How to Remove your Karma: The Spiritual Science of Removing Karma

Acharya Shree, Can you please explain the process of releasing Karma. Releasing karma is not easy. But I can tell you the process The process might seem easier. Because releasing karma is dissolving karma First of all you need to understand. There is a body inside the body. The visible body is called Audarika Sharir, Audarika Sharir means the body that is a combination of bones marrow, flesh, nerves the system. That is the physical body, Audarika Sharira In this body, there are subtle bodies that are called Karman Sharira
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Karman Sharira is the body that collects all the karma It is like an automatic camera taking pictures for a year or more And you can see them through the process Similar thing. Everyone has this Karman Sharira it is a subtle body Karman body, Subtle body is not visible through the naked eyes but you can still see it. There is another body called fire body Tejas Sharira Tejas Sharira is a processed body It is processing Karman Sharira is like a camera that takes pictures The camera itself cannot process the picture In the past, they used to have a negative then you had to take the negatives to a dark room and put them through the process washing them in special chemicals. It is processed and then the picture can be seen The same way an automatic camera, today, the ((karman)) bodies are similar. It collects the pictures. Its function is only to collect the pictures. No matter what you are thinking. It is on 24 hours a day. If you think good Its a good picture, if you think bad, it is a bad picture And the other body processes it If it is bad you get a bad result, if it is good result you get a good result So now the problem is It is full of infinite information in the Karman Sharira This Karman & Tejas these two bodies, when a person dies it goes with you So the real body is Karman & Tejas and they are full of information. When it is full of information You cannot get liberation at all because they keep giving you good and bad results making you wander into life, birth and death It goes up and down You become human. If it is very bad karma you will become an animal To empty this, it is not an easy process but, I can give you an example how to empty it Suppose there is a big lake You want to empty that lake. You start emptying it bucket by bucket or with a pump and the pump will began to empty it You cannot empty that lake. It is impossible. Why? Because, the water keeps coming. You didn’t close the source yet. If you don’t close the source the water keeps coming All your efforts are in vain. It doesn’t matter if spend 24 hours a day draining it. It won’t drain, the water keeps coming If you close the source first from where the water is coming. That is called Samvar, Samvar means You put a cap there. You closed it. Once you closed it, the new water will not come then you start draining it You have to do Ashrava & Samvara there are two words Ashrava is all these holes that are open and it keeps coming. Samvara means you close it If you close the source automatically you are in good hands, now you can drain it You can empty the lake. It might take years but it will still empty. It might take a lot of time. Time is not important but it will empty. You have to close the source You need to do Samvara now you have source You have to do spiritual practices. First close don’t collect any good or bad karma because if you keep collecting good or bad karma the source is open karma is still coming and it will keep coming and it will show the pictures, even the good pictures increasing your births and deaths your life span. It will go on and on and on The best thing is to close all the sources Don’t collect any karma good or bad. How not to collect them? It is very difficult to close those sources The best thing is to become neutral You do something good, don’t expect a result If you expect a result, the source is open If the source is open it will keep filling up and you cannot empty it. Be neutral. Meditation Meditate, meditate but don’t expect. People are making a big mistake. They are doing a lot of Sadana Spiritual practices, but they expect deep down even if they don’t expect money Most people expect money, wealth, prosperity, or happiness A few people don’t expect anything their expectation is enlightenment they still have expectations If you have any expectations the source is open Be fully neutral. Don’t expect anything When you don’t expect anything all the sources are closed We call it Punya & Papa Punya gives you good results. Papa gives you results That is what it is. Sins. Bad results. Virtue Good result. So you have to close all these sources. Once you close them your Sadana begins, before that you only have understanding Understanding will close all the sources And then you do your Sadana. Meditating without expectations Fasting without expectations Learning something spiritual improvement. No expectation Whatever karmas are inside around your soul, they will begin to drain That is the way you will empty the real bodies Karmic body and Tejas body once they are empty When the time comes you are moving towards enlightenment It seems easy, but it is not easy I will tell you, in the end don’t give up. Have patience You will empty it, you can do it, because nothing is impossible here, if you do it. Do it, do it now. You will be able to get there. Jai Siddhatma

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  • Ahmet Çınar - Özgürlüğe Uyanış Awaken to Truth says:

    it is really hard to meditate without expectation. Even to try to have no expectation includes expactation… Just be… But even trying to just be includes an expectation… Yes very hard but not impossible. Whenever I could just relax and be, like a child, I found myself in the real meditation… very much thanks for the new video… it is giving very much courage.

