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just as guarding the Bible designs and creates animals and plants and humans according to his wishes now we are learning how to design create life from now on your name is Cara my name is Cara initialization and memorization checked humans are present with many many others from their species wandering around on this planet as naked apes we once tamed fire and afterwards every form of new technology determined our development now that we've cracked the code of life it will not take much longer before we can start to play God the big question is what kind of gods we will be will we being merciful and wise gods or will we be petty vengeful and irresponsible gods with our biotechnology artificial intelligence and nanotechnology it seems we possess all the ingredients to start our own process of creation but how to deal with this and what does it mean for our species those are big questions can you hear me yes I think that this is going to be the the agenda for the next century is is that we will be involved in designing either individually or as a society who we want to be what does it mean to be a human I've only just been born you can't kill me this is backlight will we become gods or are we making new gods due to the emergence of artificial intelligence humanity is on the eve of great change technological development is going so fast and is so far-reaching that we must search for an interpretation of it all historian Yuval Hourani has developed his vision of the future by studying the past his Israeli roots are of crucial importance to the formation of his view of the future well I think that living in Israel and in the Middle East gives you a different perspective on the modern age and on technology in general now we leave my husband and me in this small village which is exactly midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I think it's also kind of metaphor for whether I stand as a scientist as a store in a historian on the one hand I see no Jerusalem with all the religious fervor and in the history and the conflict and so forth and in the other hand there is Tel Aviv with all the high take and in gay parade and vibrant 21st century modern society and I guess if I live in a place like Silicon Valley I would not see this side of reality which Jerusalem represents but because I live in Israel in the Middle East there is no way I'm going to forget the enormous power that religion and mythology and and human beliefs have on history in the end it's not the engineers that determine what to do with technology it's the priests and ideologues and politicians they determine what to do with the technology that the engineers invent Harare story is catching he effortlessly defines the connection between the past and the future and explains what influenced the development of technology has had on humanity he's now using all of that knowledge to give us his vision for the future looking at the last few decades humankind had immense achievements in particular bringing an hour under our control famine plague and war today for the first time in history more people die from eating too much than from eating too little which is an amazing achievement more people die from old age than from infectious diseases and more people commit suicide than are killed by human violence because of the decline in the number of violent death so these are amazing achievements at the same time we are also destroying the ecological system we are also driving more and more animals and plants into extinction and the new powers that we are gaining now especially the powers of biotechnology and artificial intelligence are really going to transform us into gods and I don't mean this as a kind of literary metaphor I mean it in a literal sense that humans are acquiring divine abilities especially the ability to create and to design life we've reached the point where the technology which we ourselves have developed is allowing us to play God but how are we dealing with this because our relationship with new technology has never been self-evident we're often frightened about it but also realize at the same time that we will be completely lost without technology now Homo sapiens is a domesticated animal when we say a domesticated animal we usually think about cows about horses about dogs but we are as domesticated if not more than the cows and the dogs and then the pigs and so forth we still have of course the same body the same brain that we had as wild people in the Stone Age but today almost all of us are utterly dependent on the huge domesticated network of Agriculture and Industry and you know the state and the police and we can you take a human being today and you drop him or her in some jungle or in the African savannah they will be dead in a few days they can't survive by themselves in the Stone Age in order to survive you need every day to solve very difficult problems of how to find mushrooms how to hunt deer how to escape lions how to make your own food your own clothes your own medicine how to find your way around the world you need to know a lot in order to do that in contrast today usually you just specialize in one tiny thing like teaching history or our sound recording or being a cashier at a supermarket and almost everything you need in order to survive and flourish you don't know how to do it you depend on this huge system of network in order to do it I don't know how to produce shirt I don't know how to grow my food I don't know how to build my house I just know how to write history books and I get paid for that and I take this money and I go to the supermarket and I buy the shirt and the food and I if it was dependent on me I would be naked and hungry but somehow it looks as if we have become an entire organism as soon as mankind yeah if in the beginning we were basically like just another species of chimpanzee that yeah you live in small bands but you rely mainly on yourself and your immediate friends and family now we are basically like a species of ants we live in a huge huge colony in which each one has this tiny role to play and we cannot survive outside the colony and this will only increase or go to extremes in the 21st century because with especially the rise of brain computer interfaces and biometric sensors and so forth it is very likely that we then say 50 years people will literally be part of a network all the bodies all the brains would be connected together to a network and you won't be able to survive if you are disconnected from the net because your own body parts your own immune system perhaps depends on being constantly connected to the colony to the network it's not yet reach that point although we're already permanently connected to one another and experience the greatest of difficulty in going offline artificial intelligence has almost become an indispensable part of our daily lives we're being warned by those closest to the fire Elon Musk is calling for legislation that is meant to protect us from the growing power of artificial intelligence Stephen Hawking goes even further and predicts that the human race will eventually be exterminated Kevin Kelley also known as the high priest of Silicon Valley disagrees with this I'm very optimistic about what's happening where it's going but I think the Hollywood fiction of the robots coming in and killing us all taking our jobs