How to Question Your Belief System

look out D destroy instruction together that makes clothes and he's very good at two-stroke ringing miss good clothes so I'm studying that that way why don't why don't you you know all these seat in your in your workshop to walk this is no I don't think this is my walk is what I need to give me the money I'm looking for this is making clothes out that give me the money to buy cars or to build my house or to feed my family and I like here I've seen people who have built a big business or businesses from making clothes why can't you say oh I don't think it's possible for me and now I got an extra quality revelation because imatinib soonduk that he is not sure this business is notionally so and the reason is because he doesn't believe he can see his future in that business doesn't believe that the business can take into the destination identify us hi my name is together and today we are questioning our belief system your belief system is the operating system Darwin is your life the belief system are attacked react to describe it is like the government monitors our guides and protects the nation called you out is it will sustain informed now the wisdom is a product of the information the ideas we knowledge that you have agreed with over time transformed become a formidable force a protection that conclusive that that guides our decisions our guides our actions so today we are going to be questioning our belief system in some areas of our life darky let's start with number one wealth and success to unlearn the assets of big people stones amount about a smoothie so that you have time to hold on them the questions you've read to change them aside no changes that need to be changed and who learns about an entirely new audience response presumably system but what people to expose ourselves to believes that a lot and Perignon ok night because it's such a funnel that our bridge system is how far we do tsuki things about around the question is this do you think of building that success and wealth is for a few people before the particle asset of regionally and locally my family were to run in business is that your belief system okay success is for its practical our funding is a much classical people if you don't have it it is not your lineage don't bother to see me is that your belief system is that what you believe the bastard sells success the industry there is no amount of therefore to keep into any and they're very project okay that we successfully why because the basis of the conclude the amount of energy the amount of creative input into something okay don't ask yourself why believe that success is for but you cannot q24 set of people if you don't have it there's no point trying to have it okay no but you do you think okay that there's this particular time of the month then you notice how this but I have a cold kiba or stomach ache Ziya belief system so in who believe that okay if I'm as it's August I agree longer soundless on this particular you know eNOS is that your immune system if that is your belief system beginning to can she like that on the device I need my trunk is to change we'll be looking at the world how you see the world you see the world us here because please if you see what I think of a system to a behavior I know your behavior definitely to determine we resource in your life if you see the world as a cat please as a dangerous place to live in definitely you are trapped users the equivalent or the corresponding slots is nobody for the work are you carry on what are the systems that some people think I hate man whoa it's stressful okay so people Monday is the result of Monday it makes them soup now the reason is because they build a job work is stressful we built on working alone and with the idea of working distress is but this course for truly their life it's intelectual you need to look at our also then relationship very important Nikita some people who over and over again we have a trend we attract examination and some soap will conclude that with me the conclusion is that the search engine I don't think I was cut out for relationship now take back ask yourself keepers to be what what you do the valuation do you believe that you don't deserve to belong do you believe that all people all the good ones are taken ok women are cheats men are wicked desire belief system it's no control your life a little control your behavior I know behavior actually created corresponding results to your life okay you need to ask yourself what do I do conservation right believe that I am lovable do I believe that I deserve the best do I believe that every things come to be desirable expect me to a person about their lastly okay lastly he faced with a special also is you believe that you have what it takes to succeed okay do you believe that you are going every day the ability of experience that you will be with me in life pattern in the data organic keep it up okay what you that means what what wants to write so how do you system is pretty very straight started in today I think she's practicing English Western lvu don't be everything that receivable that care question okay and we start change your belief system then changes you you

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