  • kris says:

    but the dog relies on his material body and senses lol. Whereas people can realize God.

  • kris says:

    Thank you for the wisdom!

  • Scraxs says:

    I'm not the type of person that appreciates things like "spirituality" (not that I know precisely what that word even means). So I find it kind of hard to admit I watch these videos because I'm just watching for the very relaxing voice Shree has. Does anyone know of similar videos where someone with the same tone and accent speaks for 10 minutes? Preferably if they tell a good, relaxing story. That will be very appreciated because it will help me go to sleep quicker and more relieved.

  • nanomyou5 says:


    Try Osho speeches, tons of them on the web and even on youtube.


    OR Eckart Tolle, some find him very sleep inducing also 🙂

  • Scraxs says:

    Thanks a lot! There was a mate at work that told me a short story with the same tone and similar voice to Shree and OSHO that I just enjoyed it so much that I couldn't concentrate on what the story was about. Even if Im not retaining the story, it still feels more enjoyable if the story is interesting. I don't know what's wrong with me 😛 The story was something about a husband and wife putting shells of fruit in two buckets and the husband put pills inOneAnd said "look how generous my wife is".

  • sergsfault says:

    yeah i agree his voice is very soothing) but you should also try understanding what he says..i mean he hasnt said anything that i wouldnt find true ever..even if it gets me mad or i disagree i realise later he is right!

  • Gorden Donald says:

    your always a good friend

  • Gorden Donald says:

    am going to get over my deep food addiction
    am vegan and going fruitarian and in time ill get even deeper than that

  • dysvanlist says:

    I've got a great question for your next video, how can I start my own cult like you?

  • Bigga Critta says:

    I get the criticism, but I'd aim it at someone vastly more deserving of it, like Osho, who teaches backwards thinking and total irrationality.

  • NinjaMonkey BongMasta says:

    ***I have a question for your next video..
    •Is mannifestation real? And if do what are some techniques?

  • andystokes304 says:

    Sounds easy? Haha! It actually sounds hard. Is this because I understand? I usually don't expect anything anyway. For example: If I help a hobo on the street, I would give no mention of it to anyone. The enjoyment of seeing the smile on the hobo's face would be enough for me. To apply that concept to everything, though… that sounds challenging. I'm not sure if I'm that pure. Haha!

  • rskbug says:

    According to Sadhguru, Good karma is anyways a karma, in a way its a type of a bad karma if you look at it in a certain way. Again, confirmed by Shree Acharya Shree.

  • Sama Zen says:

    Sat Nam

  • philomath369 says:

    CC would be very nice it is hard for me to understand him sometimes.
    thank you

  • Juta Jutha says:

    Thank You!

  • Bakhtawari Begum says:

    During the whole sermon. Acharya ji did not blink his eyes at all, not even once. That is truly amazing. Please accept my Nameskar on your lotus feet.

  • Nitin Shah says:

    Really you are having a ocean of knowledge about the Karma. My Namaste to you, and today on-wards I will remain keep in touch with you and I want your blessing forever for betterment of my life. I am sure you will not disappoint me.

  • Andres varas says:

    I think is imposible not to collet god or bad karma…even you are collecting with good actions??


