How to Prepare For Spiritual Warfare

It’s not until Jesus has fasted 40 days that
enemy decides to attack. Do not be surprised Beloved, when the enemy attacks when you are
down and alone. That is when we are at our weakest. So how do we stand guard against
such a ruthless enemy? For one, we don’t wait until after the attack to prepare for
it. Notice that Jesus fasts before he is approached
by the enemy. He does not wait until the enemy comes and is then like, ok let me fast. No,
we need to be ready to fight in and out of season. My husband is a Dragon Ball fan. Dragon ball
a Japanese anima television series and the main character is named Goku. Goku is from
a race of fighters called the Saiyans. The Prince of the Saiyans is named Vegeta and
he has a son named Trunks. These characters are constantly fighting to protect planet
earth. They continually enter and exit seasons of fighting and peace. During one particular
season of peace Vegtea goes to see his son Trunks training and notices that Trunks is
particularly weak. Vegeta reprimand Trunks, “have you allowed this season of peace to
make you weak boy?” And that question “have you allowed this
season of peace to make you weak boy?” stayed with me. The urgency in Vegeta’s voice demonstrated
that although things are peaceful now, they will not be forever. We are either fighting or we are about to.
Especially if we are really trying to live for God. Therefore, we need to be prepared
in season of battle and in seasons of peace. Let’s not wait until things get bad in our
lives to decide we want to start praying and reading our Bible, and fasting and going to
church or whatever it is that you do to get closer to God. Let’s get strong in our faith
right now and stay there and certainly not let your guard down. 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the
devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. It is not by chance that the enemy comes to
Jesus when Jesus is hungry. Your enemy will attack your weak areas and attack during times
that you are particularly weak. But, what we can do is protect those weak areas through
prayer and accountability. We can fight these attacks by not intentional placing ourselves
in areas that make us weak. In war no one runs out into the middle of the field. They
shield themselves and have a partner that covers their back. What is your weak area? How can you put up
safeguards to prevent from opening yourself up for attack? Who is a trust worthy sister
in Christ that can cover your back through accountability? Who can ask the hard questions
and tell you the truth when you need it most? If you do not have this I encourage you to
pray for the Lord to lead you to a trusted girlfriend. Maybe you are not in a wilderness
season but do not take that for granted. As long as you are a Christian, you are a target. I know that nobody likes war. I know that
normally if we had a choice we would choose not to fight. But here’s the thing; A war
has already been waged. Either we will fight or we will be devoured. I know that’s a
scary reality but Jesus came so that we would not be devoured. Jesus came so they we would
have abundant life. And He has richly provided us with every spiritual blessing and weapon
and armor that we need. So let’s open up our spiritual armory to
take the weapons, tools, strategy and wisdom that Jesus has given us and win this battle.
Let’s continue to look at how Jesus fights. Let’s look at how He handles the devil himself.
Let’s take note and let’s prepare for war. Even better, let’s prepare for victory. Thank you so much for watching this week’s Beloved Women’s Bible study as we continue our believing better series. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at next week’s video. I want to let you know that the entire Believing Better series with group Bible study guides is now available for download. Believing Better is a four session video study great for your next bible study, small group or even individual use. Learn more at belovedwomen.org. And while you’re there be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list to receive our weekly devotion “Hello Beloved!”, exclusive content, boutique discounts, giveaways, and more all delivered directly to your inbox. Now enjoy your sneak peek at next week’s video Bible study. Just because you can have all that this world has to offer does not mean you have God’s best. Because God is greater than this world and the last thing He wants us to do is to be so distracted by looking at and perusing the things of the world that we miss Him.

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