

    Most of the Jews today are not from biblical Israel.

  • Dean7Co says:

    Some of the wealth of today's Jews comes from crooked, corrupt practices, like usury and theft. The Babylonian Talmud tells Jews who follow that that it is okay for them to lie to and steal from non-Jews. They also practice usury.

  • Dean7Co says:

    Are the actors and actresses that he lists people of good moral character? Yet he gives them a pass as if behavior doesn't matter. And they all reject Jesus the Messiah which makes them the enemies of Christ and His Father. The fact is that many of these are Satanists who get their power and wealth from Satan.

  • Dean7Co says:

    Jews also gave us sexual immorality in spades. They were behind the radical feminist and gay movements and all antichrist material in the media. If anyone has destroyed Christian America it is the Jews. Read the book Culture of Critique by Professor Kevin MacDonald.

  • Dean7Co says:

    The remote control and radio and cell phones were invented by Nicola Tesla, who was a Serbian Orthodox Christian.

  • Dean7Co says:

    A majority of Nobel Prizes were won by Christians, the true seed of Abraham according to Paul in Galatians 3-4.

  • Dean7Co says:

    The first time the word Jew is mentioned in the Bible is after the death of Solomon.

  • Kelly Gelso says:

    Jim I just watch this and have so many questions. So if God is always speaking to the lost gentiles, when does he speak to all the other gentiles saying that they are also grafted in or can they not be grafted in. Only the lost tribes can be grafted in??

  • Watch and pray says:

    Your assuming that Ashkenazi Jews are linked to Abraham. Not so, they are linked to another son of Noah, but not Shem, thus they cannot be of the tribe of Judah. Abraham was linked to Shem, as his father. They were living in the land of pagans, but they were of Shem, make NO mistake about this. It is CLEARLY stated in Genesis that Terah and Abram were descendants of SHEM! Gen.11:9-26. What about lineage of the Ashkenazi's? : [Gen 10:2-3 KJV] 2 The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. 3 And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. They are of the son of Noah, Japheth

  • jnpg says:

    I started tuning out at 6 minutes. Lol

  • Jeffrey Vaughn says:

    you can "invent" lots of things if you commune with "arkons"

  • Berean Call says:

    All of these "great" Jews he brings up at the beginning are all part of the kabbalistic talmudic "club" that administer the Jesuit oath. There are very few Torah following Jews. There is no such thing as old testament Jews today. Rabbitic priests teach the satanic Talmud.

  • Joe Wommack says:

    As entertaining as this is, it doesn't take much research to take it apart….first I would like to ask, have they read the entire old testament???? Reason I ask is nearly half of the old testament is God showing his displeasure with Israel….to the point that only a remnant being preserved…how many times did God call these people whoremongers and idolaters…as the love God has for his people is twisted into them being Holy….old testament clearly demonstrates God being sick of them, yet this video praises the Jewish, the list went on and on like Levi Strauss ( a company that moved to Mexico because slave labor is easier to access) Hollywood (a place full of whoremonger and idolatry) Barbra Streisand (give me a break)… Jesus Christ never was a prosperity preacher, yet they wonder why certain sects of Torah / Hebrew roots aren't accepted by Christianity or Judaism, and labeled a cult

  • Mr ICE says:

    Good stuff!

  • Kim David says:

    This is wonderful!!!!

  • Σταυρη Χριστοφη says:

    God bless you!!!

  • Douglas McLeod says:

    jim is smarter than me and knows more but hes making a few assumptions that im not tracking with

  • yosefyahu says:

    I fall upon my face in tears before Yah our Loving, forgiving, merciful King! HalleluYAH! Thank you who posted this! Thank you Jim ! May Yah continue to magnify His ministry in you both!

  • yosefyahu says:

    To you who are stubborn, as I have been stubborn, is it not enough that the Set Apart Blood of Messiah was shed for you? Will you also cause Him to weep and grieve over you by your continual rebellion?

  • AngieLovesUSA says:

    Being Jewish doesn't mean they live their lives by the Torah.