    I think karma is a real thing and it would be so easy otherwise. You have to experience everything you created or caused from other people's perspectives and the Lords of Karma, believe me that are such Lords, are there to play the tapes from Akashic records. Nobody escapes cheap because our spirit is expansive and wants to gain information and have all perspectives. Otherwise would be so nice and dandy and easy and is not meant to be…
    Holographic Crystal Discs ( Akashic Records )

  • Evelina Mis says:

    i dont believe this man…

  • liverdamage89 says:

    What are your thoughts about apathy? Is it positive or negative feeling? 🙂

  • Acharya Shree Yogeesh says:

    For Daily Spiritual Inspiration, Guidance & Truth visit Acharya Shree's FB Page: http://facebook.com/acharyashreeyogeesh.

  • Hey You! says:

    I said empty your mind be shapeless like water,The water can flow or it can crash be water my friend
    ~ Bruce Lee

  • Cache says:

    what about chanting Thiru Neela Kantam to remove bad karma ?

  • Vijayalakshmi Tummapudi says:

    Just by saying to myself that I an doing this action but I don't want the fruits of this action, is it enough to not build any more karma?

    Isn't it possible that I might say the above but internally I might be. desiring the result. How can I truly kill any desire so that they don't even exist in unconscious mind?

  • Amit Gaur says:

    Very very beautifull

  • Patrick Darlington says:

    Thank you!!

  • johaila mondas says:

    there are a lot of karma comed to me huhuhu

  • Abhay Shah says:

    This is written is Jain Literature.

  • Abhay Shah says:

    Jainism is the only way. One should read all the Jain Literature and gain all the Dnyana. It's free. 🙂

  • Misanthropy 666 says:

    wow what !!

  • kumari Gunawardana says:

    AcharyaSri your example is very well for understanding of how to remove good or bad karma.

  • Jade Ent says:

    Sorry for my comments, but if you want people on all over the world can understand you,please make some English subtitles, coz i can't hear your English clearly

  • Jaya Satpathy says:

    I heard that opening third eye Chakra is dangerous..I started doing meditation but then I got scared. I thought I won't be able to handle it. But I felt the energy flow inside my body.

  • Cj Lindsay says:

    Can I ask? If you are doing these practices to drain your karma isn't this still an expectation??

  • Yogini Celeste says:

    This is a somewhat complex explanation of a simple spiritual process. While I agree with the notion of "expectation" because any action where we have expectation will bind us, there is more to removing your karma than what is presented in this video and it doesn't have to be a difficult process at all. In fact, Samadhi comes very quickly to those who regularly and intensely practice keeping the mind calm and practice non-attachment. These two things, practice and non-attachment, are keys to Samadhi according to Patanjali, the Father of Yoga

    Simply do not form any attachments to any person, thing, or action because it is our attachments that bind us to the wheel of karma. And it is the mind that must be emptied of its memories or samskaras because it is these memories of past actions that recreate similar actions in this life. Although Patanjali recommends many methods to achieve Samadhi, Pranayama is one of the most effective because it literally purifies the frontal lobes of the brain where the memories are stored and reduces the density of the mind. It is this mind, the manomaya Kosha, that obscures our true divine nature, so once the mind becomes steady (stops being restless) and is diminished, then "the Seer abides in his own true nature."

    I have been practicing Yoga for nearly 35 years, but never took it seriously until something happened in 2014 that forced me into doing my practices more intensely, especially Pranayama. Within months, I broke through the physical barrier and realized the truth. It is just the ego that makes everything difficult. If you are really keen, work up to 3 hours of Pranayama a day with retention. You can also work it into your Hatha Yoga routine which also aids in bodily cleansing and detoxification. What you have become in this life is a result of your mind picking up sensory impressions from the outside word, which then gives rise to the ego, so the mind and ego are just temporary cultural constructs. Samadhi is simply the realization of your true Divine Nature ~ Namaste.

  • mariko manjgaladze says:

    i m vegetarianel in my soul near is karma zodiak can help me anyone?

  • Dhiyanesh Sivakumaran says:

    Namaste swami, ur words are so motivating n live !

  • Yongly Cheng says:

    are u buddhism ?

  • Nimmi Nimmi says:

    What you sow, sow you reap.