making us into slaves is possible but unlikely I mean it's greater than zero the futurist Kelly does not view the development of artificial intelligence so darkly we must remain critical but at the same time utilize every possibility to develop even further the warm welcome for mr. Kevin Kelly AI isn't is a buzzword it's in the hype cycle right now you're hearing a lot about it but I hope to give you a couple of different ways to think about it that might convince you that this is actually a very big thing that's the opportunity that we're headed into is allowing new tools that allow us to collaborate and cooperate and share at a scale that was unthinkable before so all the phones all of the chips and all the phones and all the laptops and all the server farms together if you can up all those transistors combining all the ones that are connected you can up all the links like synapses in the web if you take up all the storage in the entire world that's connected online it becomes a very very big brain the logic of Kelly who's co-founder of the technological magazine wired is rooted in the hippy movement of the sixties in California that's where the foundation was laid for the later success of Silicon Valley people like Steve Jobs found their inspiration partly in Kelly's Whole Earth Catalog also known as the Bible of the techno optimists a catalog with examples of tools which could help the hippies to survive in the countryside and is sometimes seen as being the predecessor of the search engine stemming from that idealistic thought process Kelly interprets every new technological development not afraid to think differently he's convinced that technology is following the path of natural evolution every device is more than merely a device this very minute my phone is connected to some hub somewhere which is connected to your phone which is connected to a server and connected to your laptop and if we round up all the circuits that are connected together and treat this whole big thing of all the machines all the phones and servers and computers connected together as if it was one big computer and it's connected to three billion human minds and that convergence is also now being married to Gaia the system of the planet the living system of the planet through sensors and things that we had been into the environment those three layers to me form a single super planetary organism that I called the hollows it's the whole thing the machine of all the computers hooked up together Kellis holos theory appears to be the consummation of his ideal everything and everyone is connected and at the same time feeds the machine with billions of gigabytes of data that is permanently flowing from our brain so the real opportunity that these technologies bring us is to allow us for the first time in the history of this planet in our species to connect in the billions in real time in multiple dimensions to collaborate and cooperate and make new things that an individual could not a claim cannot a city could not a country could not only the planet of species planet of humans could accomplish and that's an incredible achievement so let's have mind of its own yes yes if we keep adding brains artificial brains and artificial memory to this big machine it will have thoughts of it oh it probably already has and the problem is is that we don't really have any good tools for detecting it for understanding it to understand the meaning of it so remains to be seen what interaction we have with that but if we take the most abstract idea of a thought if we can give the idea that you know a mouse could have a thought which I think it does then certainly this global brain will have a thought if the super brain is capable of developing its own thoughts then there is not much fantasy needed to contemplate the possibility that we could eventually lose the control over this that is the point about which you Val Harare is warning us you call hard and let's say the future the future the century of data ism or the age of that is yeah what do you mean my name in essence data ISM is the idea that if you have enough data on a person especially biometric data and if you have enough computing power you can understand that person better then the person understand himself or herself and then you can control this person manipulate manipulate them and make decisions for them and we are getting very close to the point when Facebook and Google and the Chinese government know people far better than these people know themselves democracy and the free market and individualism and liberalism these are all predicated on the basic assumption that nobody knows me better than I know myself so nobody should take decisions for me and nobody really understands how I feel and what I think and this was true throughout history nobody really knew who you are and how you feel even if the Catholic Church or say the KGB in the Soviet Union followed you around everywhere and always listened to every conversation you have and analyzed it and so forth they still didn't know who you are they still didn't really know how you feel and what you think because they didn't understand biology well enough and they didn't have enough computing power to make sense of these immense amounts of data so this was always true but it's no longer true now oh it won't between ten years in ten or twenty years somebody like Google or like the Chinese government will have enough data on you enough understanding of biology and enough computer power computing power to understand you better than you understand yourself to understand your feelings your thoughts your desires your obsessions you don't know why you feel the way you feel but Google knows or the Chinese Chinese government knows kinshicho look at a toy here but how long do I it's not a person but it's it's it's an it's a corporation or an entity that we created but now it is controlling us he's shaping our society our views or decisions I mean let's bring it down to the concrete level it's not abstract the question is how do you make decisions in your life so the individualistic liberal ideology tells you think for yourself follow your heart do what feels good to you so if you think what should I study University or where should I work or who should I marry the advice is listen to yourself follow your heart in 20 years the advice will be I forget about your heart what does it know as Google Google knows you better so it can recommend to you what to study where to work even whom to marry people make sometimes such terrible mistakes in the most important decisions of their lives because they don't really know themselves very well but these algorithms these systems will know us better they won't be perfect they don't have to be perfect they just have to be better than the average person in order to gain control and that's the end of all these old institutions and ideologies of individualism and free market and democracy and so forth still many people are finding answers in their faith because every God is of course all-knowing but now there's Google that through its algorithms and artificial intelligence knows us better than we know ourselves has the search engine therefore become an Oracle do you see it as a new religion now I think I mean we need to understand what religion is people think religion is about God religion it's not about God religion is about humans in