How To Worship Hindu Temples – விஞ்ஞானிகளை வீயக்கவைத்த இந்துமதம்

“Which Path is the Right Path” “That Path is our Path” the only Right path for us Worshipping Temples Cow’s Body fully aclumated with Milk But,Lactation of Milk from the COW is from the Mammary Glands Although, the supreme Power- GOD exits everywhere all the SAKTHI.. can be attain through the Temples only AA-LAYAM AALAYAM AALAYAM -means the place where SOUL stays KOYIL KO-YIL KOYIL that is CREATOR -GOD’S residing place is KOYIL….KOYIL there are different originates terms are mentioned for Temples all of that are DEVARGRAHAM,ATHAGRAHAM,DEVAMANDHIR,DEVALAYAM,KOTTAM..many more now we are visiting a Temple we are witnessing the Gopura entrance Gopuram is huge,structure,erected vertically facing the Sky stages of the temple Gopuram are built according to that particular temple the stages are in concept of Even numbers THREE ,FIVE, SEVEN,NINE,ELEVEN and THIRTEEN same manner the Temple KAALASAM are also insallted on the GOPURAM structure there lots of colourful deities idols are sculpted when we observe at the gopuram structure before entering into the temple entrance,we should bend our body and enter only through the GOPURAM entrance to enter inside the temple is the correct way for worship is not that easy that for the name sake entering inside the temple praying Lord Ganeshna and walking around the temple and walking around the temple with fast motion is wrong way of worship the god Slowly,like a pregntant women walks ,one should walk around the PRAGHARAM Conversation with others,Distracting the mind with external thinking,is the wrong way of worshipping god while at the time of walking around the PRAGHARAM near SANCTUM SANCTRORUM. are mentioned by many spritual scholars in the same manner at THIRUVANAMALAI HILL at the time of GIRIVALAAM devotees should cleanly bath,apply VIPUDHI on bare body wear new clothes, and walk the hill slowly resaon is the mountain ANNAMALAI is surround by many herbal forest, still is under belief of many SIDDHAS LIVE, and thier blessing thier spritual power of SIDDHAS and the Breeze from the Herbal tress should pass through our boby without any shirt upon us we should wear Dhothi,and walk slowly with chanthing the powerful mantra SHIVAYA NAMA , same way is that relates to other temples if we visit THIRUVEDAIMARUDHUR TEMPLE which with longest PARAGHARAM at the time of walking around GOD ,whrere souls stays there even our SOUL are connected to it on this concept all the ancient sclohars and kings built a longest PRAGHARAM inside the Temples there are two things walking around the PRAGHARAM first, Our mind gets purified second is our Body gets purified basically we pratice walking even Doctors also suggesting to pratice walking instead of walking for health reason,our ancestors, built many temples with longest PRAGHARAM in many places and villages two things happens with one great result,one is with pure divinity we worship GOD second is walking pratice for good health by this way when we walk around the temple PRAGHARAM,Mind and body gets PURIFIED they have mentioned that witnessing the sky heighted GOPURAM will attain SPIRITUAL MERIT being going deeper in SPIRITUAL MERIT and viewing the idols on the Gopuram with the higher perspective they have given lots of moralitical stories and coveying lots of events normally,it is not that any temple preeching inapporiate eviedence after entering inside we first pray LORD GANESHNA the concept od LORD GANESHNAS DHOBI KARANAM is to tapping the inner consciousness consciousness is that we are inside the scared place of GOD, we should think good,talk good and be good and recite only the gods mantras and chant his namas and attain SPIRITUAL MERIT

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