  • Rekha Choraria says:


  • Yesha Zion says:

    be nuetral

  • Narendra Randive says:

    Very informative videos. Aacharya has indepth knowledge with experience.

  • Spiritual Warrior says:


  • Aleece W says:

    Most people are very busy following thought after thought. You have the option to not always be taken over by the trance of thoughts but instead be present, right here and now, this immediate unblemished aliveness. Start watching your thoughts and questioning them. You have followed and believed them for so long but why stay immersed in them when they are not really you? Question all thoughts and beliefs, are they true, do you know 100% without a doubt that they are true? Each time you see a thought is not real or true, you come to neutrality which is open space and peace. Here in this alive presence, thoughts float by like clouds, there is not attaching to them, therefore not creating more karma or suffering. If you have a negative thought arise and you follow it, you suffer. If you have a positive thought and you believe it, you suffer because then you want to hold on to a positive thought, feeling or other object. This is suffering because we cannot hold onto any thing since all things-objects don't last. No thought is real or true, only the awareness in which they arise and fall into is real, true, everlasting, infinite and always. By consistently watching and questioning thoughts, you are not binded by them and you discover what you really are. This is freedom!

  • mata hari says:

    can he blink ???

  • MrKoukoo says:

    He is not giving hope
    So where is God unconditional Love

  • Ashimashri Goel says:

    Namste guru ji … you are great teacher … thanks

  • Rakan Al Harthi says:

    Thank you 🙏

  • Mohamed Ladha Ladha says:

    There is an important message in here.

  • Mitchell Lee says:

    You explain karma too complicated ,go to point how to remove Karma, I dont wan to hear your camera .

  • Dushyant Mani says:

    Acharya Ji , As you mentioned the example of lake so, the sources which are coming in the form of karma. Are they sources good karma or bad karma or both?
    Do we need to stop doing good karma as well to empty the lake?

  • MadnZz says:

    Remove kebap lol. I feel like this guy is wrong in the head, i won't even play the video.

  • HELL BAT says:

    All his words went above my head.

  • Tanja Grundmann says:

    What a judgemental, evil and creepy old man. So are the doors open now, to going on treating animals, as mankind does it? I am sick of the sick people in the world. I have no words for my degree of disgust.

  • Raso Wye says:

    Ahobhav! Dhanywad!

  • Thuy Huynh says:

    Thank you I understand you very well

  • Serena Covone says:

    i got to this before listening to this, i wonder…

  • sacha cohen says:

    Thank you. 🙏

  • Yat says:

    Samvara Ashrava=close the source of good or bad karma=be neutral/do sadhana, fasting, meditating without espectation

  • bloke man says:

    its like an itch you can't scratch

  • TAB RAI says:

    Wonderful, simple and very rational explanation. Thanks.

  • Amal krishnan says:


  • Mohsen Moazami says:

    One of the best speech I have ever listened to. Thank you Master🙏🙏🙏

  • DivineSpark Goldenink says:

    Thank you so much. That was very enlightening.

  • creatingpeacenlove says:

    So whats about those people who never harm any one ,never hurt any one are honest and peaceful,but still struggling and have the worst unlucky situations?

  • Havad says:

    This is the very best I have heard on karma yet! People don't get ahead exactly because of expectations.… I would like to offer a step further. Have the INTENT , but actively follow through with out the desire or expectations; otherwise, how can one proceed without a reason behind it?

  • Jonah Winchester says:

    Thank you Swami that was very informative!! If I may humbly add some experience I have had with this process: I have been chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranama about 3 to 9 times in a day. I have found that it seems to be helping closing up these sources and burning karma all at the same time. Not to mention prompting and soothing the purification process. Who knows someone may read this and use it. Very powerful though to anyone interested in chanting it just google the name of the chant

  • Amar G says:

    Watching this video with no expectation 😊

  • Sunil Shibad says:

    bhakti yoga erases bad karna. yiu are confusing akkl/

  • Rajkumar Kandasamy says:


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