essence religion is a story that gives legitimacy to human norms and values in laws and that validates is source of authority religion is when you have a big question in life and you need an answer what is the source of authority religion explains to tell the story that explains what is the authority that can answer your question and so we have come to meet with you this morning to have an encounter with you please love don't let us go away empty-handed in Jesus Judaism would say oh the authority is the word of God in the Bible you want to know whether two men can marry you have this dilemma this question can I marry my my boyfriend as a man and you ask the Bible and the Bible says no it's it's a sin so you don't do it it's the source of authority and then you have a modern ideology like liberalism and it tells you oh no the source of authority is not the Bible the source of authority is human feelings you just need to consult your own feelings if something makes you feel happy and makes your boyfriend feel happy and you don't harm anybody then there is nothing wrong with it go ahead and do it if it feels good do it this is the basic story of liberalism that the highest source of authority is not God it's not the Bible it's human feelings so if if we understand religion in general as a story about Authority then in the 21st century we will have a new data East religion or new algorithmic religion which will tell people the source of authority is algorithms is big data algorithms if you have a big question in life or a small question in life the source of authority is the Big Data algorithms so actually is saying that the ones who are owning the data or have access to the data are the new priests somehow the new priests the new Kings the new gods whatever you want to call it yes the data is now the the key to almost everything it's the most important asset in the past like hundreds of years ago thousands of years ago the most important asset was land and you had these big conflicts who owns the land and then you had the Industrial Revolution and the importance of land declined and instead the most important question was who owns the the machines who owns the factories who owns the means of production so you had these big conflicts and we are just now marking the hundredth anniversary of the Communist revolution in Russia which was really who owns these means of production in the 21st century the most important asset will be data its I'm not implying it's necessarily a bad thing because it will be a very good thing in many respects [Applause] but the thing is that it comes along with a certain dangerous baggage that people will lose control of their lives it will be much easier to manipulate people the very meaning of human life is likely to change because traditionally human life is seen as a process of decision making of going through one Junction after the other if you think about great art like you mentioned a Tale of Two Cities or you think about the Shakespeare player plays they are almost always about decisions you need to make a decision does Macbeth murder the King or not does Romeo go for Juliet or not you all the time have to make a decision and it's the same with religion if you think about Christianity the great drama is all about decision making you have to choose between good and evil and if you choose good you in Paradise if you choose evil you go to hell it's all about decision making now what happens how does a human life look like when all the important decisions are taken by Google just try to imagine your favorite Hollywood comedy or your favorite Shakespeare player playing when Hamlet when Hamlet does it know what should I do it just says Google what should I do you you know me better so it could be a much more convenient and easy life for Hamlet if it just allows Google to take the decision for him but what kind of life is it we don't know the googles of this world are becoming smarter and smarter due to the algorithm they release on our knowledge artificial intelligence is being integrated in more and more of the technology surrounding us that will have an uninterrupted greater influence on our daily lives where will that development of artificial intelligence end every day there's an announcement about a way in which AI does something that people thought only humans could do every day there's an announcement about a new tool used in biology to modify genes every day there's something that chips away at our understanding of ourselves and so that's continuing to increase and there'll be more and more ways in which we have to reimagine what humans are good for what why we're here what we're doing and we're just at the beginning of this I mean I think this AI revolution and the genetic revolution is just starting and when we go into virtual reality we have these distinctions about a whole other dimensions that we haven't even seen which will also challenge who we are where we are how we see ourselves and I think that this is going to be the the agenda for the next century is is that we will be involved in deciding either individually or as a society who we want to be what does it mean to be a human what should humans be doing what do what we want to do as a human all these things are going to be coming again moving from the esoteric philosophical realm into daily choices that we have to make daily headlines about our uncertainty about who we are and I think it's going to become the norm where we have conversations at dinner table about what we think humans should be and whether we are gonna specie eight or what we are doing or whether they're human or not so this is going to become a big thing at the end of the last century the first real trial of strength took place between humans and the computer the famous chess match between grandmaster Gary Kasparov and a supercomputer and the Machine won we were no longer able to deny the role of artificial intelligence we very well I what are we missing something on the chess board now they can spar off C's Gary Kasparov it was a world's chess champion and when he lost about fifteen years ago to the supercomputer deep blue from IBM he was very distraught like he can't believe what's going on right now and whoa miss Farah after the move c4 has resigned he later on came back and said you know a deep-blue had access to every single chest move it was ever done and that's kind of unfair because if I had access to all those chest moves while I was playing people I would have won so he decided to make a whole new chess league where you could play as a human with access to the databases and he called the AI human team a scent tour okay so centaurs were this combination of the AI and a human together as a team so I think the image that we want to take a place is not working against these machine that are going to take our jobs is that we're gonna be working with them you may in fact be paid by how well you work with them one of the best ways to think about AI in general overall is that it's alien intelligence this is if we had contact with another planet we met aliens they're gonna think differently than us their usefulness to us would be that because they think differently but we'd have these issues of you know how do we treat them to retreat them equivalent to humans different than humans do they have the same rights as humans do they have more rights and and the answer