  • L Morter says:

    Why did Jesus go to the sheep that were never divorced and scattered from God (those in Jerusalem Benjamin and Judah) if it was the scattered ones he came for? In factJesus never went out to the lost sheep (as they are defined as the 10 tribes) Paul did.

  • Christine Cook says:

    Amazing. I learned a couple of years ago that I have Jewish ancestry in my DNA. I was surprised and a little delighted that I would someday be able to call Abraham my natural grandfather as well as spiritual. to his face This video really enlightened me about who I am, All that Yeshua did in addition to redemption and why I have the feelings that I've always had regarding Israel and her people. I seem to be amazed by Him and His plan on a regular basis. Thank you

  • E Rivera says:

    Praised Elohim Hallelujah

  • Jim Staley Teachings says:

    Espanol: Crisis de Identidad (La Verdad Que Cambiará El Mundo) https://youtu.be/Of6gnSI0scQ

  • Buddy Bear says:

    This was beautiful. I want nothing more than to rebuke my past and serve Yahweh, the Most High. I feel so blessed to have been pulled out of Scientism and Atheism. Thank you for sharing this teaching with us! As a child, I had a lot of questions relating to this topic and nobody could adequately answer them for me back in the 90’s/early 2000’s. That on top of a series of unfortunate events pushed me away from my faith. This renewed understanding of the things that I KNEW in my heart were true, has truly set me free. Please pray for me in my journey of learning how to serve the Lord properly! God Bless every person who reads this comment and watches this teaching!

  • SDsc0rch says:

    I dunno – he makes a sudden leap
    "we" are Isreal?
    he takes two hours to show the lost tribes (who didn't return) are Israel
    then he makes a jump to light speed and makes us gentiles "israel" also

  • SueJean Heinz says:

    In the last year, I've listened to many of Jim Staley's teachings on a chance recommendation from a brief encounter. Each teaching has challenged me to open my understanding to a new level of interest in the deeper things of Torah even after many years of Torah cycles. There's still so much more for us to learn before we're ready to become HIS Bride. That thought makes me sad and frustrated as I long for HIS return.
    When I saw the length of this teaching, nearly 3 HOURS!, I kept pushing it aside to watch other videos. Finally, I stopped running away from this message and devoted the time to hear it through to the end. For me, it was like Jim turned on a light in a darkened room where I'd been sitting for far too long hoping that I was seeng everything that Elohim wanted me to see. I was able to see so much more and I wept like the blind man when the scales fell from his eyes.
    If you secretly struggle to fully accept yourself/to see yourself as a part of HIS Kingdom/HIS plans or you're just not quite convinced 100% of who you are in HIM, then this message is for you. If you can't quite make the connection between your love for HIS Torah and your Christian background, then this message is for you. If you've been told that you can't be a part of Israel, then you NEED to listen to this message. There's never anything wrong about checking your foundation every now and then. Thank you Jim! and may you be blessed as you walk out HIS path for your life.

  • Bryan Sanchez says:

    This trailer ALONE had be shouting!! Praise Yah!!! 🙌🏼

  • Mr B says:

    He is making a new covenant with Israel, It's the same covenant he is making with the gentiles.

  • Mr B says:

    All are called, not to Isreal, but to the one body of Christ.

  • Mr B says:

    Remember when reading Ro 8:5-8 to first read Ro 8:1-4.

  • Mr B says:

    You're can of worms is settled in Ro 8:1-4, the righteousness of the law is fulfilled in us through Jesus… you skipped that part.

  • Mr B says:

    The carnal mind is of all mankind who have not the gift of the holy spirit (Acts 2:38), we can only be spiritually minded after we are born again.. a new creation (2 Cor 5:7). Then, Ro 8:9-11 applies… read the context, the bible tells you what is meant, not what he said. If we obey the gospel Ro 8:1-4 is true for us… the law is fulfilled in Jesus who is our righteousness… we have no boasting, this is by the grace of our God.

  • Mr B says:

    Your Ro 3:19 exposition is weak… the book tells us what we are guilty of, read the rest of it to understand.

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