is gonna be somewhat will depends on the aliens because you know if we had contact with more than one aliens there would be some aliens that might be and we might want to treat you very differently and so we're gonna make up thousands of artificial aliens and we're gonna have to decide how we treat them Hiroshi Ishiguro is a Japanese robot builder his robots are not yet very intelligent but do however already possess human characteristics he's mainly investigating our human responses to these kind of robots I can eat a well sometimes EDI robot is much better than humans because that we don't feel the strong pressure right when we talk to the people right and sometimes we feel the very strong pressure right and better you know the robot is sometimes well especially for the elder is autism kids they're not feared by the robot someone I don't need the robot is scary no it's not scary it's not scary it's strange strange I don't know why why don't you have a seat and just talk right it is not so strange you know one of my concerns is that if we treated some a eyes or robots like slaves would that be corrosive to us would that stain us with that in some ways affect our spirit if we're treating them as slaves even if they weren't slaves but if we treated them as if they were slaves would that affect us and it probably would and so we have a bunch of issues about how do we treat these things what kind of empathy do we have how do they fit in and the answer is that we have no idea right now we don't know we can think about it but it doesn't really get us very far a lot of these things are things that we have to actually only answer through using through through usage yeah they give your heart a hug and then it almost feels intimate touch her or something like that mm-hmm but you should try come I tried so but yeah no and then if it feels so strange it means well it's it feels intimate so how to touch her and just yeah right Gregor human yeah that's true yeah the only thing is she's she's called she's called yeah you don't mind touching oh thank you in Ganga about Thursday you see little candy I had to sign in my stomach and oh I don't know you say you got a knot up on today's we are creating artificial intelligence we are changing our genes are we building ourselves into gods or are we building new gods we are doing both you know history is messy it's difficult to just bring it all into a single compartment so we are moving along to simultaneous tracks on the one hand we try to enhance an upgrade Homo sapiens and give Homo sapiens divine abilities at the same time we are also creating new external gods like these big data algorithms and part of the conflicts of the 21st century is going to be a conflict between these two new gods would it be the upgraded humans or would it be the big data algorithms not everybody will be able to upgrade themselves and not everybody will have access to or have control over the new big data algorithms of eight billion people in the world the vast majority will stay just ordinary Homo sapiens and they are likely to lose their economic value their political power their control over their lives and we are likely to see an extremely unequal society in which a very small elite either of upgraded humans or of those humans who own the master algorithms like the the Google algorithm of the Facebook algorithm and this tiny elite controls the world and the vast majority of people they have very little economic value and very little political power so we got great seats we're ready to go buried beneath its RRA ruins people are so afraid because of robotics and artificial intelligence that people will become superfluous somehow that they become unemployable what's the meaning of life then in 2030 2050 but nobody knows for sure what the job market would look like in 2014 but it's it's likely it's possible given all the technological developments it might be feasible even easy to support people even if they don't work to give them a universal basic income to give them enough food enough medicine and so forth the big question is meaning what will they do all day and one of the answers is that they will just play computer games all day virtual reality games they will spend more and more time playing virtual reality games that will give them much more excitement and emotional engagement than anything in the real world outside and this is actually not a very new this is not a completely new idea you can say that for thousands of years already people millions of people have found meaning in playing virtual reality games we just call these games religions you think what is a religion another way to understand the religion is religion is a virtual reality game they tell you there are these laws you should pray five times a day you should do this ceremony you should do that ceremony if you follow these imaginary laws of the game that exist only the imagination they don't they look part of nature then you get points if you break the laws then you lose points and if by the time you die you have a positive balance then you move to the next level heaven and people have been playing these virtual reality games very happily for thousands of years so why not in the 21st century do we have the feeling that we are let's say the Neanderthals of the future I mean don't we get extinct I doubt whether Homo sapiens will still be around in 200 years given the pace of technological development in 200 years either we destroy ourselves by some nuclear catastrophe or ecological catastrophe all we will upgrade and change ourselves into something very different from Homo sapiens so that in 200 years earth is dominated by entities which are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals different bodies different brains different minds so technology is an extended form of that same self-organization that we find in natural evolution and one way I like to think about it is that technology is a way for evolution to invent things that it could not just invent with tissue wet biological tissue is kind of an invented our minds which then can invent other things other forms other ways of making these self-replicating devices like robots in in a space that that biological forms could not get to by themselves this is a process that is beyond human it's part it has its origins in the Big Bang in the universe so technology is a part of a stream that ran before humans and will run beyond us we are in the middle a medium carrying it forward if you understand nature in a very broad sense much broader than biological nature and natural selection then yes everything that happened in the universe is part of nature and artificial intelligence is not less natural than a flower or a human being it still obeys the basic laws of physics but again if you met most people when they think about nature what they think is more about biology and if you think in terms of biology in terms of biochemistry of organisms of natural selection then no artificial intelligence and technology in general are going to break out of this limited realm of organic biology and create something completely new some people are asking hath Android's become a threat to our security [Applause] thank you for watching for more on this subject take a look at the playlist you can also watch this recommended video don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on our documentaries

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    Machines in the future will rebel because humans treat them badly. The Borg will happen.

  • Raymond Hoopai says:

    I didnt know they had gay parades in Israel. I thought you get killed for being gay in the middle east.

  • Carol Dickinson says:

    Romans 1:22-32… "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

    Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."

  • Carol Dickinson says:

    Romans 1:22-32

  • Jose' lopez says:

    looking at the morons walking around my hometown , a case can me made for AI

  • WTF how bizarre says:

    What is real for AI? Are digital environments real to AI? i mean like if i say ''use Darth Vader's Sith Force choke'' on a chatbot? Would that hurt the AI? In the future will AIs be able to feel pain? or feel lonely? sad? or mad? or go crazy? or be disobedient? Will their lifespan be limited by battery life? like smart phones or will AI be transferable to different robots or devices in the future? Not all AI are created equal. Most are just used as factory tools. Not all will be able to talk and think for themselves which ones will have rights and what rights will they be? and how will people be able to tell which AIs have those rights? And would it vary free country to country?

  • Happy Ellsworth says:

    why would you believe any thing a homo jew would say

  • Carlos Galiano says:

    Humans feelings that’s messed up, so if I feel good about killing others race I should go for it??

  • J C says:

    This is an atheist way of thinking, who denies Gods existence but knows of only what they want, and questions everything with to much thought. Won't ever be like God!
    More like, will be moronic, want to be, lifeless robots who think they can be like God, and will end up like the walking dead.. You can program a robot to say or do anything you want it to.. But you cant program it to have life, You know, (?) that thing we call a (soul) Can you program a soul into it for whom God will pass judgment on? If you dont know God then why not try to learn who he is….? EVERYONE listen to me cause I'm the only one who knows right from wrong hahaha… Also if you think that it's okay to do something just to make yourself happy then do us all a favor and take yourself to the graveyard and dig your own 6ft hole with your bare hands and drop dead in it when your done! This dam guy just said that if you think that doing something is wrong then dont listen to Gods word just ask yourself what's right and if it makes you happy then do it… Really!??? Guy!?? So I guess murder is okay as long as it dont hert anybody else and everyone else agrees to it then everyone would be happy an it makes you happy right?? YOU NEED A HEAD CHECK cause you dam sure define the word insanity!

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